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2 1927_ " "... ' ' * Maga i ",..., The reacher s z he, A monthly journal devoted to the interests of tho_e _'ho preach'the full Sospel.,.,. J. I3. Chapman, Editor i,.. 1 J -. *. -, -, t I_t ot tile I._URh o$ the Na/_r_nt 8uh [1_, I _e for in _flon A_ of. " I' ' ' ' - ' ".'. " p_t_tlet lu f_lx_ttlcit. lip.... fionl ' ' Reiurnable sample no,ins wltt be _'_ntt.o htdlvtduals'or_ c0mmh"-. _, Th se looks w I.bear e_am natin,ano'compartsm3.wire- ' :,. It " THE preparation AND "ENDURANCE OF THE preacher tl -r'r e" '., tees. others from e the, standpoint. of preen,and. o[ _:unte_tt_,, We a u... -.' I stud of the "law of averages" brings some remarkable eoneiuslon_. E-_ery preacher " ; 'l_y'_'_h" of the,ame had at tile' beginning of his career, or has had at _.ome tim.,,rpoo!e av,o,,,hooko,. r ot.',,ot.u,. ; "r ' _:" r! y ' " WAVE_ " OF_ GLORY' "" NI)" 2' "., '_. ":'_r i:. r " '! I "" _ smcew"o,s,--_,,toe oegmnmg. '_ " ' _. "_hls is our eader a d I e'best'se_ler o hem-_.i 4_._ymns',,- [I _ther to _ender a long ser*-'tce. And yet with many there wasa! som0 e hat truded study -_t'_-... d_irt_. _tte to be an efficient feverishministerhaste f theto getwartt_tarted,an(_ andrea the that th r0.i, oowaseen* l,,ting ofthe -Too wonder that c utre es nse it,yea ' : " ] that both efficiency and longevity depend upon proper preparatfon. " " t and mannlactnred n I_xo style_ o,binding_ II there is yet a strong tendency to.dwell _pon "how much" one. preaches. B_t,the t_uth is Limp Cloth 1Bintllnll Neat t_d dtiral_ e.:.s_nt_lnt, opy 5_1.by'.".' [ standa_d_ of t_aining for preachers "and that on that account the"arerage age at which the)' 3... " r.,, ' :the htmdr_ 3k _eh" ",., :",, " _'_ i ;:", I begin their Work is becoming higher. But the remarkable thing is that as the standard 6f p_epa- " " x..._a o_,.t 0, t_th..) Rt.g_,;._.-_l..up,_, _r_". II =tin is,ai_dandtheagefor:thebeginning oithe_osk_,a_dth_,pager theaverage ' '. " 'i, " I_.a_dr,*, : ' i : _ ""!" "_'_" :" '" '..,'. ]l '" term ol _rvice becomes. In those botiies in which the survey was made the average age at ' "", ' ' _,.-',''SONGS OF RAPTURE... ' _ ;L,, _ ' ]l, which mimste_ &ctualiy take over the care of churches is now twenty-elght ).ears and the " newbook wit 158_b_gs _ ludloga_t_,i_evt._tumhers,,f_m'. " "-1 ' average term of,active _ervlee in the-_ame bodies is likewk_e about twenty-eight years. " ",1 t_,.atdroii_n_t " hvmu writei's of the day"pr. _ted. O' both,yotlntt,. ' :..j Both.lhe_e figur_ are higher than they wcte at any time in the l_st. But _'hich this i$ means something that _ _ind shaped notes... '., ".' ' _ ' ",,:_, '.".', ' the average age at which preachers die ot bec_me inefficent is fifty-six, M_nila _ovvr. oltly, St _r copy /_:;.l_y tht_lmt_, i J _e_'..,:: _ I ;' like two yea_ Iowa, than the average age at death for the population generally, ' A great many things enter as iaetors into 'determining the.length of the preacher's term o{ ere is the actual physical breakdfwn in the form td nervou_ prosteation, torpor : _ '" : _' _ ' "._: i PRAI_ p' " :" "" :._" :_ " :: scrwce. Ftrst, th. _ n _lanee thxt extreme youth and want of prfparat_on "" of the ' ' troub e or" death Ano one may see... ' - increase the dalagers hate. Sezot_d, is il'te can ot commercialism and _ecularism, and these too pull the harder on the man who has a general preparation for any service, rather than a specific preparation for the parttcular ca ing OI the minister. "Ihird, anti mt_t common bf ' ' '{ i all. is the preacher's inability to keep "intellectually anti _piritu_til_ fit. And failure here is almost entirely,the result o('a want of toundation, both in the trailer dt education and proper ' " "' ' " " " ' ' " "" dlsdi31ine such as time and ljd_ alone can bring. r ' " ;'''' ' ' " " We are thinking ezpecia:lly of young men, I_ut we are thinking also ol older men bee.attic o{ -: ". o. their influence over the young. For one ol the dutie_ t_f the preacher is to ;assist the Church _...,..., who are now.,.! -. 'al ' " ' " in re_ruiting lot the ministry and the type recruited and the general level of preparation which ' ' ' tb_ hun_l_ 121_c ' :_ '.; " the recruits will approximate will depend upon the ideals of the older preachers '. - _ "_o mahning the work It is really cruel for'an experienced preacher who was probably especially. :... gifted so that preparation was not _o importam with him, to use his influence to hasten a ' promising young man into the w_rk without due empllasis upon the need of education.there ' ' are at th_ day many preachers approaching forty who have to pray for grace to.love their. early advisors, as much as they should because tho_ earl_ advisor_ kept them out of school, : :" and than dimini_ed their efficiency and _hortened their term ol service,. '' ",. One of the most pltiable sights one will _ in a lifetime is that ol a preacher approaching :r, 'middle lile, _r perhaps edging last1' llttle-upon "age, _ whose, heart is still full of r2.ai, but who.. -, _em_to. find na field for hl_ service lie cannot understand why others,are preferred and wh_, -,. ".. it',. " he Is set a._ide in wh.at seems to him to be his 'prime. In most instan ne would have to go back thirty years to fiod the e_tplanation, at_d when that explanation ifi foimd it will gather about a failure to eomptchend the serioasne_ of the task, and _a consequent slimming in the._ '. ;... w._tter t_f preparation.

3 2 THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE THE, PREACHER'S /_IAGAZINE" 3 And we wouhl not think ()i preparatb)n as ah)ne fnrma academi_ education. There should bt, JOHN KNOX a proptq" apl)rentice_hi p on "hard-scrabble circuil.*' Novices in responsible places are the menace I OlIN KNOX the great Scotch preacher was born near Haddington, Scotland, in isos- [Jf the" Church. Wb bare lived lenin en(3utzh ao_v to come to where we feel sorry for I His educational advant:uzes were somewhat above the average and the [act tbat he was the preacher for whom success cc_nn_ Icl) easily and too quickly. If ht; is not damned thrt)udl J a diliuent student is attes ed by tbe fact that he was almost t,prty wben be learned Greek pride wh!ch cr;vat.s with his first _u:ces cs. his eclipse will usually be as sudden as his rise aim _ as tolal a-_ bis f_jrmer ohscuritv: and filly hetore _e ma_tered Hebrew. He commenced preaching, when forty-two. I',lultltudes.'.were led to seek and find salvation under bis hurnine, heart-searcbinu.t.xhortatbms. John Of course t) young t)rea_her:carcs qltlch whether he preacbe_ [or a lon_ term of year_ or Knox was a fear ess preacher and hesitated not-to expose the sins ot,,his,age including those of not, and when he gets idd etlt_tltdl [() care he,, tim,d,] Ill rt'pair--ntl. _*.'t'do not mean to lie Queen Mary, Queen of tile Sct_ts. ttis life's _tory.l_ intensely interesting both to youn_ anti qnflelthal slronz But /alht, r the _oun_ preacber '_vho dt_ts nn'_ 'cart will he Ihe ohl Ilrea:ht'r ohl.. He x_;as wont to call his studenta about him and exhorl them: to stud._ well. to know God who dot_ care and cannt_t repair, and to stand by the good cause. On November 24, t572, weakened and prematurely a_ed as It is a pity that so many of the theohleit;_l _cnx:narie_ t_i the cnuntry are ht_stitc or indilfert, nl a result o[ persecutitm- anti hardship, he _ave hp the slrulz_le and went home to' his God,.toward the "Failh of c_ur [alhers." liut stlnhlary training ts important, alld tile tbne"will The Abinedon Press puhlishes a brief botzraplv ol this saint of God under the title. "Jobn cc_me wiwn tile cbulehe_ alld people _ubo air,.alled to pronmt_, am preserve the doctrine of full " - " Knox Ihe Reformer" (85cl. l salvation-in tile earth '.','ill have Io I_l_t tol_ethc, r anti bnlnd lint] suppt!rt a I'zrM gralll, seffnnary it]r po,,r,,, eqoil,,ed,,,,oil,r,. OTIO N AL THE preacher's TASK, ' ':.d. '... We have n_ sympathy with tl_e whiner. And personally, we d_ ntll levi sorry ourselve_ ; " '-= "... m... '" because.we fire preachers. We believe the ran,-ry _s the. hiehust aml retest.-acred calline to whicb any man may devote his life. and it is worthy of all tl_e hardsilips which it may LETTERS ObI.pREA(2HINC, lzet them,. The)' pray, study,make their sermons involve, and that its'joys fully' justify all the d_ificullies whjch heset it. By _'_. /'d, HtLLS with an aim to 2reduce tbe desired effect, and. Still. ie one gee., tree lhe mini--icy with su_ticiu_lt earnestness to make a suc':e'_ of Jl he x by tile help of God, are n'ot disal_pointed. Otbers will find it anything but "an easy bertb." usinz that term in the _t,nse [_f comparative int- NIX. Parts of the Sermon aim at nothing, and get precl_ely what they munitib_ and maeical returns. Perhaps one of the most dreaded of Lhe _pecial preacher TIIE CONCLUSION. should expect--nothing. "ablictinns" are the criticisms ich friends and foes alike feel so [rue IO "plier." Anti tlle-t' This isthe part of tire sermon of supretne im- The conclusion is the last supreme effort "to criticisms _lre or, _o varied _orl_ tbal it _ niore trne of preaej)ers than ulmosl any other.cia's, portance. Here the whole sermonic effort should move tile will of thg bearer t6 obey God. As the that "Nobody can please everybody." eulmin'ate, l say "should" becatl_e often it does intioduction started the battle, so the - conclusion. e,. The Baltimore Su,i ha._ this to -_av - not. Multitudes o['-sermons simpl)'.frazzle out sbou/d be the final as._ault that tlectdes the!_u n t'mp y 'goody-goody-isms or vapid common- The great English Commoner, john ttrlgnt, "In Lhis'day n[ spiritual searching the parson' has c,,me in for no llttle critlel_m. Perhapx. '.'-,_,.,,, -ot_int'_ i Inlteeffi ma_y oc- satd,"the only part of my _peeeh. tliat I prebe de,ryes it. but. on lilt, other hand. it is about timefor mm,,, rt.r,.ive a w_rd of syml_thy: _7;ae_,t_'_] t_m_;_r,e_ I/is task is dib'zcult, for no matter v,-hicb v,,ay be'turns he meets wilh objections Irom somu t-._s'_,_'k"_fflh_y h]_.no.pare L_ the conclusion. I ulwa_s knee, how and parts Hi iris flock, purpose in life but t0 draw their salary and their, when 'Ia_m'gulng to st6p-?' This ig'the case with "If Ihe par_on takes a narrow _,'iew,of relieion he is accused el bigotry; if" he. takes a breath and have a genteel profession to give lawyers and great orators, They strive for the broad view be ts suspected or, heresy If he "asks Ior mo_)t_y be is charged with worldliness if them social prestige. But a preacher that.is fired Oecision of the judge or the jury or the favor of he dbesn't ask [oi it his church falb to pieces. 11 he pays calls on his congregation he risks I with a huly passion to win souls will be as eager the vote or, the people, William. Jennings Bryan the reputation for hein_ a bore,'i[ he doesn't pay calls he is cbarged with i_idiflerence. If he to succeed as an ambitious general is to win a wo_ his first nomination t,or the presidency of the endorses movies, oyster suppers anti bowlinz alleys in Ihe basement the _nnservarives protest; if he sticks to services mdy the boosters howl. It" he introduces innovations in his _*rmon he is battle. The immortal Napoleon reserved his United States by a masterful oration with a called _ ensational; if he confines himself to the beatitudes lie is'condemned for his platitudes, heaviest battalions for the close of the finht, conclusion that thrilled the country. In tweizty- If he spi_cializes on the Sunday s_hool the choir resents it : if he SpECializes on the choir the So should u l_ulpit orator;, h_ is figltling a battle four hours he was the'mo_i famous young man Sunday school tflows up. with the forces of hell to win trophies, for King in all the world. "In the old days the parson had a ready weapon.' "He alone couhl offer the benediction ai_d " ]_sus. He should, marshall his troops accordingly, I. Notice why "t]/_s is. so important and so the absolution. Nowadays very._'c l lhe c_ncregaiio_,know u'halelther mean_.. " Mosl ot and plan to get decisions at the end"of the fight, dit.ficidt. ' ' tbem imagine their sins are wa._hcd away by the simple proce_ of dropping a quarter in doe There ts probably a reason why:so_ne preachers i. BeEaU_ there isa sluggish inertia of mlndin collection plate. Like tbe _choohrlast6r's birch, the parson's big stick has been supplanted are never soul-winners. They do not aim to be. most people, an apathetic indifference to any by psychqlogy, and no psychology yet discovere6 has the persuasive effect of a pit seething with new fire and brimstone..... The huntsman looks through loads his the _ighls gufi] with hunts careful for game, aim, pulls even truth. The the-mort heathen are reluctant to dlslmssing superstitions, foresake and the "The ideal parson el today must comifine the qualities of a financier, an administrator, an the trigger, and.sends the bullet througl_ the most'disgns'ting rnd degrading idolatries. And orator, find it a scholar, useful to a salesman, know ul-_ a musician,, rudimenlary a teac er,.g diplomat. prineilfles emp[o_'_,d hy If his church be small lrt:will painters, plumbers, electricians heart..the skilt,ul preacher do_ the same, He civilized people bare a similar inhospitableness to r furnace men _laziers, carpenl'ers and roof repairers, arranges the po nts of his sermon like the si_bts any change of life. The past was good enough. "Some parsons L_reaE under the strain and parisifioners hold up their hands in.surprise and on a gun-barrel, at the opportune moment fires, What their fathers tleougbt they are' willing to horror Thg fact that all of them don't is, indeed, the greater wond'er." " and expects to get the'results. Such prea_:t!ers do thtnk. As tizelr t,at/lers lived they are sabsfied to

4 ! 4 THE PREACHER'S MAGA_ZINE THE"_ PREACHER'S MAGAZINE Its'e, Mental indolence dies hard. Dr, Dale of where the path of duty lies. Minlsters can be dece[tfidly; but by the manifestation of the truth no3v thou art willing, thou art in'jited and-none England, one of the prominent preachers of. the clear thinkers, and do all that an_i yet faii. There commending ourselves to every man's conscience can keep thee back from His mercy'. "Whusolast century, calculated that it took twenty years is such a weight of moral inertia in man and the in the sight of God" (z Cor. 4:x+2): ever will, let him take the water of life freely.' to get a. new idea thoroughly adopted by his evil passions of the heart are so strong, that In+other words, the great Apostle relied on no Shall I preach in vain? Will you all go away congregation.. they induce men. to go wrong in spite of the pro- 2. There is'a phlegmatic pride of opinion that tests of conscience, and their knowledge of n tricks of oratory or craftinem, or deceits of and not take the water of life? Come, soul--is Scripture interpretation to "catch men; but by there not at least one that God shall give me this does not welcome a new moral notion,.or a better wa_'. The Latin poet, Ovid,. wrote: Ihe plain truths of the mighty gospel, and appeals day as my hire--not one? May I not take one change of life. We may call it a sclf-satisfird con- "I know the right, and I api_rove it,.too, to every man's conscience in the sight of God, he of you by the ha_d, some poor sinning erring erie with the present conditions that does not wish Condemn the wrong, and yet the wrong pursue." captured men and women and induced them to brother? Come, brother, let us go together and to be disturbed or aroused fromits sleep of death. T'ois moral inertia, _owever, by the. aid of the cry for mercy. We need more of that kind of drink. O.may the Holy Ghost incline you. Take 'J Paul, the scholar and the saint,+ met this very Holy Spirit, simply must be _vercom_ and the evangelism. God has put His repre_entative'.+the it. my brother. See on that blobdy tree Jesus thing on Mars Hill in Athens, In their con- soul be won over to duty and God. Just this is conscience in every man for Him and usto appeal hangs; behold He pays His life.a ransom for temptuous conceit the men of Athens called him the supreme achievement of all preaching, to. It cannot always be so perverted a_d drugged yo_drsins and mine, Believe on Him, trust Him. "the-pickei'-up-of-scrapal" He offered them the II. Notice by what methods this may be done. by sin, that we make our a[_peal in vain. Commit your soul to Him.and be saved. Will living God and HIS resurrected Son, Jesus Christ, It is a isw of the+mind that the will is moved I will now give a conclusion of a sermon by you not _ay in your _ul in' the "place of their _'ain idolatry, and they to action by motlyes, one of God's great preachers Chaci_ Spurgeon. 'J_t asl am, w_hout one plea turned Paul down and Jc_us too. A great corn- I." Often it is done.by moving the feelings. It Text: "Whosoever will, let him take the water But that Thy blood was shed[or nee * mentator says, ++In their peremtory haste, they is easy for people who are coldly intellectual and oflife freely" (Rev.. as:st). Conclusion: "And And that.thou hht'_t me come [o Thee sink the topmost man of the human i-ace, the unemotional to make sp_rt of this method of now I do not knbw what to say further. My 0 Lamb oj God, I come, I omep topmost even of human history,, and the top- reaching -the.will; but the skbful soul-winner text is such a precious one that I cannot enter "And as my Ma_ter is true and faithful-he most day of human existence into the Ordinary, knows thai it can be so done, _nd often does it. into the fullness of its freen_sand sweetn_s. Re- cannot cast away _one soul that cometh; for and so into the.false... Opposite as were Simple as Mr. Moody's sermons were,-no one member, my friends, if you are +willing in be ehim that cometh to me I will in no v_ecast out.' the causes which produced the rejection of can deny that he was, very sueccmful fisher _aved, God requ!res nothing except that you O Spirit, now draw reluctant hearts and now of Jesus by the lews and Athenians. they of men. He had an emotinnm nature himself and yield yourselves up to Christ. If you are willing give timid souls courage to believe for Jeans' Were at the bottom the same-2-_traditidnal pre- he intensely felt the truth wht_ch he was preach- to he _aved none can prevent; there is no oh- sake. Amen."--"Young Spurgeon at His Best." possession?' Judaism bound the Jew, and phi- fag to others. Probably h'e never preached a static, You are not going lille the daughters of losophy and idolatry bound the Greek to a proud sermon without frequent appeals to the feelings of _, : Hohab to a well from which you will be driven by p_t, which filled them with contempt for any- 'his hearers. He melinv_,edtheirhearts to gain the the coarseness and rudeness of shepherds, You AS THY DAYS THY STRENGTH thing new. But it was Athens, gnd not Paul, that dee_.slon.sof their wills, Unless his own heart _ are come where Jesus stands_stands with open Lord. l have often asked suffered that day the real defeat, i_ deep!y stirred, in vain does t_e orator en- arms, stands w th open mouth cryingto you thls Strength for+a year; 3. There is the universal inct of moral estrang- deavor to appeal to others. Moreover, "The will day. 'If any man thirst le! him c_me and drink, I wanted all the mists meat from God or human depravity, that binds cannot web be persuaded until strong and.tender and whosoever will let h m take thewater of life To disappear, men to the ways of fin. They like their sire, and emotions are produced; then its complete con- freely:' And now will you refuse the invitation_ That I might, see my way hug their chains. Only a mighty influence can -quest ts comparatively easy." (Hugg). "There- See that ye refdse.not Him that speaketh Will. " And walk therein, shake them from their lethargy and move their fore, let nature's short road to the feelings be you go this day_ and. abuse the free mercy of And gird myself with strength reluctant wills. Jesus met that constantly. "O studied." A particular case, a personal fact, an God?' Shall this very mercy lead you into, morn The fight to win;. Jerusalem, Jerusalem,-thou that kluest the pro- incident in real life, is more apt tha_ a chain of sin? Will you be wicked enough to say, that The summer and the winter.pbets, and stonezt them which are sent unto thee, reasoning or an intellectual.generalization, to because,grace is free, therefore you will continue Spread before how often would I have gathered thy children to- touch the, sensiidlitia, and Command the will, and in sin year after year? Oh do not so; grieve not Nor he afraid to climb. gether, even as a hen gatbereth her chickens under shape the life. the Sp!rtt of God; today i_ the accepted time; The mountain o'er. her wings, and ye would not l Behidd, your house s. A wise appeal to the conscience, [he vice- today is the day of salvation. If ye turn not, is left unto you d_olate " Depraved human wills gei'eat of 'God, is often most effective 'to win the He will Whet His sword_ He hath bent His bow, But now I am conspired to defeat the gracious purposes of the " cousent of thelheart. Peter did that at Peate- _and made it ready. You have been warned, your A little child again, Son of God... :..cost. "Let _11 the house of Israel therefore conscience has often pricked you; now this day Fearing the darkness. Now-every earnest "preacher faces.these same finnw assuredly that God hath made 'Him both you are sweetly invited. But the time of warn. And afraid of pain+ obstacles that confronted Paul and Jesus, But " Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom ye crucified, ing and invitation will not last forever; they will A year is long,. overcome them by the h_ip of God, he must. The Now when they heard.this they were pricked in soon be over; and when your funeral knell is l am content with days; citadel of the soul must be. taken. That will the _ heart_ and sad unto Peter and- the_.r_stof... toiling you shall hell, that lake of fire, that land I want the Lord to govern must be moved: that holy. choic_ to forsake sin the apustl_, Brethren, what shall we do?" (Acts Of misery and pain, where not a drop of water : " All my ways. " " and live for God mu_ be made: _:36-37_. St. Paul did the same, "Therefore shall ever cool your.burning tongue. As you What tie shall give me,<.+ This i_ exactly where the preacher's battle is seeing, we have this ministry even u we ob- woidd co,cape the ffam_ of bell. as yon.would _s enough for me; "_ won or lost. It is not enough to pour upon his tained mercy, we faint not :. but we have re- be delivered from the eternal torments which God ] know that'as my day heaters the light oi_truth, It is not sufficient to noaneed the hidden things of shame, not walking *+ will certainly hurl upon you*.like hail-stones, I My strength shall be. m.ake them understand their obligation, and know in raftine_ nor handling the word o God 1[ beseech thee now, consider thy ways, and h. -:-London CA_ri_lian World.

5 6 THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE THE' PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 7 and spoiled by him as a grandfather, and yet near is not cleat that there _,as any definite collection, + ' enough to be a good deal like tile old man yet. either of psalms or the prophets, before the Cap- B)_ C. E. CO_ELL Seven is generally regarded as a perfect number-- tivity. Dauiei, however_ refers to "the +books," perhaps that is the right distance to,be from (Dan. 0:_) which in his day had apparently been a man of"mark. Let us count back in our own collected as a whore It is considered quite THE BOOK OF JOB SLOGANS FOR YOUR BULLETIN BOARD family line _and see whom we should knock up probable that Nehemiah had a share in gathering Bacon once said: "The Pencil o_r the Holy "Right is a biuger word than success or failure." at_ainst seven places back. Are we the seventh the hooks. Ezra fired about 460 B, C. All that Ghost bath labored more in describing the Afflic- "Christians,are like pianos, grand, square, up- from some _dig[fty saint of God? If :so. let us be is known of him through Scripture is contained in tions of Job than the Felicities of St)lomon." " right and are nogood if not in tube." proud of tile fact--for that is the truest aristoe- the lastfour chapters of the book of Ezra, and Carlyle says of the Book of Job: "I col[ that "Another bit of good advice is 'never start racy. in Nehemiah 8 and x2:26. one of th'e grandest things' ever weitten wtth pen. anythin_ you can't stop," For another thing--thouab Jude does not say 'THRE _. OUTSTANDING PER L5 One feels indeed as if it were not.hebrew; such "Sometimes the wolf rides on the running- it--enot!h was the seventh from Eve, Indeed, a notable universality, different from noble pa- board." there were six Eves [n Enoch, for he had sis L Christianity without Christ. triotism or _ctarianl_m reigns in it," A noble - "A man who does not know how to learn from maternal.progenitors, Were these more influen- L Regeneration withou+t supernaturalism. Book; all men's Book[ II is our first, oldest his mistakes turns the best schoolmaster out ol tial in forming his character than the six Adams? 3, Holine,_ without titre, stalement of the never-end/ng-problem--man's his life,". Who knows? At any rate, there are variations The absence nt any one of these---christ, the destiny and God's ways with himhere in this "Attendance upon the services of the church is in human determinants, both in quality and in supernatural, and fire--is, sure to be fatal to the earth. And all in such free flowing outlines;- '_ood fnedicine' for both soul and dearee. In every man, either his father Ior his gasper. A Christiadity timt besno Christ in 'it grand in, its sincerity, in its _impfidty ;. in its "'Prayer links one on to the Ruler of the Uni- r_udfather) or his mother (or his grandmother) L* worse titan nothing. It is purely pro]ession epoch melody, and reduse reconcilement:.... verse+" most counts... without posle_sioo, A regeneration without the supernatural, may mean reformation, but not Sublime sorrow, sublime 'reconciliation; oldest "The' only successful substitute for brains is Again, Enoch was an unusual, even epochal man, transformation+ Such a regeneration is apart choral melody as of the heart of mankind;--so silence." He was a character to date tram, to reckon with-, fromthe divine nature. It is simply cold:blooded soft and great; as the summer mldnighwas the "A discouraged man ts a defeated man." to obtain help from. Did he. evcr achie_,e fame formalism. Holiness without fire is formal, emoworld witll its seas and starst There is nothin_ "Do good constantly, patiently_ and whely, and through spectacular performences? l_ot so far as tinnier, juiceless ahd unenjoyable. A stiff, dead written. I think, in the Bible or out of it+.of you will never have cause to _-ty that life is not we know. But his was a th_rt_ughly consecrated equal literary merit." worth +fivlng." character. He was not, as has been said, perfect, unemotional holiness is too dry and lifeless to. ",,. 0ay taxes on, We must have the red-hot kinc[, SERMON SUBJECTS AND TEXTS FROM THE "Gold cannot buy character, but he was go ng on unto perfection. He' was that gives warmth and glow'. Avoid these three BOOK OF JOB "You would better try again, this time you the kind of stuff out of which God makes saints, perils.--c. E. C. The Fear of God (Job z:o-xx), may succeed." that is. His own kind, He was akin to God, de- Endurin_ Trial (Job t:_a). "The wonder is tbot anyone ever thought of!ighted in Him, walked with. Him, ascended to LATE NEWS ABOUT PALE3TINE The will of God (Job 2:to). the phrase, 'tbe. qu ck and the dead' before the be with Him. A"new nature came with the years, Dr. Charles M Sheldon one of the editors of Grief and Silence (Job 2:_3 ), age. of "automobiles." ot just. as a.gift of time, hut as a _rowt_ in the Ckriaian Herald, traveling in the _Io y Land _, r, f Memorable Sights in Life" (Job 5:3), "This church is not a cold-storage home." _raqe. Do we notice any Enochs walking nidund writes some wry interesting late news about us now? If we Iook,'we shall observe the AI- modern Palestine. lle says: " Speaking'in the Wrong Temper (Job 7:tel THE SEVENTH FROM HEAVEN, The Knowledge of Sin (J'ob x3:23).. mighty exemplifying HimSelf--His ideas and HIS Very heavy rain and snow fall overthe entire Humbling Questions (Job J5"7) Genealogy is always of interest to many, arid ideals---in the sad/ant lives of at least some 0I extent of Syria and Palestine during the month of The Bed of Darkness (Job I7:t3). Jt_de give_ a hint of a family line when he speaks our neighbors and acquaintances: [or God never February have ensured a greet crop of grain, Vain Comfort (Job at:34), of that mysterious nian Enoch.as being "the leaves Himself wholly without ' glorious witness vegetables and fruit. Such an abundance of The Treasure of Heaven (Jail _:t:=5). ". seventh from Adam." Adam is made so fight of in any age or dime.--zion'_ Herald. moisture has not been known in the countries east The Gospel of the Left Hand (Job s3:9), in,these days that Jude's statement pa_es gen- - of the Great Sha for several years. :--C. E.' C. erally without comment. But there are one or COMPILER_.OF THE ()LD _restament The great cry of Palestine has been inthe past, two sugge_ions there worthy of mention. In "..The Chritlidn Ilerald, in answer to the ques- and it goes up pitifully at the present time----a JOB'S OUTLINE OF A DEVOUT LIFE the first phce, it is a momentous thing to be ] tion: "Will you tell me who compiled the'books cry for water. Jernsalem has a population of For then thou shalt have thy delight in the anywhere in the human series. Jesus spoke of.a l of the Old Testament?" says': over 7,5,0o0. The water supply consisls'of a' small Almighty, and's_alt lift up thy face unto God. " typical Jewhh m0ther+who rejoices that "a.man is Popular beliel, as well as tradition, credits Ezra station at Arrnh and three reservoirs of Solo- Thou shait'make, thy prayer unto Him, and He born into the world. '+ Only thus can a created and his learned associates of' the "greet syna- mon's Pools, There are aho a great many ram shall bear thee. and thou shalt pay thy vows. spirit take "its place in the long hlq0_ie serieg,=-lt " " gogue" with the task of cofiecting the Scriptures water, cisterns under the houses. Thou shalt also decree a thit_g, and it shall be must be born into this time-and.sense world, by of the Jewish Church. It Is generally held that But last year it was necessary to bring into estafifished unto thee: and the light shall shine putting on human flesh. As Dr. Ed_vards: Park the foundation of the present Hebrew canon is Jerusalem three train loads of water a day dur- "_+ upon thy ways+ of Andover used to say to his students, "there is J- due to him. The work of a_emhfiug the writings ing the-summer. The present supply is only three When men are cast down. thou shale say... a great deal of human nature in man." We are "which, Blade up "The Book of the Lord" must gallons a day for each person. Only a small lifting up; and he shall save the humble person in the series. _ have begun before Isaiah's time, since he men- number of the people in the Holy City ever know (Job a_:26=ag). But Enoch was the seventh from Adam---that _ lions it as a general collection (Isaiah 34:t6), to the plemure of a b_,th in a tub or under a shower,

6 8 THE PREACHER.'S MAGAZINE THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 9 and those who have such luxuries save every different reljginus orders to meet in the name of,true. It lacks the-touch of reality. I/_is hope- - Make a joyful nol_ unto the God of Jacob drop of the bath water to use _n their gardens a common human need. No appeal was made for _e_. S nejll r Is the man who stood m the put- (Psa. 8x :z). or boil over for washing clothes. "In the sum. mo_ey,'but the work0i tl_e Near East was shown, pit of Dr. Burris Jenkins' Linwood TBoulevaed Let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our mer the poorer classes spend hours at standpiisea The orphan boys anh girls saved_ and trained Christian Church and dared. God to strike him salvation (Psa. 95:z). awaiting their supply.". (Quotation from a state- and educated by the Ch'irslisn people of America _ltad. God d d, but not as Lewis expected. Stid- And make a joyful nolse unto him with psalms, meat made to tile Editortby the. Governor of are developing into expert artisaus, and thousands _er says: "One Of the best men of lettees that I (Psa. 95:a). Jerusalem), in a very' few years will 1be self-supporting, knv_v, a literary critic, an edit'or and a.mad _vho " Under the British rule in Palestine ' crime has " has been one of the _reatest boosters and admirers Make a_joyful noise un o. the Lor& all' the greatly diminished, owing to swilt arrest, speedy SERMON SUBJECTS AND TEXTS FROM THE of Lewis.. said to me, after he" had read the earth (Psa. 9g:4).. trial and sure conviction and just. puaisbment. TWELFTH CHAPTI_R OF ROMANS proof sheets of his work: Sinclair Lewis thai- Make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise Murders have decreased from Z28 in z92z to What is Complete Consecration? "(R_m. I::Z). lenged God to. strike him dead.in Kansas City. _Psa. 08:4l. 98 in x926. Highway rol_bery fro]n 135 in zg:tx The Danger of World Conformity (Rum. t2::_), God did, but Lewis did not know it. When the Make a jo_'tol noise before the Lord, the King I 7z x9_6, and adimal theft from z93 in zozz The Perfect Will of God (Rum. z,_:z),, people r.o-will r_ad Lewis." his new book they will find it out and (Psa. Make 08:6). a 'joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands to-x4 in zg_6. (Thesefigures a_ compiled from Thinking White (Rum. ra:3)., the Report of the British Government to the.the'enormous COST OF CRIME. tpsa zoo:z). 5 League of Nations.) _.,-.The Body of Christ from. za:4, 5). "The enormous cost of crime in the United JOY IN EXPEESStON - - There is less crime in thecityof Jerusalem than "DiversityofGifts(z Cor. zz:s-zo; Rum. z2:6). St,_tes is very erarjy showni" says the Chris- Preaching and Te_tddng (Rum. za:7), elan llerald_ "in the remarkable array of facts They rejoiced with exceeding joy fmatt. 2:zo). in almost any city of its_population in the United The Value 'of Exhortation (Rum. z2:g), and figures prepared by Mark O. Prentiss a Thou shale _ave joy and gladne_ (.Luke z:t4 States. Daylight holdups are unknown. The Unostentatious Giving (Rum. xa:8). "" " robbery 0f a bank is unheard of,. In one mid- reco_nlzed authority on the subject, _puhlished I bring you good tidings of great joy fluke Ruling with Diligence (Rum. zz:8), m a recent i sue of the Manutactusers" Record. _:zot. western town of less than 7_;,c o people there Mercy and Cheerfulness (Ram. z_:8). These criminal statistics claim the thoughtful were seventeen burglaries and over thirty rob- U:_hypocrltJsal Love (Rum. ra: 9), " Ve shall receive, that your joy may_ha full " attention of every good citizen. (John z6:24). beries store of costomer_ ga_sstations in bruad and vi61ent t_laylight, holdups in tlie of drug yeai" The Christian Warmth Earnestness of Br'otheriy (Rum. Love ra:zx). (Rum. x_:_o). In his presentation of the total a_nual cost of And there was great joy inthat city (Actsg:8).. z_6. Palestine is safer for the traveler than _altona] crime, Mr. Prentiss gives figur.es that are New York, Chicago, Kansas City, or Tupelo. Showing Patience in Dilficult Places.(Rom. _uffteiedtly startling. B'egihhing with frauds Jn The dis_:ipleswere filled _llh joy _nd the Holy z::z:z_), husines._,he announces, as the lo_ theaugb fraud, Ghost (Acts z3:5_). " American newspapers please copy.. The value of Persistent Prayer (Rum. za:z_), uleat nr bogus securities, $5oo,ooo,ooo; through The God of hope fin you with all joy (Rum. Monuments and memorials to "unknown so _ Sharing in the Iqeces_ities of the Saints (Rum. embezzlements $zso,ooo,ooo; fotgeri_, Szoo,ooo,- '_5:z3), " diets" were known in P_lesttae te_ centuries ago. za:z3). " A recent tomb Music. discovered in Jerusalem The Gracious Grace of 'Hosp tay. (Rum. coo; worthless cheeks, Sz_o,ooo,oco.; fraudulent 'I_e abundance of their joy (_ Cur. g:_. bankruptcies, _'Moo,cco,ooo;transportation, thefts,. The fruit of the Spirit is love, JOY, peace has for a Syriac inscription: "Dedieated to _he zz:z2 )..$soo,ooo,ooo; thefts from warehousea,$5_5,c_oo,- fgal. 5:_z).. memory and the ealvatinn.of the Armenian Ch_- Showing Good.for Evil (Rum, ra:z4), ooo; mail thefts, Szo,ooo,ooo; murdee and p]uno. Rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory tisn Crusaders whose nathes the Lord know_." Rejoicing and Weeping. (Rum. ra:zs); der..$z_s,ooo,ooo; in addition t0..these he in- _ Peter"f:gL The work of the Nea/'.'East Relief is not only Set Your Mihd o_ Lofty Things (Rum. zz:z_)..dicates the expenditures borne by federal, state, Able to pre_nt you with exceeding joy (Jude saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of little -Personal Conceits (Rum. z_:z6), and munidpal courts in criminal cases at.'t,4,ooo, 4t.. children, but it is,bringing together the jealous Leering Your Life Tell for Christ (Rum. z2:zy). ooo,ooo. Adding to the _bove the economi'c waste -. and warring factions that for centuries have quar- Strive for Peace (Rum. ra :z8), that crime involves, he sets before us a grand to- POLtTICrS RAMPANT..A NATIONAL D_.qGH.ACE reled over their religious "creeds. At a recent 'Give a Wide Berth to Wrath (Rom_ z_:zo), tal.o[..$_6,5o3,ooo,ooo, which represer,ts the total Dr. H. E. Woo/ever, Editor of the National "Golden Rule" dinner served by a Palestine Near.The'Danger of Personal Vindictiveness (Rum. ]ot_ borne by the nation, and all of.it being due Me_hodht Pre_s, writing of the closing hours of _ East Relief. Secretai'y, a representative of every z_:zg)..._ direct _ to crime,". the Sixty.ninth Congress, says: "No event in the r religious faith in.]'erusalem sat down to the meal. Killing the'enmity in the Other Fellow (Rum. What this nation desperaleiy/_eeds, ls a sweep- Whole history of the Sixty-ninth Congress left a There 'were over z4o persons together, Greeks, z_:2o)i ing old time natinnal revival of pure and unde- darker page than the partisan display in the elus- Armenians, Jews, Catholic, Arabs_ Moslems, N.ot a Chr_tinn Avenger, buta.'rrue Christian filed religion. Christian experience will cure Crime inghoues. In the struggle of partisan cont_tants Quaker,J, and Syrians. British The.meal and German consisted olficiais. of lentil Egyptinr_ soup, Conquerer Love is Wiser (R0m. than _a:z_). Wisdora_(Rom, zz:az). in the individual, as well as elevate moral char- to shape legislation before, adjournment so as to cracked.wheat, a ragout of meat, bread, cocoa,. Disarming Your Foes (Rum. z_:_x), otter. Let us pray for the revival use the same party advantage, sincere statescoffee and _m:anges,... _I" E:: C' --. _ " "/OY men were.unable, to,bring to action even measures Turks sat by Presbyterian ministers, sad Arabe The' Word ""Joy" is found_in the Bible more of higher metat..in those hour%how evidentwsa sat by their enerales, the Jews, and all ate the fare HE'S DEAD ALl. RIGHT than z55 times. Christianity lsa religinn of joy, the n_'cd'o( a new sense of patrlotl_mi The fact of the re[ugea orphan. It was the fiest time in Sinclair Lewis is characterized as a greatau- and. those _'ho are fortunate enough to embrace was further pressed borne'that onl Christians of _" the history of Jerusa'lem that such'a gathering was thor by. Wilfiam L. Stidger in the Dearborn In- Christianity are enjoined to be happy (joyful) in first ability should be sent to [egistative halls in known. The significant thing about it was the dependent. He rose to great he[ghta in "Babbitt" " the Lord. thls land.. A. nation horn of Christian idea_s will -fact that a Christian man from America, a man and.'arrowsmith," hut he has failed in "Elmer Make a. joyful' noise unto God,. all ye lands never be successfully carried forward b_ those not without a degree, was able to persuade, all there Gantry," The bhok is neither Interesting nor tp_. 66:1). in hearty sympathy rwitfisuch _deais.- J

