Minutes of the Our Diocesan Council The Episcopal Diocese of Newark Diocesan Council Meeting Episcopal House Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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1 Minutes of the Our Diocesan Council The Episcopal Diocese of Newark Diocesan Council Meeting Episcopal House Wednesday, March 8, 2017 Present: The Rev. E. Michael Allen, The Rt. Rev. Mark Beckwith, Mr. Robert Bogert, The Rev. Tim Carr, Mr. Stuart Christie, The Rev. Sheelagh A. Clarke, The Rev. Kevin Coffey, Ms. Carol Harrison-Arnold, Ms. Roxanne Johnson, Mr. John A. King, Ms. Sue Morgan, Ms. Nina Nicholson, The Rev. Juan Rosario De La Cruz, Ms. Elizabeth Rundquist, Diane Sammons Esq., Mr. Paul R. Shackford, The Rev. Susan Saucedo Sica, Ms. Mary Sunden, Ms. Lynn B. Tyler, The Rev. Diana Wilcox, Mrs. Suzanne Willian, Mr. Timothy Wong Absent: The Rev. William Allport, Mrs. Sheila Barcus, The Rev. Rosa Brown, Mrs. Debra Cook, The Rev. Virginia Dinsmore, Ms. Janelle Grant, The Rev. Charles Hatfield, The Rev. Canon Gregory Jacobs, Ms. A. Lorraine Jones, Ms. Kay R. Lark, The Rev. Margaret Otterburn, Ms. Laurie Piccirillo, The Rev. William Charles Thiele Dwelling in the Word Mr. Dale Ellis and The Rev. Susan Sica read from Joshua 4 Business Session Greetings were extended to Naomi Horsky and John Mennell, President and Vice President of the Standing Committee. The Bishop welcomed Mr. Stuart Christie of St. Luke's in Montclair to Council as a representative of District 5. Ms. Sue Morgan offered a prayer for new Grandparents, most notably Fr. Kevin Coffey, (Grandfather to William, born on February 3) Mr. Paul Shackford (Grandfather to Josephine, born on December 3) and Bishop Beckwith (Grandfather to Benjamin, born on February 22) _03_08_DC_Council Meeting Minutes

2 Episcopal Communications Bishop Mark Beckwith has called for the election of the next Bishop. The Bishop is very appreciative of the well wishes since the announcement. The Bishop is committed for the next 18 