7 THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 10 THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 1 ii ",,. THE BAPTISM'WITH THE HOLY GHOST seeking the baptism, with the Spirit, i ' INTRODUCTmN: L Tile text one of Christ's last siatements, II. SUDDENLY were any. THE._OUGIIT- ORBLESSING CAME [,,.,,.. 2. than The baptism water baptism., with the Spirit no less definite was It not was addeved not wrought by aout continued by a long course proceas. o[ self- It ' " i. A sectarian spirit (Luke _:40, $o). tory. No, it was as _udde_ as a thunderbolt I BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT _ VIII. How SIIALL WE BECOMEFILLED? _ I,. TIlE 2. A NEEII-.-REFLEC'I-EDIN vindictive spirit (Luk_ THE9,:5t-561. APOSTLES. education, from: the electric that ended spiritual gra(]uafiy dynamoin ultimate of God vic- AI- By A. M. HtLLS Pray for it. Consecrate f6r it. Surrender eveo'- 3. A sell-seeking spirit {Mark 1o:35-45l. ntighty.. TILL-growth theory of getting sanctified is un- Text: Ephesians 5;18. thing that stands in the way. 4. A self-savlng _pirit (Matt. I0;21-23; Then be(level believer i'ou receive the deans- a6:56), scriptural,and imp6ssible of application to life. This i_ not an optional hlezsin_, It lg a ing spirit by faith_ Acts I5:8,.9. _ 5. A comproniising spirit (Matt. 20: 6Q-75). It is also contrary to all 'human expei'ience. "']'be command o[ God laid upon ah Chris.lions.. Theme! An Uttermost Satvationshrdhl -I ;g4wp I1, TIIE _,_oxtist (Joel 2:2g. _9;. Matt. 3:11; God o[ peace Himself sanctify you wholly", I. it IIINTS AT TIlE VAST possibilities OF Jn0. 14:10, I7; Act.' t:4. 5_ a:3g. 30). fgerman Bible, "throuuh and through." r The, is. CIIIIISTIAN LIFE AN UTTERMOST _ALVATION Ill. T#IE epeecrs. -5:23l. Their hearts, Peter said, were cleansed It means to be attached to ir)finity; belted on to By P. P. BELEW I. Purification (I_fatt. 3:tl. I_ ; Acts I5:8, from sin in an instant. A ts xs:_'. 9, (Aorist limitless power. Text : Heb 7:25. 0; Rum. zs:zo; 5:5). tense, instantaneous}. I It. TIllS WOULD BBIN(] PUT TIIE'LATENT PO_,VER 2. Illumination (Jno. 14:2_ ; IO:13, 14). IlL NOTICE TIlE RESULTS TIIAT FOLLOWED. of" GOD'S PIOPLn. introduction:. 3. Power (._cts t:8). I. They were all filled wi_h the Holy Spirit. Scientific men tell of unused istent'powers. The Statement of tl_e theme. (al For preaciling (Micah 2 :g). He came to live in then_.the holy life. "I n_tural world was full of them for ares--steam, i. magnet i,m, e'e,t:icity, gravitation, etc. Modern 2_ Significance of tbe' te_'m "ktttermo;t," (b) l_'or, te_ti/nony (Jn_. t5:zo, 27L live, yet not I. but Cbrist Bveth in me" _c_ence is only.teaching us xo use what was al-" ".f CIIRIS_ rl[_ MCUlaTOB /Heb. 7:25; Ar's (c) For prayer (Jude up}. (Gal. a:_o}. " ways. at band, waiting to serve us ]t is always 4:I2L (dl For exploits (Judges _g:5, o, tq; 2, They were illuminated to understand the so with God's people. When they yoke up'with L By, virtue of His supmior h_in_. 15:_4, 15). Scriptures and the plan of salvation..- Omnipotence, new thinffs happen. (al Greater than the universe (]teb; CONCLUSION.. Before, they blundered and had mistaken Ill. CI[I'ISTIANS NEED TIlE BLESSING OF GO0. l:lo-t_.l wews; now they understood' and were Indwelling _!n makes us un/ovdy and un- (b) Greater than the prophets (iteb. PENTECOST. BEFORE AND AFTE_ inspired teachers of othe/s." Christlike. This is removed by the Holy Spirit. I:l 2t. By A. M. HILLS 3, They were,endued with power accord- IV. CIIBISTIANS NEED Tills BLESSIIffG.TO DIS- (el Greater than I_[oses (Heh L * _" ": " TEXT: When the day o/ Pentecost teas /ully 1aS,to the promfse of Jesus' facts I:8L CIrARC,,ETtl_.lR 1RUST. (d) Greater than the angels (Heb. l:4, o, come, they were all with one azcord in one #lace. " Is) Tbey had power over themselves. "We are allowed o[ God to be put in trust t3, ]4 na suddenly... }hey were all #lied _ith the They were not upeet by every crook of the finger, or accu$ation or persetv[tb the gospel" {1 Thes. 2:4). What _ sacred (el The God-Mob (Jno. 14:0; Heb. //pry Spirlt-(Acts _:t-41. trustee,ohip[ To see that the gospel is printed, _:i7. 18).. Many Christians think'a Pentecdsial_experience cutlon or _mprisboment, circulated and preached, and lived 2. By. virtue of His superior saerlfi:e (x is not worth milch consideration. Jesus, thought t2)' Power witb God (Johr 14:I3, 141. We cannot discharge it without. Spirit-fined. Peter _:zq; Heb. q:z3', _). " otherwise. Hi., parting charge was "Tarry until (3l PoWer over men to bring them to sanctified hearts. "]'he dlureh cannot take the 3. By virtue of His superior priesthoocl, ye be endued with power from on high" Luke Christ (Acts _:4I, 47). They overworld until it i_ Spirit-filled, (a) Holy filch, 7:-"6, "atl a4:4 _). It, was even mentioned by,joel long turned heathenism aml planted Chris- " 1,'. ttv_eare CALLi2[/ TO D_ TIlE LIGIIT_ OF TIrE ib} Unchangeable (Heh. 7:.r_-aSL,centuries before it came (Joel a:ag, _0). And tianity, Th me power can make WO:_LV. (C) Meritorious (Heb. 8:0; 0:*4 [o:it- church historians point back to it as the day oi.. the individual Christian and the Our nature_, therefore, r_eed to b'e i_ perfect. 14)." days. churches victorious now. ]. NOTICE WI_A'r TIlE DISCIPLES WERE BEFORE THE SON OF GOD order. Un:lean. un[_oly Christians g_ve but little II"T_IE COl_TEwr PENTECOST. light.--the critical world wants more than pro- By R. J. KIEVER fession. It is m6ved and attracted mort by godly x. Negative--Deliverance from "sin (Matt. t. They were Christians. They haci he.. l:_i), tiered on Christ (John t7:8l Expositidn of Hebrews, first Chapter. living, tat Its guilt ilia. x:l[_l. L They had been given.to Christ (John He is the Son of: VI. TlilS BLESSING IS NECESSARY TO GLT I_ID OF (bl Its power (Rum. 6:14). 17;Q, II* I_). [. AUTIIORITY. SELF-GLO_'IF1CATION'* l Formerly spoken by prophets pow "there is so milch o['it among ordinary Christ- fc). Its nature (Rum. 6:6). 3.. They had preached the gospel and cast tians.--the early disciples aft wanted to be first, td) Its condemnation (Rum. 8:l;' Jno. out demons (Luke o:i; 1o:17). t_p_gn by the Son or in His Son. When they received the sanctifying bapti._m, they 5:_4] 4. Their names were wrftten 'in he, yen _ He brought a mt_sage. Io_t that spirit, and became Vnselfi-:h.- loved and _. Positive.. ILuke ]o:*ot.. 3. He was the message Himself. helped each otber, ia) Communion with God trey. 3:TO). 5. They were hated became they were not 4. He is the last Word. VII, Tiils nf.esstn_ nltou_tlt POWER (b) A state of v-_cfulness I_ Cur. 3:0). of the world (John _7:t4). l, R1CIIES, '_"e shall have power after that the Holy (el Eternal llfe (Jno 17:3). 6. But they had been fickle and frail and ] Appni-nted'hetr'of _til things iv. _). Spirit is come.upon you" (Acts t:g). Pentecost ]II. 'Sm, IE EX_MI_L_,S, sell-seeking They failed Christ on the _, Sonshfp. followed. They had power to preach and witness. -l, The Apostl_ Paul. awful night before, and on the morn- 3- Hei_shipr "Many people were added'to, the Lord." Power z. Jerry McAuley. mg' of the crucifixion. 4. Lordshq), to.teach, to suffer, to endure, "/'his is the one cure 3. Valentine Burke, 7. Alter the resurrection and tile ascemion 3. Powe_.. for barren churches and Chirstian_, and a scoffiog IV. Tim CONOrtIOU-L"CoM_= " IHeb. 7:z5; 4:r6;,they were all.with one accord in one i. 'Master Builder. by whom He madeqh_ world, Rev. 2_:x))'. plak:e_ humbling themselves in prayer, and worlds Iv. z),

8 I 12 THE I'REACHER_S MAGAZINE THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 13 2 Laid the foundations of the earth (v loj. 4. Attack the divinity again, "If thou be the 3. Not dead. dry faith (Jas. 2:I7)_ feels within him the consciousness of a Supreme 3. Upholdin_ all things by the word of Son of God." 4. Object of faith--_'dvation (i Peter. t:_).. Being, and the instinct of wo_hip. HIS power (v.'3). 5. Devil uses Word because Christ sa!d Man II. SOttRCE OI_ FAITII. Ill. It is men--humat_ beings--wilo eught to 4. Purged _ur sins by Himself (v.,3), must feed on it b_!t misquotes it.. Psa. t. Hearing the word. Much Bib[e, much pray. N'ol roommate nature, nor b rds and 4. BEAUT_', Ol:II. t2. faith. Little Bible, little faith (R6m. beasts. It is thv beings made in God's image, z Brightness of His glory (_. 3), _. Rebuttal:' Thou shale' Tot tempt the Lord Io:IT). with faculties like His own They have the sense 2 So much better than _he angels _v. 4). thy God, forcefuil)' as_rting tbat He is God, t 2. Keeping Commandments. "Then have we of dependerice and accountability to a Being They are _ervants. but lie is- the Son. Ttrl_t_ TEMPTKrloN--CoviTIOUSNESS.',NO POWER confidence," higher than themselves. It exists in the minds of 5. GREAT PERSONALITY. 1. Devil is aggressive, takes Him up on high all men. It makes them moral beings cpnsciousty 'x. Express image of His person Iv. 3L mountain III. M_*_sottz or FAlr_I. 6. A GRFAT Nm,_i:, 2. ShoWs the kingdoms ol the world and the I. No faitll responslbie to God,. Praye_" I_inds the soul ol t More excellent than the angels glory of:them. Reasons for lack of Iaith--_in, (Deut.. men--all men--to the throne of God. 2 Michael means "I_il_e God." Gabriel 3, Bribe/'_,'if fail down and worship 32:_o) ; spiritual stupidlty '(Mk, 4:40). IV. This exercise of the souls oi men should "Hero of God." Raphael means "Iieal_ 4. Rebuttal: Get thee hence Satan. 2. Misplaced faith ILuke 8:25). be' so Irequent and constant as to he habitual. ing of God." hut' his name shall be VICTORYOVERALL."._.' Little faith, Better than none (Matt "Men ought always to pray." There should alcalled Wonderful, Coun_ellor,'tlle Mighty t. Devil leaves Him. o 3oL ways be.an uplnak of mind, an abiding, over-. - Symptoms--anxiety about money and shadowing couscinusne_s of:god; and prayer the God, the everlasting Father- and the 7. Angels came' and-ministered unto Him. temporal filings _Matt. i6:8). - " vital air, and atmosphere in which We live and Prince of Peace, thronah liis name man- HOLINESS IN PHILIPPIANS Causes--failure to consider God's care move and have our being. "Ought always to kind is _aved and divinely healed By URAL T. HOLLENIIACll " " Of lilfies, sparrows, pray.". 7. O_tN_I'OrEXC_. Text: Phil _:x-o. Vers_ 1o. L "]'lie SOLID FOUNDATION FOR HOLINF_,SS. Peter on water---circumstances, V, And nat to faint. 8. MAJ- sr't. "Consolation in Christ" The reconciliatmn of 4. Great faith. _._tthenwe are weak in body; when we are tried. Instances: Centurion's servant fluke',,in spirit; when temptations assail UST-pray. When i Prophet los. r and O). Spoke by His the ero_ brings us into'the favor of God, His 7:x-soL Mother of demo]_iacal for rcasom best known to God. the answers to Son and anointed'above His felmws, pardon is our consolation.. daitghter(matt. I3:_$-_8). prayers are long delayed until "hope deferred _. Priest. II. THE BEAUTIFUL STATE OF HOLINESS. _$, Man full of faith, maketh the heart sick"--tlray,. (_) Set down at the right "hand of God "Comfort in Love." Stephen. _,Vhen the life is clouded with di_ppointment, (2) (v.(v" 3).$and 0)..The presencethe "fulln_s of fthedivinec mf rter'love. Barnabas. and everything around is dark arid forbidding, 3.' King, Comfort in thought of Christ's coming. IV, POWE. or FAITIL look Up, and pray.. When "earthly helpers fail (I) Throne forever, v. 8. Scepter of Removalof that which is contrary to love. - Tackles big iobs. Mountain$ and sycamore and comforts flee" think o[ the Infinite Helper righteousness is the scepfer of thy lil. THE E}'Ft:CTIVECAUSE OF HOLINESS. trees. Withoflt works is dead--inoperative, of the helplo'_s arid pray. kifigdom. "Fellowship of the Sffirit." "- Attempting for God what is too bi_ [or us "lvhaet_er need o] heart or soul o. IMStL'ramL1T't'. No holiness apart from the H_lly Spirit. He is will bring His help. The Spirit hath to you rel_enled _. They perish but thou remainest (vs. t I the Comforter. V. RESULTS or FAIT:t[. To God in ]eroent prayer hold on ". dud I:). Fellowship comes by walking in the light. Justification (Rum. S:I). Tilt He the cry'o] laith hath sealed. Tile came of the comfort of love is the negro- Sanctification (Acta t5:9). Sometimes the ai_wer $eem_ delayed,. - Indwelling of Christ (Eph. &:I7). TEMPTATION (3F JESUS mg of t _e Spirit. -. Then wait and HIE salvation _ee By R. J, KleVER IV.' Tim DELECTAOLEFRUITS 01' Ht)LINESA. Healing (Acts ]4:9), For in ]lis own good time and way" Text: Matt. 4:l-II. "Bowels and mercies" vs. L Anything necessary to God's kingdom on The _rayer o/ ]aith,hall an_vered be." Wllo _oo_ PaI.' 'Z_IP_ATION, "Fullness of joy" vs., a. earth. t. Spirit led Jesus. "Having the _ame love" vs. 2. George Mueiler's. life and faith, COMING 'to GOD 2.'- Christ teas the objecp'of the temptations. "One-accordness" vs. _. PRA_'EH By PAUL HILt 3- Devil tempted personally. Single-mindedne_.vs. *. By A. M, }Iu.Ls Text: Heh. II:O. 4. Angels ministered.. Iiumility vs. 3. Not.strife or vain glory. PLACE of.te:sii'tat1on.- V. TIlE EXPERIENTIAL WAy.INTO HOLL_;ESS. TEXT: *He _pake a parable unto them to I//e I. This text speaks of comh_g to God. you t. Wilderness, "Obedience unto death even the death of the end that they ough_ ahvay$ to [_ray, and not _o have either ra;_me or you ha'_e nor. Which is it? 2. Companioos--Wild beasts. Mark I:t2, crom." ]aloe. fluke z8:x).. II. Coming to God is just the opposite of _. Lonely an accursed place, desoiste. Humble' yourselves. Confemion of inbred sin. Jesus knew of Ora#er, as no other going away from Him. One goes away in pride, FIRST TEMPTATIoN--ON APPETITE OF TIIE BOO'/. "]he death of the-old man.. man ever d_d. He felt the need of more prayer comes back in humility; goes away in rebellion, L Fasted forty days and nights, hungry, weak The filling with tha Holy Ghost.: Ior the salvation of souls' and the succe_ of His comes back in surrender; goes "away in freighteasy to yield. FAITH IN GOD..- kingdom. Hence He.urged prayer, fence, comes'repentlng; goes away in unbelief. 2, Solicited by the temlaer (v..]). Do/l't "By LI}tAL T, HOLLEHBACIr I. Because prayer is the condition of bringing comes hack in faith. court temptation. Text: Mark lt:i_, "Have faith'of God." into acth_n the greatest moral forces'in the unit III. Does It make any difference khat a man 3. Attacks the divinity of the Son hf God. "If I. Tl_v FalTer. verse. So Christ urges us "to pray." " believes-just-so- ong as he is honest In it? Yes,. -thou he the Son of God, etc. v. 3, ] Definition (Heb. title. IL He makes' it a duty incumbent upon all The difference oi salvation or damnation. Perform a miracle--stones--bread, Substance of" us. Men *'ought to "pray" "Odght" is the IV.;Abel was saved by faith. He had the -t 4, Rebuttal:--lt is written "WORD of God." Evidence. moral imperative in all languages. It means that three things noted in all true conver_iom'_ (I) S_CONO TE_.tI_TATIO,q--SPUtITt/ALNATUgE. 2. Not simple Iaitb, tbe highest faculty of our nature--the co.n_cience bino_, (_) faith, and.(3) the.witne_. t.,holy City Clothed with love (1 Cur. _3:a; Gal. --endorses and support_ the call to prayer. We V. To come to,god is best for your lamily, z. Pinnacle (edge, Greek.) Dangerous point. 5;6). cannot reason withoul a_uming God; and man your country, yourself. It is your only way to 3. Venture, Cast thyself down Not naked faith: learns to pray before he, learns to rea.._n. He eternal happme_.

9 14 THE PREACIIER'S MAGAZINE THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 15 SERMON SEED l It is peace,_ a result of power. HIS power, tween "them as'a union nf two dead pcrsons ILLUSTRATIVE MATERIAL _y T. _{. ANbEaSON not ours. "Ihaite overcome the world." You will Neither L_ able to enjoy the life and fellowship Compiled by J, GI.ZNN GOULn - suffer tribulation, but_you shall he victorious; so of the other aeain. Both are dead. - TEXT: "These thitms I have spnken unto you, be of trend cheer Those who are in union with A Life of One Dimension that in me ye might ha'pc peace. In the worldye Him will overcome the world. Thetribulatin'n Mark you this. the worbi is _rucified to us be- Says Dean Charles R, Brown: I was pa_ing have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have cause Goal has condemned it ft_ death as an outshaft only work to their good Tbey li_,'e in the. somewhat cursorily one evenin_ through those' overcome the world" (John t6:33): world, but He shall live with them n.q_iritual 1 law.. It is rondemned_by heaven's _ciety as a. chapters of Genesis which comealong between the I, NOTE FIRST Tile _.II';ANING OF Tile "_VORDS "IN power, i criminal is condemned by 't_ood society. A saint sp]endbl [xtssages about the creation and the _.[E." I Around these words the whule truth is built. They shall suffer in the world, hut Hig power can no more feliow._hip it tilan one couhi tellow- Garden of Ede,i. ami tile later story of the delut_e. The words spoken were to fix their attention upon shall succor them, and preserve them unto His ship with a criminal: To try' to do' so is to be Th+ose cfiapter_ are nut especially rewarding. They the fact tliat every thing was to depend on this heavenly'kingdom. They sl_xll die in+the world, an enem);.of God. Therefore a.ncw creature is are made up chieily of tile unfamiliar names of relationship, bathe shall resurrect them by }its power, dead to the world, that lie may be free to.live those old chaps._llo are sahl to have lived so 1 This relationsbip is sbown by the" parable a. ]t is a peace like unto His own. "Peace I for God. And the world is dead In Him he- Ion_: But my eye suddenly fell upon this text-- of the vine and branches of chapter fifteen. By leave with yo_, my peace give ] unto you!' cause it is an outlaw before God and must he "And Methuselah begat sons and daughters and this parable Jesus snows us that to be in Him (x4:27). This is something that.is imparted to punished as such. All who love it will perish with he lived nine hundred and sixty-nil)e years and " he died," That is all that is said abbut him-- is to be a part of Him as a branch is part of the the soul of ma_ from the heart of Jesus It is It. that+ is all there w,x_ to say, apparently, instantly vine, That apart from Him they can do noth- His peace _flat sustained Him m every trifil of ing. But in union with Him they can do all : HJ._ fife, It kept him silent in judgment. It 11. _.VAI.KACCORDING_0 TlttS ItULE, AND PF.ACr.. there came tbe thought of that mea_er life He things. Thus their I_eace depends" upon this never broke' into retaliation under trial anti be- Xr_l+MERC'_"WILL BE ON XOU ANn UPON TI+[F." 'lived nine hundred and sixty-nlne years- and he union's being continued, trayal. It was the nature of God shown itt ms- cltvt_ctt'oll PEOPLEO# GOD (verses t=t4), died His life was a life of one dimension, namely length. No bre_idttl of interest or wide range of 2 It is because of this relationship tbat tribula- jestic peace. This peace He gives to us in the l. Walk so as to fulfill the Iaw" of Christ in sympathy to be reentered[ No depth of contion is suffered in the world. It 4s for His sake World. What a compensation for all the tribu- b_arin_ one another's I'_urdens. Restore the broth- victionl No height of aspiration to place anthat,persecutions come. Break with Him. and latinn. the world will receive you as ot_e of its own. 3. It is peace as a result of great privilege, er that has been overtaken Jn a lault. Brin_'hack _ other worthy ideal in the sky of human desirel the disincated member of the hody o[ Christ Nothin_ butlength lie lived a long, nffrrow, un- There is no escape from tribulation in the world "Whatsoever ye_shall ask the Father in my name so long as one is "in Him." in the world. This He Will give it you." With accem to God _in Recover tile backslider eventful, uninteresting life of one dimension, tribulation caused by the world comes from two this way who need fear what man or devil may 2. Let him that is tau_ht,-communicate unto Contrast that life with the life of Jesus of - do? Shall such be restlem" and anxious about him that teacheth. Imparl spiritual truth to Nazareth. How long did He live? Not long, sources. "(a) The world as it.lies in the x_._cked one+ either ten_pnral or spiritual things Exhaust that others who will teach it to others so that the - speaking after the manner of menl He was only The open. out-spoken, ungodly world that bates promise before you give up to the world, whole work of God may be ediiied anti,made to thirty-three years phi when they put him to death all holy persons and things. See chapter _5:Ig- grow in tile things of Christ. upon the cro,_ Methuselah lived thirty times -- as Ion_ as that. And Jesus spent _hirty of those 25. A holy p_r_on will pull the cloak off the." This can reier, to prehching, testimony, teach, thirty-three years jn+peeparation Ten years of world and expose its sin, lmnce it hates such as " TEXt: "And as many as walk according, to this are holy.,.rule' peace be on them, and. mercy, and upon t]_e ing. such like. training.arid _pirjtuai discipline for one year oi (b) The world that is covered by a religious Israel of God" (Gal. 6:16l.. 3 Sow to the Spirit. Thus one will reap life Servicei Ten.days of "thought and prayer for garb. Tile world with a r!:liginn =yet not true I. LET US CONSIDERTile BASIS FOR TIle RULE everlasting. Live after the thin_s of the SI3irit one day of rcdemptiva actlon[ Ten hours of religion. The world that is so manifest in the a wmc_t wn /ate TO WALK. and not for the fl_h Life and deatl_., heaven silence before God for one hour: of speech in the church and various rebgious sects of today _ of It is seen to be that _ of tile "new creature" and hell depend on our doing this. Be notde- ears of menl Howmuch he packed into those yesterday. See 16:1-3. He that killeth you will (verse zs). The life or walk is governed by the ceyed; God cannot be laughed at about this three short years, oi mlnistry to human need, of think that'be doeth God's service. I ask my new creation within. What we have as an ex- law nf sowing and reaping "So be sure to sow contribution to human well being, of holy and brother if there is not such a worbl crowd now perience will be lived out in One daily walk. Now to the Spirit. permanent influence upon the unfolding life of the that would kill you in a hundred ways for the elements of the "new creature" i_ Christ are " racer His [ire was not _" life of one-'dimension-- preaching hoiine_.or an'_' phase of truth against two; as given here, "+ 4. Be not'weary in well doing. Do nol give it.had breadth and height and depth And that + " up with weariness if the day seems long. Be has become the Bfe of men.. sin?--then boast that tbey had done God _rv- L Crucified unto the worhl Averse _4). A faithful in all things in all times. Never quit beice. And tbere are more ways than one to kill death to all that the world is and has, dead to cause you see so little results..you shall reap I had never heard or read a sermon on Methusea saint. A fie will often kill the influence and all world honors, fame, pleasure, ways, fashions, in due.season. Your work shall n6t be in vain. lab, but the moment I saw that text I was iraministry of a holy man. The world crowd in things; dead to its, frown, hatred, persecutions, patient for the hour to come when I "could work the church have a supply of lies to band. They falsehoods; as dead to it as was Christ when He ' +.<._Make good use of every opportunity to do nut that idea ni n'life of ore dimension as concan get you out by way of tile "hig_her ups" as died on the cross. Tile new creation is what good, Watch _r those of the household of " tra_ted with the Bfe which stands foursquare, the religious Jews did Jesus and Paul. and comes as a result of the death of the.old nature faith with special care, They are as dear to God possessing the symmetry which belonrs to the soul t- scores of others, which Joyed-the world, as the apple of His eye. Be readyto aid them where length and breadth and height and depth II. LnL Us Now NOTETile NATUREOF _'ttrs PEACE 2. The world is crucified unto me. Note that m all things. Inasmucll as ye do it unto the are well combined in that building of, God. that AI_'D TS ESSnNTIaL E._EM_TS both the world1 and the self are crucified, dead _.o least of these ye do unto Him. house not made with hands, that spiritual'edifice Keep in mind tllat it is derived from Him, each other. +A Iurther union is as impossible be* This is walking by the rule of a new creature eternal in the hearers which represents each man_s

10 16 _ THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 17 moral achievement, The moment my eye fell man, "there was no one wlth me. "Oh,'sir," re- save the Union_ and there seemed'no other way. in it before. To his surprise the president changed,s upon Methuselah and"then ran ahead to the brief pjied the, prisoner, "there was a man with you_ The order went out accordingly, and a million tone and replied with manilest feeling: "Maybe but potent life of the Master here on earth, I walking.just behind you. I was prepared for one,. men turned their faces toward a single point you have." inside of five minutes they were on had my sermon, but I dared not attack two men."--i wonder -All the lines converged at Appomattox. Grant their knees together in that office, and a' man was, who was that other man? was there with" his formidable army; Sheridan won to Christ. Before Christmas that young The Father's Sttcrifice ".was.hastening from the North and.sherman from pastor had won seventy.eight of the hundred for' A faithfulmbalster and his son were parting at O Death, Where ia Thy Sting? the South The result wus ff foregone conclusion whom he began, at conference to pcey.:--ds. the wharf in Boston. The son Wasgoing to be a Do you remember Hugh Mackail's final words - when the lines closed in, It was with llke 13ur- _Czt^_LZSL. Goonr_L, missionary doctor in Turkey, and the father had on the scaffold? "Now I Iea'_'eoil"to speak any come to the wharf to say "good-by" to him. more to creatures and t_rn my speech " to Thee 1. pose tion of in His mindchurch, that Jesus 'that prayed the world for ma_y.believe /he un]fica- "h When the Romanic, which was the ship in which O Lord. Now I begin my intercourse with God, that' thou hast sent me: " DEPARTMENT OF SUGGESTIONS the son was sailing, began to move, the father, his which shall never be broken off. Farewell father " By D, S. CURLier face wet with tears, bared his white head., and. and mother, friends and-'reiationsl Farewell The FuIInH_ of she Spirit litting his hand high above the throng, cried, meat and drink Farewell, sun, moon and _tarsl On a hot _ummer dayin July, r864, our _'egi-. The month of August has no particularly "Good-by, my boy; first Corinthians six[['en, Welcome God and Fatherl Welcome sweet Lord ment with other troops was crowded on board a special day wbich the church usually emph_izes thirteen and fourteen." A hu_h fell upon the group Jesus, the Mediator of the NeW Covenant f Wel- small Mississippi"steamer Which was trying [o so'we will generalize our suggestions this month.,as once again the father,!isling hlmseif tohis full. come. blessed Spirit of Gracel Welcome gioryl push its way up the river, but had got fastened It has been found very.profi_t31e by some height, shouted, "Stanley, first Corinthians six- Welcome eternal lifel Welcome deathl" That is, on a bar, There it held. _'he crew had become pastors to preach a series of sermons from o_e _ en, thirteen'and fourteen. Quit you like men, splendid and magmficent tcmmph. That brave worried out in seeking to dislodge; the soldiers book of the Bible This offers an opportunity" to be strong.' Make it your motto for life God confessor, and martyr knew that death hadno were impatient and almost mutinous from the preach upon some themes needing emphasis but bles_ you, my boy." And the crowd, in solemn more dominion, over him, that in the darkness delay and heat. While this unhappy condition tba't otherwise might be neglected,,_s.well as getawe, watched what they knew was a great sacri_ - and the shadow Jesus Christ. was waiting for was at its.worst, one.of those larger, magnificent ting the eo_greg,'ition better acquainted wlth'the fieei. Afterwards the whlte-haired old 'minister. hlm.--j. D. J, " " ste_amers came sweeping down the river, its me,age of that particular book. The following who had just given his son for love of God and Here Am I, 5end Me great prow cutting the stream intowaves, which suggestiom are from the book _f Galatians. men, _ld to one at his side as they.walked away At.the time of a British war In We_t AIrice. its great wheels sent rnlfiag to eltl_er side ol it. TtrEME--A Mighty Deliverance..together, "Now I know what Moody meant I Text--"Who gave himself for our sins, that he heard him say once that before he was a father he the Scots Gu_irds were drown up m line _tt It swept by us, did not HUt cable to us or hitch preached much about the sacrifice of _.be Son_ Wlndsor.and asked by their colonel who among In us to help us,-but one of the great waves might deliver us [r_ this present evil world, acthem would volunteer for the Ashantce dxpedltion, which it sent out came b_llowing under our ve_el, cording to.the will of God and our Father" fga, but after he became a father he learned to preach above all the sacrifice of the Father. Now I He explained the cell, and then requested those and easily t l Rcdaod we pushed it off the bar. _:4). know what he meant," who would respond to. step one pace forward. Singing and cheering we went on our way. It t _"hen he turnedaway for a moment, and when was the swell of the river which the larger steamer I. This deli_,erance is according to the will of Gue-rdinn Angels he Inked again he saw them all in unbroken line... produced that delivered us. So thi_ fuline_ of God. Many years ago a young Ep_enpallan curate just as they had been before. "Wbatl" he ex- the Spirit will Out into our lives a spiritual II. This deliverance is the pt_rpo_ oi Christ's received a message late at night asking him to go claimed.!'the Scots' Guards and no volunteers?" "swell" which, as we sweep on down the years, coming. to a remote and lonely section of the parish to "Sir," said another o_cer, "the.whole line stepped will go under the burden, the sorrow, the dis- IIL This deliverance is present victory, from the minister to a dying man. While be was reading forward." abilities of souls, and will send them on their" present age, the message, the man who brought it turned and That They May Be One way rejoicing.to the skies.--dr. S_.A. Keen, -- " T_r_att,--A DjviueGospol. fled'into the,darkness. The curate put on his Only the-blessing of entire sanctification can Personal Work Text---"Buh I certify," you, brethren, that the great-coat and, though somewhat fe_,rful, made unify the church of Jesus Christ; and only a Bishop McDowell:telis of a young minister gospe! which was. pre_.ched of me is,not after h_s way as quickly as he could to the place in. unified church can bring this world to the feet'of who went home /tom his conference to put into man: For I neither received it of. man, neither dicated; hut only to.find a tumble-down sh-_.ck our Lord and Savior. Says Dr. D. J. Burrnll: practice the personal methodi He reached the Was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesm with no occupants, It was well after midnight "At the beginning of'the Civil War.in America '_ charge on Tuesday. _Wednesday he went down Christ" (Gal. z':zz, s_).. when he reached the pia_._ yet despite:_the late- there was a call for soyenty-five thousand troop_ L] the stceet and into a'ioank. The,president was I. Paul's certa nty of His position. "[ certify. hess of the hour, he searched the etitire neighbor- to serve for ninety days. The troops thus en-.. [r not a Christian, though his wife was. The pus- you, hsethren," hood, but could find-absolutely no sign of life. listed were organized into companion, regiments, - {_, sor had told them that he did riot expect to re- If. The gospel not of humim origh_. Returning home, he gave no further thought to divisions and army corps. There were infantry turn. The president reminded him of it when t. Not a product of human thought--"not the incident until several years after_wben-be was and cavalry and art llery..ha d.[hey been massed he came in. Then all at ance it came over this after mim." holding a service in a"prison. One of the pris- arid hurled at once with a common purpose against "young 13a_thr-that if he avould _vin :tt--hundred... 2._...Not _r _;tiyed from man. "Neither re. oners came to him and inquired if her remembered the enemy the war might have. been brought to souls this must probably be one of them. Why celved it of (from) man_"- " : -- the night he ahd gone'to this remote spot. Then a speedy dose; but they were statioued all over not begin at once? He turned to the president of 3. More than education. "Neither was I the man confe_ed, "It wa_ I who brought that the country in scattered cam.ps. Then came years _the bank and Saidt "I dtd nut want to come back, taught it.'.'.message ant1i lay in wait out there to inke'your of sporadic fighting: till at length Grant appeared but I must have come for SOme good purpose. IlL Jt is divinely revealed. "By the revelation of life But when I saw the other mau with you, with a con_'ictinn that the"whole army must be Possibly I have come back on your account " Jesua Christ.". I dared not attempt It.! "But," said the clergy-, brought together for bne final blow. He meant to There was something in his tone that had not been fsee also Matt. t_ :ro-sg).

11 t8 THE PREAcHER's MAGAZINE " THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 19 TtIEM_:--The True Nature.of Justification. Tltr._tE--Tfie Spirit Filled Life, Suggemtions for. Sund_y Morning "Sermons I do not have. to make lengthy pitgr.imagbs to be Text--"Knowlng that. a roan'is not justified by I. A Life in which the flesh fcarnality) has JI'nnstE--Loyalty to the Church. saved, and that idol worship is vain. But you the works of"the t,_w, but by the faith of Jesus been'crucified (Gal. 5!24). - " Text--"Lord, llove the habitation of thy ho,._e, tell me of Jesus, a Savior wbo died to,bring without money and without price. A Savior wbo " that we might be justified by the faith of Christ. III. A Life bearing the fruit of the Spirit (ch. "(Psa. 26:gl. love_l me, and died FOR ME."--An old HMdu and not hy the works of the_law:.for by the 5.:2_, 23). TttExtrr-Standards: Christian and Worldl_;Con- lady speaking to Mrs. McKay, repotted in The works of.tile law shall no flesh.be justified" IV. Lives in the Spirit (ch. 5:_5L trasted " Other Sheep for May. %. (Gal. 2:zOL V. Walks in the Spirii (ch. 5:25t: Text Matt. 5: TltEt, tf.--crueified with Christ. THE_tF.--True Christian Brotherhood Tlt_:_.tE---Our Heavenly Heritage. The Moslem, World [or April has a letiding ".. Text--"To an inheritance incorruptible, and un- arfieje from Arnold J_ Toynhi_e on the relations tli Text--"I am crucified; neyerthetess [ live; yel Text--Galatians 6:1-6 ' defiled, "and that Iadeth not away, reserved in nht I, 'hut Christ liveth in me: arid the life - " Islam to the League of Nations and the qnssi- ii which Christ Imow even five we have in the believed flesh f live in Jesus hy the Christ, faith II.. L.Restores A Life ledthose by the overtaken Spirit (ch; by sin 5:t8). (vs. x).. " heaven and tilefor place you" whe/e (I Peter thine I:4). honour dwelleth" salvation'to bilities of' hoishevistic sinners like me. propaganda and that to _lvation form isa i.' of the Son of God. who loved me, and gave 'IE Bears the burdens of another (vs: 2L Ti1E_tE--Spiritual Recreation.. counter-league in Western Asia. The number is himself for me" (Gal. 2: 2o). Ill. Places proper estimate upon Idmself (vs. 3-5l.. Text_"But they that wait upon the Lord shall filled with interestin_ information about niatters I, Dead,ayet living... IV. Tea l{es others ms he is" taught in tile Word renew their strength; they shall mount up with that have o distinct bearing upon the development _II, Livln_:-"yet not I, but Christ." (vs. 6"t. win_s as eagles; they shall run. and not be weary; of civilization in the Near and Far East.--M/_- IW_JI[..A life in the flesh but not according to the and they sball walk and not laint" lisa. 4o:31). *ions. _'#_:., _lgws' Of t_e.flesh. Tm:Y,t_ The Law of liarqest. " " _ Text--Galatisns 0:7-0. We are tom that-mexico is fighting religion, TITBITS OF MISSIONARY yet'the Mexlca_a Government publishes'the four TH_M_-True Christian Passion. I. This law is unalterable -(vs. 7]. INFORMATION "Gospels and supplies them to the public school Text--"My.little children,.of whom I travail in IL This taw operates alike for saint and sinner.,, _rthkagain until Christ be formed in you" (Ga (vs. 8)... By R. G, Co_n_t_o. libraries at nominal cost, while the department of 4:tO). ' " IIL Such a law encourages faithfulnets (vs. 0), Ong man' in Japan "turned to God from education urges their reading as "ver'y necessary I. This passion hor/t of deep Io,/c--"My little children." Til_tt:--Boasting in the Cro_s. [dois"--iorty-lhree of them, and burned them on --Missions,fur Christian living," Comment is unnecessary. the mission premises. II. Implies deep soul-anguish, "Of whom I Text_"But God forbid that I should glory, travail in birth again.'! save in lhe _cross of our l. ord Jesus Christ. by m Seventy congregations of fifteen different delit. The purpose of passion.!'until Christ be whom the world is crucified unto. me, and I unto A convened Japanese school teacher gave fifty nominations in Which to, Kansas, united.in helpformed in yon." the world" /Gal. 6:14). yen ($_5), saying, "Please spread this wonderful, ing theunion Mexican Evange can Church budd "I. The cross Paul's only cause for boasting, blessed tidings as fast as you ca:_." a fine edifice for'its use. The Wichita Council of t, Others despised the cross. Paul gloried. Churches has in this way provided a Christian T_t_r.--Cfirislisn Liberty. m it; Tell me, how does Miss LOuise Robinson, in center that will meet the religious and.social needs at. Text---''stand fast therefore in the liberty _, He boasted in the cross, above, his own Air ca, wlth support Mlowed her for eighteen of the Mexican colony in most Effective way._ wherewitb Christ hath made us free. and be not powers of will; his own life, above every- girls, feed and clothe, more than forty, as Mrs. Missions, entangled again with_the yoke of bondage!' (Gal. thing else (see also t Cur. _$:to), Hynd writes in The Other Sheepfnr May :t).. - I. Christ the author of our fiberfy--"c.hrist II. The reason for his boasting in the cross. The Chtn_e'Baptist Home in Berkeley, Calif., hath made us free." A double crucifixion, A Japanese Christian )rended the m ssionary an is [he onl)_ place in America where a Chinese boy, The world cruclfied_unto me. envelope containing two hundred yen (Stop), all when neglected, can find a home. There are now li A liberty froth the "Yoke of bondage"-- r. Judaism which represents formalism, legal- _, I crucified unto the world, that he had, and said: "You ar_/working hard to 5_ boys in the institution. Recently ten of the ism. service of fear, driven by duty. " save my people. I cannot do much, but want members of this large family of boys were bop- IIL The Christian exercises (or takes) His liber. Pray_er Meeting Suggestions to he p what I can to spread the gospel, Jesus tized by Dr..E.A. Hanley, all of.whom Expressed ty. "Stand fast therefore." Danger of TH_Mn--The Christian Crown. causes me to fed'that He is coming soon, and a desipe to go back to China to carry the gospel lapsing into yoke of bondage if he doesn't I+ The incorruptible crown (.L Cur. _:24-_7) until then He will care for me." to their people there.--missions+ exerci_ his freedom. II. A crown of rejolcfng.(_ Thes. 2:tO, zo). " " " --" [II. The crown of life (James _:_,. It does my soul good to see how large a part "A Chinese View of the Situation in China," T_tEMr:--I:orms versus Vital Chrisflah Experience. IV A crownof gl017y (t Peter" 5_I-4):..., the revival Chinese which Christians Godhas been are having giving in to our the inission blessed by Paul Chish Meng, New York, General Secre- I. Gal. 6:it Circumcision (fornisl contrasted in China. Let us pray diligently that God car_ tary of-the C!dnese Stndenta "_"Christlan-Associawith the new birth. Missionary Sermon Suggestions this gracious work through the Chinese while.the lion, is an article worth our reading, but too long II. Gal, 5:6--Circumcislon fforms) contrasted TItnstz--Christ's Vision of the World missionaries are shut out of the country., to quote here. It appears in The Missionary Rewith living:, working, faith, Texl--:Matt. 0: _iew o].lhe World for May. " " IlL Col. 3:_t, Circumc/sion (forms) contrasted T_t_--Tite Task of the Ctmrch'. "At besti have only a few'days to live. How He complains of "the unequal treaties forced with the Iailness of Christ: Text--John 4:35 with Matt. t3:38 glad I am that you came today and told me that upon China by seventeen imperialistic nations,

12 ,_ THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE. 21 ever re,t. will oishcvisttc find fruitful,nflu0nce, field inbut China doonot "In tidnk contrast it miss]od pro ha.anfor on Avenida some Gaona. time wfl, hehapti.ed at,be --:, with the Nationalist government, the so:called "Northern" aovernmentis dominated, at the pros- At this time of tile year weekly strcet n_eeting_ " '/".t. v. 6nt time by one man, namely: Chang Tsoulin. are bein_ held and a number who have no other.,,. once a bamlit leader in Manchuria. then hired by chance hear the _ospel in this way. Japan to fight in the Russo*Japanese War. and Three evenings a week classes are conducted fur it isof'att!tude or desire, or a reading into'the later made an officer in the Chinese Army-in the Argentine workers and those who desire Lo THE GREEK TESTAMENT IN THE facts of the aril3inal languages One's own theory. Manchuria at the request of Japan." be worker_ and can find time after work hours to LIGHT OF RECENT RESEARCH What then does a study of Luke in the original The article is worth your reading, attend the classes. By BASte,W. MtLr.F.R yield? - t Brle[ t_ms From Japan,Migu_l AIvarez. a young man of Spsnish birth, Luke tb_ Hintorian and Modern" Releareh I, Pdbzts el chrmlology in" Yukon, writings. _Cnntlnued. A. Tire beginning of John's ministry. In Luke By REV. _VM A. ECKEL. feeling called to work for God, sold his toxic'and 1" N our testing tile credibility of Lulce the his- 3:t-3 the writer dates the begimiing of John's tothe connect Religion church Bill "and beforestate the Tokyo has virtually Government been is lhepaying first his yearown he way is attending a Bibleone Institute of another For 1 torlan that his of mdlhod the early of research, Church we Ids bayd accuracy.in Iouml mlfiistry, Tiberius as C_sat, in "thepontius fifteenth Pilate },earbeing of the governor reign of lost. A meniber of the House of Peers says, "society bemuse as yet we Nazarenes are not able _he use of medical knowledge anti terms, the car- of Judea, Iierod being tetrarchof Galilee, and his "We are afraid to touch that bill, for the Chris- to run a full fledged Bible Institute, rect dating of the census in the Gospel and in the brother Philip t_trarch of Trachonitas, and Lytian prays." They are forced to believe we " " sanius tetrarch of.ahilene, in the high priesthood worship the living God. One man who was recently -converted at tbe Acts,' have stood the tests of the shrewdest criti- cal scholarship, and that this but marks Luke of Annag and Caiphas." Here he gives us seven. ml_ion on Zapiola street was deserted by his. synchronisms in dating the ministry of John, A layman was called upon by the pastor to offer wife through the influence of her ' relatives. In as a historian of the first rank. But this " line ol This is one of the common practices of,ancient hisprayer in tbe Sund,ay morning service. The man addition to thus suffering in his domestic.rein- argument trustworthiness in establishing nf the writings the truthfulness, of' Luke the ts torians. Evidently Luke is taking pains to make.first arose and took a yen bill (5oc) from lds tions lor the _ke 'of the gospel, he has oh9 the time of John's ministry plain. John was purse. The postoi said. "I did not ask far an changed his business at a sacrifice in order to he st_ngtheaed by the consideration of the chro- nology of the writlngs, the archaeology of the Acts. about thirty years old. If we assume that the offering, I asked you to pray." The Japanese true to God. It is'good to know that some are and by the writer's knowledge of Roman law. crucifixion took place A. D. 3o at the time.of the brother replied, "Yes, I understoo_l you; but I true under the pressure that comes against them. " Passover, and that there were four Passovers [n If thus the.history of Luke stands the severest cannot ask God far al)ything unless I first show " tests o[ literary criticism, then we will be forced to the mlnizti3, df Jesus in the wor&s of Ramsay, "my gratitude." Grant, Lord, that we all show A short time ago Brother Antonio Lopez,and. listen to his reports of the miraculous lifd and "we reach tlie conclusion that the synchronisms of more gratitude f_r Th_ blegsin_zsl Ids wife. through the interest of one of the mum- _ teachings of Christ; Hence we will st_ t_at tile Luke 3:r. 2 are calculated fqr the summer (say - bets of his _ongregation, had opportunity to sl_ak..supernatural origin of the New Testament is j'uiy_ ofa. D. 26 (3't. Pa_d tire Traveler, p. 386)." A college man-called at the home el the pastor at a.watch-ntght gathering occasioned'by death accredited. In this the Greek' Testament is the There isno trouble with any of these.names save to convince'him of'the tooth of evolution, lust i_ a home el a neighbor. They preached, prayed final court of appeal. The critics have been nnx- those of Tiberius and Lysanias. Luke has been : as he was declaring, iu no uncertain tones, that and sang with permission e[ the dead man's rein. " iaus to have us believe that even though 'the accused of blundering here. man sprang from monkey, the good wife scr_,ed tires. This is rarely ever obtainable in homes English translations did sustain the traditional Tiberius began to reign in A. D, t4 upon the tea and cake. The pastdr took a cake and lossdd Where tbe gospel is not known as was the case view of the lnspimbdn of the New Testament/ death of Augustus. The fifteenth year of this it to the guest, who became quite indignant. The on this occasion. As a result o this service some still the original version, the Greek manuscripts, re gn g yes us the year _:. D. 28 instead of A. D. pastor calmly replied, "Excuse me_ I thought you new people are coming to'the meeting and claim did not do so, But we only'find that the closer :_6, two years later than the date called for. were a mqnkey," The haughty young ma_ conversion, we are'to the odginsl lan'guage, the stronger is Herein it seems'to critics that Luke has made a humbled himself and earnestly sought the Lord.... the evidence for the supernatural origin of the slip. We note from Suetonius that Tiberius was ]'apart schools too. are full of the monkey idea.. Item. from.europe Christian religion, The blatan_ critidsm of the associated with:augustus in the administration Protestant schools in Jugoslavia. have been Bible had hid under the c[o_.k of scholarship, but of the provinces "UL pro_incia_ cam dugusto The earthquake of Kyotofu is said ta have been dosed by the government, when real ChHstlan "scholarship steps -into the cornmuniter t_dmlnhlraret (Tib, _).". Tacitus the mast severe in Japanese history--not as to In Poland, Catholic priests are permitted t arena, it finds that instead of a study of the faun. I, H_ 3) spcaks af Tiberius as "son, loss of life hut in upheaval.. Ten. thousand, coun...seau tn._,r _etters _ree. " original anguage weakening its position with ref- cofiea_gu, e [n empire, cons.on in the lrlbua.lda.n try people were killed us buildings crashed. Four- In Moscow a,,nun_, man who disliked his erence to the credibility of 'the w/'itings of.the power, Fd*us, collega _mperu,.con.cors tnbum-. _en mill on d.ol!ars ',v?rth of sl!k was de.!royed: father_ rellglog in much that he killed.him, was _ New Testament in reality,it has made this posi- cias poteslati adsnndtnr." Besides some coins japans popuac[ stands agog Now Is tne ac ". ' - released I_, the judgd,:wiih a genilcrhl_iik_.-... tlsfi -impregnable7 =-The Church--of -:Chrtst_has --have been..found in. Antioch which count Tlber_- cepted time for Japan.to seek the Lord. The ruler_ of Austria;Czecho-slovakla. Sweden, nothing to tear from the attacks of modern ius's reian from A. D. zz instead of two years Finland and M_ic" 0 are like President Coolidge, scholaeship_ li _he will but train her scholars later. Many timesit has been discovered that the._'/ From The Argvntinv total abstainers_ from intoxicants whose spirit o[ research shall he permeated with date of one's reign began with the time when he By Rv.v. Fl_xNx FE_nusa_ In,Sweden, pacifists are allowed ta substitute a pious attitude, and whose heart shall he warm was first associated with his father, and not al "The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are mrd ahar for mi tory service.--missionary Re- wltha Christian experience. The critical view is the death of his father. This is true of the. few. Pray ye the Lord of the harvest." wow o/ the World. not so much a matter of training 0r scholarship as date of Titus' reign. Ramsay writes, "So that"

13 2Z THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 23 Luke, being tom[liar With that methodl.appfied it tribution to tile poor saints of Jerusalem This Roman civilization flourished. He makes his way behavior against treason. In Epl(esns we see all in the case of Tiberius. Now that was the case famine has been dated around the year A.D. safe/y_" writes Rebec(son. forms of Grzeco-Roman Caw. This city had a with Titus His reign began from tile association 46 or 45. Till A. D. Herod Agrippa 'I ruled B. Law in the colonies, Here Latin was used Greek constitution as well as the Roman prowith Ids father on Jiffy f_t, A. D. 7x (St. Paul over all Palestine, but as to the exact.date of his in municipal deeds and trials, though Greek was consul. Here we find proconsul (anthupatosl.the Traveler p. 387)." Hence we see that Luke death we are uncertain. It must have been after the language' of commerce and every-day life. town clerk. (geammateu_] "assembly (demos, or t was not at error, he _:as _merely following-a this time. li this is true then we shall Hdnk of There" was no senate (boule) in the colonies, ekklesia), courts (agoraioil. Suffice it to state that emperor. common procedure in dating tile reign o[ an the events of this section of Acts t2:x-23 up to but counei]s fdecurolne_ in Latin) Ifnd the officers the excavations in this city corroborate the llfe- the death of Herod in A. D. 44 or 45 as happen- were called magistrates (pr_ztores in Latin in the like picture in the Act_. Demetrius charges Paul. more But acule. in the Lysanlas_the case of Ly_nlas sun of the Ptolemy difficulty who is ing before, the famine in Judea of Acts xx:a7-30 Greek st_ategoi), aceordlae to Acts 16. 2o. 22, 35. and those witll him with being temple-robbers ruled this region previous to B. C. 36surely could (A. D ). Then these two dates A. D. 44 At Philippi they were sarjeants (rabdouknil. The ffetot_fo_), or blasphemers of the goddess Diana not be ruffing at this late date. It is suggested and give us a fairly definite point of con- form el Roman law was insisted upon by the. which charge the town clerk answers O9:37l. that Luke carelessly read Josephus. But the tact between "Luke's narrative and the outside masters of che poor girl (rn::ll), while Paul D. Roman law in Palestine. Once Paul stood critics overlo0ked'the fact that Lysanids. son of. world, as Robertson "points out in_ Luke the shows the various items that the rulers forehand) before-the Roman governor, the proconsul Go[lie. Ptolemy, was king and not tetrareh as- Luke llistorian, had violated {t6:19, 37l, Herein Luke rightly in Corinth; In Palestine he was again accused. says. Moreover an inscriptinn has been found 2. Roman law in rite Lukan _ri_ings. A. understood Roman law. In Antioch of Pisidi_.,. At the other time he was set free, and there which proves that at the time Tiberius was as- Various kinds o law in the Roman Empire. Luke another colony, Paul did not Stay to: face "the " Christianity received tile standing as a religio satiated with Augustus there was a _'tetrarch was not a law_'er, but living under Roman rule, chic( men of the city" (tons proteus te.s poleosl fief(a. RobdrtsOn thinks that in the case of Paul Lysanlas." From the site of AIbis itself another the laws of Rome naturally shaw'themselves in (Acts t3:5o), the technical tide' for the city and Felixln Acts Paul hoped to make a inscription has been discovered vhich speaks of the writings of Luke. Luke mentions one law- officials. At Lystra, another colony, Paul am] test ca,.of Christianity in Palestine and to es-. "Lysanias tile tetrarch." Ramsay shows. (bat. yer, a professional Roman pleader, Tertullu_ Barnabas had trouble at the hands of the jealous tdblish it here with a legal standing as in "the this is from the very time between A. D. x4 (Acts 24:1), In the New Testament we see the Jews_ The Jews stirred up the,gentiles against previous case. Felix made a fair'start, but delayed and 29 of which Luke writes. Once more the reflection.of Jewish, Greek and Roman law. The them and a aioh (ormei. a "rush." as a modern the case for two years, and was recalled. When stones verify tile statements of Luke. Jewish law refers to ceremonial'activities; the football team, against them Herr'them was.no Festus came, he demanded that the accusers B. The lengtb of Christ's stay in the,tomb. Greek inw " shows itself in different cities under trial. At Corinth. another colany, - Paul was at- ' should come to Ca_sarea where he held court. There has been some doubt with reference to local influences; Roman law appears in its pro- ralgned. The charge.before the court wa_ "This Here he asked Paul if he was willing to be tried Christ's stay in (be tomb. Some have said that" vinelal aspects-as well as in its imperial lorms, man persuades men.to wo_hip God contrary to before him at Jerusalem. Paul's patience was Luke disggrees with Matthew and Mark "This is In this first, century of the Church one meets law" (Acts if,': 13(. "Roman law was strict exhausted and he did the only thing that remained not true imwever..luke merely states this time various kinds of law withwhich Christianity had about the introduction of new religions." states for.him in hoping to legally establish Christianity a little more specifically: He hates that tbe da_' to ddal. Jesus urged one to paytribute to Cmsar; Roberrson. Christianity had no kgal status be- " of the death and burial.of Je_us'"was the day of Paul spoke of "subject.fan tc.higher powers" and fore Roman law. It was technically unlawful as a religio licila, be appealed to, C_esar. But. 'the Preparation. and the Sabbath drew on"-or asked that rulers might be prayed for. In Greek (relig'o illfcital. Gallto threw the case" out of unhappily 'C_esar, Nero, reversed the Roman (fawned (_3:541. This word for Preparation cities ofasla Minor where law was already in court as being a question of-jewish.theology policy in A. D:'ba, and Christianity did not (paraskeue) is today tbe name for Friday in force,th_ Romans respected tile old laws and did because Paul sated that he followed the way of receive the legal status Paul had hoped: The modern Greek It was the technical naroe.for not enforce Roman legal forms just _/s they did the fathers (Acts 24:14). For a moment this Acts closes with Paul a prisoner in Rome, but the day before the Sabbath. The word drew on not interfere with the Greek language. In Hob. decision gave "Chr/sllanity a legal standing in. with Rome. hope and laid of release f( onto implied. the Christians, Nero and burned be- (epephosken) literally means tile coming of light, 9:z6 f. the will (diatheke) seems to be a Roman Achaia, as a religion licita. 'fan to treat them as criminals, Paul saw the and it can mean not only the coming 0f the fat:m, for this :.Cord appear_ in the papyri and on C. Law in the free cities. In Thessalonica there fight coming between ChrLst and Caesar, and he twelve hour day, but also.of the twenty-four the inscriptions. We get our idea of Testament was probably a senate and an assemhly They" did all in his power to establish Christianity hour day..matthew (_8:_) uses it in this new from the Latin. translation'of' the Greek word had politarchs, "rulers of.the city" (Acts t7:6) as a recognized religion; but bitter centuries sense "Now late on the Sabbatl/day, as it,began which means covenant. Re'nan law made the as the inscriptions show. A mob clamored belo_e passed before this result was achieved. When this to dawn toward the first day of the week." Here child stay under'a tutor (opt(repeals) _il fourteen, the. house of Ja_n for Paul'and Silas. Failing. distinction was drawn by Roman law the Church we.have reference to Fi'lday aftei'noonand all and under a curator (oikonomoi_s] tilltwenty- to discover them. they took Jason before the was too powerful to be superseded. day Sabbath, then m a4:x Luke adds, "But on five. In Gah 4 the Romah lpw is followed, but pnlilarchs and _ceused him of'on(retaining Paul the first day of tile week, a't early daw_.. :" in'the matter of appointing the term of a slave and Silos, "these that have turned the world.bp- But tbrmggh this tangled maze of Greek, Roman The other writers say, "alter three days;" while the Greek law was followed. So Luke wrote in s!dedown" lot te_ oikonmenen ana_tatosantes, and Jewish law Luke treads his way safely,, and... in not a single'instance did he mistake the laws Luke says on the third day:christ arose. The a world of complicated legal processes and diver_e, used'inthe-papyri for driving one out o! hearth,. ', idoms of nil lattguages ii_ their vernacular'can laws; but in eacb case he comes through without and hnme, and al_o for upsetting one). Then of the d_fi'erent c t_es, co on es or stares. -Th_smake "alter three days", to mean' "on the third making _rrors. In illustrating the different us_ they accused Paul of "acting contrary to the adds force to our position, that Luke as a hisday" so in fact there ls no mistake in Luke's el law.i_ Gal. 3 the picture is of the law IJewisl_ decrees of Cxsar, saying that there is another tartan stands in the highest rank, and il his writing. He but uses another lorm of statement, law) as the pedagogue (paldagogos), or child, king, one Jesus" (Acts x_':ti. This crime would history is so trust_torthy, then it also appears that C. Deatl_ o/ Herod Agrippa l and the /amine guardian, This is essentially a Greek. practice have been high treason, for none but Caesar was his picture d_'awn of the Christ, and His teachings m Judea. In Acts x [:_7-3o Luke mentions the and not the Roman idea _f a guardian. "Li,ke to be klag, bastions.' Jason was compelled to give must likewise be truthful and credible. propbeey of the'famine by Agabus and the con- like Paul wrote in a world where the Graceo- security money (labontes to ikanonl for good t,^saul_^, c^_t_',

14 24 THE PREACHERrS MAGAZINE THE,PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 25 THE PREACHER, A MAN OF. GOD "show an arbjtra_'y or stubbol:n _piritl even" if deeper into them himself. HL_ Bible should al* Moses. fasted and prayed forty days for Israel By CIIARLES BAUERL some of the members of the board have done so, ways come first, and then _ many Fond I_ooks that God would spare them. He put his very HE phrase, "Man of God," is usedno less We believe that every preacher can prove to the papers, andmagazines as he can afford, life and sodl into his petitions that deliverance members of the church board that we are here on.. migh_t come If we are to stem the worhf-ward s in the Bible. It is some- Concerning his prayer life. No douht this is I[ thin fifty time husiness for our King, and that every item tff tile most vital of all his activities.' He must nm " tide theze days we will have to do it at the [mint times applied to an angel, wht_ w,x,_ 5eat business is tdqbe tran._aeted for God's gloryalone, taft litre if he would he a true man of God. of dezperation and self-denial, with o spatial message to man. Most usually.it and'the upbuiiding of His cau_ anti kingdom. Then; _finaily, the man of God must ever be was used to designate some man whorff God hall But the qu_tion comes, what will stir him up to called to be a prophet or leader.for the pcopt*, The preacher must always conduct himself pra_ as he ought to pray? We answer by saying cormeious of the fact that he has been called to as a man.of God when upon the street, for the that he ought to se_ that men are dying all he the'gervant of others, and this means _he life Among tho_e to whom it _wa_ applied'in'god's '_, 't,. pc o ple are watching his ' every move Especially ' Is of sacrifice and'._elf-denial_ Many times he will Word were tie Io ow ng; Moses Samue _hem- "h's " "" e 'rof ss_ o b o s " around him every day without God, and that he.,.., _,, t : _ u p e 's e a rues preacher, is responsibje to thex'xtent that he can help them have to do without things that others enjoy, but atah, Eli oh, Eh_ha, David, Ha0an and _ Timothy..t "" inio o" Be sn" oufti... ever near aim " use sang ' " or tell" a Each ' one of these men distinguished. iflm._etf,,,t, that,, vugar story... Just to make :... _,ne _ope aug. xte and 'get thetff to God. Some praying men and "Others first" should he his motto. It was said Got] was _ith him in a _pectal way and the Dee-,...,. women puffed him out of the Devil's clutches by of Jesus "He _aved others himself he cannot _l '_ f_ can De cneerlu antlcarry a smde, but he must their prayers and now God expects him to help :ave." Jesus himself _aid, "Iie. thal is greatest p e to whom he was sent were made to see that, r oe serious an(i anxmus tor men s souls, ann not pull others out. l:ie cannot shift his responsibility among Y0u shall be your gervant,"-and again, the Spirit of God.was upon him.. -,., hetray the trust God b& iven him. asdkl Cai;I when he said, _'Am I my brother's "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; In the :ame way that God ralh'd men n the [n his dcalilms _bith the opposite sex, he must keeper_' We are responsible for others and God but whosoever shazl lose his life for my sake and ages that have. passed so he still calls men,j loday. _ t:rove that he is a man of God. lie is to be will hold us accountable Moses had sxtch a the gospel's, the same shall save it." and singles, them out from amnn_ the_{ fellow- The man of Got] must be willing to.go to hard men. This is God's plan for the preachqr, _er-' friendly, courteous, and _ociafile. hot ever use burden for Israel thai'he asked God tu bhjt his. j. _,,. discrctinn so that no word or action will lead't_ name out of his book hut to spare them. And scrabble eircult if the Lord leads him there, The ha Js not every alan of God i_ a prea!_er, _ut..h!s undping and ruin /tim for life. It fs best the Apostle Paul said that lie couhl he accursed new fields must have someone to open them up; every preac xer ought,to he a man of Go([. Anti the run-down churches must have someone to go. -...' in visitin ome "homes for him to take his corn- [or his people Israel. He also wrote to the Thess-. tt remanls for him to prove, to the people ttiat_he " _ " there to bleed and die if necessary till they can panion with him. By not being careful a number alonhns that lie was praying for them day and i_ God-called and Goll-scnt. '[hts fact ig maul- of ttseful pros:hers have made a shipwreck never night exceedingly. Every preacher who is a true be built tip again..the preacher may not always rested in the various activities of the preather'_ to rise arrant, man of Gud will experience. Limes witch the get all the people.t_ follow Lhe example he sets life,a_ follows: for them, but he is to set the examlde just _, There are many vexing problems that will come burden of a lost sotil or souls is so real to" him First, he. must prove himself a alan of God up in the preacher's life in dealing with tile pep- that he feels himself standing in the-gap between lira same,. heifind tile pulpit. He may.not be trained in all pie, hut God has called him for thfit very put- those souls anti the pit'of hell puning them out There is great need today for the true man of the learning of.the Egyptians' a_ Moses was, or he pn_ to help solve them There is a way_ a way Vth his prayers. There are.also other times God:who is" dead to the world, dead to himself, may not have any theulogical degrees after his through, antt,f_od has the solution for the man when he will spend sleeple_,,re_tl_s hours in the.and all given up so God and His will; willing name. huthe must make hls hearers feel that his of God. I[ the Lord made a way through the night pleading for men's souls The reading of to go anywhere, stay anywhere, wherever God - mes_ageis of God, and has unction, power anti " can t_se fdm best. If the Lord can get enough authority back of it, t}_at it chines 'from above. Red Sea for Moses. a path ac.o:s the Jordan ""books on prayer such as E, M. Bounds' "Preacher - River for Joshua, deliverance for the three and Prayer," and 2'Prayit)g Men of the Bible," of this type of men for preaehers aud leaders in Then again the preacher must prove him_eb Ilebrcw children iv the furnace, and Daniel in will stir.the p_'eacher's heart to pray moi'& He our own church we will he able to keep our,. a ma_ of' God in his home life. If f_e cannot the Eon's den. He will make a way through today ought to have a time and place [or prayer prt_ent misdonary force 'in the field attd send prove himself a man nf God [o his compardon for His chosen leaders., every day, uttd we would suggest that the tithe others w_ich are so badly needed; we will open and'children how shall he tell others how_ they We will now consider a few lhings that will be early in the (lay if possible. '_ many'new churches in the homeland-; our hnline_ -_ " " _choois will he paid out of debt'and supported, should live in their homes? His preaching must help the #reacher to be a true man of God: In connection with his'prayer.life, the preacher _ud God's_,gIory will be mightily upon *us begin at home first and be lived there and then It First, he must ever be conscious of his divine ought also to observe a fast (fay once a week. will be time to g_ away from home. call. He did not know al the time God.called We are living in a day of feasting and ease taking, In h:s pastoral visitation he must prove.that hlm, all that would he include d_n that _:all, and a pampering of the bod_t and starving the soul, ABRAHAM AND LOT he LS a man i_f God_, 'Every home he _ enters what h_ might, have to endure or even suffer, but" so well satisfied with the temporal,things that By C. B. JEaNI_AN should he'left as.pure when he leave_ as-when the fact that_he know_ that God did ca'l him. there is up appetite for prayer and _piritual And Abiam took Sarai his wife, and Lo_ hi_ he entered. It ehou!d he as a dear old shul-in also meant thal God would go with him all the things. The man of God must set the example brotker'_ son... a_d Ihey" _ent.forth to go exl)ressed it when the preacher had called and way, and with God all things are po_ible.- _ and Urge his people to follow, into the land oj Canaan; and into Ihe land oj prayed in her home; "I jtl_t feel that the Lord has Then the reading and the constant study of When Nehemiah heard oi tile walls of Jerusa- Canaan they came (Gen. _:5). been here today." The visit to the home should God_3 Word is very es_ntial to the preacher who lore.being btoken clown, and his people in great _T _ HE BIBLE is fu!l of allegories, typej,' a/ways he completed with prayer whenever' this would know more of God.. He.uught to read his affiietion and reproach, ho mourned and, fasted 17"shadows, and teachings In parables. The LSpossible. Bible throdgh every year and some parts of it he and prayed certain tl;_:,'s until God heard and _" apostle Paul tells us that 'the story of l_h- In the board meeting is a good phce for lhe ought to stuuy carefully and prayerfully many answered his prayer, When Queen Esther knew mael and isaac is an allegory: In other Words preacher to prove hin_el]i a _mn bf God. The timeg during the year and apply them to his own that her people were tbreajened with destruction, the type of certain Christian experiences. The members of tile church board that we are here.on fife, to see how well lie mea:ures up to the she and her maidens fasted and pi-ayed three days whole epistle to the Hebrews is an exegesis of the the proposition as he had hoped timy.would_ or sta_dard." If he w ou'd tell his people more and nights and God heard her. earnest plea and flies and ceremonies Of the.levitical pri_thood, [icr_aps even as Ihey simuhl, but he must not about tile deeper things of God he must dig s_ared th.e lives of her people,' pointing out their real spiritual significauc.#, as I

15 I 26 THE PREACHERJS MAGAZINE THE PR/_ACHER'S MAGAZIIqE 27 sht_wn through its ritual. Tile bieedin_ lamt_ and polish GOd could not u_e him_ among this orders and.nat murmur and when the separation came to visit him about twent_ years after hi the sprinkling of tile ashe_ were typical of Jesus, selfish money mad. tame.seeking lieople. It you came lie could give him the best, and'take what had settled in Sodom and told" him that God the supreme sacrifice, whose blood car cleanse ask me to define carnality in tile shortest term was left anti never complain Here is the acid would destroy that city.with fire'ktnd brimstone from all sin. I woufil say SELlt. Selfishness is the tap root test of your religion. Tbe' climax was on Mount at the rtg'ing of the sun; and that if he had _ny The Psalmist tells us that he had seen the of all sin. Abraham went At once and gave no., Moriah. where be offered Isaac. But he xttould kin in that city to get them out before that wicked in great power spreading himself as a back talk. r,absolute obedience,will wit with never" have had this last test if he bad not Mood" time.' He "went after his children..but too late green bay tree. The _reen bay tree will grow God. Three tbha_s made Abraham great: faith, the strain of the first ones, They had imbibed the spirit of the_ city and they only in the muck and' the mtre_ in the swamp prayer and obedience, Hear this consecrated Can'aan dweller" "Is not mocked him" when he told them of destrueti6b lands where malaria abounds. It will not. grow "Abraham believed God, and it was counted the whole land before thee? separate thysell with fire and brimstone Many is _he man on the mountain sides, nor on the plains. How.' unto him for rigilleousne_s--who against hope be- I pray thee _lrom hie: if thou wilt take the left today.who is in the same fix. His own.children like the wicked. The same writer tellsus tbat the lieved in hope--and being not weak in faith--he hand, then I will go to the right, or if thou - mock him. Tl)e angels had td literally pull righteous shall ilourish as a pabh tree. No man staggered not at the promise of 43od through ddpart to the right hand, then I will go to the him out of the city and his.wife, whose heart was ever mw a _rooked'royal.palm tree But every unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to I_ft. Let. there be no strife, I pray tbeel be- back in Sodom. looked back and turned to a one of'them is as straignt as a string, and not a God; and being fully p_rsuaded that wbat he had tween me and thee; for we be brethren And pillar of salt. Shame and disgrace awaits that llmb. nor a knot on any of them, and _beir promised he w,-/s able to perform" (Hob. 4). You the Canaanites and the Perizzit_ dwelt in the Canaan dweller Who separates ldmseff from his._ leaves are thin._s of beauty and grace, upright and could track him acrom the desert by Lbe ascend- land)" brethren. "B_ faith Abraham sojourned in the clean, mg smoke of the sacrifice on his_altar. Every- " These. pagans were looking on to see the out-!and of promise as in a strange country, dwelling Just _o with many characters in theold Testa- where he stoppod it is said: "And there builded come of the separation of Canaatl dwellers. O " in Iabernacle._ with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs mont. they are great object lessons for us, where lie an altar, and called on the name of the Lnrd." brother, the world is watching us to see how we with him of the same promise; for he looked for comparisons are drawn,, and contrasts can be He prayed, he believed, he obeyed. "live. a city which hath foundations _,,bos builder and _en and used to good advantage in tbe preach- x Cont.rast the statement at Babel, and the prom- If Abraham had not'been really consecrated to maker is God" (Heb. zz :8'_ ol. lag of tile word. To my mfi_d this is one of the ise" that GOd made Abraham, They said: "let God. he might have said: L6ok here. Mr. Lot. Abraham went down into history as the father best ways of prcsentin_ Bible truth, _dany Bible " us make us a name." God _id to Abraham: "I This is no_ your.land, God gave it to me and if of the faithful and the friend o.f God. Lot died in shame and disgrace. One choice.brought. characters are allegories of spiritual blessings, _wiu bless thee and make thy name great: and you don't like conditions here, just bundla your Tbey lhay not fit into every mah's way _f thou shmt be a blessing: _mj ] will bless.them dt_fl rags and hit tbe road. But lo: he gave Lot Abraham into favor with Gqd.,_ One choice earpreaching, but they appeal to n_e. In these Bible.,that bless'thee, and curse him that curseth thee," choice,believldg that the God.who had brought fled Lot and his entire family to destruction and characters tbere are veins of.spiritual truths yet "Abraham,had influence enough to take some- [tim here cou]d still lake care of him, lwhat disgrace unexphared Why not dig these depths for gosl'_l one with Idm_ "And Abraham took Sarai ]ds wife, consecrationl What faith in GOdI How unselfish messages?.aod Lot his brother's son;--and they went. fortb in t!m hour of his most severe test ] Do you_won- WHY WE SHOULD STUDY THE PRO- In tbe case of Abraham and Lot. there are two to go into tire laml of Canaan; and.into the land der tbat God said: "I will bless him that blesseth PHETIC WORD ' lives Jn.contrasl; from which we may draw some of Canaan they came." How spccibe the Bihle thee, and _curse him that era'seth tbee." By RI_V. A. W. O_wld spiritual applications: (lescrtbes their journey and destination..many is the Canaan dweller who like.lot, in We find Abraham first in Ur of the Chaldeas. m The. land ol Canaan was. foun(l to be a good. the time, of strife left the [and and pit_:hed his T WRITE on this subject without any attempt that rich wdley of tile Euphrates not far from hind; a land of prosper ly and plenty, and both tent towards Sodom. No douht Lot thought lot an e:_hauslive article. [/ut simply to offer a where the Tower of Babel was built: This was Abraham and Lot prospered abundantly. Their that he had bette_:ed his condition; but alas he _few plain reasons why we should study the a.very fertile country Lwhere a self-centered pep- flocks and berds soon grew to such' proportions had forgotten to take God into account, prophetic word pla had gathered t and had planned to build a that they seem'ed to be crowding each other; until Had you met Lot that morning and told him Of course natural tasle_ and capaciti_ differ. tower whose top would reach to heaven, and a a _pirit' of jealousy arose among them as to who that he had played the fool and that he would But no one should be indifferent t6' the subject, great city, and make for tbeniselves a name would control the land "And there was a strife lose every dollar tbat he had and his.entire nor need anyone be wholly igrtorant concermng "Let us build a city and a tower who_ top may between the heardsmen of Abraham's cattle and family would be lost, on account of that move, it. Doubtless prejudice keeps some_from entering reacb unl6 heaven--let us make.us a name" the herdsmen of Lot's cattle." The strife soon he would have told you that "You don't know the dgealm of prophetic investigation,.. (Gen. _ t :4). In this country surrounded by this became so sore tbat the land could not hold them old Lot ; I know what I' am doing I don't pro- Years ago I h_;ard of t_ preacher_ "who seemed selfish people God found Abraham, ]choral! both. There must be a separation, Here came pose to be bossed by Abraham or by any other to be ave_-e to the study of prophecy. He had called him out of this country, and from among the acid lest: of-abraham's religion,,this was - man." Oh, how often have we _en me_ who been reading the Ne,X;, Testament consecutively at tbis people. "And the Lord said unto Abram. his second test. HIS fit_t one was when he was like Lot pitched their tents towards Sodom: we family worship. And wben he came to the hook get thee out of thy eountry_ and from- thy kin- called to go out of his own country.. Now in wanted to stop them. but we did not know how, of Revelation he irreverently said, "Well, I'll not. dred; and thy father's bonse, unto a land that I a strange land with sti-angers still looking on to They were _elf' willed, and we did not dare talk read this, for it is full Of wild. beasts and snakel will show thee" (Gea. z2:z). "By faith Abraham - see how Canaan dwellers act When strife arises, to them about theh condition, and.we can'f underst,/nd it anywayl" wben he was called went out, not knowing Tl_e first test of separation from loved pries and f{ere is z picture trt[e to life that is being It would seem that he would have felt rebuked whither he went" (HCh. zt :8), family ties: the second test,.a separation from enacted over and over again. Many is the Lot had he read in the very first chapter the encour- Abraham was a ruggtzl pioneer: h'e had the a Canaan dweller wbom he had led Into the who has raised trouble with his.fellow Canaan aging language, "Blessed is he that readetb, and stuff in him that great characters are made Out'ol. Ipnd, God chose him because he had the fibre dwellers and leaves the bib tops of Canaan for they that hear the words of this prophecy " But, He was no doubt rough, but the grain ha him in him tbat would stand the strain, lie could the low lands "of' tl_e Jordan with its seeming alas, some persons turn a_vay froinany portion of would stand tile friction Ibat brought out tbe endure' bardness lind not faint. He could obey riches in its Sodoms and Gomorrahs. Two angels God's Wo_ relating to prophecy, especially if it

16 28 THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE. THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 29 invoivcs the g or qus. each n of.tile second corn- or bidden truths el past, present and future events neurotic ind[vldual a',ways has more or less di- reason of their nervous connection, and disturbin of Christi loom up ibeforeus as divinelyrelatedto the weal gestivedisorder,at leasthe thinksso. and any anecs in thcseorgans and the'otherorgans _f di. But. now allow meto citesome rob.sons"_,vhy, or woe oe mankind. Man_ p_en.scc_only the personwho worriesa greatdeal,or isunder some ae_tionarc reflc._tc!_td*lhe stomacl_ we should study the prnphctlcword." human or earthlysideof sdmh of the migbty oc- great mental strain,is more. or fensdyspeptic.- which appear to have (be!roriginin the stomac_ currenccs whlch agitate and bewilder the nations, Hdwever, thcre may he vcw little real.digestive may l_e in reality depending on the diseases of Perhaps a few l_ible reasons will'appeal, all the while students _)f prophecy more or less clearly trouhle,ord[scase of the_tomach, liver, gall-hiaddex, appendix_ or fewer howe[ moee strongly to some person_ The passage al- - witness the hand of God, and rejolce at-the f_[_ "My observation has been that the majority el Nei_hhoring organs, not connected with the proready quoted about the blessedness of giving atfiument of divine predictions.- preachers with whom I have been associated are eess of digestion, or even remote otgans may temion to the subject of "prophecy" ough in_ deed to constrain us to such study Beloved in the Lord, let us not he content with on some kind of assumed or preset!bed diet. ),Io:l produce a reflex comfit[on in thc stomach A a knowledae of merely "tile first principles of the cainpmecting _:ommittees expect to havc'to pro- great runny of the stomach" disturbances are The Bible also declares that "all scripture is Oracles of God," but aspire to. the_ mountain- " _-,are something special' 'n the way of diet for the I'_ycbic in origin. A skilled physician will listen _iven by inspiration _[ God an( s profi abe for peak visions of every aspect of divine truth, by _'angelist "l he bou_cwives.'dread in c,nterinin patiently to your sto W o! digesti_'e troubles, at doctrine," etc. And that certainly means that no no means excepting propht;tic truth. The bone- the preacher., "I wonder what he eats" is their the same'time.taking into consideration the penscriptural suhject should be neglected, not even fits of the latter xre manifold s both'for mind and. first tbought. Many of these diets are [ar. sibiilty of other causes for the symptoms, not fl_e subjecl under consideration. Surely, in order heart. We need not and should not make a worse than the ordinary home prepared meals, forgetting the mental I_ven when by careful to be the more 'thoroughly furnished" for "the "bobby'" of any Bible truth, but'by divine aid I am aware of the fact' that the preacherwho is laboratory and other.examinations it has been work of -the ministry," the study of prophecy acquire, to the greatest possible degree, afull and on the road a great deal and who has to eat. proven that there is an organic stomach trouble, should be included symmetrical knowjerlge of God's holy Word. 'An_ at all "kinds of restaurants and campmeeting din- he will take into congideration the fmssible in-. We sl ou d study the prophetic word that w_ let us beware that we do not "take away from Jag halls, is subject to a areat many omhlnations fluence of emotion in'the prt_due[ng of the syrupmay be all the marc "approved unto God,. the words of'the book" anything pertaining to" of food that are detrimental, and sometimes I toms. Be sure the trouble has heeu located beriuhtly dividing the word of truth." And to pro- "prophecy_" or any other portion of the Word of ' think it is a miracle that.he survivesf' This is fore taking t_reatment. I rerhember while doing claim "all tile counsel of God" does not [cave us. God. lest we suffer the (loom therein described of true hlso of the [x_stor who" is expected to be hospital work we had a patient sent to us, a mere free to neglect prophecy If we are indifferent to those who thus do "despite unto the Spirit of present at eve W public gathesing where refresh- livinn skelcton who said he had taken a wagon this promment portion of the sacred Oracles, how grace." That.there are some mysteries connected i menlo and lunches:are'served and bc ready to load of medicine for "stoma'_h trouble." We put can we instruct and edify people concerning the. with prophel:y is conceded, but on that account i go to crew birthday dinner and reception, him to bed, and sent in at mealtime a tray loaded stupendous purposes of Gpd in relation to the. let u., pray and study all the'harder " i Here are somme of.the ways' that some of my with food sufficient for 'a laborer. He felt we future of the Church His ancient people Israeli LOS _.NGF.LE_.CALIF. Ifis dealings with the nations, and other things " " i preacher [tlends diet. One brother could not eat were going to kill him. but after our assurance a regular breakfast, so all he wanted was a cup that we would guarantee his life, he hogan to within the r;inge of prophecy? THE PREACHER AND HI8 "HEALTH or two of good strong coffee; another had,in- eat. All medlcine was taken from. him He was Concerning the "sure word of prophecy,", it is By C.;E. HAI[ny, M.D. digestion m be could only take'crisp fried bacon;' given a quiet room, a cold bath eve W morning, declared that we "do we/[" to "take heed" thereto "as unto a light that shineth in a _dark place." = Indigestion another could" only have a plate of hot pan and a general massage twice a day.. In a few cakes with maple syrup; another had to have weeks.he did not look like" the same man. His. etc. Some Scriptures become charmingly lumi- " T HE tdrm indigestion is a-much abused chicken cooked with dumplings; another could trouble was imagihatio_n; he was being killed by nnus and superlatively enrapturing, omy as they J. term It shay mean very little to the not. eat "much" so wanted two or three cups of starvation and the wrong kind of treatment. are associated with prophetic truth and'cope- pi_ysician, or h may mean many things strong black tea before he retired; another could Here are some of the common stomach dbclally with the comforting message concerning the The word itself means the non digestion of food; not eat anything at the evening meal, so he just eases. First, is acute gastritis, or acute indigesreturfi of our absent King Like the seer of Pat- this is rare except among thuse who are seriously wanted "n little something" before he retired, and lion; many are predigpused to this by reason of moo who, in wonder and adoration, fell at the ill. That food may pass through the alimentaw the housewife had to serve another meal when ivheritecl weakness, Other predisposlng causes feet of the mighty "Alpha and Qmega," we some- canal Wi'ttmut being digested is a settled fact, he returned from church These are just a few are,--liver trouble, chronic valvular leslous -of limes prostrate ourselves before Him who so very however, nature has provided that-if one part of of the many incongruous ways of dieting The the heart and gouty tendencies. Nervous, mental majesticallyfigures in the prophetic word, and the dig_tive system should fail to digest the fads are that in these eases they did not have and physi_l fatigue and exhaustion.favor its where the sublimest vlsians of the coining One food_ another Js capable of doing its work Many indigestion. The stomach had to have good d[- occurrence by impairing gastric secretions. Overare obtained. I_eo[_le claim to be bothered with Indigestion, "gestive:powers or it-could never have handled Ioatiing the stomach and eating at close inter-. We should study the prophetic word because so but ogly a minimum of_ the food ingested fails these things. They may have had some gagtric Pals and improper dieting are some of the orgreat a portion o the Book o1 books is devoted to he digested or absorbed. We may add that disturbance due to these irregularities of diet dinary causes. Under ordinaw circumstances this to the subje.ct of prophecy(indeed fully one-thlrd indigestion is not one of /be common symptoms of it. And yet how amazing that some men de- of chronic stomach ailments. Be careful about dieting. If you have tohave will soon be o_,er when the food is removed, the dare they are not particularly" interested in this To the laity, any kind of-'disturbance in the. one, be sure someone 'has prescribed it who patient made to be quiet and proper eliminatiot_.portion of the sacred volumel. The vastness and stomach 'or abdomen is indigestion or dyspepsia. knows what he _s doing. Remember that the induced. _In-some cases, an emetic is _nceded. bleszedness of the subjet;t, ought to challenge our and of course the practicing physician 'has an. digestivt system san be.in a very had cundrion,. Warm "salt watcr or mustard water" makes a diligent, prayerful and believing attention, comodated his terminology accordingly.- These and at the same time digest almost any kind of simple emetic. Sometimes tickling the throat The study of prophetic truth invariably leads conditions.may be due. to acute or chronic gas- - food. There may be need oftl diet to help nature with a feather will produce vomiting. Keep all to a more fervent contemplation of the Deity re- tritis,--that is, acute or chronic inilamation of the right that which is wrong, food away for a day or two, and gi._e small gulfing in a greater intimacy, or fellowship with stomach t or other internal organic disturbance, or It should be rcraembered that the stomach has quantities of water at' frequent Intervals. Fruit Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Heretofore obscure' it may be from mental or nervous causes. A very close relation to other organs of the body by juices may be taken. Symptoms

17 30 THE PREACHEWS,MAGAZINE THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 31 Nexl and most common is chronic gastritis, or Do not start to taking all kinds of metlicirie [or _ in_. fl_u:es on superannuate endowment a_ of vision and adjus'.ments have been made until the as it is commonly called, dyspepsia. In the'ma- this ailment. Mar_h : Tot_t cndowmenl $4,t53,324 oo, immediate indeinedne_ was reduced to Sz4o,ooo.oo 1 jority ol'cast_ this can be traced to repeated.at- Now In: general treatment for all these troubles, nf 'which sum $2,671,1ga:oo was aeneral fund and the prospects were good for an early settletacks of acute gastritis, or to a more or less con- First, determine to be iovial; look at the bright endowm0nt and $1,482,t42.oo conference funds meat of this ha[ante. We congratulate the_e slant irritation of the stomach by improper foods side of life., If it has none. make one. Refuse._efidDwment. Dudng the last fiscal year the people for working such a splendid reduction in These foods may he indigestible in character, or to be discouraged by the cares of fife. Life is general fumi endov_ment was. increased $544,- a debt which threatebed tbe very existence of their it may be due to faulty conking. Constant eat-.too short anti'valuable [o pine it away. Life is 8E7 co. Of t _e grand t_tal ;[mount named above missionary work, while at the same time they mg of fried food, hot I_read, pie, confections or worth while, anti the preacher is dbing the great- $382,o7S 0o is subject to annuity, On July I,,tot0, maintaind their missionary work without a deficit too highly seasoned foods will produce chronic e_t work that man tan'do. Some.preachers are. tbe_ di.tributed Szro,o57.oo, but on July _, J027, for the first time in several year_, stomach trouble. Just here I will give a warning, not lazy but are born" tired, therefoi'e will not the Board "_qll lie able to distribute St41;55Loo..: Shun all the highly seasoned'spanish dishes; keep take _nough exerci_. Have spine system of.exer- The sum.of SS.8o&oo.was received in bequests. he pepper, sauses and other condiments.from_ cise for every day. If.you do.not get up a good.during tll_ year St$0j4$.oo were contributed on... '... the (able. Seasoning shouht always he used free perspiration while preaching, get some exercise the annuity plan. From the Genera[ Budget of sparingly. Eating at unusual hours or at lr- [hat will bring,about a persplratinn. Drink the c]iureh the Board received $iax,202.oo. Dr. t,a_a.,,_ regular intervals and _ting too rapidly are. plenty of water-. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and Todd reported that there were t.o2o snperannufrequent causes.. The excessive use of cdffee or vegetables. It is chdmed hy some authorities that ales anti 1,48_ widows of preachers, or: a total of.tea and drinking Joe water during or after inca[s" a fruit juice diet will cure almost any kind of 2, oa, chdmant_. The total amount paid these will gradually bring on the disease. I bare named,stomach trouble. A splendid thing in the early claimants durilgt tile year was $72S,918,o0. The some of'lhe common causes; there are of cour_ mornin_ is to tlrink a constderabte amount of "_- av.ra_e per call[in amounts to superannuates was otber" thin_s which will produce the di_ase. The water and in about,an hour take a glass of oranre $ and to wbiows of preachers was $233.oo. fotmwing will be of _pecjal interest to'the preach- juice 'wjli_ the white of an egg in it. Grape juice er. as well as those things whiclt have already may be used, Orange and grape juices are The Tenth Anniversary of the beginning of _the A type_,riter is well nigh an been named. Ne_'er load the stomach just be- said. to be the best. You remember that Paul Epis_Olml Cburch Pension Fund. _'as recently indlspeusable article of equip- [ore preaching, or drink ice water immediately gave instruction to a young preacher. "Take a telehrated. "[he Treasurer reported that rite them for a preacher. And many before, dur ng, or after preaching, Never go up [itrie wine _r thy stomach's rake;" Ibis wa_ the laymi:u,.especially Sunday. school. " ' ' fhnd now equals $_3,ooo,voo.t_o. Nearly hall of teachers, /_. Y. P. S. leaders, ere,. -town after night service and take ona [ul meal pure gra0e juice, the retired clergymen are receiving pensions o[ will fiud almost daily use for a or allow that good housewife to give you a rex- $7_o,oo or more atld widows and orpllans of typewriter. ular meal after preaching. Sometimes,. however, clergymen are alsu cared for. \Ve have inade ;lrrangetnents at night a glass of warm milk or a small amount FACTS AND FIGI[JRI_S to handle the CORONA portable. of easily diges(ed iood taken just before retiring tvpcwr ter T orough investjga-. t wilt help you to overcome _momia. //3' E. J. FL_:MI_C, The Pre;hytcriao Church, U, S, A. has recentl_ t o has co, v _eed us.the It _s rite best [;ortabm machine a_,ail: Another.. common condition is hyperucid_ty_ Eighteen of the large[ denominations in the eoneludcki a drive to raise $t$,0oo.ooo,oo for"the able. commonly called heartburn. This is cau_d by United States have Ministerial Relief'anti Minis- hflnisters' Pension Fun_,. In the meeline of their The Co'one is a four:row. certain food. and also is caused by a neurotic con- ters Pension a_ets amounting to a grand total - General Assembly in May the" Chairmav of the standard typewritei-. Its over-nil dbnenstons.are less tbai_ those dillon. Of course these are not the only causes, of $99,_44J71-oo. The Protestant Episcopal drive reported, that they hat[ raised _15,o45,ooo.oo, of a standar_ office typewriter but the most common. People k,ho live a sed- Church leads with $2o.650,b60.oo; the Methodist ;I.liis campaign was begun in _t_3, At that time and it is much lighter, hut its entary life or who are overworked, will be Episcopal is a close second with Stq,oco,oo0,oo; the average pension paid to old mill[stets and keyboard is the same width and affected by it. Plenty of the right kind of ex- the Northern Baptist Church. is third with $_3,- missionaries was $ per year and the average has as malty keys. Also, its carriage is the same"width--so it ercise and proper diet will l_andle successfully 526,513,oo the Presbytei:ian Church, U. S. A., has of $_47.oo per year was paid to widows of has the same capacity att'd its ribthis condition when brought about by the above $1_34g.oo. During the last year these eighteen.mlnisiers and missionaries. According to the.new bon is just as In[ix and reverses mentioned causes. If it is caused by other thing_ denominations distributed the t_tal _um of $_,- pension plan it is proposed that the minimum automatically. - When you bu_' Corona you are the treatment will have to be in accordance, o14,73'/.oo to :_7_6t beneficiaries. In the dis- pension '_Vill be $6oo.oo and the maximum pen- assuced of gettm'g tll_ most ad- Another type of indigestion which is [requently tributian'the Methodist Episcopal Church led by sion S._,ooo.oo. During the drive,subscription vanced typeof constructimt, the found with the preachers is "gas on the stomach." distributing $3,_5_,93o.oo to 8,458 beneficiarie_; cltrds vmre. received from _zo,ooo families in best of service arid tile maximum Would you be surprised if I tell.you that in most the Pr_byterian Church_ U, S. A., followed by amount_ from 25c to $_oo,ooo.oo, four of the re-sale value, eases it is not a disease at all? It is simply a distributing $'/5_,t6o.oo to :t,4t_ beneficiaries; latter having been received purchaself you ofarea typewriter Iinterested habli ofswallowing air.while ea_:ing_or at the the Methodist EpiscopM Churi:h, SoutlL dis- send you a circular giving detailed description of the Corona. time of. mental str#in during the preae.hing hour, tributed $7_6,ooo.oo to a,5oo beneficiaries; the At the annual meeting of the Board _f Missions '- The Frye.m-Is _60.00.prelmld,.and and in some cases, it is a nervous habit; The United Church. Canadff, dislribuled $64_/,565.oo to of the M. E. Church, Soutb, lbe following figures convem_nt t_rms ran bo trrang_l individual is nat _ware of the fact that he i_ t_3ao beneficiaries, were reported: The debt at the begiiming of the Nmmrent Puhlkla n_ Houso swauowinz air. The swallowing o[ air may be. last fiscal year was $(,65g,$4t.oo. During the :'_3 Troo_t Awnue due to an abnormal c_ndition at the cardiac At the Ninth Annual meeting of the Bedrd year $874,599.oo were paid o0 the obligation. Kam_ City, Mo, end of the stomach. This is especially true when of Finance of the M.. E. Church, South, Rev. leaving the debt at the close of the year at thet'e is gas on tile stomach just after eating. Luther E. Todd, Secretary, submitted the follow- $783,9S_.oo. Of the remaining indebtedness pro... inlet tlleus

18 j 32 _[{E PREAC_tER'S MAGAZINI_ HIS LIKENESS ONLY A COG IN A WHEEL There,s a"story told of a great sculptor who A man.there was of unusual gifts tofiged to carve a statue of Christ. He worked Bearing an honored name, ubon a block ol marble for three year_, and then, Life came to him with outstretched hands calling a little child asked whether she knew Who Profferifie wealth and.fame; be it was.- But he,carelessly turned his ]lead away ', _t'r_ee _ 0ttt [l "No," some big said man; the I child, don't "1 know." don_t know.' ]t may. Tile prize' made little appeal, ' _q_ Contenting himself with a minor part _,.,,,_ The sculptor knew thm he had failed; and, He. was onjy a cog in a wheel.,. : wt_lvo.vatl_e., wss._v.ommt_q'- [ailing on his knees in sorrow, he asked the Lord - ' -l_ '-'_-/_",. to help him try again. CURRIINT,_XPCN_ J[ I[N VOLT_Nr 1tPfJqS I In the image of God this man was made,., : '-. " again Years called longer in he a worked little child andq_rayed, of the and.at household. last With power to do and to serve; vt_ti_ _,..,s "Do yon know who it is?" he a_ked her. Strong of mind and body was'he, ",.!..- /7. She looked upon the marble face for a moment, But he lacked essential nerve. " " ' ' " _ -',.., "i _" "-"- and..with tears streaming dowrt her own, cried So he drifted along from,day to day,,, it '. L o_t: "It is the One who said: _Come tinto me,'' Without amhltion or zeal, _ '. _._t,-r41d Jeht... _$ _ 11_ :': ",'_ Then the sculptor knew that he had caught in Playing a dull and nondescript part, i,'. ' _ his marble something of the divine likeness he He was only a cog in a wheel, i'. : sought for. 310" sets L_... If we are Christians, it ought to be po_ible for What place do yoh fill in life's machine, everyone to _ in us some resemblance to Christ. Are you using your gifts aright? They should he able to point to our patience, our Today have you wrought some truly fine ". lovingness, our ready, forgiveness, our faithfulness thing, and shy: "That is Christ In him," Can you claim to have fought a good fight? Will it he said that you played the game, We could never bring out the likeness alone; but if we will let Jesus _work in us and with us, That your life was productive and real?.0w.i it not, our do,plop friends i*.uroiy ean.not sothat fail tothougb recognize_his wesen Or He was th0wo,dasltgueson only a cog In a wheel? i*swa, " "" likeness.--c. E. CORN_LL. --Grenville "Klris_r, _ :_ Mental and Spiritual Lifting Jacks _y J. Wa:cne Hoffman. Selectioz2s from various writers on tlllmetotrs sqhjects that are of interest to e_ ery set/oils persol _v lo e Ijoys the mental stlntnhrs 'and spltitual uplift that come from a study of the reflections of thitlkers, poets, philosophers, preachers.,. etc. D_..Chal_tltan writes as fouows:, - i "The 'bo:,lt consists of select o _s o n the best au... " thors who t.ave written or,. tile best sublects down ' _. _ "' _- through tbe centuries of the past, together v.;itb tl_e ". " :.'. results of the serious thinking, snhllme med tatlons. -_. and dee) poetlc feelings of tile author himself It is. a veritable.gold mine for people w o t t_nk, To prt:achers.t/:ach ls parents and CInlstian workers i.. s'_ortli ts weigl.t ill gold, Only. the'shallow will depreciate, ihls remarkable, product on,".,., ' " Prepaid price $1.00. ' NAZARENE PUBLISHING HOUSE. KANSAS'CITY, MO. _"


20 i i I I I I I The Preacher's Magazine PRICE RED UCED FRO M $7.50 TO $3.50 A me,ably joue,nldevoted to(heinter,faoft ose,hopr oclt' tirefuusobp l A Commentary on:the Whole Bible l) _ll_he_ m_na_y by the t;t.tarmo. l)abllsllll_g li_u_o, S92_ Tenon ATe.. Kansas City,. Mo.. maintained bl lad In "" tl_ nlterett of the Church 9t [llit _l L_RII ` 8uh_eth)limt OrH' SI.()[I Dec Star, [_teeed _ seoetu] e]a_ mailer at the Ponomol it Knru_ Car, Me. aceti_uiiic far nlmlhtcl,at tl_elal rate el _osta=e ilrouded for Ii1 8ethan Act of By J_m[eson) Fausset. _nd B_wD "" O lol_er 3. loft. nutta,tlgtd l) cen_.r._o. 1D25, With ihtrodu_:tion to Old Testament liter- VOt.UME 2" AUt;UST_ 1927 NVS',InEI_ 8 ature, a pronouncing dictionary of scripture. " ADAM CLARKE proper names, tables of,weights and measures -. oud ae index to tile entire Bible. Adam Clarke was one of.the prominent pfeacilers of pioneer Mdtbodism, a contemporary ui Jnim Wesley. Today, he is knawn tilrouglmut tile Christian world as the,author of ClarkCs Cam= "This is the only one i,olumtr commentary on mentarles toil..he mastered on tile Bible. twentythese languag6_ Commentaries; anti,wain bytborounh the way scholar, represent venturing twenty-seven into years practically of arduous every the Whole Bible that k satisfactory as /t;aplr-: branch oflearning. Under Wesley's directioe he was led to devote his'life to preaching the gospel itual Levan'gel!cal WOrk), true to ihe Bible as of and was sent to 'what Was eatlsd the llratjford circuit' embracln_ twenty-three appmntments. Clarke supreme divine a_tthor_tyo "It)'strongest point ', was unusually active anti accomplished a_,much asseveral ortlinar_( men. The secret of his useful : is it/st that which most teachers and Bible read;.. it life is found in a letter in a young acquaints ice: "Tile grand secret is tosave time Spend noneneedlessly. Keel_ gram all nnnecessary company. Never be without a praying heart, and have as ers need, a clear explanation " ;... o[ verses at Onct _ often as possible'a book in your hand." - sehoiarly 3rod spir(tual. t can" hd unreservedly. After John Wesley's death Adam Clarke was elected I)re_ident tltrce times lfis extreme madrecommended to the talbot on of nil Christian.. t,<ty _msed Idm to accept with great relfictance. In tile vt,:tr of 1832 this great scholar, eloquent worker_.'--sunday School Times.',. i)reacber anti learned*commentator _,ent to his rewar(i at about seventy )'cars nt age " " " " I " " THE JOY OF THE TASK. a'hls great :Co_',tnentary on the entire Bible which ht_ s so. long.b_n rue. " _ > _ ltere are some cailb gs in,vhidl a man nlay succeed whtie hohli/l_ an a%'erslon for Ilia ogn;zed as one Of the heat is now-made available in a'hnhdy erie:valuate form ' " _. _ work. hut the mhdstry is not on,)of thent. The most u!eiul ministers are those who arc Size 10,_6 x 7lnclles. :.624 pages:,, _.enamored n_ their whrk tlntil the3t arc nseparab e from it. The man who preaches _ust for r _ 4" " _ convenience's sake and wrh whom the mfidstr_, is just "'one _'ay o servehis day and generation" Former pri_0,$7.50. ". We haveabout' 100:volumes which we are, i_ largely disqualified for his task;.anti a preacher who is b'ue anti discouraged and fault-finding off er)nsr at the amazing price of _3. 50, prepaid " is a failure. The preacher must be a chafinel of spiritual inspiration, a means oi staying others _or. " " _, " ' - the disagreeable tasks of life, and if lie is j_adifferentinhis own spirit ire will fail..... Yt_sterday I bearfl-_; preacher who is in tl3e eigltty-tldrd year of bin life and the fifty-seventh of bin ministry. He preaches with abe vigor and positiveness el a' mat)in iii._ prime, ahd while file.. unction anti blessing of Gad'was upol_ him _csterday, barexclaimed, "I.Iove to prehch, I am glad I. am a preacher. p, g S I am sorry for H nr) Ford who,eem: o be tailed to be a h_illionaire." Anti the... people who heard him knew Ibat he really felt rids way about his work and calling,.,,the set-cot_2,, _) " " ' large volnmea appr are also There many t_r ineanventences immunities and about privileges. the preacher's Antiif abe calling, preacher theremust is nodwell doubt upon about onethat.. or the_but other there of.,. C -"..,, ( these, why shall he not rather tbink of the latter? But what are conveniences and inconveniences, immunities hnd impositions compared with the joy of saving usou[ anti building g life? And,the i,_,,.t preacher has the best opportunity of anyone to go dkectly at the main task. The.doctor. lawyer, merchant or feather must gb-jndlrectly in his quest for.souls, but the preaclter,gocs directly. And : if the preacher is sincere in his profession that "one s_ul is more valuable.than tlt whole world." "then thejoyof hls calling should be full.and eomtant... value to every earnest teat ter, de.- t The.preacher who is "doing very well under tl_e drcum thn-ce-_,"f_-_no(really_dbie$tvery -i_:_/_... sirous of doing tim best work posslble., at all: otberwise he would not be ('under the circumstances." hut on top of tl_em. It is every Price,' extra)," preacher's bounden obligation to ke_p a good state of grace on band, anti to "encourage himself iia ' ':" ", the Lord," so that his optimism will be religious and genuine anti contagious, Tithre is specific IOusI 'o KANSAS CITY. Me. ", ' '" " i" application of the promises to "the.overeamer".m' the preacher's life and calling. And there is.no -. place, where 'the words, "The JOyOf the Lord is your :strength," have fuller meaning titen when

21 i 2 'reie' PREACHER'S MAGAZINE applied to tile work o[ visiting tile sick, comforting tile bereaved, encouraging the faltering, warn- THE PREACHER'S biagazine 3 preacher's task. HAvE COURAGE.TO PERSIST i,, DEVOTIONAL" HE strengthen 0he supreme the faith objective of'believers the and evanaelical train hispreacher convertsis fur to win Christian souls to.god. servlee,:but He amidst wants to it... _... IJ all he wants to.wln souls. And according to our observations there is no quality of a human LETTERS ON PREACHING A trained and tbougbtful mind listened to him, sort which the stud winner needs morq than that of persistence. By._. a_. HILLS. and thirty years aiterwa'rd wrote: ""I distinctly Just take the matter of tbe regular altar.call: we know some great preachers who,_hock file XX Patti of a Serraon--The Cort hitiom remember carrying away the ineraseahle imprespeople with their tremendous messaees mid th'en conclude their invitation before ibe people have Continued stun o[ Ilower that couhl not be exphlned, and time to recover and act.upon their.conviction. We know other praacbers wb,_,are in the mediocre _ R. JOHNA. KERN in his noble "Lectures refused to be measured, powe_ sbown in lucm class, but wbo nevertheless are successful' soul winners. And about tbe only hlaman quality that _ on Homiletics" writes: "}fad I occasion statement, vivid picturing, pungent appeal and enters into their success above the'other is that of persistence. They just will not accept, defeat, to revise aft my old sermom, I shnul<i wish. red-hot earnestness.... The Levitical sacrifices They will not quit until results come. to. give attention chiefly to their conclusions, were as real as though ofiered but yesterday, anti One preacher of our acquaintance declares that lie has often preached for half an hour anti Ifere the defects seem to be tile gravest, tile their mending as clear and indisputable as the then cal!_d seekers nod exhorted for a full bour. And that preacher is a soul winner. Sometimes missed opportunities most numerous. Anti Ihave shining of the Au_nst sun; and yet tim center of lie has lind no seekers at all during the _irst te_ or fifteen minut_ of his invitation, but. he bus _ti tdmost always found the.sermon handed me for interest was not!n toe Jewish offerings, but in criticism to be similarly defective. Now i, in tbe tbe needs of the soul.. And besides them, the exhortedanti prayed and stirred himself and others out to do personal work and m half.or three- _ act of deli_,erlng the sermon, a more forcible oo- preacher._aw nothing except Christ as God's sure quarters of an'hour has.had his altar well _lled.. II clusion than tbe one prepared be suggested, make remody for sin_ Not fat n.moment did he lose Personal y, I frequently get more beti_ from the study o[ the methods of tbe successful soul rise of it unhesitatingly. Hold yourself, free tt_ file grip of his hearer, or'forget the listening soul Monet than I do from his preaching. I mean by this that whiletile truth he preaches i_ familiar modify, or even dismiss altogether, ',_,bat you anti the present God." What a virile preaeber to me. his metbods of securihg results instruct me in the very matter n winch I need he p.t le most: have already in hand, But have a conclusion; young Spurgeon must have been to make such And little as you ndght think it. it take; more grace anti more tact and more persm_lity to and let it be premeditated, It _hould be the an impression upon a cultured auditor And we freest part of toe whole sermon; but for this may be sure at the eml he buried avc, rltable make a successful exhort,allan titan it does to preach a.good sermon. There are many more good very reason tt rnnst be carefully prepared" (Page thunderbdit of truth at the hearts of his attdje/_ce. preachers tban there are suect2ssful exhorters. But usually any earnest preacher couhl be a good 344).. All ibis is wise _aered_oratory. It is dealing exhorter i[ he would give himself fully to it and would bohl on to the effort with. the determination Such '_'ords from such a master of the art of with an.audience as if you bad a passion for tbeir to win. _reachlng ougbt to make a profound impression souls, and you were preaching to them as you will " ' on anyone young I_ the ministry, or on anyone wisb you had when you come to staml before SHALL THE PASTOR HOLD HIS OWN REVIVALS? who expects to enter it. Let no one, however them at the bar o[ God. difted bynature,'be so conceited as to think that There are many kinds'of appeal that can be There are arguments on both sides of the question, "Shall the pastor l_phl his own revival?" he needs no teaching, no instruction, nb suttee- made tn perf_t harmony with t]?e teit. and toe pallor'should consider these and m,_ke bis decisions, not on general principles, but as an lions from anybody. Exactly the opposite is 1. One could preach from any one of amud " instance of particularized judgment... " true. The more gifts God has conferred upon a titude of texts about tile mercy or mercms of In the first place, there is no question but titat it draws a pastor and Ida people closer togetber person, the more important it.is that those fat, God, as for example: (t) "Have mercy upon when. tile pastor c_n bold a successful revival in hls owfi church. On tile other band, a failure, ultie_ should I_e trained, l_t the noble treasures me, O God, according to thy.loving kindness, acwhen the pastor is the leader, is more hurtful than'when there is an evangelist Who can share the shauld be partimly wasted by misuse cording to'the multitude of thy tender met'cies_ There are "manifest reasons why very gifted blot out my transgressions" (Psalm 2H: 1). (2). blame. There is no question but that the pastor's _oul saving abilhies are quickened akd developed mewoften fall of great efficiency and large useful- '*Who crowneth thee' with loving kindness and when he is the leader of his own revival. On the other hand, the pastor is likely to set a pace for. ness in the pulpit. It is quite possible that one tender mercies" (P_alm 103: 4). Tllere is a mud himself in the revival that he will not be able to maintain in the regular course.0[ the year and reason may be a.failure of these truly talented titude of such texts. Alter preaching a 'sermon then some may critlclzehim on the ground that he is failing and losing his unction and fervor, preachers to grip the consciences and move the from one of them, then do as St. Paul did: "I " " _S_irli6pastoi!/alway_have an evangelist, other_ always hold their own revivals. But we think wills of their auldences by _.he conclusion of t!teir best.cob you therefore, brethren, by tile mercies of either of these plans Is a mistake. Better have an evangelist sometimes and hold :,.our own revivals sermons God, to i_re_nt your.bodies a living sacrifice,... sometimes. Do not be enslaved to either method; Consider the immediate situation as fully as you _ We may _ay, here, the great thought of the holy, acceptable to God, wbich is your reasoncan and adopt the plan best suited. I know one preacher who in a five year pastorate held two final appeal may be anticipated and partially dis- able service" (Ram. 12:1). trlbuted along through _he different parts of tile 2. One can pre_ieh about the awful perils of revlval_ id his own church, and this morning be told me he liked the plan and expected to hold a entire sermon and then be summarlzed'atthe eml breaking the.law of God, anti the sure judgments revival sometime in his pre_nt cbargc_ although he seems to be in no great hui:ey abom the n:_atter, " with accumulated power, that will follow unless they are cancelled and Perhaps he will wait for the idea to develop and ripen among Id[ people, A young preacher preached in London to a vast cuvered by the atoning blood. Alter this great congregation on "The Great D_ayof'At_nement." subject has been set forth, then a conclusion can 1

22 A I 4 THE PREACIIER'S MAGAZINE TIlE PREACttER'S MAGAZINE a "be made as St. Paul did, "Knowing therefore tile but a monkey ancestry. And so we havc a mul. were not worth wbile to.llve on earth if this life physical arid moral wreck, lie had bee]_ in a terror of the Lord. we persuade men" (z Cot. titude of pu/piterrs in our cburdles who believe were not to be crowned by dcath_ I mean by railroad accidentand was a total cripple, helpless 5: IlL Aml what a persuasive appeal it woufil in nothing to speak o'l They do not believe leaving this world to _o. unto the Father. We on finch feet, dragging hjm_ff along on crutches. be--one tllat wouhl appall the heart o[ a guilty either in the personality' of "God or the devil; arc not of those who voyage the sea o[ this llfe For fourteen years lie had been a victim of Felix: and make bis knees _'mite to_ctber, either in si_ sinner._.- or salvation They take for tbe sake, of it Weask not [preyer to gaff whisky anti alcohol in all its forms, and of opium That is what tile great lonatlmn [_;dwards did. the crown of deity from the- h'ruw of Christ and over this rough ocean/: we tong for land. It i._ as well., lie was an opium fiend, and an aleohohc _ " when he preached on "Sinners.in the h_nds of an reduce Him to the level of a deluded hall.iusane our delight to think of the port ahead; our joy to fiend. My friend, Colonel Clark, spoke to him angry Gbd]" anti made his concltlsions._o vivid bastard, denying His miracles. His atonement, Hi_ see the snowwhile cliffs o[ our heavenly Albion; aml tofil him the gospel of Jesus Christ, but he ' that his heaesr_ grasped the seats aml threw'their resurrection and ascenslon. They scout morals as ' We do not de._ire, to live here always. Why refused to believe. But on LaSalle Street, one of arms around the pillars that suppo?teti'the gal- a.passing fashion.. Their chief employment is to shoubl we? Ba'nished from God, liable to sin, our busiest commercial'streets, next'day Cqloff l led' of the church lest they sl_on!d slip into tlefil play tile part of a pulpit dude ant[ fawn upon subject to temptation, vexed leith infirmities. Clark _aw this _ame man,dragging Itimself alon_ No wonder a spiritual awakefiing was Matted that Mr_ at_d Mrs Money-bags and their charming struggling witb corruptions. O Lord,,what wait on his crotches and as he gut to the entrance of swept over the English.speaking world_ daughters, for the thrift that follows.fawning, we for_ an alicywa); Colonel Clark drove him into the 3. You can preach on the goodne:-s of God Their object of worship, li_ that of the Orientah, "Believers bayer eve_'ything to gain by dying, "alley and said to him, "My friend_ Jesus has and there is super-abounding material for such _ is tbeir monkey-ancestry, whom they greatly re- _To die is gain.' We shall lose nothlng.which will power to _ave you/' and after talking to him a sermon. You can preach tilt youi_ hearers _viil semble. "_e hypocrttes,.how can ye escape the be a lo_ to us. If one should take from.us a wfiile, there and then lhe man got down as best think. "0 that men would praise the Lord for His damnation of fielil" "Who_ damnation is just]". jewel, but _hould give us another a thou_nd he could on his crutches beside the strong man of goodness and for His wonderful works to the I do not write for these. It Would be usele_-- times its value, we should not regret the exchange God,. find Out his trust In Jesus.Christ. And children of meal".then appeal to.them as Paul a waste of ink. But, to the manly sours stiff [eft We lose. this llfe, let it be such a jewel as you when that man came o_t of that alley, he came did: "Dcspisest thou th_ riches of his eoodness in the ministry who do desire to win sbul_, we,like,.but.we win the life to come, which is in- out a child of God and he is today a preacher of anti forbearance and long-suffering_ not knowin_ say, "Study tile masters, and see how they con- finitely more precious, Beloved, iustead of fear. the gospel that the goodne_5 of Got] leadeth thee to repem- eluded their so!croons." ing death. We would be willing rather to depart '_Thank Go(] for a gospel that can _ave any- " once, but after thy hardness and.impenitent heart Here is the conclusion of Spurgeon's sermon on and be with Christ which' is far better. Why body. You cannot find me a man in all London treasurest up for thyself wrath in the day.of James 4:14: "The thought of death-will.be 0no should we bc unwilling to be glorified? Our de- that Jesus Chr_it ha_ not power to save if he wilt wrati_ and. revelation of the righteous judgment : of two ifiin_sto us; it ',viii he a ghus_ to haunt parting day- is,our marriage day. Phi that the only' believe on Him. Put your confidence ill of God! who will render to.every man accordim: us if we remain out of Christ, unreconciled to bells would ring it i'nl It Is our homecoming Him. I_/Jlt you helleveron the Lord.lesus Christ to his works...--wratb and indignation, trib: Got[ anti unrenewed iv beart -To godless and from the school,where we havebeen in training tonight?_' uist[on'and anguisb upon every soul of man that Chrislless',llersous, death-will he the king of tee- here helow. Why are the minutes so slow, the. This tatter is an appeal by illustration, ltwas " worketh evil" [Rum. 2: 4-9, R. X_.).. rues in prospect and in reality. Ungodly men*?'ears s6 long? Let the hdlldays, the holy days, the favorite method of Moody,'an_ the sa_e can It is perfectly evident that St. l'aui knew" how cannot think of being cailetf away. This mdrning come soon. when we shall be at home in the Fa- be said of Brother Torrey. Tbe_ men are masto draw a legitimate conclusion, or make an ap- they feet ver_, tmcon'dortable while I am treatlnu thor's house. " It doth-not yet appear what we tees of the'art of winning souls, and their methpropriafe appeal *:itally related to tile sufiject o[ upon this troublesome subject. I hope they will shall be, but it very soon willappear, and_it will ods are by no means to be under-rated or tiediscou_e.' In them all, there was manifest a DOS- not soon.recover their composure, bat will remain be up mere appearing--it wn[ be real.joy and spised. Illustrations from fife may be _o used as stun for souls and an unswerving purpose, either uncomfortable till they yield to divine love, and lastlng'p[easure, goljd, substantial, eternal, like to quicken tbeimagination, _tir tile feelings and to build up _aints in the likeness of'christ, or to, trust to the living Savior. Death is an awlul the God who lia_ prepared it for us from of old. move.thc (viii to holy choice, which, is' tbe derescue sinners from a yawning bell. thin_.to those who ha_e their all in this world. ]t is a h_lc_ed thing to be able to go th'rougb tile sired end. We may all take lessons from this master If they could hut live here forever, they _,ould world thanking God fpr this life, but `blessing.. Even Jesus bad a couclusion to His sermon on preacher. He seemed _eve_ to forget what he be at peace; but it cannot be so. God vdll not Him yet more that it will land us at HiC right -the mount which was skilfully designed to bring was m the pulpit for_ and what was the great give men an immortality in this life, to spend in hand. Death is titus stripped of all dread; the men.to.repentance and life. lust here is where end of his profession..when the Prince of apos- disregarding Him. T_.ey must die. They _ffiay curse _s turned in_.6 a blessing. At the thought multitudes of ministers utterly fail. ties and preachers addeessed sinners it was. "Be- lint Christ far from them, but they cannot'put of it I feel ready to join in that rough but sweet hold now is the acceptable time." "I beseech you death far from them ; they may ok,old the eru_, ver_e: as iu Cfirist's stead, he ye reconciled td Godl!_ but they cannotavoidthe grave.. '_i_tce Jester is aline, ru t_o[ [ear undressing, When he preached to Christians he held up "The ungodly may frown upon death because But glodly put o_ best gar_ eats o/ lay; AN EFFICIENT CHURCH "Christ Jn you the hope of glory : whom. we death frowns upon him. Death isthe skeleton in To die in tire Lord h a _ovenant bltaaing Emphasizes the following: preach, warninu every man, and teaching every his. closet: ifis the spectreat the foot-of his bed:... SIhTEY_h_ td_glor_lhrogghdeathled he',vay/ Devotional Atmosphere... man in all wisdom; that we may pre_nt every it i_ tile canker of his fairest, joy. I would, not alan perfect in CfirL,t Jesus." _be coovershm of like to be in shch a position. Count me down all "God grant us so to live anddip tbat we may Evangelistic Passion.,inners[ the sanctification of belleversl 'the two the red gum that could buy this round world, yet live to.die no more, for Christ's _ke. _men." Sacrificial Life themes never neglected or forgotten, would I not accept it if I must live in fear of Spu_eon knew how [o close a sermon. Fraternal Sympathy We are Just now passing through a period when death. too often contemptible infidels are oecupyln_] the : ".But death will become another thing to yot_ Here is un ending of one of Torrey's, sermous. Social Outreach " chairs.!n the tlicologlcal "cemeteries," and are if you are rene_'ed in heart: To a Christian it is "One night in Chica_o. in tile Pacific Garden "..Mi_ionai'y Spirit [raining young preachers to believe in nothing an angel beckoning hin_ onward and upward:. It " Missitm. there came in a poor fellotv, a cnmplete Educational Ideals

23 6 TIll'5 I'ItI':ACIII';R'S MAGAZINE " " " THE PREACIIER'S MAGAZINE }' went the'ugh.lhe worhl just tu It'll it to tho.: FAITH in BIBLE VITAL TO THE NATION that were able to receive it; and that slmpie so- The foundations of American _oclety and gov- -cret Is"just this: 'Christ in you the hope of eminent rest so much on the teachings of the HINTS: TO FISHERMEN B,h, that"it would bedif, cu,l tosupport the By _, E. CoRXlIL_. 'file word 'mystery' mt'aus sorrel ; llds'is tile if failh in fl_ese teachings should cease to be _real.sorrel, And I lea ){_u today, nay, I can practically universal ill one conntry." utve you, if you will lake it Irom Him. not from Th[_ is the sentiment of Presldent Coolidge, ex- pressed in a" letter to a Washington chui'chman. Roy. Frederick HINTS Palladhm. TO FISHERMEN D D.. Boston. hfas_,.. comfort._rats thal In have Ch_'istkms passed. throtmh This these was three Lancelot hundred An-.nw--I me, oh. eall so wonderful[ give you a _cret Years a_o which I came has been to-hi_ t_ Mr..Coolidze deplores the fact that at times it drewes, succes-wety Bishop of' Chichestet. Ely appears as tlmuzh a "popular familiarity with the suggesls tile following sub eels for Sunday eve- burdened "wilh zuilt anti fear: I tried that sbuple ning sermons: anti Winchester. One ol his 'self examinations' Scriptures is not as great at the present time as it reads in part: secret and it took away all my fear and sin. has been in the past in American life." Is Religion Good for Anythlnz? "'l)_j I pray, if. not.'even times as David; yet Years'passed on_ and I found sin overcoming me The spiritual and literary values of the Bible What is the Best Religion? at least thrice, as Daniel? and my temptations too strong for me. I came are extolled by Mr. Coqlidge in _udt lofty ex- Tile Practical Problem of'religlun... If not as Solomon. at length, yet shortly, as to Him a sei'ond time and lte w-hispered to me,. pression of sentiment, that his words are quoted Religion in the Future. the puhiiean? 'Christ in you" aml I hat victory, rest and bles_- herewith as a conspicuous example of high a0pre- How may I Become Religious? "'If nut. like Christ, the whole night_ at least i,=. clarion of the lioly [took: Pure Religion., _., far one'hour? "Then the body broke away. in every sort of Everyone who has give_ the matter any The Gospel of Encouragemenl....If *rot in sackcloth, at least not in purp!e anti thoughl know_ of the great literary value of the Willing to Live.. fine linen? _ way. I had always worked'hard, and Item "the Bible aml the hroad culture, aside from its relitligher Aims in Life. """If not on {he zrau_ld and in aches, at least a_e of fourteen I studied and lahored and spared eious aspect, that comes from ageneral fa/niliarity A Super-'tltilmm Gospel. trot in iny bed? no strenglh. I took charge of a large eongrega- with most careful it. Although.and painstaking it has been studytheforsubjec[ hundreds of Vindication hy Experience... Do I _iw,. if not as.zacclieus four-fold, at tion at the age of twenty:one; I hroke down. 9f _;,ears.its most thorouoh students find in it o A Deserved Rebuhe, least, as Ire, lay,' commands, _i,'iththe filth part utterly half a,dozen, times and at last my, con- constant revelation of new thoughts and new Action or Creed. added? (l,ev. 5: lla. stitut[on " was worn out }forty times I feared I bleals tile rarewhich fl woubl minister be to dlfficult the spirilual to conceive nature of any of ltactal complex Eliminated... If not as tile rich. yet ;as the wklmv? should drop'dead in my pulpit. I could not as- kind of religious instructlo_ whi h omitted to Fallen from Grace. "'If nnt almve my. Imwer, yet up to my rend any height without a sense of suffocation, )lace its main empha,s_-_on the pret'epls of" thi_ Who is a Backslider? power?'". because ol a hroken-dt_wn heart and exhausted _reat book. It has _een the source of inspiration The Drive of Impulse. - " nervous system. - I heard of the Lord's healing, anti t_f coming comfort into to tho_e contact who with have it, had atld the wherever privilege it When a Man Goes Wrong,. ned's IDEA FOR Ills CHURCII but I struggled against it. I was afraid of it. I,, got_ it raisc_ the whole standard of human rein- Is God I_locked? "That ye speak the _me thing, and that there had been taught in theological seminarie_ ihat tl_e tlonship. After AII I be n{_ divisions anlong you; but that ye be per: a]ge of Ihe supernatural was past, and I could not This is an eloquent, forceful tribute to the A PRA_/ER " " lectly joined together in the same mind and in go back from my early, training My head was Book of books. It is well that the President el" Great God, hake le Try Ivrc lhe :ame judgnient" fl Cor, l:10), in my way; hut at fast'when I was brought to the United States--the highest public "_fficial in Tune thou my strings I. "Speak tile same thing." UIdly of mind. attend 'the funeral _f my dogmalics,' as /_fr, ihe republic--thus should bear testimony to his Foi only true and, vital things, tne cross of Christ uppermost. Sehrenck _ays, the.lord. whispered to me thd faith in the Bible and to its essentiality.in pro- Touch me with zest aml fire. L "No divisions " No schism, little secret, 'Christ in.youl' arid from that ht_ur serving the best.in government and in s_cial rein- Let me he strung'so low 3, "Perfectly joined together." No disharmony, I received 1lira for my body as I had done for tions iu this land. The verity of.lklr. Coolidge's That I can voice all sorrow, perfect tune.. my soul. I was made so strong and well that observations about the Bible and its influence is So I_ud. lhat I can dzout of Victory,. 4. "The same mind." An interior m_ntal work has been a perfeel delight. For years 1. patent to all.--editorial iu the Star.News, Pa_-a- So strong, thgt I can tell ot Love. state, seeing "eye to eye," have spent my summerholklay-in the hot city of dena, Calif. New York, preaching and working amongst the So high, that I can touch 5, "The same judgment " Exterior purpose, :Tile mou0tatus, trees, and sky. as exhihited imaetion and practice, masses, as I s)ever did before; besides the work 6. Ho_ wonderfully suggest)re and beautiful, of our homearid college and an immense mass of "THE PREACHER'SWA._TleBASKET " " Aml let my la.,t.,ong be Th'is is God's idea for [tis i'cal-church. I fear, literary work and much besides But'the Lord Every well-regulated preacher's study' has a Play'ed on tense sirim:s.. Ihat many fall short of it. -did not merely remove my sufferings. It was waslebaskel. The wastebasket is an essential,..... more titan simple healing. He so gave me H_m- but while this is so. It is not the part of,wisdom Undulled and free, THE e,loriou$secret.,ell that I lost the painful on,'xiousne_ of phys- to throw everything into the wastebasket.- -To - That I, at lasl, may praise Roy. A. B. Simp_o_ tell_ of his experience, lie i_l organs. That is Ihe best of the health He the wlde-awake pastor, there is much mail of A nevcr'a=eing hymn ol praise. --Jo,tx' O ll._ve.v, _ays: _'The Apostle Paul tell_ us that there-is a, _gives: I thank the Lord that He keeps me'from importance, that from a cursory glance, doe_ not secret,.a great secret which was hidden from agent,'all morbid, physical eonsci0usness and a body look w'ry important It is wisdom on the part A IIISEIOP EXAMINE_ HIMSELF and generations (Col. l:26),.which the world! that is Ihe object of anxious care, and gives a of the l_reacher to carefully read all mail with a The Churchman says: "September 26; 1626, was seeking after in vain, which wise men'from simple life that is a delight and a service for the view to information, iristructton] and to store up saw the death,f n hishopwhose prayers anti tie- the east hoped Ihe might find, and. God._'_ys it Master, that is a rest aud joy." in the mind Illustrative material for futtlre use.,_oljml._ila_'e horn a source tn enrourat emenl and *if now made manifest to his._ajnt_:_ anti Paul " -

24 8 TIIE PI-:F.ACIIER'S MAGAZINE f THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 9 We havc known of a number Qf preaciters to "is the proverbial ileritage of tile preacker, Book,. fields No official call it made without an ab- parents, true homes and genuine religious in-. hastily look thrdugh tbe mail, and anything that offers--most entrancing,--" ust _the book you appeared ched.p, an advertisement, or an appeal, necd_--the great book tbat you cannot possibly solute necessity. Tbe vett heart' of our men is struction stand the test. Those who in the early to"fire" it into the stove or the wastebasket, get nn'witlnmt, i_ now offered you at a remark-' often put into these appeals; to throw them into teens made a consctou_ decision to live as Chris- Lhe wastehasket is nutldng less than rnthless, if liana and kept the decision alive.have stood the This is an unfortunate habit It i_ better to ably low price; only 500 collies lelt;--horry if read all moil carefully, and it is still better t_j you de'sire a c_py. Just siam the dotted lille and not criminal. Keep them nut of tile wastebasket lest in overwhelming numbers." thoughtfully anti promptly answe]?_ all n_ail, even put w_ur check in for St, [he remainder to be and cbeerfully aml heartily" respoml, whetherlittle "Whe_ I hear the questiml, 'But what can " - or much. Our representattves--tbe godly mis- you do about it?' I know that tfiere is no adethough the letter may require stone effort to paid {n monthly installments: you'll l_ecdr fe_,l furnisb statistics anti the like The writer has it." But where to _et the initial dollar is the :ionaries--are doing heroic work. Thete are not quote answer without religion. How to get our so many of them. hut tbey are heroes.: The things youth bite vital contact with it peesenm, a thaimade a practice,--over a period of forty years-- rub, Neither are subsequent dollars ]n sight, that they a e dtfine eanuot be tnhl in a tablobl lenge as great Uud as leer hy of h g J endeavor and to read all mail and of thoughtfully answering Very often the preacher will receive plain white_ item or a squib:. Read the "New Acts of the deep tidvotion as that whick in the past met the all that required an answer. Tlds practice has envelopes witb seductive suggestions for b_htenbig _'xpnstles," let your. vtrry nature absorb their searchers of the heavens." " brouzht much useful information and great bless- his mental tasks: "Helps [or Busy Past6rs;" courageand spirit; read their heart.cry to u; at --MAne, AaET St:a*'rF.R in The Chriaian Herald. ing, besides sbowing, a degree of courtesy. The "Pointed Sermons for Every Occasion;" "Practical hometcomfortahle, well-fed, and surrounded by time spent to do this bas been co,nsiderable, but Illustrative Sermon:,;"--_o'mucb" per dozen. Such our families, while they live on a seam salary, OBEDIENCE ABSOLUTELY NECF_qS._LRY FOR " withal, it'has been worth all ft cost of time, material can be properly classified as "Elelps in uncomforfable quarter.s, witb'lizards, scorpions, THE BUILDING'OF STERLING.CHARACTER strength and money, for Lazy Preachers." A preacher who is too lazy centipedes and snakes, hesides, superstitious and "The be_t lesson that a boy can learn at home, The avqrage preacher is "'pestered" with all to study and read _nod hooks, has missed his wicked,, degraded men ami women ecerywhere, that a pupil can learn at school, or that a collegtan kinds of appeals. Advertisements of bookcases, calling. A recent writer!la$ said: "The only Keel) theb: agonizing heart.cry out of tile waste- can learn at e_lege is tile lesson of 6bedience_ filing cabinets, typewriters, dg Pleaters, second- items that make for sermonic succes_ are books hasket, respect for constituted authority. It counts for hand books, second-iland clothlnm but not often tdmt" require more than one reading, the story Then there are ilo.,pital_, "jungle _ehools. and more in the upbuilding of character than aea wastebasket. Then there is the appeal f6r of adventure in many lanch, missionaw annals, - numerous' Wayside ph ant cop es T e Mission quaintail'ce with the spelling book or familiarity money to a_ist TetChy projects. The writ_h, and Christian biography-_, 'few volumes that to tbe Letters. The American Bible Society, all with tile classics the sciences or the philosophies. 75 separate appeals for money in one?.'ear One sun. Arid with these should I_o a stirring around cff our adorabl_ Lord. City: Missions, flumes for acser, and character is capital, while,_choisr_bip is cannot respond to many of these without facing amom/ the people, feeling tile pulse-beatof Main u_t/ortunate glrl_ andwofoen.,---tbese who furnish only an implement to be put at the service of when [n the' pastorate, has received as man), as demand rnfdnbzht oil and much of the noonday these accomplishing _tupendou_ things it_ tile name 'File spirit of obedience is the material of charfinancial bankruptcy But they outtht not to Street and the heart-thrnb of the common people the inspiring statistics of the kinzdom of God on capital."--i)a. ClIARLES H. parkiibrst. be ruthlessly and impatiently thrown into the from suburb to suburb--and moments of, devotion t earth, When tbei'r lea filets and circularsand book- THE laoomerang I wastehasket ; if you cannot do more, read the and qhiet talhs wbb God. Canned homilies are lets and tracts come to your table, do not glance A piece oi money, gold, all gold, appeal, and then say God bless the faithful people nat wtlcome--for tile preacher or the congre- over them, but read le t, or file t era &way for An "eagle" met a common centi Who are trying to advance the kingdom of God. _ation We are ant echoes but heralds?'.put future reference, They come from devious'routes And strfitting snobbisbly about, It _:osts little to put up a heart-felt prayer., tbe "caroled" setmqns in the wastebasket, and painstaking efforts; tbry are freighted witb Bha ted everywhere it wentl The preachers in general,, are considered "easy " It might he profitable for tbe preacher to dig the utmost importance; they cost n{oney and It hra_f_ed of its iht_'iusie worlh, marks" ant very golllhle by sharpers who prey' ",. ellort--get tad valuable knowledge they contain _ Its va ue in the market-place, dm.vt_ deep in bts "Old Ilaerel" and resurrect a on the public. These men sell st_ks, of various number of dusty, musty, antiquatdd discourses, '. _ to your peolde ; the)' need it to put them in sub- Of'prominence on wedding days, kinds, oil stocks, rubber stock, copper stock, aml stanrial svmia _y with heroic Cllrbtian service. And of its bright, attractive face! a thousand and one 0t_er investments--offering as and lay tbem carefully on.the ellge oi tile table - " (Could it.have read the penny's thought, mucb as 500 per cent profit on tile investment of whtre an accidental push will land ti_em in the The'wastebasket for trash, but not for gohl. It would have turned entirely "blue," some money. It looks good to be preacher, and wastehasket This cla'ss of sermons belones there. Tile penn:,, saw a!'yellow" thing he bihbles, then bites, aml then he is hooked. All The modcrn pastor, to make himself effective, From heart to rim, and that all throughl) of these schemes can be read. rejected and sbunned, must _tltd),' medilate anti Or y Explore the un- PARAGRAI_HS FOR PARENTS Proud, peacock-like, it put on airs, Any business propositions that offer exorbitant tx[,iored depths of truth; keep an active mind "I douht if any reward in the world/s as great ' Assuming such superior birth; profits are almost certain to he "humbugs." These" open,to the great spiritual and i ntel/o:tu_,i themes as that enjoyed by parents who have successfully And strutted just as dandles do Who think thdy own the whole I_ig earthl ougbt to be read, but put.into the wastebasket ef die world. Originality is a scarce.article; most trained ehildreri, There are multitudes of such The modest cent both saw and heard, and then burned. Therd are legitimate hashaess of us are'imitatot_. Give the people something parent.s---men and women who have'taught their And smarfed under such abuse; preacher--if he 'is success- juicy, fresh, _ofid, telling. There may be.a few children both not to do _ind tu do, both to be and Then used its bard-hit Indian head ful--must say, "This one thing I do, I. must pearls-in-the _'barrel" that.can be exhibited to _.-_...not to be. For, contrary to. mere theorist tram- And oaid. "Aw brother whiffs the _-ae? advantage, hut most of the "barrel" stuff belougs '. lag d_rhands"both tile egat ve an'd pus tire Yes - Yountay be worth far.more than.l.... preach the gospel, that is my job." To engage m speculative schemes is almost sure to wreck the in the,wastebasket, and Noare great.words and when used wisely But I do much you never do; preacher. The desire to!'get rich quick," must he But there are some thln_s that should be kept are a'mighty imlrument for character building." " I'm popular, please put that down, crucified, despit_ oar poverty. The wastebasket out 'of tbe wastel_asket. Do not "fire" the " "I find that most delinquent and-wayward call- While few acquaint fhe_selvea with youl dreif and youth ard without home t_atning and And what is mote, I'm better tool is the garbage-can for tbese wild.eat sdlemes. "official"' calls, especially tbose of_foreign Mis- A million witness_ can swear Literature cleverly worded, skillluliy phrased, siena. Tbey embody the heart cry of those who;.bare inadequate religious instruction or none at I and my kited all go to church; all:" But who has ever seen you there?" beautifully illustrated and bandsomely printed amidst peril and loneliness represent us on the "The vast majority of those who. bad good _Rrv. WIL'LIAat Wont

25 f ' i t TltE PREACIIER'S.MAGAZINE, l0 THE PREACIIEIUS MAGAZINH Holy Spirit and fire, to burn the dross of THE BRAZEN SERPENT,. _ ',.,. sin from our hearts and fill us with the By Aantt, n F. ISGt.ZR HOMILETICA a orbed by,.the *o silver will spo,, uohers.:0,. _.2 t i _ =. i t,l, shinoandf ringofthecoioandde iery erl,emsdefioed:... ' stray its value. It takes ahigh degree fal CoIor.-MIkE fire. ' ' ' ' " * upon a silver or.gold coin will be quickly t. Israelites bitten by fiery _erpent:l-_-{sce... ii _- ' beat to expel the quicksilver. So it takes Ii Bite.=-produeed bur,ilnz pa,ns the fled. of Ihe'lfoly Spirit to cleanse anti _. Confe_slon of the l_raelites' sins.--,peak- " THE UTTERMOST SAVIOR _' intenls. 0t,grees anti purposes; anti always, ant] restore tire heart, ill_ against Mo_ and Jehovah. 4, Serpem's bite likened unto sin and its By A. M. HILLS in and through all times, places, arid eircum- IlL WxIo CANHAVETills GREATSALvaTION; results..text: "ivhere/ore also he is able Io save to stances: thls seems 1o be the particular meanthe uttermost lhem that draw near unto God ing because of what folhiws_ "He ever livetll "Them that draw nigh unto God through If. Occasion of CIIRIST'SBEINGLIFTEDUF. through hhn, seeing lie ever liveth ro make inter- tt_ make intercession for them," Delitzsch him." Then, reader, thi_ow, away.all self- t. All men are bitten by sin and are rebels. ce$sion /or them" (Hebrews 7:-25, R.V._ says: "It n cans perfectly, completely, to' tile righteousness; cease trusting in all other help 2: Sin defined. The epistle to tire HebrEws is a lon_ drawn out end. in every way, in all respects. Every need enee',and "Come."and a surrenderedft implies unconditimia life. Only faith hcdi'in 3. sake'man'ssinqnly... hope,--.to' _onfess anti foreomlmrhon between the Iewish and the Christian i_ done away." Hallelujah; What a Savior, dispensation Its purpose was to lead the Jews to Such a salvation mu_t mean:: the all-prevailing name of; Jesus,can obt#n 4. Acceptance of the rome v- tblood M stop rejecting Christ and Christianity. It teaches: f. l'xemption irom the ultimate penalty.o[ the froze. Jesus) by fa h actual _ins. *'Jesus who deliveretfi us from -In a Kansas towii these was a:revlval in a Ill IrE.SelL'ISOF OBEYING_tIOS_.G, 1. Christ was'_reater titan Mnse_. Chapter 3. the wrath to come". (l Thes. I rio). 3_Ietbodist church. Among'the canyons were r..they t6oked and lived and were saved 2. Greater than Joshua. Chapter 4.'_- 2. Salvatiou from any more sinning. "He was I "Drunken Jim" and his,two daugl{ters. They from physical death. 3. Greater than Aaron. Chapter 5. manifested to take away sins." "Whosoever ] all joined the church on probation. The,sa- '2. They left the infe_ted _}'egion and jour- 4. Greater than Abl'aham. Chapt_ers 6 anti 7. ahmeth in him sinneth,not" (1 John3:5,61. loon men would get around Jim and get him neycd toward_canaau. (_hapter 7:17. Other priests chan_ed by' de,sill. 3. From the guilt of.qn. '!There is therefore drunk, lie:would cry and repent and beg the 3. They sessedreached ft.--their the promised inheritance. /and and pos- Christ was a priest forever, no condemnation to them that are tn Cfirist church to hold on to him. He would promise " - Verse 23. Other priests were many: Christ's jesus",'r lmans 8:eL t_ be a.ma_, but he" seemingly could not- IV. R:';SULTSor.I. ookino "to JEsus Cffalsr. priesthood was unchangeable 4 Salvation fro_ tha defilement of sin (Titus staml, His two beautiful daughters graduated i. Ft_r_ivcues.s of past sins and delivered Verses 26 aml 27. Other priests had to offer sac- 3:5 and Roy. 7:141.. from the high school and were called "Drunk. from sin's power. _. rffices for tbeir own sins; Christ was holy, harm- 5. Salvation from th_ power nf sin tromans en Jim's daughters." He drank on, wasted _. Leave old associations and "go on unto less, undefiled, separate from sinners, ere. 6:141. l_is fortune'and was on the borders of delirium perfectidn'.'=.-our spiritual Canaan.., 3. All Christians should enter into spiritual Verse 27. They offered daily sacrifices, He gave_ b. Salvation from "the sm.prmciple'--tltat tremens, rest--"the,est that remaineth to the Himself once for all. carnality that eau_es all other sins. "Being, Brother Rhodes weot to the town with a I_eopleof God." Verse 28 They had itlfirmitles, "He was'the Son, made free from 'the sin-principle' ye be- little tent to hold a holiness meeting, One perfected forevermore." came servants of righteousness" (Romans night the meet/he had closed and-e_,ery light 4, ceiving Insured eternal against life eternal (Jolul death 5:24). hy re- Chapter 9:12. They shed the blood of lambs and _:IgL "Being made free from the 'sin- was'out but one, Poor Jim came forward, -bulls and goats. He shed I/is own preekous blood principle' and become servants4o God,;ye - lnilf drunk and'said: "Mr. Preacher, d d you that "tleanseth from all.m. have your fruit m_lo _anctlfication, and the say that God cmlld sanctify a man and'take THE DIGNITY OFSONSHIP Verses 12, 24, 25. They entered the holy place eml, eternal life." "The blood of Jesus the appetite for sin all out of him?"."yes By C. E. COar _LL once every year with.the Mood of. others. He. Chrlstcleaoseth us from all sin" (t John sir, brother, it is true." "Then;" said Jim, Tzxr: I John 3:1-4, "once in the end of the world, with His own 1:71. - "you have got a seeker on your bands right I. Titl_ STArtler-ST'OF _tte NtCOLa_ra_s. blood, entered into fieaven itself, now to appear IL _._lty"isciirist AaLKi'D.DOTIllS? IlOW2' They gathered around him and prayed "The Nicnlaitans taught that the regenerate in tl_e presence of God for us," "to put awaysin." l, Becau_ He is the infinite Son of God. all night, and prayed him sober and to God. :man mignt so know God as to deliver hi_ Chapter 9:9 and 10:1; Thcir sacrifices never."thy theone, O God, endureth forever" He begged the Christians not to leave him, material, body over to all heentio_s "ndulcould make the worshiper perfect and his con- " {Hebrews 1:8; Romans 9:5). _ He was a unstrung and on the borders of de- gence and yet remain pure..our apostlenow science clean. But our eternal High Priest and 2 Jesus said: "All power fs given unto me /Mum,.add his nerves were clamo]'ing for declares that to be anti-christianity." ".Savior"is able to save to the uttermost" (7:25). in heaven and in earth" (Matthew 28:181, drink. The doctor and health officers came Truc regeneration is not salvation fn Ha, but "For by.one offering he hath perfected forever Then He has all the power there is, and if and tried to take him away and give him salvation ]rbm sin. them that are sanctified" (10:141. No greater, He can save from soy sin, He can save drink Jim cried, "Go away and. leavi_ me We are regenerated as chitdren of nature, more perfect or more complete Savior could be from all slu_. Moreo_:er, If He cannof save with these holine_ people. You never helped we are regenerated as ehildeen _of God. tim _lesired. us. we being willing, from all sin now, me." They Watdled him _)nd prayed for him beginning ol spiritual life. - what Feaso_ have we tc believe that Ite for three days until lie was sanctified, and the IL :'BzttoLn[... MA._'_'_ or LOFt.'3 The" w0rds for "uttesmo_t" in the Greek, are can ever save us in any oiherworld?... vile appetites Were gone. -He became.a miracle_ Love peculiar to the Christian, God's love very significant. They mean to save "entise- 3. He made a perfect and complete atone- 0[ grace, imd a mighty Christian worker, and in the heart.. ' ly," "completely,_' "perfectly," "forever," "to mont. "His blood clcartseth us from nil an ornament to the community, IlI. SONSH1PA SIMILARTERM 'IO REGENS:P.ATION. the. nnd.ofeverypo_ible need." We?Icy in- shl'.(l. John 1:7). "If we confess our This is the kind of salvation this poor wnrld 1. Sonship as a relationship of securry, terprets thus: "Able:lo save from all the. sins, he fs faithful and righteous to forgive needs, and a million people can testify that Paul at Corinth: "For I am with thee guiit,'power and cpaeequence_ of sin." Adam us our sins, and to cleanse us from all un- "Christ can save 1o the uttermost all that come and no man shall set o_ thee to hurt C'arke: "Able to _ave In the most perfect " rightebusr_ess" (1 John 1:9, R.V.), unto God by him." thee" (Acts 18:101. mru nor, so lhat nothing shall be wanting to 4. Because "He ever liveth to make lnterccscomplete the salvation," "Able to save" to all sion for us",and to baptize us with the

26 J2 THE PREACHER'S M,_GAZ1NE TIlE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE Sonship as a relationship of maintenance II. NEPAIIATION. _q_jod divided the light from.3. Their arrest and punishment 1. It makes its victim unclean. -Vs means of support. God said to the the darkness." (p.) Sorro_, One spot was enough to make him utterly unchildren of Israel: "The eternal God is Ill. REst'at.cTtox "Let tile dr)' land appear," and (b) Sweat. clean. Sin is such all awful tiling thgt to offend thy refuge; anti underneath fire theetwr- at once the earth shtmts up out ol the dark 4. Their e_pulsion from" Eden. Gad in one point is to be ggilty of all GaL 3:lO; Iaztlng army" (Deut. 33:27i. waters '.of death, and -wbeu light conies I 3. God provided covering (skins in,tend of Eom; 3:23. All men are lepers for MI have tile 3. Sonship as a relationship of confidence, to the sinner and this... is followed by sep- [ fig leaves), inberitance of sin. all are diseased, all oeed a cure. "'It is God that nirdeth me with strength oration then we too shgol up into "newnes_ Genesis and Geology. [n this passage, if the disease was only skin _ and m_keth my way perfect" - (Psa. tji'life." fttr "'ye musl be born a_ain," Geology agrees with Genesis: (tl In giving, deep it was not reckoned uncleanness. Infirmities,., vegetation first place in creation. (2) In. Living at'e not _ins but weaknes:-es which we have lg- 1g:32). IX'. FI_tlTIIt.XLS_ f,e the earth rising forth fish and fowl the second place in creation. (31 herited because of the sins of our forefather_, "What time I am afraid I will trust tn fruit." The ]rult of the Spirit is.love, joy, thee" (Psa. 56:3)., In giving vertebrate animals the third place in which may be a lifelong Ilandieap. (Cite, exam- 4. Sonship as a relationghip of pleasure, peace,, etc." creation (4) In 'giving man the fourth p ace an_ pies of infirmities ) Bul we are dealing with a "Therefore with joy shall),e draw water V. Small(;: "Lights to shine." "Let your light last in creati6n, t'5) Geology knows nothing-of disease that can be cured and tile remedy is at :' out af the wells of salvation" flsa. 12:3). so shine.'; '"Ve are the light of the world." the countless centuries that some accord to. man, hand. Notice in verse four the slowness of the "That your joy mfgbt be full" (John VI. M,_u "Man in our imatte...our. like- There is no authenticated sl_'clmen of prbhlstorle priest to condemn tile suppo_d victim He was 15:11). ne_s." God begins everything: everywhere, man known to seienc6, quaran ined to await developments 5. Sonship as a reistionship of hope. everytime in holiness and it is His plan and GENESIS"^SV BIoLtm'/. Z. It.brings udgment. Vss. g, A4. There was IV. "EVERX' _fan.. PURIFIETI[ III_,ISF, LF'" His purpose through the work of the Holy Says a modern scientist dealing with the study no appeal from the decision of the priest No t. Has a hatred for sin. Spirit, and the Word to bring everything of biology : "The whole field of the microscope is man can _cure leprosy by absent treatment, and nn 2 Has a love for holiness, back to holiness, crowded with moving bodies that incessantly shoot man can cure himself from sin by thinkln_ he V. H_r _,t_rla'y. Tbe hnage of God in man. Adam was like backwards anti forwards, or_twirl and spin m doesn't have it. 1. Pleases God. God, ceaseless activity. Whence comes'all Lhis active 3. -It brines separation. Vs. 46. So long as he 2, Pse_rves humility and _implicit3,, _. In being a spirit. God is spirit, God life? It was there that the theory of spontaneous is a leper he cannot have'communion with God lllu_tralion: James Rns_liLuwelitspoem,"Dara. '' breathed into him His own breath or generation took it_ [ast stand: it was here that or His people. See Eph. 2:12, 13. In Order to 3. Pre._erves in'danger. Spirit. it took its most desperale resistance, here also save the leoers,'christ went outside the camp and 4. Exalts the deliverer. _. _n heinu perfect and holy. "Ilis work it has been most signally, defeated. Science now. died with one on eachside of Him. Illustration: Dr. Grenfell, [be Congregational is perfect." reiterates the,dictum that theret can be no life li. TIIE DISEASI_:],lUST Big CYONFESSED, There missionary, laboring in Labrador X any _-VI[ DoMinioN. "Be fruitful and multildy nnd without antecedent tile. Life revolves a creator. 'were four things by which a leper was known. times in imminent peril of losing his life, but replenish the earth.. and subdue t anti which reve_i[ the true character of a sinner mxracuously delivered, and have dominion." From conviction to before God. " VI. AN IMME.mATE ]NS ES TA.N'CE. holiness and on to dominion "If we.suffer THE CLEANSING OF THE LEPER I. His clothes were rent. This indicated misery ] The danger of delay., we shall aim reigo.".. By ARTIIUR F. INGLER.and nakednem, How.evident was this condition 2 Tbe joy of Immediate acceptance God first came down tc create and [hen to " TEXT: Leo. 13, 14:1-3Z, in Adam and Eve after they bad sinned and had _ve.. 1NI'gODUCTION: Leprosy is used in Scripture ('o typify sin _: ltid light them[elvesl [they seek "Men the hiding love pla_es] darkness because ratlxer than their SIDE LIGHTS ON THE TEXT, OR, God spake made man in creation by breathing but suffered into the in _aving; dust, ' =] pecially indwelling sin_ It.hrin_s out clearly½in s deeds are evil " GEMS FROM GENESIS He saved lxim by l_lis'blood, terrible and destructive nature. To show us how 2, His head was hare..he was defenseless, and By WtLLL*.Sr HESLOF De:lth blows in Genesis One and Two : terrible it i_, God. gives us two. l_ng _chapters in exposed to the burnihg sun. "The sinner has no Gene_s a name taken from the'greek: t. Death blow to Atheism. "In tile beginning the Old Testament, besides malty shorter passages, defense befere an offended God. BJs deeds witl It means "beginning" *'generation." God." and in the_e He pictures and describes tts subtle be made manifest to all. It contains over two thousand yefirs of history.. _. Death biow to Evolntlon. "Gad created," nature and ruinous effects. We do welj to give 3.. }its lip was covered. Indicating that his Written by Motes, it is tbe seeki book of the 3, "Death blow to Christian S_ience. "Tim close and'hndivmed attention ta a rehearsal of the breath was poliuted,'imd.his mouth was _topped Bible,. r,,. earth.. dry 'land... seas." i. e. matter, facts. -.,_t_ fa_"as self-justification,was concerned. How- Divisions: x, Creation, z_fall 3. Flood, Death blow to Roman Catholicism (cell- Leprosy is deepseated in man, not only in his ever much be may'have boasted in o[h_r days of Babel, 5. Abraham. 6,IsaaC:, 7. Jacob, _'. Josepl_. bury). '!It is hot good for man to be alone." _bead,where tt appears but tn the heart, the foun- his morality and good works, he now has noth- Genesis begins with holines_.. "In the begin- 5. Death blow to_soclalism (state own hip). rain ol his affections. Out of the heart spring ing tn say for.the law has put him outside the ning God." Then comes the fact of sih.. '"Ihere[ore shall a man leave... and_cleave the issues of life. As leprosy ruined the body so camp. ". "Void and darkn_s." Toed we have fl_e work.. they sllall be one flesh." [ Sin ruins the soul,,making the life barren and un- 4. l_ cry was "UNCL_N. I' The priest pro. moved or brooded)'. This is followed by tile the Spirit of God..._ the Word of God... whose waters had polluted and ruined the land. fes_ed to the truth. He accepted his condemna- '!Word of God,"... '"Anti God said." US,".. OUR' image Sin, like leprosy, afflicts the person himself as tion and took his proper place. This is the gyeat of,thus the Holy w'e have Spirit, holiness,.. sin, '"Ehethe Spirit work of of God the Death blow bl0w to.mormonism Unitariatiism. and'tgod Polygamy. ' l fruitful well as theit gorraents is like the bitter wears spring and theat house Jerichohe nounced lesson that him isuncelan, so hard Heforbelieved humanity him and, to learn. con- Holy Ghost, and tile Word of God. "Cleave unto Ills wif,'_ not wiyes.? lives in, Thes_ aptly soggest _pidt, _oul and body Some men will not aekt_owledge their true condi- - - 'The Holy Ghost andthe Word of God prodoce 8, D_a[h blow*o divorc_ment,"cleave unto.-=-and all are provided with a cleansing 'and a lion and so long as they do so, there is no hope I. Couvxc'rm._, "Let there he light.'! his wife." Christ allows divorce only in the ease " 1 --strict _ommand given thereto concerning each. " - of [heir recovery _ Light and the gospel compared: of uncleanness or adultery. All utber divorces are L The. inner person, of the heart. IlL TIIE I_saNNER OF RESTORATION.21_ the lept, Both came from God, of the devil and wiil land people in truuble here 2, The outer.garments, of the life. rosy _hows the sin, so the way'of restoration re- _..God'is ltght and the gospel is light, and doom hereafter. 3 The common house, of our daily association_, veals Lhe divine method of salvation. Note the 3, Both dispel darkness. Consider Adam and Eve. (Let us look at the disease and [he cure.) various acts: 4, Glorious and yet simple. _ Their primeval purity and blessedness. I. Tltn CIIAuaCrER OF TIlE ntse,tst:.--"lt ts ^ I. Outgoing of the'pries(. Leo. I4:3 Tile lep- 5. Both are pure and.wlxolesome. 2. Their terop!ation a[td.fa[l. PLAOUEnF LEPROSY." Ms. 2. er cannot come In, so the mediator must go out.

27 2 14 TIlE PREACltER'S _IAGAZINE ' THE PREACIIER'S MAGAZINE I5 I. The stoner is blind and cannot find his way back have supposed that,dcath was meant. Othto God. Jesus Christ, our great High Priest, went er_ that'it was the throne of grace. Others Sin has no more place 'in him. Under laden soul. The sinner is thus butdsnedand forth to seek the lost sheep. "that it was God. The context shows me stress and trial aa_ddivers temptations be enslaved in sin. To obtain this phase of 2. An offering made,, Vss. 4, 5, 6. Christ came out from the Father, then gave Himself a ransom that it is.the Judgment that the a_postlehas has no stir or conscious sense o[ _in rt_t several things are necessary. in mind At the conclusion'of his exhorta- within.. He is purged of all. l. 'l'he sitmer must feel his wearlne._s and for" all, Tire.killing of the one bird. and the dipping of the other in its blood, and letting it fly to ti0ns in xerscs he mentiom the A'p- 3. A true heart is one that experiences what heavy burden to _uch an _extenl that be the heavens is sublimely typi_l of Christ's death prusching,day. We are warned of sinning the new covenant promised. He has'put desires to unload all and be free. Tired and resurrection, and of Ilia ascending into hcav: willfully in verse 26. and shown the terrible- his law.c In their hearts. He llas written not only in sin but tired of sin. A'deslre en by His own blood. Indeed it was a new and "ne_ of judgment in verses "Titus we the rain their minds. They have no more to have done with it. A _fisgust with it 3. Sprinkling of 'the blood Vs. 7. The leper judgment of God. Also to be among those They are forgiven of all their past of- load and laboc_ of sin afford p]eusure, must come into personal contact. with the sacrifice.. who look for_ Him 'to appeai" the second tenses: and by the inwritten law- the)' the _inner sees nothing better. But when made for bm. The blood s rank ed by the pr eat t,.signlfies living way. that the application of.christ's. death In find time what (9:28), fitness yet it iscan necessary be urged tothat passthere sins-of do no more brokenevil laws fortowhich be remembered. to Ior-._uch it piles as the up until peodi_al it wearies felt. Sobut long does as the not the sinner is God's work. Ite who imputed our are in tile textthe proper qual)ficatious to given..there is no more Offering for compensate, and it burdens, but does not sins to Christ can alone impute and impart right- meet death, to approach the throne o[ grace sin. By the one offering he has perfected grow figlxter, with the passing days, one eoushess to us. in prayer, and to be a true worshiper of forever them that are sanctified. This who can feel this is ripe for relief. 4. Word' of the priest. 'He alone who pro- God. does not mean that one cannot sin agam. 2 The sinner must come unto Him. nounced the leper unclean can now pronounce II.,Let us _ee the grounds for'the full assurance Rather it mean_ that one shouid not sin him clean,. It is God that condemns and it i_ God of faith. again. Provision is made not only.to (a/ Let the sinner come with his sin to who justifies. The sinner that repent_ and be- Him. Be not foolish enough to lieves receives the wfiness o] the Spirit that God 1 The wfil of God wt!ich Jesus came to cleanse and forgive, but to keep clean think you must rid _'ourself'of sin accepts.him, fulfill (vers6 7). In this we see.tbat God the snell that fo_cgiveness need never be before coming. Jesus wants.the joh 5. Personal Cleansing. Vs. 8. Tim "cleansing of hag willed that man might be holy. "By. sought: _ of taking away the sins oi the sin- Jesus' blood leads us to put away all filshimss of the which will we are'sanctified" [Ver. IV. Let us note the manner of keeping m such a nor. He.will remove the load. the flesh and spirit. Tbose justified before God 101. " state. by faith should jflstify themselves before znen by Thus laith can be fully assured that ho- (fi) Let the sinner come by the route of their worhs., liness is the will of God We havean high priest, over the house repentance. Show. sorrow iv God's 6. Restoration. "After that he shall come into - 2. The sacrifice of Jesus has provlded'the of God ever There.must be a,sight for sin. Contrition of heart. the camp." After What? After the sprinkling of remedy for sin. By the offering of the continual looking unto Jesus for aid. tie (c) Let such as come restore to every the- blood, x the washing. and the shaving. (John must save us to the uttermost, extent ol man.that.he has.tinned against'. Let 1:7.) The final restoration ceremonial took place body of Jesus w.e are._.anctified. By one our earthl# life. Look to ttim in prayer,', him right.himself With men. Let greation,--2 the eigbthcor. day,--tbe 5:17. day symbolic of the,nest,' offering that are he sanctified.. hathperferted forever them " in faith, In love, and in hope daily, his coming be over the route that 7. Consecration. Vss The biood 'and We have boldness {o enter into the holiest_ 2. Heed the exhortation_ [or practical liv- John Baptist preached. That was the oil put upon the ear hand, and foot betoken by the blood of Jesus. By a new and ing. -,. the way to Jesus for the ainnel r_-_demptlon and conseeratlon After the blooti of living" way. Thus faith has full assur- fa) Let us hold fast o_,_ri]rofession with- II The second phase of this rest is that of the atonement (the work of Cbrist_ comes tile oil of out wavering, or d_l_bting.. Letnot re.,t found for cbe.soul which has come to anointir_ (the work of tbe Holy Ghost). That ante in His atonement (Verses t0, 14, faith" be hindered by,doubt. _ield which was bo_tcht by the b}ood is.now claimed t9, 20).. not under any trial,:b'_tt hold your Him and received rest from his burden and by the Italy Ghost Tile rest of tbe oil was put 3. We have the witness of the Holy Ghost, bondage of sin. It is then something differupon lds head, indicatinz that the /eansed one to the covenant that God was to make profession stead[a-,t unto the end" eat than rest from the weariness of the load shall also have tim poured-out Spirit upon bim. (Verses (b) Let us consider one another to pro- of sins. Our ears. hands and feet,--in;fact the whole Ill. To draw nigiz in the full assurance of faith yoke unto love and good works I. It involves a second crisis. "Take my man. must bare tile anointing that abitleth if 'he - is to experience that which we see to be fha Let no one fall to ald..the defter yoke upon you." In place of the load would stay cleansed from sin a:nd be always at grounds of faith.. I brother. Let not any. thing cause a. of sin. one takes the yoke of Chrbt, To his negative best in bide. the of King's entire serwee. sanctification 'Cleansing while ia "the the t "A true heart in the full assurance of break between each other. be yoked with Christ involves a unto_ anointing ia the positive side. "Have ye recewed faith." Tbat i_ a heart tltat is made _ tel Do not forsake the a_sembling of of purpose, of heart-oneness, and a sep- yourselves together; Be dligeiat to oration frord', all. other yokes, or ties to the I'Ioly'Ghust since ye believed?" (Acts 19:21. true all which or pur_ Godbyhasappropriating provided, andbywilled, faith I attend the prea_:hing of the Word. things and l_er_ns. Two thus yoked In this we pass from the provisional to,_ Do not stay away from the place of have all things' common. To find rest SERMON SEED the experiential, What is provided must... worship because of persecution or for this union'with Him must be taken. "/'Ms By T./_,1. Asagasos " be_:omeactual in experience of heart. "... _... ple,qaiirc_o! another-sort,. - crisis must be met.., But /_ tells _15that Text: "Let usdraw near udth a true heart in 2. 3"his true heart experience is one where Ills yoke is. e.asy, and His burden is Jull assurance o/.faith (Hob. 10:22). the heart is "sprinkled from the evil" Tr_x'r: f w/f( give you rest. And y shall, find light, His love and Presence make it I Let us consider the objective. What, is it. to consicence. That is, it is purged from rest unto your souls (Matt. It: 2g, 29), thus. wldch we-are exhorted to draw near? To all conscious sense of evil. Such, a wor- The _eat truth of Soul Rest is bore separated 2. "And learn of me" (The word learner is this answers are difficult to find. Some -. shiper has no more consciousness of sin. into its two phases: the same as dhciplel He said and be!r, The first is a resttn_ of the weary andhcavy diseiplrd of me. Thus tile element of LAL.

28 I. I I o_ 16 THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 17 this rest is" that of having Christ reveal ILLUSTRATIVE MATERIAL tent for two days_ fasting and praying. He came loving courtesy to his guests. He could have Hfmself to the _oul. Rest is not found CompEed by J. GLEX_ GouIJ_ out pale.and haggard.. He called his followers ignored it; the tide of his doqusncb was full, Yet in doing hushing, Person._ who have The Tide of God's Grace together and had his mother brought before him. the most eloquent was to come. In my heart has nothing to do are t_e most restless souls. The Bay of Fundy tide prexses up the Annap-" _nd told _he soldier to lay on lhe lashes, Five ever sinc_ been written a memory which brings The restlessness el hell [s because the oils Valley. It floods those vast stretches of cruel binw/,_wece, laid o_ when Sehamyl cmicd moisture into my eyes yet, and ranks', itsell unbrown mud: it fiftsrthe vessel from its cradletn '_, "Haft[" He had his mother removed. In her qucstlonably as the greatest thing I ever saw darctned have she_r characters fixed _o the clay and whispers to it--as the incoming tide place he knelt, and _ave _qriet command tothe Moody dot. t " shey cannot do anythine but suffer. But laps along its keel--she call of the deep It.soldier, under pain of _nalt_', not to diminish "'Frlends.' he said, 'I answered my dear young rest comes from doin_ Ihat' and knowing.pees_es far izdand up e,very, creek and vale, giving the blows, but to lay on the ninety-five remain- friend over there vdry foolishly as I began this that by revelation which ever enlarr_ to the landscape new outlook and increased ing blows as severe as usual. Many ire the crowd meeting I ask God to forgive me and ] ask the life It is a change of the mind fi;om beauts;; it deposits that mineral treasure that has when they saw the bleeding back of their mantel forgiveness o my brother.' And straightway, he the activities of sin to the restfulness of made the dykelands of our Evangeline country cried, "How mercifull" while some cried, "How walked over to him and took him by thd hand. holiness, the n0rr/tal state of the soul famous for.production. Everywhere it comes on iustf" He was both. But what of that guilt>, Thitt meeting needed no aitermecting. It was _a) What we are to learn of Him is here - its gracious ministry; everywhere.but where men mother? Was she puqished?- She dm receive five.dramatically and spiritually made perfect. The have built dykes to keep it out.- The trouble cruel bldws, bur was it anything like as cruel as man of iron will proved that he had,mastered shown, "l am meek and lowly in wish"tile Christian' worid of our day is that we _eing her punishment [aid on her son? Everyone the hardest words_ elall earth's Language, 'I am heart.", Jesus sums Himself up in have built lob m:/ny dykes a_ain_a the all-per- of the remaining ninety-five blows went acro_ sorry.'"_se/ected, the_e two virtues, In fact when He vad_ng Spirit el God"--A. L tivnolrsto_ " her heart, a'ml she carried those heart wounds till has been analyzed these two hear1 Btlylng Up the Opportunity her death. From this the followers of SehainyI Spur_eonPs Cbnversion virtues are the essence el His no- When William Duncan was a youn/_ man he caught a'vision of how deeply just their master C.H. Spurgeon, "the great London preacher, turn. Now to learn this heart of gave himsellfor the missionary cause. When the was. He would not change bls laws and lightly was a seeker after God for years before he found Christ means not merely to know tlme came for him to begin his work. the mjs. forgive, but he did somethlngt better; l(e saved Him. So great was his agony of conviction that about it ; it means, to experience it : _ionary board sent him to a little Indian village x the integrity of his laws and yet saved the guilty, he resolved to visit every place of worship ifl the to obtain it asia heart experience, in Alaska called.bigtlacatla. It was it sore disap. He could not lightly forui;,e--he was too inher- town where he lived in the hoped that he might thus to '%0 learn Christ." Eyer_ pointment to. him, for this village "was the most eptiy just for shut: nor could he refuse to save hear something that.would hdp him out of his. revealed virtue of Christ is a posst- unlikely place. The Indians were low and ignu- his mother--he 'was_too inherently inf,ing" fo'r trouble. Yet all the sermons he heard left him bin experience of a.redeemed <pal rant. a miserable.!l!rty tribe. After William that. Ia the cross God. is both ju_:t and merciful in deeper darkness. Duncan had labored there for forty' years, Dr. ---so just that the penitent soul is punished with "At last," he relates. "onesnowy day--it snowed ht Let us consider ]{is heats of meek- Charles R Brown visited the place and found a punishment more.severe than an:,! oth6r: the so much I could not go t9 the place I had de-. ne_s. The essential of meekness is a "every htdian family in its own hour.e, with.all pare of having wounded love. But he is so mer, termined to go to, and I was obliged.to stop on -. r_jpned will A will resigned to decent appointments of home life_ You will:find ciful that the penitent soul is._etfree. lie goe_ the road, and it was a bles_d stop to me--i suffer, to toil, to endure, to be mis: a bank a co-operative store, a _wmili a box through life with a _on_, x ith an abiding jby;. found rather an obscure street and turned down treated and falsely accused. A will factory, a salmon cannery owned and op cated he is forgiveil saved,--e. S_A,L_', JoNes. court and there was a little chapel I wanted so resigned to God that He eouhl by tltese. Indiaus en_aged in profitahle industry, to _'o somewhere, but I did not know. this place. cotrust you wish the earth as an You will find a school where Indian. I_oys and Those Difficult Words.. It'was tlie Primitive Methodists' chapel I had" inheritance, yet you would l>oswssit girls are taught to read" and _rite. to think and At one of the meetings for Christian workers heard of these people from many, and'how the.g' only to t e gory of -God. Put all live You will find'a church where an Indian (durina the fir.'t NorthEel_ Conference) _Xir. sane so loudly that they made people)s heads the resignation in.the will of Jesus clergyman i_ p_eaching the gpspel of eternal life, Moody pre_nted a veryhigh ideal for the rain- aebe: but that did not matter. I wanted to knots" 1o the will of God and man and you anti an Indian musician, once a medicine man, istry_ and spoke severely of those who failed in how I migbt be saved, and if the# made my head ". have His meekness., beating a tom-tom _s now playing a pipe organ, their sacred 6aIHng. His words'were very pointed, ache ever so much. I did 'not care. S0, sltting (cj Let us consider His lowliness, Hi= while a.congregation of Indians sing the great and a young theol0gue who was present winced, down, the sers'ice went on. but no minister came. -. humility. ' He, our Lord and Mas. Ivmns of ' he c arch to the praise of Almighty attd spoke out ingenuously: At Ia.q" a very thin looking.man came into the ter, had never, a shush: of selfish God." And this all came'about because William _ "Mr: Moody, I don't see any such ministers as" pulpit and 9pened his Bible and read these words: is to die to pride, the root of the did his'best in the place God saw fit to put him: remonstrance, hut not rude. Quick ag a flash the earthj Just _tting liis eyes'upon me, as jf.pride. ThusNeed to learn I sayhismore? lox_,'ly heart This Duncan Vicarious _vcrcame Sufferinghis initial di_ppolntment, and _ you came describe." the retort: It was a frank and outspoke_n 'Look hc hnewuntomeme, all and by heart, be ye saved/ he said. all'young the ends man. of _econd crisis involves the death of There _as a great _rdigmus anti mthtary leader _/ou are a young mpn-yet, you wdl sce many --you-are in trouhlel.. _Vel, I ms _surg en_pugh the sell "wilt. nnd the death of the in the Causasus b_' the name of Schamyl, who 6f them. Tarry in Jericho unlll your beard be Says he, 'You Will never get out of it unless you self-pride. To be as lrce from fl_ese died in 1871 Bribery and corruption "were so grown." look to Christ.' And then lifting up his hands. as was Jesus. And you shall find bad among his followers that. in order to'.stoi_ it, The'reply was unjust and it 'hurt, ytt there was he cried oat, _. only I think a Primitive Met.hrest unto your souls. When _,elf-will he gave a command_ that whoever.should.be too much llfe in the meeting for stopping. In edict could do, 'Look, look, lookl It is only and pride are gone there goes with giulty would be punished with a hdndred lathes, writing of the _ene, a friend says: " look.' said he. I saw at once the way of salvothem all that causes restlessness of A culprit was brought before him. It was hts "It,went on with a'dear sense that the conn.- "tion. Oh, how I did leap [or joy at that mesoul _wn mother. Schamyl shut himself up in' his gelist had dropped, a little, from his standaed el ment. I know not what else he said--i did not

29 I I 18 THE PREACIIER'S MAGAZINE TIIE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE 19 THEMes-Spiritual Edliglttenment. IV. A living, progressive institution. take much notice of it--i was so posses, ed with "lvheu Mr. Moody ttgaiu asked. those who Text--Epbesians 1: 18, 19. "Groweth unto a holy temple in the Lord." ' I. To know the hope of His calling, \',. 2t. that one thougbl. Likeas when the brazen ser- really wanted to become Christians to ri_, tile : pent was lifted up, they only looked and were 'whole'audience got up. lie did not even then II. To know the riches of His inheritance in the V. "lqle purpose of tile temple. healed, I had been waiting to do fifty things, know what.to do. so he told all who were really " saints.. " "'Au habitation of God thrmlgh the Spirit." hut when I heard this word. 'Look? what a in earnest to meet the pastor there the next night, IIL To know the excbeding greatness of liis.\'s: 22. charming word it seemed to me_ Oh 1 looked "The next day tie went over to Dublin, but on power: until I could almost bare looked my eyes away, Tuesday morning rcccived a dispatch urging him Ttlf._lt:--Spiritual Re-enf.orcetnent andin heaven I will look on still ifimy joy un- to return, saying there were more inquirers on Ttt_tE--Dead in Sins. Text--"Thathe wouhl grant you, according to utterable.- Monday than on Sunday. He went back "anti Texl--Ephcsians 2: 1"-3. the riches oi his glory, to be strengthened with "I now think I am bound never to, preach a held meetings _ for ten days, and four hundred I. One dead in sins"walks according to the m_ght hy Id_ Spirit in the inner man." Ephestans _.ermon without preaching to sinners I do think were taken into that church, course of this world. Vs. 2..1: to. that a minister who can preach a _rmon without "After some time what was perhaps the secret l. Thus ruled by the prifice of the power of --- addressing sinners does not know how to preach." of this marvelous manifestation of the Spirit's "the air. "l'tlt:.ml:--'rhe Indwelling Christ. wo._king was revealed. There were two sisters 2. Is possessed of the spirit of disobedience. To\t--"That Chr st may dwe in :,'our heart by AnJwered Prayer belongin_ to that church, One was strong, the El._One dead "ill sins' fulfills the desires of the f:fitb?' Epbeslans 3: 17, In the year 1872 Mr. Moody. the famous evan- other Was bed-ridden. One day as the sick woman" flesh and mind. Vs. 3, f.c. 1. Christ's indwelling made possible through gelist, wens to England, but with no thought of was befi_oaning her condition the. thought came I. In his conver.oation ur behavior. faith. Vs, 17, I. c. conducting meetings. He hoped to rest, and to to her that,she could at lea.q pray and sbe began 2_By obeying 5infni lusts. II.Chri:Vs indwirlling establishes one. sit at the fedt of some of England's great preach- to pra)_ GOd to revive her church. Day and Eli. One dead in sins ts hy nature, the child of "Rooted and grounded in love.". Vs. 17, [. c, ors. But God had ordered otherwise_ for one day nighther prayer went up to God, wrath. Vs_ 3, 1. e, Ill Christ's indwelling enlarges one's visioti. at the close of the service in the Old Baiey "One day site read in a paper an account ol "That ye ma_, be able to comprehend with pra_,ermeeting, the Rev, _.fr. Lessey, pastor of a._ome meetings Mr. Moody had held in America _'fh_;r,tn--how Men Are Saved. all,saints," etc. Vs.- l& rhurel_ in the north of London, asked him to and. t _ougb.she did not know'him, she began to Text--Epbeslons 2: 5.9. IV. Christ's indwellink reveals the mysteries of preach for him the next Sabbath Mr. "Moody pray that God would send him. to her church. I Regenerated--qu ckenet from' the death of th_ low of God. consented, On the Sunday mornit_g Mr. Moody preached, sins. Vs. $,. "To know the love ol Christ which passeth As related by his biographer, "The morning her _ister went &ome and said: "Who do you IL Raised up to,communlon with Christ, Vs. 0. knowledge)' Vs. 10. f. e. service seemed very dead nnd cold. The people think preached this lfiorning?' Ill. Saved. not by works--lest ally shouhl boast. V. Christ's indwelling gives acce_ to the'fullness. did not show much interest, and he felt that tt "She suggested the names'of several with whom Vs, _, of God. had been a morning inst. But at the next service, " her pastor was in the habit of exchanging, Fi- IV. Saved, by grace--so all must trust. Vs. 8: "That 5'e may be filled with all the fullness which was at half-past slx in the evening, it holly her sister told her, 'It was Mr. Moody,. _ of God.". Vs. lo. I. e.._eemed while he was preaching as if the atmos..from America.' 'I know what that means,' cried. - TH_tE--Rei:oneiled by the Cross. _. phere was chat:god with the Spirit of God. There the sick woman; 'Gocl has heard my prayers.' Text_'_And that he might reconcile both unto TIIEME--tlOW God Answers Prayer. camc a hush upon all the peol'ile_ and a quick "Mr. Moody believed that it was this revival o God in one body by the cross." Ephesians 2:16. Text.--"Now unto him that is able to do exresponse to his words, though he had not' been that carried him hack to,e_gland the next yeary A careful study.of the context ',viii reveal a ceeding abundantly above all we ask or think, much in prayer that day and could not under- series oi _ontrasts. according to'the power_ that, worketh in us." I, By nature we were aliens from the corn- Epbesians 3: 20. :tand it, ".Ii " DEPARTMENT OF SUGGESTIONS monwealth of Israel. Vs. 12. Through the "When lie bad finished preacbipg hc asked all who would like to become Christians to rise, that By D. S. Cor.Z.zrr cross we are brdugm nigh tn God. Vs. 13. TITBITS OF MISSIONARY he. might pray [or them. People rose all over Last month we presented_a series of suggested II. By nature we were strangers to the cove- INFORMATION the house until it seemed as if the whole a,udienee topics from the hook of Galatians. We'are pro- nant of promise. Vs. 12. Titrough the PERU was getting up. senting this month. a series from the book of cram we are reconciled to God, Vs. 16, By D. H. WALSVORTIt "/_f., Moody said to "blmself: '_/'bese people Ephbslans, Ill. By nature we have no hope anti are without Peru has a total popuhtlon of about 5,GOO,OO0, don't undestand me, They don't know what I TIII_ME--,-Our Possessions in Christ. God in the worhl. Vs, 12. Through the inhabitants, but this is hardly.more than au comean when I ask them to rise.' He had never Exposition of Ephe*lans 1: "cross we have acces._ to the Fathe'r. V_. lb. timate,'it may be a million ml/re, because the --. savage tribes have never beeb counted- These all seen such results before, and did n6t. know what I. We are chosen In Him to be holy. Vs. 4. make off it, *.o he pulthe test" again... I TIII_M_.--Tbe Temple of Gad. must look to the Church of the Nazarene for "'Now,' he said, 'all of you who want to be- 1, In Him we have redemption. Vs..7. Ttxl--Ephcsians 2: "ltoline_, w thont which no man ghall see tbe come Christians just step into the inquiry-room.' I The Forgiveness of Sins. - " I..Jesus the chief currier stone of the temple.,lord)'. _. _ They went in and crowded the _oom so that they 2. Through the Riches of His Grace. Vs _ had to take fn,e_lra chairs to seat them all. The IlL" In Him we have obtained an inheritance. Vs. II. The foundation. God's revelation to the The i=hurch of the Nazarepe iu Peru has taken minister was surprised and so.was Mr. Moody.. 11, prophets and apostles, Vs. 20. the responsibility for the evangelizing of rome Neither had expected sixth a blessing. They had IV. In Him we have trusted. V_. 13. Ill, The temple a holy commumon, t_0.000 souls plia_---a great unknown quantity of not realizedthat God can save by hundreds and V, In Him we are sealed by the Holy. Spirit. "Fellow citizens with the saints," Vs. 1O, Aguaruna Indians. Ihonsands as well as by ones and twos Vs. 13

30 i I I 20,_TIlE PREACItER'$ MAGAZINE THE PREACItER'S MAGAZINE" 21 Thenorthern bom,da,y fineofo.rntlss,on,or cludihg thewo,d ofod.thananyotfier.l our " lji... " ritory in Peru begins at tile Pacific nceat[ and mission fields, Tile seed has been sown, the barunknown point_beyoml our,present mi_._ionampng " --'--:"--: :--. i begins at the Pacific ocean at MalabriRo and fol- AS SEEN BY ONE'OF OUR MISSION- ", -,' tile It_ws Anuaruna clear polit'ieal Indiafis boundary The soutbern lines to tile boundary Mar- ARIES AT THE FRONT ' ,.. anoo River and Bellavista near Jaen, thence the-.. By Roar_ S. Wts^_ts erotically as the crow flies to Barranea on the Some fi.fteen years:ago a: Nazarene preacher THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT IN witb. Jolm and others who bad seen tile Lord." },_aranon river. The _two boundary lines have moved to one of tbe _uthwestern stktes for the THE.LIGHT OF RECENT RESEARCH Pofyearp was martyred A. D. 135, "and was a never been" joined. Future houndaries 'on our sake o[ his wife's health. He found a few people _ By BASIL W. MZLLEa Cbristian follower of Christ for eighty-six gears, who were hungry Iot'holiness. or already had the 3tudies in the Gospel o] Johll and a persbnal, follower of John the Apost'le,_as The ml-sion horse at Pomara for work amon_ experience. A revival, a church ofgaoieation, and Before we. make a study of the picture of he say_, lie was not simply.alive when John the tx_zuaruna Imllans is built native style, belntt a dleap tabernacle on rented lots in tile center of Christ as presented in the Greek :Testament, it is wrote the-.gaspel, but in bi_' epistle the a' Iong,.oval-shaped bouse of huge" cilmenslons tile town was the obtcome ofhis efforts: This necessary to devote gome tim#to' tbe Gospels by First Epistle of John. Iren_eus quotes fbe Fourlh witb an immense thatcl ed roof.2 To "go out into pastor held, like many others, that he was doing John and Mark. We have shown thai a knotvl. Gospel one hundred time_, and credits it to the thefront yard" onqe must descend a steep bluff missionary work just as truly as any missionary edge of Luke's _;ritings in tile original, instead of Apostle John. He also. accepts tbe other three about twent_ feet. And if you leave by way of iv Africa,or Chin_,,, and. that therefore he was, weakening our belief in the trustworthiness of Gospels as those according to Mattbe_% Mark the "front gate" you. must step into a dugout really entttled fo misstonary money from Head: " the New Teslament, etrenglhen_ it. OnCe critics anti Luke.: Tfieopllus of Antioch tahout A: DI canoe, because tile "front fence" is the 3Iaranon quarters; but fhat owihg to the arbitrary rtdin_s' dared assert that if one knew this work in the 180) in his three books to Autolycuc, a heathen, river. " '.. of missionary leaders he could not secure the de- original Greek, superior scholarship forced him" quotes John by name as One of tile apostles. So slred financcs. The'only remedy,_,as to keep tile to deny the authenticity of his statements. No also Clement of Alexandria. head of thg, carechet- Some of. the applicants for entrance imp the attention of his membership centered as much as longer.is such a position tenable, "Two problems [cai school there from A. D. f89 onwardl quute. azatene Bible School ie Monsefu. Peru. cannot possible od the ura_nt local needs, and seitd in to now face us: that of John's Gospel, more cape- the four Gospels over [our hundred times, and write and can scarcely _ead,$elno one can dou_ fteadquarters as little money as pussibl_. The dally _tablishing its authorship and something cites John's Gospel by name. Going hack toasla their call to the ministry. Our gi'ammar school second pastor to this. little flock bold the _ame ak to tbe date o( its formation, and a brief study the evidence is still stronger. The Diate.tsaran of had to be closet] and has not yet been reopened theory but in :l modified form, of Mark'sGospel in. light of recent knowledge. "Titian is a 'blended harmony of the Gospels, and because of lack of money to pay the _upport of One of the more _piritual members of the After thc_e are _olved, then we.can g(l as the it begins with the first verse of the fourth Gospel. the needed teachers and _ludents. church ventured'fl_e following t_xplanation of the critic affirms with a scientific beliel In the dec-. and'closes with _he epilogue of this Gospel. The situation: "If out'pastors were more enthustasttc.,triune concerning Christ anti the supernatural. I[ date cannot be later than._. D. 160 or 170. This In the great Evangelical Con_re_s in Montevi- about foreign mt_tous we would be more on- "Mark and Joh_ stand the scientific te_ts of rood- shows fhat the Gospel of John bo_ general acdee it was revealed that Peru is tbe most Roman tbusiasti about their support, and.as a result the., era scholarship, as Luke does. then the afftrmatiotts ceptance by this time. Lightfoot and Zahn, the : Catholic and most Oiflieull nation to evangelize church wouhl prosper financially. The false ira- "of the Gospels concerning Christ, ahd tbe divine English and the German adtolars of the'pa_t eenin all Latin America. Tile climate is very hard prt._ion which has linen*reared that our preachers _rigin of Christianity-must be accepfed, tury, have proved the genuineness of the- _ven on all foreigners. A' wi_e general always masses arc stingy or _]fish bas created stin_ine.s and The Fourth Gospel challenges _ur inter_t from shorter Epistles of Ignatius. The date of these " troops at the difficult points alon_ tile hattie line..elfishness in the memher_bip." every point of view. If" is a masterful work of A.D. f09.ll6. ' Zabn writes, "This dependence of Our field in Peru should never have less titan "ntis little cbureh.continues to,exist to this -hrt, _od fis same have maid. "It is the'supreme lgnatiug upon JOhn has been used as an argotwelve missionaries on the field and two on fur- pre_em day_ but has n'e et prospered., literary _;ork of the woi'ld." Robertson wt!tes, meet against the gent_inene_s of the Ign_lla_l Iough at any time. In one of our dlstri_:ts it was my privilege to."it hasthe dramatfc quality of Shake_p. are; the letters." This hut sh6ws.the influence of the _ act as messenger boy and errand runner for one simplicity of Homer, the profundity of Job. Gospel on Ignatius writing at this early age.. An eight-day Annual Native Assembly has been.f our 'faitbful _astors for a short time, making There are only thirty pages of it, but (t tells, us Hence the Gospel mast have been in existence by held for the past eight years in I_losefth Peru It trips to a nearby village where there were pros- more of Jesus than the Synoptic Gospels andnu the dose of tile first'century, and attributed to " is intensively evangelistic:, and hundreds attend, pect_.of bringing about a' drarch -organization. other.beaks in tile world. The vocabulary fs Johnthe Aposf[e. H_,yes says, "All the discoverespecially in the night services. " In the beninning Before tile time came t6 hitch the tent add hold limited at/d the Greek is stmple, thougb at_cusare,.ie_ of the past ce.tury-proved to be favorable to plans were made for the t_radu_l trainh_g of the the meeting I was _one, sod never made the ac- vernacular Kofne,. while it brembes a Hebrew the Johannine authorship of the book.' No disnatives for the time when they would have their quaintance of a single member of the congrega- soul. It is the He y of he es.n[ re g pus books" coved" ha_ given aid to fbe opponents of that regular annual district assemblies for thchandlina lion. My interest in-thfsaittle group led n_e to This ls the evaluation of the Gospel of all ages fact." of the bu_ines_ of,the Church of the Nazarene in look up their standinailt the mlnutes_i their for-all Christians by tht: greate*t New Tea-. The relation of the fourth Gospel to the Apoc- Peru, Last )'ear the brethren elected their own " district assembly last year. Small membership, lament Greek sd_obr'of our century, M_,p_-h_ caused speclal I'rauhle becauseof th_ - - district treasurer and district Secretary, thus el- fair supporf for pastor and district su0eri.tendent,. The external evidence as to the authorship of ma.y linguistic features of the Apocalypse, Be_ fecttng a better organization, but not one cent for Ioreign missions or the'gen- tile Gospel l._ much stronger than.it once was. yond a doubf there is some room for criticism as " The last comaprative report of all our mission oral interests of the church..d{d I make a mls. Irenzus in hls let for to Florlnus (about A- D, any" one who is famllia_, with the Greek of the ileitis shows that the Peruvian workers dislrlb-. '.lake in.arling as messenger boy: for that goad 1001 tells.of his being a disciple el Polysarp anti two can see. In the latter there ace many lapses uted retire tracts and. other goad literature, in- pastor? of "the accounts which be-gave of his intercourse in case and humber, louse and irregular handling

31 I 22 TItE.PRF.ACHER'S MAGAZINE _ ' I _ THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE ' 23 - of tile intinitive_ and participles. Such solecisms IleJt_mt de* viertejz Et_ungelisten has ppio_.ed out are common, Robertson points out, in the more the Semetic character of this Gospel by citing " to tile scientific foumlatbm of the matter. When the highest vi_nificance as an auxiliary in the itilliterate papyri ofthe Koine. On th6 other hand rabbinic parallels to the language of much of. it uric reads tile n igbh" works of such men as terpretatinn of the Word of God. It is just such tile language of the.gospel is wondrous for its verse by verse. Dr. Burney, professor at Ox[ord_ Lightfoot. Zahn, Wescott, Hurt anti Robeitson. ',yolk as every mini[ter or Sunday _cbool teacher beauty, though its range is limited..these differ- states as lds firm conviction that the book was men who have beeu recognized in their debts the does wir'[i lie takes up bls Pcioubet's Notes. or " cares bare been 01ought to be due to a difference written in Aranmic This wmdd, itproved,greatly. world o_:ei" in be the leading scholays, it but hi_ Stalkrr's "St. Paul" or Geikie's "Hours nvith of autimrship. It bus been suggested by the sttcngtltcn the position of tile uhity anti the art- gives him more assurance that the ohslaugl_ts of the Bible" to fiitd out all that.he can with. regard critics that "a John. tile Presbyter, wrote th, thor_bip of Jnllll ol the.gospel Fdr Jesus, crttieism will avail nothing, and that the New to the portion of tbe Bible he is s udying. Such Apocalypse, anti that th'_ au hor of tile Gust;el _s though Ire._poke Greek on most ucgash}ns when ill Testament will go on conuuering and It_ conquer, stt.ldy t"_not only desirable, but indispensable Ior iinknown. This is the'theory of 1Moffatt. in big conimun_ties where (;reck was u_ed, ordinarily I'IrTSBL'Rt;It, l'ai. every evangelical minister. Inlrodttction to the Literoture o] the New Felix. ainu,g the Jews spoke the Aramaic." Mark transmeat, who is more popularly known because of IMed some of Jesus' Aramaic sayings into Greek. Having gone t_ms far, it is necessary to declare ourselves in hearty accord witil the words o[ CaubLS recent traoslation of the Bibll: into plalu "The New Testament as we bare it is Greek, the THE PREACHER'S ATTITUDE TOWARD ever_,'day language..a good dls_usslon ol the current koine df the first century as tbc papyri THE CRITICAL STUDY OF THE BIBLE onhague: "No study perhaps requires so devout 'linguistic peculladtj6s of Johnts writings can be prove. But it is impossible to cut the New Tes- By Ft.oYo W. NF_SF. a spirit and so exalted a faith in tile supernatural found in Roberlsdn's Grammar o/the Greek Ige_ct tamem entirely free from its Semeiic environ- as the pursuit of tile higher criticism. It demands Testament _ the Light o] Histdrica! Research, medt." writ_ Robertson in The Christ o,f, the WItEN Biblical once criticism it' isis, determined wh_t are ltswhat fruits,.at'oncethe plicity of file ability believingof child the scholar of God. and.the For without' simpp. I33ff, wll_cb book should be owne(] by every.logia; In the future tlt_ scholar that speaks with anti the methods employed, tile attl- " faith no one can explain the Holy Scriptures and student of tile New Tesfameot.Greek III can be assurity concermng the New Testament must not rude of the evangelical minister wilt be easily dis-.without scholarship no one can investigate his. from our house for $8.50L Along writ 0nly he trained in.grerk, hut he must know the corned. And let no one assume that. the term is torie 6rigins." There is a higher criticism ihat is these )ingulstic peculiarities it bus been charged Aramaic. and ever1 the Syriae will be of great tltat a pbilosophicm theory, colors the Gospel. asslstauee to Idm,since the first-translatlon _f the used commonly without equivocation even by at once reverent in. tone and scholarly ih work Tbls objection " " " is easily answered by commending Nt_ Tt._lamenl "was in titat language. P.,_plas tho_e who are other, than members.of the laity. (Green, Orr, BLSseII, Munhall, Moiler, Anderson,, The term Biblical criticism is never used by some 1dim for trying to interpret Jesus to the thlnk_rs states bat Matthew t_rote the Logta of Jesus ii. Parker, Kennedy, Harne, LIrquhart). of us except as an introductiou to a discussion of It is an admission that cann_ be made without of HLS day, which, is the case.with reference to Hebrew {Aramaic) which each translated as,be infidelity attd as a precursor far tile vehement utthepldiosophy of tile Lotus. As to tile ]ingtdstic was able. It is now ntaintained by many scholars teranee of certain stock phrases decrying the justly reluctance, but one forced from every lover of oddities.of the Apocalypse as compared to the that this was the Q uf criticism (with which wc "the faith once fog all delivered," that the great other writings of Jpbn, many of these disappear shall deal later}, the fion-mark_u source common condemned German rationalism. However Bibliwhen one thoroughly make_ a study ol them. In " to our _,Iatthew and Luke. Some scholars also cal criticism, _ properly understood, deserves bet-" host 0f the!eaders of hlgiter critical research bare reality hack Of the differences in the style of the.argue that Mark.was also written in thearamatc, te_"treatment at our hai{ds, conducted their investigations fn such a manner. " and bav_ been imbued with such k spirit that the two books, there is a fundamental linguistic unity Burney _uggests that tile Ara'mMc de- wl_ich has One of the most import_._t hran'ch_ of theology outcome is totally'subversive to faith and trends tltat hinds them unbrcahably together, so many different sltades of meaning may lie be- is properly termed the science of BiblicaldrlticLsm,. towhrd tile eiimination of the _upernaturm-from Again the fourth Gospel bus been dlseredited hind John'suse of ind:iu the Gospel and even of All who use ti_e Bible sltould be "critics" in the the Bible, the umanizat nn of Christ and the debecause of its many differences in comparl_on oil. If such is'the ca.=e, that the Gospel was writ- sense of, constantly using their '*judgment" on ification of man. When thus conducted." higher with the Synoptic Gospels. It has been stated by ten in Aramaic the authorship anti unity ure sure- what is.before ihcm. criticism becomes destrtictive, and is the foe.0f Bacon of the Yale Divin!ty Seltool that either the ly affirmed to have been from John. In the early sta_es of the science, Biblical c.rit. ' evangelical belief and. at its worst, the ridiculer synoptic picture of Jesus fs correct or that of Tltere.bave yet been no cases suggested front i_tsm was devoted to two large branches, the of Christ!an experiedce. John, If one, then the other is false. But on an historical or a linguistic standpointflint dis- Lower and the [flglter. The Lower Criticism, or The leaders of modern destructive higher eritthe other hand Moffatt, a critic also, who rank_ proves tile Johannine autl_orship of tim Gospel as it is now more _enerally called: Textual Crit- _ctsm are men witita strong bias against the suns one _[ the leading scholars in bls field, says Our position is titus strengthened, we'can believe ' '.' ieism, had for its ta_k the study of the text ol pernatural. The men who have been and are the Ibai the day is past when one can play off one with greater certitude in that marvelous person- Scripture and included investigation of the mau- voices of the movement are notoriously opposed against the other in a hopc.tn discredit thuselther age _'esns which we _ee so deftly and so divinely.. nscripts, and (he different readings _in the various to the miraculous, From the days of the origin the first three Gospels or the last one. Suffice it portrayed by John the beloved,. versions and codices anti manuscripts' in order of the modern critical movement.by the Dutch. -to say. ou this point that at present'modern schol- Where then Itas modern criticism from purely that ft might he made certain that we have the rationalist and philosopher Baruek Si6enoza, m- ars in this field are divided against themselves, hlstorieal and Imgutstic-ptit]ciples arrived? Have original words as they were written-by the di- eluding the early English rep?esentative Hobber, but even from a lingulstle standpoint alone there critics _ohb_d us hf a single book? Have they vinciy inspired writers. If the term is so used. and the.fi:enchman Astruc, embracing the Geris notidng to discredit either,.for dielr pictures elindnaled a single doctrine? tfave they dis- Erasmus, BengeL TLscbendorff, Screvenes, Weseott man critics from. Eiebhorn to Baur and Strahs_, supplement each other, as we hope to show-in a proved_fi_e'hislorlcul statement of the New Tes- and Hurt.may be properly called lower criti _, numbering also the-brithh-american group Icdby 'hter article, lament? In no one case has criticism been able The higher criticism on the other ]iand was Davidson, Driver and Briggs, not one leader.of On the other band as was suggested by Light- to take front us a book affirmed to be dlvioe[# in- - used to designate" the aiudy of the historic origins, tbls movement has been willing to accept in afiy foot oi the last generation.the fourth Gqspci spired, a doctrine Imslc to arty book, or to prove the dates, and authorship_ of the various books proper'sense thesupernatural elementbltbeseripreveals traces of having been written iu the Ar- that a mistake was made in a single historical of the Bible and that great branch of study which, tures--all have been men who have based their amaic, for the Greek seems to have been cast.in reference. "Knowledge hut strengthens our ortl_, in the technical lartguagc of modem theology, is theorie_ of judgment, evaluation and lnterpreta. tl Hebrew mohl Schlatter [t_ Die $#rache und odox positionl accurate scholarship but brings us known us introduction. It is thus _en to be a lion on their own subjective theories very valuable branch of Bibllcnl science having TI_c nutcome of such a mo_,emnt, wldie diver-.

32 24 THE PREACItER'S MAGAZINE "].'HEPREACItER'S MAGAZINE 25 I sited.in numerous detail_, eventuates in the de- been gained I_y the doctrine and it_ status at dements is the basis of Old Te_,tament eriticism_ ing the modern cnntroversy over tile Bible. The struction of the Chl'istlan system of doctrine anti present.is such that it presumes to d/ctate terms is freely a_lmitted.by Dr. Albert C. Knudsan in - preaches is a'speeialist and as such he must know af the whole f_brlc of systematic theology. Canon Io the whole intellectual world his "Relig[ous Teaeflinns ofthe Old Testament." his field and his text book, Certainly it is a se- '_be a/)plication of tile criterion of reason, in.rious error to spend one's time studying obont tbe Henson tells us that the day has none. byfor "The German pl_ilosopher, ItegeL who made. ev- the linht of the principle of evolution, and ac- Bible and neglect to study the Bible. Yet to Ill-,. proof-tqxts and' harmonics. It is not'enougb for. oluiion the central blea of his doctrine, declared cordia_ to the indlvhlual judgment of the im,esti- orally be a man of "one book" today unfits'the a theologian to turn Io a book in the Bible. and. thai "the _narch of.god throu_b history" was uatar must be depended upon to gwe us the "as- preacher to bea leader of a people awake to the '. bring out a text in order to establish a doctrine, the total sipnificance of the world. This was a sured results", o[ hlblica] study. It is unfalr, to problems of modern life and investigation; more- It migbt be in a book. or a portion of,the book revivin_ of a. principle for wmch tbe whole ra- expect agreement, for there is "no king... lau- over. he will lilmself soon l;each-the limit of his that the destructivb critics have proved (?_ to be ti_malistic worhl was evidently waiting. Vatke thority] in Israel [critical investigation], every p_vn comprelmsion and'fall in the effort to lead a forgery or an anachronism. It might be in discovered in the tlegclian p[filo._ophy of evolu- man doeth that" wlueb... s right In his : own eyes," his flock into new pastures. Deuteronomy, or in Jonah, or in Daniel, and m lion a means of Bible criticism. The Spence-,_ he 'reaches his own conclusions. -Thus we. find May we. then. for a closing momenl turn our that case of course it would be out of the ques- riar philosophy, aided and re-enforced by Darwin- Wdlhausen esrtain of twenty-two different au- back on the destructive distortion of biblical ericties to accept it. ism llas tended to establish a prlnciple wbisb thors--all of them unknown--fee.the books of ieism and consider what a minist.er ma_ hope to Before we consider further the fruits of thc de- makes the. whole world ta be.in a slate of flux M'oses, white Kuenen is satisfied with sisteen, find in a devout" reverential pursuit of the science structively critical attitude, it will.be well, ifpus- and-flow. Species, once accepted as individual The noted English critic. Canon Cheyne, is _id under consideration. A brief enum_er/ttion of the "sible, to locate the roots of the tree, t c tap. root. and inviolable products of special creation, w_re' to divide.the booh of Isaiah into one hundred and topics to he treated will perhaps suffice to indlcate if it can be found, What. then, is the funda- declared to Ire unstable." mutable and changing.' sixty divislons,.and all by unknown 'author_ and the breadth of the field and to furnish a hint of mental principle, the axiom upon whish the de- The astronomical world was sho_;n to be a con- scattered over a period o[" four and one-hall con- the interest to be fouml in them.' structive critisisr_ proceeds? It is upon. tbe idea, stant, succession of nebular and :hanging solar, turies. The same illuminating metbod has en. Biblical archaeology; biblical geography; nat-. as' Renan expressed it that reason s capableof systems. Philosophy accepted tim principle anti abled these critics to discover that lodging all th ngs, bet is of itself judged of seth- truth was found to be.unstable, and values were ural historyl hermeneuties: apologetics; evidences int, The formative force of tl_is"higber critical declared to be subject to the criterion of itsabffily.the Jebotvah of the Old Testament is some el authenticity; autborship; dateg: eireumstances movement isa'rat/onafistic-force and the "whilh- ant] "casb" considerations. Standards of.ethical beaches God introduced by Da_,'id, surrounding the writings; problems considered crsoeverne_" of the' most rationalistic is eagerly qualities; such as honesty, virtue, rlghte_usne_._ Abmbam either never lived or was a Canaan. and the character and conditions of those ad, pupoued by those leaders wbo should have learned a_d justice are not. established for6;zer in the no- Its thief--more likely a mylh. dressed ; such problems as there cannot be with- that it is es,.ent/al that.we "cast down imaglna, tore of the universe and in the character of God, The twelve sons of Jacob are very probably out interest to a thoughtful minister. cliffs, and every high thing that is exalted against hill are changeable and changing in.theqntermin, tile twelve months of the year.. The practical application of the critical method.the 'knowledge of God, and bring e_'ery thought nlinn of men and arc. finding definition only tn.ex-. As to Moses--there never was such a man. to the prdacber's problems will stimulate greater [ntn-captn'/ty to tile obedience of Christ." The perienee--human experience. And so it goes. A rebimedes only asked (or a effort than their abstract consideratiqn eopld pusanthem of their marching forces has fbr the re- It was too much to assume that any barrier fnl i_um and a lever long enough and he would sibly do. And the light 'sl_ed upon his Bil_treby train and central idea "Where it (reason) leads, "whatever couhl bar the pr'netp[e,'lor which unl- agree to move the world; these critics only ask tbe facts of introduction will be of inestimable I-will follow whets'or the path may be." A'nd rrml application was claimed, from the field.of their you allow their principle of evolution and valuei Personally, I very much doubt Whether their advance, if so I't,be, [s made forgetful of the theology anti Biblical criticism. It is what one the basle axiom of the adequacy.of the human anyone can dea. ate gent y.w th _y, the First fact that the entire history of our race is the his, wpuld expect from a theologian wbose method is,reason, and they will change every doctrine of Epistle of Johh without a considerable knowledge tory of millions of. men gifted with reason wbo avowedly..rationalistic when. we find Protegee. Christian theology and remove the last vestige of " of the background of the writing. What explana-_ bays been in perpetual conflict one.w t another. Jordan stating "the nineteenth century bus up- idolatry in Christendom, i. e,, faith in anin[afllble lion whicb is approvable can be given the first anti tl " at m not a few cases "the greater t!_e pew- " idled to the hi_tory Oftile documents o the'heer of el,asps has been, the greater has been the brew IteOl)leits own magic Word evolution. 'l'he It Is unnecessary, for me to suggest the results a knowiedge al Gnosticism and its bearing onthe an_ inerrant book, "The Bible." chapter, or'any chapter for that matter, w/them error." And it is with such reason that sentence thoutdff represented by that popular word has of critical Ihvestigation in the study'of the New contemporary church. The prologue to the.f0urth is to bc pasoed OliOSa divinely given hookl : been fonnd." be says, "to bare a real meaning In TestamenL With' the 'h_toririty of the. Gogpel Gospel and numerous passages in the writings of It is not easy to say who was the first destruc-_ our investigations regarding tim religious life and narratives largely, if not totally, discredited, the St. Paul will be greatly illuminated if the then tis'e critic. Some would give tbe doubtful honor tbetdoeieal beliefs of Israel," Dr. Franklin John-' miraculous'subtracted from It, ftsst and last, the current doctrines of / /_exandrianism are known. to Diaholus himself; certainly it is not modern by son declares that "were there no bypnthesis el ev- virgin birth, the deity of Christ, the resurrection, Until one has discovered.by critical investigation any means. But in recent times tilers has emerged olution there wouhl be no higher criticism." The and the significant elements el the atonement on his own part or that of another that I Corinth- " " a doctrine wbicb has g_ven a thousand-fold ira- "'assured results.' " he afilrms. "bays been gained, barred by their "principles'or canons of interpre- inns is not indeed the first epistle-which St_ Paul petus to this obnoxious cntictsm. I refer to the after aft, riot by an inductive _tudy oi th 9 biblical-- tat!on, the New Testament is devitaliz_d and ' directed to the church at Coridth, one can hardly hypothesis popularly known as evolution. Of books to ascertain if tbey present a great variety " shrthks to the slalus of an Eli_bethan drama. - get a synoptic view of the.writing._ Then if- one. _ course evolution, cosmic and biologisal_ Is not bf styl_ and vocabularies and religious points of Toward destructive criticism, criticism of. the may add some knowledge of the heterogeneous new; its rudiments" may he leased hack al.lea_l view. T.h y have been attained.by a_um[ng that type Just mentioned, "the evangelical minister can nature of the membership, the attack fin tbo Paulftve or six centtlri _ before Christ to the first the hypothe'_s of evolution Is true and tho.t the have hut one attitude, that of unalterable opposi- ins apostleshfp, and the peculiar moral problems dawnln,gs of speculative thought in Thales el religion of Israel must have Unfolded itself by a lion, There can, however, be no virtue In igno- of Corinthian file, it will greatly ehhance the Miletus and Heraclitus the "weeping philosopher" process n[ natural evolution." That the principle canoe and he can not afford to be uninformed grasp of, the' discussion, Knowledge el the last of Ephesus. But in modern times n nsw bold has of evolullon wilh its naturalistic and psychological concerning _he Issues and the peindples underiy- eplstle.wlll enable the student to understand that

33 t 26 ;rile PRIiACfII'_P.'S MAGAZfNf:, Tile PIIEACIII'_R'S MAGAZINE 27 l Corhlthlans IS compo-_ed largely of answers to ence and bafknround JWfessary Ill r-dect and read specific questions and efforts to correct actually discriminatingly? _low to aeree with tilt, reastmin_ and deductions for granted, tc] believe that this world--with all _xisting errors and malpractiee_, A..pathway 5, Is it basically more fair foi" the represent- facts, For exa'mple,..om_ time ;n:o ns beauty, its design, ila movements, its harmothrough rite entire epistle, as clear as daylight, is "atives of fundamentalism to assume thai the lib- some sieetrists found some lartte hones ina cer- lupus actions--evolved from an original bit of at once opened when one knows that some of tbe er_ilists' are a set our knavt_, than for the latter to 'hdn western country where th/'y were workimt,. matter--speck of -protoplasm, original cell, or questions asked the Apostle had to do with the assert that the fundamentalists are gnoran uses They put the_e hones touelher as best tbey could; whatever you tnoo_ to call it--than to_believe desirability of marriage or celibacy 'among Chris- and fools?' and those engaged tn tile research then concluded that God, lan all-wi_, n el gent Beinz. with all tians; the relation between master and _lave, the that they were the remains of. an animal.which power, made it by creative fiat. When I say we eating of meat offere_l to idols; decorum in pub- " had fivetlrin the prehistoric :tee. the species now" believe it easier to belicve God made it'_by creallc worship; St,, Paul's desires regarding a pro- SOME MEDITATIONS " CONCERNING being extinct. It would' he folly to dispute the live fiat rather than that 'it developed from a posed collection; a schismatic cdndition existing EVOLUTION find ng jff the hones, or the fact that the)' were.perk of protoplasm, or cell even witb inherent over what we would term the call of the pastor; By J. WA_RZ,_Stole: the bones of a certain kind of aninnd, lot thn-e life and power of reproduction and de.._elopment, " _ VOLUTION, according to Webster_ is an were facts, quite evident The question was l am disallowing the position of the theistic evothe relative value and significance of the gifts of.._ unfolding, amanifestation of related ev_'nts the the Lord Spirit; or proper the love observance feast; the filaee of the of supper women of m. in a natural or orderly succession, a thing whether imal the or conclusions not tile animal of. those wps scientists the kind led o[ Ihrln an, hllioni_l. ostic or atheist If I _houkl whose conteml position,is against hardly tile worth of- a,church newly hewn out of ueathendom in.the or _-erie_.of thincs'ewdved, Evolutlop. as inter- IO suppose, anti it so when that animal had lived, i.onsklering, I should say#w_ hell.god made first century; and lingingevery digcus._lanthecon- p/eted and advocated i. current philosophical lnahis particular c_se. it happened that a farmer the _orhl, by cre, a t ire s'_r I "s r CA to - sideration of an fnsidous attack upon th_ Pauline and theological hinking may mean one of sev- living nearfiy was found who remembered that a i)elieve in God and t l_ apostleship hy tfertain.members of the Corinthi_:n oral things The agnostic aml atheist interpret it very large elephant ov.'ned hy a. circus Which had to bavg_fnith cnoug_/_k., group. Not a few of these problems couhf be an- to mean that all things evolved from an original died a half century L_,fore. was hurled,m his Ltrev,'out of nothing_'o_' ". ' _" _r* ticipated by one who had some knowledge of the bit of molter'which.contained the principle of father'_ farm at.that very spot. These bones which orizinated through chemical co_'u_st_0n, *_ facts'revealed by the science of'biblical criticism, expansion and reproduction, and when asked were doubtless rile hones df that very elephant, the origilyof which elements producing chemical In the sense that the minister should give at- concerning the.origin of that bit of matter, with There wa_ no'occasion t_ douht li_ fact of the rombus io "no.one will even dare to' attempt to its.generating, rqproducing and expanding power, hones, but when all the facts were known, the expla " Some time.ago I placed this _argument _. ten_ii_n to such considerations as these, much more they may even go so far as to say that file bit t_f " " _ ", _ consideration than I think we customaril2/accord conclusions were far different from what they I)efore a,,'cry earned evo ut unit iit_lln_ as e. matter, pregnant _,vith life, the principle o[ ex. were.with t e evfilence' onlypartially in attd the city, Imagine his reasonings when he said, "This Ihem, every minister should be a "bifilical critic, pansinh and power o[ reproductilm, ',vhs the re-. a_ facts partially known..thus we nee(_ not _loubt happened so many billions of ",'earsago we need and as such, his pastoral mlnistty will be greatly sult'bf chemical reaction in rile atmosphere. 'l'he "- enhanced in effectiveness, the results of research in any field wbere evidence nut bother ourselves about how it came to be," theistic thinker interprets il to mean that all is eonclu._ive, for we ard sure that when r_earcb What a wonderful premise on which to base such May I suggest some questions Which. have pc- things evolved likewist_ from a hit of matter, but' as concluded its work and procuredall the facts an Important deduction as thai of the e_istence of ctlrred to me during the course of the wi_itlng of he allows that GOd made tbat original bit of, relative to any liven case, so that the deductions all things, coficerning which philosophers have this paper. Some have suggested themselveslong.matter, anti placed within it toe power of gen- can be correctly drawn, those "i:onclusions will.speculated for agesl since: oration and the principle of reproduction, went a_ree with the statements of Scripture. A very There is a second reason why we cannot qult_: I. Shouhi a preacher ever preach his doubts? off and lett it, and that everything which now is noted archaeologist has state f 'tat nothing ever acquiese in the conclusions.of lhe e./olutionists. If he should no h would the consideration pertain- has evolved o[ its own accord,from Sometltint: discovere_l With all the facts in hanc has been whether they be agnoslic or thelstie. They._ay ing to destructive criticism find more than an in- which has been before it. that everything now is knownto contradict an:,' statement of Scripture, man developed from the gnimals or through a cldental treatment in his public mifiistl_,? in the prdte._ of development, and that when all hut thai on the other hand scores of monuments fine of beings with bodies slmnar to those of tile 2. When helpful texts on Old and New Testa- tldngs have been fu] y evol'.,ed or developed. _tand to confirm Biblical statements. We are, animals. If _o, why are nothuman being., now in meat inti'oductlon are easily available'should nor which may require eountle_ ages, the fullness of therefore, willing to rest our case by accepting the process of development? They say the dethe ffainister be conversant with tile otttstanding lime will be reached, at which time the millen- the Scriptures as they are by faith, believing ther_ velopment is so slqw it cannot be noticed, but We facts of the subjects? And, should he not find nium of peace, blessedness and perfection will to be accurate and having confidence that fi.ny say, if their deductions aleecorrect, there should some systematic way of instructing his laity re- come into its own. The teachings of evolutioni_t_ we donot now clearly understand will he be some evidence of such development--some fording the salient points of the critical contro- differ considerably, eipeela!ly as to details. :so perfectl_ plain when we: have progressed far.humans in the process of development to which versy? that this does not include a stfftement of this line enough in our material knowledge anti spiritual they couhl point to d_onstrate their consention,.3..is any preacher's library complete until be of tbinking in all its ramifications it is. however comprehension to understand the condltioosunder It _ems to ns as tfiou_h the human race degenhas included in it a set of critical commentarles'as in short, a general statement sufficiently compre- whidt they were writter., and the purpose tar crates instead of improves, if l_ft to itself. Cotwell as those of' a homiletlcal and exegetical va- benslve for the prewar'purpose, which they were written to those for wlfom tbey talnly our civilization has advanced in some ma- " fiery?. Prat'tically all the conclusions of those who were intended; and _ e believe further that in tkrlal IbJngs, as the result of educatih_tl but even 4. Would it not be helpful if into the bands of follow the lines of evolution in their tldnking are " the meantime we can get some/yea, much, value at tbat, it. is not certain that our civilization as a our younger ministry tbere could be placed a care- the reasonings or deductions from certain facts from them hy studying their application to us, whole ig more mlvanced than that of the ancients. fully selected anti classified list of the more sug- whlcll are the results of research.in the varlou_ But why do we not accept the conclusions of We admit we have a differenl clvillaatlml. We festive works on biblical criticism and comment fidfils of higher education. No intelligent person tho_e who follow the evolutionistic trend ol have the telepbone, the auto, Ibe radio, the neroto aid them In build/ng up. _helr libraries and to will dispute the facts which haw /icon discovered" thinking? There are several _asons: plane, bt/t "c_n We compare in'our intellectual direct their reading until riley attain the experi- through research, although some-'of us may ue First, we believe it,r_'qulres more faitln, It that achievements wllh the philosophers of Greece or word may he used in tile sense of taking tblnus wilh the pbinldog of Itoman or.even li_llyhmlan I i,

34 Z8 THE PREACHER'S MA_AZINE' THE PREACHER'_ MAGAZINE 29 generalship? Admitting that we are far beyond biblical interpretation that it should not be in tion will not bother us; i[ we get the divinc unc- find material fbr sermons in each one of these those of olden day_ in matters of education and the vocabulary of the evolutionist. To be per. tion, and proclaim the gospel, evolution cannot four classifications_ material achtevcment, does tbat prove that man feet y frank, be should coin a new word to con. stand before us; mstcad, ds did the [ishcrme_ and The fo]lowing_ quotation under "Expository has really advanced? Or to put it more clcariy, vey'.hismeani[ig, just as the Apostle ]_adl coined "otltcrs of 1he first century, we will capture the Preaching" is a gbod sample of'the hdpfulne_ of that he is evolving? You can educate an.ape to a new word to express tile contclat of divine be: citadel., these lectures'and incidentally it indicates the aueat with a knife a_d fork; to smoke a cigaret or nevolence when he wrote of it in.tile thirteenth Wouhi it not be won(lerhd if' cvery pread_er' thnr's sta'nd' on the much mooted question of a.ptpe_ and.to do various other stunts which in- chapter of the first episbe to thc Corinthians. and layman couhl and would have the gospel in novt'lty and the sensational in the church pro? dicatc a conditiot: of. higb understanding. Even Evolution does away with the Bible as God's hls heart,.and in his mind. and the love of God cram (Yes, holiness preachers and churches are theof the ape [s still an ape, and there is no in- Word, for God hath not spoken, ai_d all tire Bible permeating his being, and the unction of the Holy not immune from this new-tangled panacea for _. dication that all apes will smokc gigarcts or eat can bc is a rccord of man's outreaching towards Splrit_ on his testimony so that they wonld go. dwindling crowds_andfailing interest). with kni,vcs and fort_, or even thut_such apes as infinity'and his impres.o[ons and experiences in.a forward with one purpose, viz.: to carry the. "Or suppose he (the preacb_r) arranges cou_esj have learned that and. do b when commanded quest for spiritual things, We cannot agree.witb k'nowledge oi His sufferings, His death and }li_ as hosts of his predecessors, have, in the questions will develop into men. rrhe point is _imply th_s; rite evolutionists on this point, for we believe God resurrection to every creature" on the earth_ I _vbii:h are asked on the pages of the Go._pels. I Education does ndt prove evoluiiorl, or even im-.._ent His Son into the world to die for thi: re-._hould say it wouhl be indeed a Legion, clear.as say the_ :tre not novel courses,.and indeed why prove/nent in its best sense. Man's nature cannot demption of. mankind, and that C,od's Spirit the sun, fair as the'moon, and terrible as an agmy _hould a preacher seek no_,elty when there is so be evolved by'material development. If we.are moved upon men o[ old and inspired them-to with banners! much ignqrahce of'the contents and meaning of to Imve conclusive proof that man is evolving, write the Scriptures to belp tl_ understand the ctuc,_c.o, 1L_ the Bible, and. the wen-worn Idghways 'serve towe must see that he is becoming better morally, purpose of the coming of Ills Son. into tlt_ world, show where preachers have found the most reas well as mentally. WhO would say.that man- iff fact the meaning of all God's dealings with the wardinn material? The cult ol novelty, in the kind is better now morally than se;,'eral centuries xace. pulpit may easily deprwe a congregation of the ago, or even than in the days of Egypt, or oi And so we might go on indefinitely but it is HERE AND THERE /_MOiqG ROOKS great staple experiences ot the Christian faith. Babylon, or of Rome? I suggest that those who not necessary. To the evolutionist, we suggest By P.. IL I.ux_". Let a man look at the familiar pad-sages with his so cotifend read ldstory ca._ef_tlly,and then study Lhat he state what he believes without clothing If"_ EVERAL years ago [ talked with an old own eyes, and interpret them in the light of his moral conditions today, and conclude, his ideas in expressions which have been current "b_ray haired l!reacher--a _;&eran of the cro_s own observation and experience, and they will There is a third reason why we are rather _low in religious life for centuries. If the evolutionist --who. in a gentle, non-censorious spirit come with sufficiently fresh meaning and power to to accept the onclusion_ of the evolutionists, and will say what be believes, in language which the spoke 9i tbe dearth of outstanding preachei-s in hord his most seasoned hearers' attention and win that is becunse those conclasiohs mean thai roan ordinary layman can "understand, there will be the holiness rank_ o[ today, Sim:e then, espe- home to their hearts and cbnsclences." m the-process of development, will evolve of his. tow adherents from the ranks of tbinking Chris- dally, I have paid more attention to the structure Here's a splendid suggestibn'in the samelecture: own accord, and. consequently needs no-savior to Clans. for no man can accept the teachings of and plan of sermons to which 1 have listened. "Expository I_reachh}g is not without its dangers.. save.him from his sins_ in fact, a man who is'a _riodern evolutionists, and at the same time retain Every preachei who is f any account at allwarns One is that of seeming robe dca ng w th the past thorollgh-going evolutionist cannothe logical and his faith in the Bibllg Thi_ writer believes most to be a good preacber. I have.met some _vbo did rather than the present life o God in the world.. believe in sift, All that may be wrong-is simply people will prefer to retain their [aith in the not care or want to be known a_ visiting pastors, Preachers are apt to start with the situation In an erroneous way of doing things, which has been Bible and reject the t:laims of evolutionists, if otherz who did not aspire to be financiers and the passage of Scripture. It is better to begin banded down either in pl-inciple or practice aml they understand them, rather than to reject the publidt}' men, but they all aspified to be good if witb spinet]ring contemporary, and then relate will he outgrown as the ihdividua] evolves Of Bible; and accept the teacbings of the evoldtion- not great preachers. _. that tc the historic treatment of a similar matter course, some evolutionists point In Jesus Christ.lots. l.was 'led into the [oregoit_g train'of thought in the Bible." the. great example and teach that we sbouhl But why argne against the foibles oi the evolu-. by Idcking up Henry Sloanc Coffin'sbook."What Dr. Coffin opens his discussion of Doctrinal follow Him but this is poor advice, based on timdsts? Jesus said. "Thus it is written and thu_ to Preach" (_o_an $2.00}. This volume contains Preaching by a stcaight-from-the-shouhlerdefense mistaken logic for if the "gospe_ record be lrue. it hehooved Christ to suffer and to'rise from the Iour lectures delivered to theological students in thereof: "The preacher who would leach rdigion' Jesus was deity; He claimed that for Himself, on d_'ad the third day, and that repentance aml re- Scotland. The author is professor of Homiletics must give Idspcople an. interpr_:tatlon of G'l)d'a many occasions, even stating that He and the Fa- mission of sins should be preacbed in His name and Pastoral Theology in Union Theological life with men ; be must preach doctrine."... thor were one. Logically, He was either e ty or among all nations_ beginning at Jerusalem; and Seminary and is well known both here and.across _'A preacher must teach what Christian fdlowshlp He.was a hypocrite pure and simple. If He was ye'arc witnesses of these things. ".And behold I" the water, lie has evolved a happy and some- with the Unseen is, what believers find in their deity, then the position of the evolutionist has no send tbe promise of my Father upon you; but what different method of dealing with the me. relations wi[h God, how communion with Him is fmmrlatlon, and if He was not deity,and He was tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be chani_ of preaching aml lion,its h_s four lectures estahlished andi_aintained?' " " a bypocrite and an imposter, why should we fol- endued witlt power from on high." }lore is the as follows_ Exposltory,,Doctrinal, Ethical, Pas- What do you think 6f this-statement? "'Dr.* low the suggestion of the evolutionist and on- command of Jesus to His early disciples and it is torsi and Evang[.listic l_reachlng, Lyman Bcecher wrote to one of his sons: 'Have... deavor to imitate Him? The fact i_, evoh/tion His command to us. What we need to do to.to 1 suppo_ ultnust every preacher excels ia..mle one.-ermon a wcek that will.tax your hlteuect logically does away with the deity of the.son of en3hrace and understand the positive mt'_age of par_leolar field o[ preaching and tile tendency ai_d the Intellect of your bearers.'" I'm Jndulg- God, with His mlraculous.birth, with sin, with the gospel, tarry for the anointing power, gnd might be to' become top.heavy along that one lng d_ht now tn a moment of reflection wonderthe fact, yea, even with the necessity of the then go forth in personal evangdism to the' ends line. a pastor_ e[_peclally, ing in how many cases last Sunday morning conatonement, and with all the benefits coming to us.of the earth, proclaiming the good news of _alva- Thers isn't a great dt_l Ofrgeneralizing In this gregatlons left the service to.."think on these thi_refcem.. The interpretation of the term,"atone- lion from sln, death and hell." If we accept-oral volume hut Dr, Cofl'm'_ purpose Is to give work- " thln_." ment," by the evolutionist is so forein_ to the understand the gospel, and experience It, evoh- a,day _ug,tesllon_ thai will help the prt,achcr In Umler "Etldcal "Preaching" tbe author cites

35 30 THE PREACHER'S MAGAZINE "Till,:PREACHER'S MAGAZINE,31 t. was entkused over its m_sage so timely, for the beautiful in its style? "Tbe lure of the super-" John Foster, a preacher ni it century imsl: "In itnz the standar_l ol the means which, God has church of today, including our holiness,churches, natural is persuasive and powerful The fifes of tile department o[ Christian mo_'ality I think ordainedfor the'salvation of men. In no sense is the book h superflcla[ treatmem of a boundlem hope cannot be wetblanketed by a many qf fhose v:ho are di_t nguis e as.evangel, rile subject. Its thoroughness is _en at a glance mnur!dislic philosopby." _.Iodcrn educational proical preachers are greatly arid culpably_ deficient. The acid test of a sermon is fo reproduce it in by looking over rite table of contents: Pa_'t 1--' crams and t_rocesses tern] to opiate the very [ac- The_ rarely, if ever, take some one topic _)f moral c_dd type and send it forth. If there is aught "of TIlE,DIvINI: Iht.oonAMi "ScriptUre Expo.,itim, ' ulties which are rs,aehiog out after God, but belief duty, as honesty, 9eracity, impartiality, temper, merit, of originality_ of thought in il it's amas- "Practical Altplication." "Satanic Opl)osition." still l;erslsis. Intoxicated by unprecedented masforgiveness of injuries, the Improvemem of time. ter_fece. If these quagties are absent the printed Part II--TltE DIVINE PURPOSE; "This Program tery n[ n,'iture, mankind is applauding the and investigate specifically its principles, rules, sernlon is inane. "words. mere words." I have, Will.Save the Church, "This Program Wilt Reach superman, but there is still a sober reninant,.,.'hose discriminations, adaptations. Sucll discussions just had the pleasure of scanning throuzh a book the Lost." Part III--Tlra DIVlN POWEI_ "Tile ' unyieldinu hold on the invisible and the eternal is would hare cost far more labor of thsjught thar_ )f sermon% "The Face of Christ and Other Set- Empowering I_ife of Christ, '_ "The Overflowih_ powerfully influential. Ossified by selflsbness, redwellim_ anti expatiat!ng on the general evangel- mens" by Rev. W, W. Weeks (Doran $1.75) Love of Chelae." APPzNlnx-L"Evei'y-Member frigera0:d by indifference, tbe heart of lmmanity ieal.doctrlnes, but would llare been emineuriy which are remarkable for their force and charm-- Evangelism in Operation," "Organizing [or Re- still calls for a: vision of after-deatb realities. useful." I_fany practical suggcs ion,_ follow i_ qualities, each one of which would elude-the viva[ Meetings," "Making This Pro_zesm Perma- Since Ood i)arted the curtains of'his universe and this lecture.. easily-satisfies preacher, tn say nothing of the neath' "The Divine Dynamics.'.' visibly walked among men in tbe person of Pastoral and Evangelistic Preacidng are treated difficulty.0f f.us ng them in one sermon. These" Obviously, it is a book of methods emphaslzinl_ Christ, faith in the supernatural has energized thoroughly and withal from a sympathetic point sermons hat.,e a style that lures one on from tbe divine uynamies that muzt be exerted to make rite imagination and vitalized human will." of view_ There's not ;t hit of talk rig down or chapter to chapi, r and marks the autbor as a these methods worth while and effective. The This is tight'to the polnt:. "Christian people to the suggestion of either professionalism or do_- master craftsman.- The very titles are appealing: following semenee reve_is the author's apprecia- when1 the Bthle is ill.real!ty the Word of God, matism. All four lectures breathe a spirit of "The Face of ChrL_t, '_ "Hedged," "The Song of ti0n of present conditions: "One tiring is sure. ha'_e a perfect riltht to object.to having their desire to discuss certain problems att_.i to suggest: file Saved." "Faith's UItimMum_" "Morning Star. however, and tbat is that the present situatibn children taught that certain unbibiical docti'incs a solution or two. aii of it t(:iril the aim of rals- Christians." "Tile Wings el God.". etc. I must must.change very radically for the better soon confess to a sligi_t prejudice against volumes of or the pre_ent decline cannot be slopped. An}" BARGAINS...,... _... sermons but before this one I quickly capitulated., loss of conviction concerning tbe eternal vei'lries A New Tr*tnslation of the New Tea- DR BRESEE S -",br ws,v do open thedoor forthentrance of ta oot, lly 1 Pastors who eontemr)lale a winter series o[ worldly living and worldly'methods, anti all these tlml printed on tide paper, clotit board Bible studies, either at the mid-week prayermeet- things together are killing the church." binding. Moffa t s translat on is notable I'oe oto,,i- Sermons Ol'l ing do well or,,'ith:a to investigate class of "A studen_ Guide and to the Workers Study will of 7 Meetings," Under the Dr. heading, Conant outlines '*Organizing the stepsnecessary for Revival forhs its originality aptnsage'ofof thought. words as Tile well oldasver- for Isaiah the English Bible," by H.'E. Spence and James to properly prepare for, to carry, on and to con- s_o:_ is s t*pplemented not supplanted. Cannon tcokesbo, $,,_ A text book in every serve'the results of a' revival. Regular price, $1.$0; bargaln prir.e. 8.qc. sense fluous el the word material and It is stripped gives the bare of all superoutlines. Oh- The book is so "full of good things thus'it is a" Parall*l Edition of Moffatt's New discouraging task to select excerpts for quoting. Testament, The Authorized Version Twenty of them: vlousty it is intended for earnest students wl_o It seems that every paragraph is vital and perti- and Moffatt's " trnnskttlon in parallel ask not that the!r fare he pre-as_imilated but who.qent to the subject under _liseussion. It is indeed colunuts. Regular lihrary style with come with athirst tionto dig, for [carning and a determina- a tremendously wortbwldle hook. cloth Imard binding. Regular" prleo, $2_50; bargairi price, $1.50. "Know Your Bible,".by Amos R, Wells, ihe "In" _The Seven Finalities'of Faith" (Sumfay The Mind of the Master. By Rev. present author of Peloubet'a Select Notes on the School Timea $1.50) Dr..A. Z. Conrad presents.elm Vqatson. D. D. lion.mac[area}. Sunday School Lessons (Wilde $1.00) is just a hit the e_entlal doctrines of the Christian religion The reissue of tills volume of sermons different from the ordinary books of Bible ques- under seven head_ or divisions: God Is, God will he very welcome to the younger lions and answers. The book contains thirty Created, God Spoke, God Came, God Redeemed, generation of miuisters" a:td Christian series of quizzes with fifty questions In rnchseries God is Here, nod ii Coming Again. These. the students :vho.have not had the oppor- A topical index listing the questions under twenty- autho_ maintains, are *'the seven segments of the tnnity, to study the thougbt add rnetb-" one different classlflcations. Another special fee/. o_plete circle of Christian dgctrine.".odi.,of thls great Scotch divine. 338 lure isthe ruled lines by means of Which answers Dr. Conrad has no pussyfooting exfenuatldns pages. Regula/" price $1._0; bargltin ra vo[tlrlrle of 171] pages; cloth may he writteu fol[owlng the questions. An in- for the modernists or those who by human rea- prife fist : covers; attra,_tlve and durable, teresting and, he pful book for young people and seeing would strip our Christian religion _if its The Realism of Jesus. A paraphrase $1.00, delivered adults and especiafly fine for Sunday school supernatural elements. His hook. "Christianltyat and exl;osltion.of tbe Sernlan on the teaebers, the Crossroads," is a scathing indictment el mud- Mount. hy Prof. j Alexauder Findlay, NAZARENE PgBLISIIIHGHOUSE - ernism and a stirring cltallenge to the Christian M.A. A delightfully fresh interprets-. K_n*a* ea_. _o. My attentioh first was called to "Every Mere. Church to rally to the defense of her standards, lion. 240 pages. t;egular price $Z.00l - bfr Evancelism'" fsunday School #_imes $t.$0).by Isn't this paragrapb rugged in its truth yet bargain price $ one of our pastors who had read the book anti

36 1._ - _) ' z/- J2 TIlE PREACII ER'S MAGAZINL ",,,. ' "" - of the origin of fife tl at arc unsupl orted by facts totm amount rai_ed for all purpo_s, the Moth- " ' " I.. -., are true There is nothin_ consistent in teaching odist EI)i_c0palChurcil h,ads with $07,020, l l_l_ld&anltl_lqls_. Paktor'a F_unsral Outfit Consitits of Man- - ", _k J_J[_lP_./_klk_][1-_]_k k_ ". nat nnd four smatl'hyran books.n I, tn _tmt the Fatherhood of God _ tile very essence of (figures for 1025); the Protestant Episcol:al, ' i ' ' cloth ease with clasp and handle, It corn- Chfistlanity and inthesame l,r ttlldt,nyblgthat Church. S8g.b04.Q43.gl: Presbyterian Church, U. Workm,t Ilbra,.v :. nt.t. =ordeair.dth. M..l _. a J'.. and song _/ooka piay b_ had separately. _. God is the Author of our being.' S.A., $57.382, "- :, ' :.... _. '. Comp sta Outfit, A. preacher w [ to a cessna.extent, tel OW Punts'at.. "M nua " Contains:. L 260,_' _ta_tgee The author's (loop-seated'convictions as to tbe "[here are at I)resent 12S chaplains serving in ", his own tastes and inclinations m se citing wttk Scripture eetecttons poetical,q_tota, vital importance of the essentlal" element [ the United States Army with their credits as tel- " books to use as source material for ser- t ont, eerraon outl_vj, comralttal J_rvlces " : " " ', " " " "o -- " " - also?6 paces.of appropriate hymns. Bound, Christian faith m the teachmg program of the Iow_: Colonel. 1' Lieutenant Colonel, 4; Major,, n ons nut there ar_ some o ors mat every n flex b e morocco esther" at.75 church anti the necessity of inculcating them in 6; Captain, llo; First Lieutenant. 4. Army chap- i_reaeher should have at I is, e bow to -use n _ Hymn ot -He p o. LThese ttle y h'mn l_o_kit "_ " cousta0tly as a Reference or Work[ g contain the same hymns found in the Fu-' our children and adults as an antidote to modern_ lains are distr/bnted as follows: Roman Cath- Library. 'A I_st of such hooks s :given rearn] ManuaL-Bouhd In l_mp cloth; Each.20 ism and atheism in church, scllool and press, are nile. 23: Methodist Episcopal, 10; Preshyterian, - of a deiaommat oral. Has' spsce for re. -'., apparent on every page. U. S, A., I 1 ; Prote.qant Episcopal, Northern i. Bap- :. hct_. Clarkea Commentaries (fl" vol.)... $1_.00 _ording Pastor' following pocket Recortl. learns: 63 Used ehurch,o_cars, by past.ors., q'his I)ook is full of material for preachers, tits. Southern Meihodist and CongregtRtonal, o Ma[_haWofH nry.t _... Commsntaries "' " _unjon' 714 memh. rs _ergle_* pastoral'calla baptlsms_ 64 42' Cot_o mareach; Disciple_, 8; Southern Baptist. and Lu- B hie Commentarle It vo ) ' -Is Sea " O'= luneraat " gl.*... sermons 6_ ad. by _ P. & Bo.." dresees_ t68 new mtmbtrsf texts snl_gested; theran, 7 each; scattering, 14.. litton, lexhlustive Concordtn o. 7 _0 themaes for conalderatton "new booke on- ', st_ mente; ey received.and how dis- FACTS AND FIGURES 'rile number of chaplains.in the Offlcers'.Re- TreasuryCrudet_sofC nc rdaneescriptureknow edge "" 32"_0 " _u_.._4e -t-"men _= By g. J. FLEM_r_C, _erve Corps as of December. 1925, was Of P leuhet'a.bible Dictionary... *;..2.[I0 "....." "" ". N_tve's Top cat Bible... _ , MARRIAGE C_RTIFIC_FE_,. The 1926 Hand Book of tile Churches shows 213; Presbyterian, 167; Ephcopal,.I_6; Baptht,.. FunerMBbrmons and Outline ;,._,, t_t0 tractive colors.., r that number Rqman Catholic. 22gg Methodist,,. - 'On6illustratlonsThousand Evangel st c;......,. 1.50" Suitable for framing roll pilntod in at.:. that the twehty-[ight Protestant evangelical de- 137; scattering, "241. Incluc[ed in _he total of Pastor' Funeral Manuat... ", t.s'g Na xlS-ln. ;., ;_... '. # t _..$ Ho. rs_ _t4x[_ ip... :.;... _. ".Bg nominations constltutin_ the " Fedoras Council of [.146.'are 38 colored chaplains, of which 14 are Advertlshaa 14 atorlca (;so the raphy Church ot Holy... L_nd "_. ' No. $4. I_x20 in... x _...,,40 '... lhe Churi:ixes of Christ iu America reported the Methodist Episcopal; 13. Bapti.-'t; 6, Prcsbyte- " Moffatt's NeW _est_.(parafie Edit on) ' 2.fiO l_.ta No lit ilxl4 4 In;' in..._..,...'..." ",,...:f'2....l.20 following graml totals: r/an; 2; Episcopal; scattering, 3. No. _.'Folder _. 6_x O.. " Number of churciles, 147,252: allnisters, 116,644; There are 85 chaplains in the United States ] zlo,.'i '.i _0. members, 22A55.594; Sunday schools.. 143,9Q3 Navy, distributed as follows: Presbyterian, 16; ;to '" Sunday school members, 16,392,020; total amount Catholic amt MeLhodlst, 15 each; Baptist, i4; " I.. - raised for all purposes, $439, _3.. Of fbe Episcopal. It; scattering, 14. _i I ' ',-.20 sermons ON BOOKS OF THE BIBLE ",.' COMMUNION " be_utlful, "pastor's. Individual Communion Outfit. r_oniou _' By XVm '_V Hamiltou D. D. Solnethlug new i11 Contain teay of nix, glasses, flask and - 'Bridal I a hook of sermonsi Tile resu t of t _c _allt ]or s,cx- ' broad phase; _l An handy "Morocco leathsr book with " _erlliaellt iu prcparltlg arid presenting a seri_s of ' ea#e, ' For a z_ prlces6_x.2_atij_ and leserin.- ptlon' Price or' re_ui_" iaa2g _nd, boazd best bin sermons oil t le hooks of the ]able in such a 1list - '' nd vldual 'Commtmlor/ material tend to'r" liar as,to holt] tile attention of an audience so va- ' ' " _ epucial circular and price list. ' in, "Bar_ congregation. "File venture was received witli ha ket tn two sizes' No. li 10 Inche_ In Edch in h'ox * h,...bstan.ia,ok.reog.otio,d.oid,,d,.,inoti., hooko, diameter; )-n "d_q_." $I.25. lqo. 3 7 In... _ 1. lowed by request and urgings to publish the _eries d amete* 2 In deep. $.'/fi ' ' _ ' BAP' iu hook form. ' Aluminum Col_cton t Pate 0 let ein.. 1_o. -2--_. i_.* rot. d araeter_ finished n m tatian walnut, bak d No IC For 'x't_zgtr/ed in ageinterestaud interestattd u lexpected _as.the usual a )reeiution,.s'unda_/mnrn-fol_. COLLECTION PEd_TF_ : _o nr effect,. covern o1 nn_ Volume 1 the eighteen sermons,,one on each book from Genesii to -ennme w th walnut, _ A: appearance:plush 9ubstattt/a, _economisa bottom.,,., Prfe_ $3.60 P_ 1 NO. lyl* Fo., Esther; 300 paget... _...Prlce $1.75. NEOUfi noak V_lume 2 hoe ten sermons, from Job to Daniel inclusive; 237 I_tl[es... ; " Prlce $1.75 :, L'

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God of My Salvation SAVIOR April 13, 2014

God of My Salvation SAVIOR April 13, 2014 God of My Salvation SAVIOR April 13, 2014 I. Introduction A. Today is Palm Sunday - the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem (Mt 21:1-11; Mk 11:1-14; Jn 12:12-19) Jesus comes into Jerusalem as a conquering

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Reformed Perspectives Magazine, Volume 8, Number 18, April 30 to May 6, A Gospel Summary. By Jeffrey C. Nesbitt

Reformed Perspectives Magazine, Volume 8, Number 18, April 30 to May 6, A Gospel Summary. By Jeffrey C. Nesbitt Reformed Perspectives Magazine, Volume 8, Number 18, April 30 to May 6, 2006 A Gospel Summary By Jeffrey C. Nesbitt Owner of The Highway (http://www.the-highway.com/) This is a reply to the question often

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Unlocking the mystery behind the Godhead. Who is God? Is God One or Three? What is God s Name? How does God reveal Himself to us?

Unlocking the mystery behind the Godhead. Who is God? Is God One or Three? What is God s Name? How does God reveal Himself to us? Unlocking the mystery behind the Godhead Who is God? Is God One or Three? What is God s Name? How does God reveal Himself to us? Understanding the Godhead Who is God? John 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they

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What You Need to Know About the Death of Jesus: Part 2

What You Need to Know About the Death of Jesus: Part 2 Liberty University DigitalCommons@Liberty University What You Need to Know About... Willmington School of the Bible 2008 What You Need to Know About the Death of Jesus: Part 2 Harold Willmington Liberty

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Learning To Oppose And Resist The Plan Of Satan. Pastor Charles Mendenhall

Learning To Oppose And Resist The Plan Of Satan. Pastor Charles Mendenhall October 20, 2013 Learning To Oppose And Resist The Plan Of Satan Pastor Charles Mendenhall We know from God's word that Satan is a defeated foe, even though he is very real, Jesus stripped him of his power

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Catechism SW 135 th Avenue Beaverton Oregon 97008

Catechism SW 135 th Avenue Beaverton Oregon 97008 9100 SW 135 th Avenue Beaverton Oregon 97008 Phone: (503) 524-1866 Fax: (503) 579-9129 Email: info@cordeoacademy.org Website: cordeoacademy.org Principal: PJ Hanson 2 Questions about God, Man & Sin 1.Q.

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Series: A Study of the Revelation of Jesus Christ

Series: A Study of the Revelation of Jesus Christ Lynn Valley Full Gospel Church March 23/2002 Instructor Rev. L.O. Pritchard Series: A Study of the Revelation of Jesus Christ Lesson #1: Seven Facts About The Book Of Revelation 1. The Major Theme of the

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O Come All Ye Faithful. Be It Unto Me. Luke 1: Luke 2:15-20

O Come All Ye Faithful. Be It Unto Me. Luke 1: Luke 2:15-20 Luke 2:15-20 And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which

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Chapters 1-4 in book 2 HS is intimately involved in each of these topics

Chapters 1-4 in book 2 HS is intimately involved in each of these topics Holy Spirit Living Grounded Book 2 Chapter 5 Share our faith and Disciple another no greater call Chapters 1-4 in book 2 HS is intimately involved in each of these topics New Life in Christ Spiritual rebirth

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Foundations for Your Faith Lesson 25 NIV Future Things: The Rapture and the Second Coming (Eschatology) 1 Thess. 4:13-18 and Revelation Chapters 19-22

Foundations for Your Faith Lesson 25 NIV Future Things: The Rapture and the Second Coming (Eschatology) 1 Thess. 4:13-18 and Revelation Chapters 19-22 Foundations for Your Faith Lesson 25 NIV Future Things: The Rapture and the Second Coming (Eschatology) 1 Thess. 4:13-18 and Revelation Chapters 19-22 Read 1 Thess. 4:13-18, and Revelation chapters 19-22

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Chapter 22 THE RIVER OF LIFE Chapter 22 THE RIVER OF LIFE Verse 1. And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. Out of the throne of God and Christ flows the

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IIIM Magazine Online, Volume 5, Number 12, March 28-April 7, Select Hymns of Horatius Bonar

IIIM Magazine Online, Volume 5, Number 12, March 28-April 7, Select Hymns of Horatius Bonar IIIM Magazine Online, Volume 5, Number 12, March 28-April 7, 2003 Select Hymns of Horatius Bonar BLESSING AND HONOR AND GLORY AND POWER "They will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great

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Revelation - Chapter Five

Revelation - Chapter Five Revelation - Chapter Five Chapter summary - The events of chapter 5 occur right after those of chapter 4. The scene, as in chapter 4, is the throne of God in heaven. Present are the cherubim, the twenty-four

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Introduction. How about you? It s Time to Grow

Introduction. How about you? It s Time to Grow Introduction How about you? Rather than assume that the reader is already a Christian, we would rather to be sure. If you have not yet received Christ as your Savior, and would like to, here is how you

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The Importance Of Holy Spirit Baptism

The Importance Of Holy Spirit Baptism The Importance Of Holy Spirit Baptism There are twelve different statements given in the Bible whereby we are saved. We're saved by: 1. Faith, according to Ephesians 2:8 and Hebrews 11:6. (Eph 2:8 KJV)

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Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. 1 John 3:14-16 14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: 15 That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. 16 For God

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George Frederic Händel. Messiah. (1742) A Sacred Oratorio Words by Charles Jennens

George Frederic Händel. Messiah. (1742) A Sacred Oratorio Words by Charles Jennens George Frederic Händel Messiah (1742) A Sacred Oratorio Words by Charles Jennens PART ONE Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God. Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her

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Joy! Isa 12:3 Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Joy! Isa 12:3 Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. Joy! Isa 12:3 Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. Neh 8:10 Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom

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Sermon : How To Draw Near To God ( Pt 2) Page 1

Sermon : How To Draw Near To God ( Pt 2) Page 1 Sermon : How To Draw Near To God ( Pt 2) Page 1 How To Draw Near To God ( Pt-2 ) Text : James 4: 4-10 ; Hebrews 10: 19-25 S#1. A. The need for a nearness with our creator is written in man s DNA. S#2.

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God is our hiding place

God is our hiding place 1 God is our hiding place For Christians, God is our secret immovable hiding place. He is our special fortress and whenever life overwhelms us we can always run to Him. James 4:8 Draw nigh to God, and

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THE EARLY AND LATTER RAIN OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. by Nyron Medina THE EARLY AND LATTER RAIN OF THE HOLY SPIRIT by Nyron Medina Published by Thusia Seventh Day Sabbath Adventist Church THE EARLY AND LATTER RAIN OF THE HOLY SPIRIT 1. God uses the pouring out of water as

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Revelation 14 and End-time Endurance

Revelation 14 and End-time Endurance BibleDoc.org Revelation 14 and End-time Endurance Endurance in the End Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. Re 14:12 But he that

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Seven Rules For Pleasing Worship No. 182

Seven Rules For Pleasing Worship No. 182 Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE, Copyright 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation Used by permission." (www.lockman.org) Introduction.

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6. Obedient Believers Added Together in the Church: Acts 2:42-47

6. Obedient Believers Added Together in the Church: Acts 2:42-47 6. Obedient Believers Added Together in the Church: Acts 2:42-47 Acts 2:42-47 chronicles the establishment of the church, including details of worship and fellowship. Prior to this point, the scriptures

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Jesus is By Chris Monnerjahn

Jesus is By Chris Monnerjahn Jesus is By Chris Monnerjahn Isaiah 32:1-2 Behold, a king will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule with justice. A man will be as a hiding place from the wind, and a cover from the tempest, as

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The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me Brenda Geneau 2003 Polished Arrow Publishing The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me He has anointed me to preach good news To set the captive free Cause the blind to

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GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, AND ON EARTH PEACE, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN. - LUKE 2:14. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, AND ON EARTH PEACE, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN. - LUKE 2:14. Copyright 2016 - http://lookingforthelosttruthsofjesus.org NOTE: - All Bible texts are taken from the King James Version;

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Survey of Job. by Duane L. Anderson

Survey of Job. by Duane L. Anderson Survey of Job by Duane L. Anderson Survey of Job A study of the book of Job for Small Group or Personal Bible Study American Indian Bible Institute Box 511 Norwalk, California 90651-0511 www.aibi.org Copyright

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IT'S GOOD TO OBEY GOD'S LAW (THE MORAL LAW OF LOVE) By Jesse Morrell THE PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT & THE DESIGN OF LAWS IT'S GOOD TO OBEY GOD'S LAW (THE MORAL LAW OF LOVE) By Jesse Morrell THE PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT & THE DESIGN OF LAWS The purpose of Government is to protect society from harm, to promote the wellbeing of

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PARDON FOR THE GREATEST SINNERS. Jonathan Edwards PARDON FOR THE GREATEST SINNERS Jonathan Edwards PSALM 25:11 For thy name's sale, O Lord, pardon my iniquity; for it is great. IT is evident by some passages in this psalm, that when it was penned, it

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1. What it is the fear of God not?

1. What it is the fear of God not? The fear of God Do not let your heart envy sinners, but be zealous for the fear of the Lord all the day; For surely there is a hereafter, And your hope will not be cut off (Proverbs 23:17, 18 NKJV). Let

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A Concise Summary of Biblical Teachings. Rowan Jennings

A Concise Summary of Biblical Teachings. Rowan Jennings A Concise Summary of Biblical Teachings By Rowan Jennings Accountability 1) The individual will be held accountable for personal sin. (Ezek. 18:30) 2) We are accountable for what we believe. (Jn. 3:18)

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Sunday Where Sin Abounded Romans 6:1-11; Colossians 3:9; Ephesians 4:22, 23. Salvation By Faith Alone / The Book Of Romans: Lesson 7 Overcoming Sin

Sunday Where Sin Abounded Romans 6:1-11; Colossians 3:9; Ephesians 4:22, 23. Salvation By Faith Alone / The Book Of Romans: Lesson 7 Overcoming Sin 1 Salvation By Faith Alone / The Book Of Romans: Lesson 7 Overcoming Sin Memory Text: For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace. (Romans 6:14) Setting The Stage:

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School of Tyrannus Online. Course1:The Message of the Gospel. Class 1: What is Christianity?

School of Tyrannus Online. Course1:The Message of the Gospel. Class 1: What is Christianity? School of Tyrannus Online Course1:The Message of the Gospel Class 1: What is Christianity? By R.S. Neaville All rights reserved 2012 School of Tyrannus Online Course1:The Message of the Gospel Class 1:

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ST101 Theology Basics LESSON 04 of 04 Our Daily Bread Christian University The Doctrine of the Spirit World 1. Q. What is the spirit world?

ST101 Theology Basics LESSON 04 of 04 Our Daily Bread Christian University The Doctrine of the Spirit World 1. Q. What is the spirit world? Theology Basics ST101 LESSON 04 of 04 The Doctrine of the Spirit World 1. Q. What is the spirit world? Our Daily Bread Christian University This course was developed by Christian University & Our Daily

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YOU SHALL BE WITNESSES TO ME 2 YOU SHALL BE WITNESSES TO ME The world can only be won for Christ by the power of God A lthough the Great Commission had been given to the disciples earlier, they were not to begin work until they were

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10 Days of Prayer 2016

10 Days of Prayer 2016 10 Days of Prayer 2016 www.tendaysofprayer.org Promises to Claim in Prayer All Scripture KJV Promises for the Holy Spirit Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain; so the Lord shall make

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Doctrine of Truth. 2. In the New Testament the word is a)lhqh/$ alethes (al-ay-thace'); true (as not concealing).

Doctrine of Truth. 2. In the New Testament the word is a)lhqh/$ alethes (al-ay-thace'); true (as not concealing). 1 Doctrine of Truth 1. A primary word for truth used in the Old Testament is tm#a# 'emeth (eh'-meth); stability; (figuratively) certainty, truth, trustworthiness. 2. In the New Testament the word is a)lhqh/$

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FaithfortheFamily.com FaithfortheFamily.com Clarence Sexton First Edition Copyright June 2008 FaithfortheFamily.com Have Faith in God Copyright 2008 Crown Christian Publications Powell, Tennessee 37849 CrownChristianPublications.com

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Practical. The Holy. Living Ministry. Teaching. Spirit. Dr. Kenneth W. Jones

Practical. The Holy. Living Ministry. Teaching. Spirit. Dr. Kenneth W. Jones 4H Teaching The Holy Spirit Practical Living Ministry Dr. Kenneth W. Jones Over the Next Few Months We Will Discuss Principles of Healing Holy Spirit Principles of Healing Hermeneutics It is Critical For

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Lent Midweek 2 Blessed Are the Penitent Psalm 32 February 26, 2015

Lent Midweek 2 Blessed Are the Penitent Psalm 32 February 26, 2015 Lent Midweek 2 Blessed Are the Penitent Psalm 32 February 26, 2015 HYMN Jesus Sat with His Disciples 1 Jesus sat with His disciples On a mountainside one day; As the crowds of people gathered, He began

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CHRISTIANITY vs.. Jehovah s Witnesses

CHRISTIANITY vs.. Jehovah s Witnesses CHRISTIANITY vs.. Jehovah s Witnesses Review of Important Points 1] How do I know that what I believe really is the TRUTH? A: My source of truth is God s s Word the BIBLE. 2] How do I know the BIBLE really

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CHRIST BECOMING OUR WISDOM Scripture Reading: 1 Cor. 1:30

CHRIST BECOMING OUR WISDOM Scripture Reading: 1 Cor. 1:30 CHRIST BECOMING OUR WISDOM Scripture Reading: 1 Cor. 1:30 The Bible speaks of Christ as our life in many ways. But the meaning of the words "Christ is our life" is not that simple. First Corinthians 1:30

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Isaiah said: SALVATION

Isaiah said: SALVATION RESURRECTION, REST OF THE DEAD Chapter 20, verses 4 and 5, of the Book of Revelation speaks two major resurrection that are to occur, one at Christ return and the other a thousand years later: Beginning

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Transformation Of The Devil. 2 Corinthians 11:5-14

Transformation Of The Devil. 2 Corinthians 11:5-14 Transformation Of The Devil 2 Corinthians 11:5-14 In the course of our studies we now come to words of Paul which I cannot possibly pass by. They are almost terrifying as well as tremendously challenging.

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A. What is glory? THE ASCENSION OF CHRIST (Acts 1:1-11) (All underlined words imply His ascension)

A. What is glory? THE ASCENSION OF CHRIST (Acts 1:1-11) (All underlined words imply His ascension) THE ASCENSION OF CHRIST (Acts 1:1-11) (All underlined words imply His ascension) A. We often summarize the facts of the gospel as the death, burial, & resurrection of Christ (1 Cor 15:1-4). 1. But His

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2. Cast your burdens on the LORD Psalm 55

2. Cast your burdens on the LORD Psalm 55 1. Help me to pray Psalm 25:1-22/51:10 Let me feel your pain LORD every day Every day like a crushing weight Bring me to my knees LORD And help me to pray Let me cry for souls Who really need your grace

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THE DOCTRINE OF TRANSFORMATION THE DOCTRINE OF TRANSFORMATION KEY VERSE Romans 12:1-2 Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God s mercy, to offer your body s as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God- this is your spiritual

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The Substance and Form of our Salvation?

The Substance and Form of our Salvation? The Substance and Form of our Salvation? Jesus saves! the billboard declares. But how? Is it possible for believers here and now to walk in salvation, abiding in Him? If so, how? Some say personal salvation

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A 16 lesson study on the subject of discipleship as viewed from the pen and life of the apostle Peter. Prepared by Boyd Jennings

A 16 lesson study on the subject of discipleship as viewed from the pen and life of the apostle Peter. Prepared by Boyd Jennings Peter & Discipleship A 16 lesson study on the subject of discipleship as viewed from the pen and life of the apostle Peter. Prepared by Boyd Jennings What Is A Disciple? (Lesson #1) Mark 10:17-22, 29-30;

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The Unsearchable Riches of Christ in the Epistle to the Hebrews

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ in the Epistle to the Hebrews Year End Conference, Fountain Valley, CA December 24-29, 2015 The Unsearchable Riches of Christ in the Epistle to the Hebrews (Chapters 1-2) Jesus Christ Much More Superior than the Angels I. The general

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Page 1 of 8. Psalm 2:8 Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession.

Page 1 of 8. Psalm 2:8 Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession. Page 1 of 8 PRAYERS & PROCLAMATIONS FOR GOVERNMENT Part 1 Psalm 2:8 Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession. 1 Kings 3:9 Therefore

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Life after the flesh ends in death. Life after the Spirit begins with death, in the quickening (the imparting of life to something that has died) powe

Life after the flesh ends in death. Life after the Spirit begins with death, in the quickening (the imparting of life to something that has died) powe Chapter 8:1-6 v 1 [There is] therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. It appears the underlined portion above was introduced

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CELEBRATING GOD S HOLY PEOPLE CELEBRATING GOD S HOLY PEOPLE If we have died with Him we shall also live with Him; if we persevere we shall also reign with Him. But if we deny Him He will deny us. If we are unfaithful He remains faithful,

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The Origin Of Satan. l. Revelation 12:l-l0

The Origin Of Satan. l. Revelation 12:l-l0 The Origin Of Satan l. Revelation 12:l-l0 In this chapter we find several important events revealed to us that John sees as God has revealed them to him. One of the events is a war in heaven. Many feel

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Thursday, May 11, 2017 Living for and Serving God

Thursday, May 11, 2017 Living for and Serving God Thursday, May 11, 2017 Living for and Serving God Joshua 24:14-15 - Now therefore, fear the Lord, serve Him in sincerity and in truth, and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side

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Definition. means to be happy and spiritually prosperous (Psalm 1:1). How Can Joy and Sorrow Exist Together?

Definition. means to be happy and spiritually prosperous (Psalm 1:1). How Can Joy and Sorrow Exist Together? Joyfulness vs. Self-Pity Joyfulness is the bright spirit and radiant countenance that come by being in full fellowship with the Lord. Joy is proof to the world that God can fully satisfy the human heart.

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REBELLION REBELLION 1 REBELLION Satan is the father of rebellion. Rebellion was the reason for Satan being cast out of heaven. Rebellion was the reason that Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden. In Christ, God s children can live

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Memory Program 2017/2018

Memory Program 2017/2018 Memory Program 2017-2018 Memory Program 2017/2018 God says that His Word is perfect and pure, will make one wise, and is more to be desired than the most precious of things (Psalm 19). How can a young

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Overcoming Guilt No. 167

Overcoming Guilt No. 167 Introduction. Overcoming Guilt No. 167 I. One the great problems of life is guilt. It is a strong emotion that can take the joy out of living and torment us and make us miserable and wretched. II. This

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The New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1853

The New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1853 1. Of the Scriptures The New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1853 We believe that the Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired, and is a perfect treasure of heavenly instruction (1); that it has

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Romans 6:1-4, 12-14, LESSON: RAISED TO NEW LIFE July 31, 2016

Romans 6:1-4, 12-14, LESSON: RAISED TO NEW LIFE July 31, 2016 SYNOPSIS: PITWM VERSE BY VERSE Romans 6:1-4, 12-14, 20-23 LESSON: RAISED TO NEW LIFE July 31, 2016 Chapter 5:1-11 Now since we are actuality justified as a result of faith, we can now have peace with God

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*Notice again the absolution condition described. The bones were very dry no life whatsoever. But notice what happens next.

*Notice again the absolution condition described. The bones were very dry no life whatsoever. But notice what happens next. Gen. 1:2,3 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was

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WELCOME AND THANK YOU FOR JOINING US TONIGHT!!! WELCOME AND THANK YOU FOR JOINING US TONIGHT!!! 6:00pm September 9 th 2017 Prince William County Fairgrounds HisChurchUnited.com info@hischurchunited.com facebook.com/hischurchunitedva A VERY SPECIAL THANK

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Christ Is All In All

Christ Is All In All Christ Is All In All by Jeremiah Burroughs Abridged from The Saints Treasury, (1657) by Don Kistler The Apostle Paul was a chosen vessel to bear the name of Christ, to carry it up and down in the world.

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Bible Lessons for SECOND QUARTER 1984 FOR APRIL MAY JUNE TO BE USED WITH THE BIBLE Bible Lessons for THE CHURCH OF GOD 7TH DAY SECOND QUARTER 1984 FOR APRIL MAY JUNE TO BE USED WITH THE BIBLE Workers are needed, for the harvest is great, but laborers are few... Address all orders to

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We should remember that the main intent of the Scriptures is to reveal Christ as Luke 24:44-49 teaches us:

We should remember that the main intent of the Scriptures is to reveal Christ as Luke 24:44-49 teaches us: Christ and the Prayer of the Kingdom Charles R. Biggs Matthew 6:9-13 9 "In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. 10 Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as

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Application : Histo t ri o cal Devoti t o i n o al/prac t cal ( Inspi p rati rat o i nal n ) Doctri t n ri al al ( Proph p eti t c i al)

Application : Histo t ri o cal Devoti t o i n o al/prac t cal ( Inspi p rati rat o i nal n ) Doctri t n ri al al ( Proph p eti t c i al) Galatians 5:16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. Galatians 5:17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are

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Matthew 5:1-12 Beatitudes. A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew:

Matthew 5:1-12 Beatitudes. A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew: Matthew 5:1-12 Beatitudes A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew: G-A When he saw the crowds, Jesus went up the mountain and after he had sat down, his disciples came to him. He began to teach

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Summer of Personal Worship. WEEK 5 - Praise

Summer of Personal Worship. WEEK 5 - Praise WEEK 5 - Praise Have you ever been in a situation that you feel all alone? Or have you encountered a difficult situation in your life and you don't know what to do, like losing your job or suffering the

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Music for Sabbath School. Fri, Jun 21, 13

Music for Sabbath School. Fri, Jun 21, 13 Music for Sabbath School 1 For God So Loved the World For God so loved the world, He gave his only Son, To die on Calv ry s tree, From sin to set me free. Some day he s coming back, What glory that will

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SHALL NOT GOD AVENGE HIS OWN? Luke 18:1 8 SHALL NOT GOD AVENGE HIS OWN? Luke 18:1 8 1 1 LAST DAYS This parable has special reference to the end of time (p. 164) in that we are to always pray and faint not. (p. 164) It is for deliverance from Satan

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For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. 1 (1 John 3:8 KJV)

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. 1 (1 John 3:8 KJV) Binding and Loosing Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. 1 (1 John 3:8 KJV) The devil also wants to

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TEMPTATIONS AND TRIALS Sylvester Onyemalechi

TEMPTATIONS AND TRIALS Sylvester Onyemalechi TEMPTATIONS AND TRIALS Sylvester Onyemalechi To tempt is to try to make a person do something wrong; excite desire in i.e. to cause strong desire in or for something. Temptation is a common word used by

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MY LIGHTHOUSE. In my wrestling and in my doubts. In my failures You won't walk out. Your great love will lead me through

MY LIGHTHOUSE. In my wrestling and in my doubts. In my failures You won't walk out. Your great love will lead me through MY LIGHTHOUSE Verse 1 In my wrestling and in my doubts In my failures You won't walk out Your great love will lead me through You are the peace in my troubled sea whoa oh You are the peace in my troubled

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Jesus Went A Little Farther

Jesus Went A Little Farther Jesus Went A Little Farther by Ellis P. Forsman Jesus Went A Little Farther 1 Jesus Went A Little Farther by Ellis P. Forsman October 12, 2011 Jesus Went A Little Farther 2 Jesus Went A Little Farther

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Philippians 3:7-16 (tx: 10,11) KNOWING CHRIST (II) I. Knowing His person II. Knowing His power INTRODUCTION

Philippians 3:7-16 (tx: 10,11) KNOWING CHRIST (II) I. Knowing His person II. Knowing His power INTRODUCTION Philippians 3:7-16 (tx: 10,11) KNOWING CHRIST (II) I. Knowing His person II. Knowing His power INTRODUCTION There is a verse of a beautiful hymn that goes like this: There are depths of love that I cannot

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THE ONE TRUE GOD THE ONE TRUE GOD THE ONE TRUE GOD THE ONE TRUE GOD Christianity has all of its roots in the Old Testament religion of the Jews. It is quite accurate to say that Christianity is actually Jewish. To fully understand the

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21 Attributes / Perfections of God

21 Attributes / Perfections of God The inherent characteristics, quality's and features of God (Part 8) 21 Attributes / Perfections of God But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same

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Names and Titles. Of the Holy Spirit A Compilation by Mary Craig, D. Min.

Names and Titles. Of the Holy Spirit A Compilation by Mary Craig, D. Min. Names and Titles Of the Holy Spirit A Compilation by Mary Craig, D. Min. Breath of the Almighty (Job 33:4; Ezekiel 7.9). Comforter/Paraclete gives strength (John 14:16, 26; 15:26). Eternal Spirit (Hebrews

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Sermon : Weeping Over Sin Page 1

Sermon : Weeping Over Sin Page 1 Sermon : Weeping Over Sin Page 1 Weeping Over Sin Text : James 4: 4-10 ; II Corinthians 7: 5-11 S#1. A. What is the most important relationship in your life? That with God. S#2. 1. Is that relationship

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Psalm 73 page 1 of 7 M.K. Scanlan. Psalm 73. Asaph was a contemporary of King David, and the prophet Nathan.

Psalm 73 page 1 of 7 M.K. Scanlan. Psalm 73. Asaph was a contemporary of King David, and the prophet Nathan. Psalm 73 page 1 of 7 Psalm 73 Asaph was a contemporary of King David, and the prophet Nathan. 12 Psalms are attributed to Asaph, Psalm 50, 73-83. Asaph was a Levite, who along with his brothers was appointed

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HOW TO REMAIN ON FIRE FOR GOD Sylvester Onyemalechi

HOW TO REMAIN ON FIRE FOR GOD Sylvester Onyemalechi HOW TO REMAIN ON FIRE FOR GOD Sylvester Onyemalechi Every Christian is expected to be zealously on fire for his or her Savior, serving with all his or her heart to the best of his or her ability. God did

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FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH I. Ps 11:3 If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do? A. FOUNDATIONS: 1. Foundations are the support system of which things, buildings, people Family, marriage, society

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FLEEING FROM DANGER RUNNING FOR REFUGE FLEEING FROM DANGER RUNNING FOR REFUGE A. I wondered if we might have visitors today who were FLEEING from hurricane Ike. 1. If that is the case, we have some very wise people among us today. 2. To FLEE

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edition 2018 The Doctrines of Salvation: Faith from Great Doctrines of the Bible by William Evans

edition 2018 The Doctrines of Salvation: Faith from Great Doctrines of the Bible by William Evans www.wholesomewords.org edition 2018 The Doctrines of Salvation: Faith from Great Doctrines of the Bible by William Evans FAITH. I. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE DOCTRINE. Faith is fundamental in Christian creed

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The Book of Ephesians. Chapter 2.

The Book of Ephesians. Chapter 2. 1 of 5 7/4/2007 9:00 AM The Book of Ephesians. Chapter 2. (Verse by verse study.) Un-edited By Pastor Nick Bibile Part 2 Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it

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Servants Of Christ. Ellis P. Forsman. Servants Of Christ 1

Servants Of Christ. Ellis P. Forsman. Servants Of Christ 1 Servants Of Christ by Ellis P. Forsman Servants Of Christ 1 Servants Of Christ by Ellis P. Forsman October 14, 2011 Servants Of Christ 2 Servants Of Christ Gal. 1:10 We are servants. Gal. 1:10, For do

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Welcome to The Salvation Army Tuggeranong

Welcome to The Salvation Army Tuggeranong Welcome to The Salvation Army Tuggeranong Sunday, 16 th May 2010 1 Thine Is The Glory 1. Thine is the glory, Risen, conquering Son; Endless is the victory Thou o'er death hast won. Angels in bright raiment

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THE BETTER COVENANT (HEBREWS 8) WARREN WIERSBE THE BETTER COVENANT (HEBREWS 8) WARREN WIERSBE I once spoke at a meeting of religious broadcasters at which a friend of mine was to provide the ministry of music. He is a superb pianist with a gift for

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GOD S LOVE IN FIERY TRIAL Introduction Search and share ministry

GOD S LOVE IN FIERY TRIAL Introduction Search and share ministry GOD S LOVE IN FIERY TRIAL Introduction Search and share ministry www.searchshareministry.com THE FAMOUS VERSE OF FIDELITY Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before

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International Sunday School Lesson Study Notes October 11, Lesson Text: Acts 9:18-31 Lesson Title: A Dynamic New Witness.

International Sunday School Lesson Study Notes October 11, Lesson Text: Acts 9:18-31 Lesson Title: A Dynamic New Witness. International Sunday School Lesson Study Notes October 11, 2015 Lesson Text: Acts 9:18-31 Lesson Title: A Dynamic New Witness Introduction Persecution does not stop the truth, it spreads it. This has been

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Text: John 14:1-31 Subject: Christ s Comfort for His People Reading: Romans 8:1-39

Text: John 14:1-31 Subject: Christ s Comfort for His People Reading: Romans 8:1-39 Sermon #97 John s Gospel Title: Text: John 14:1-31 Subject: Christ s Comfort for His People Reading: Romans 8:1-39 1 [There is] therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk

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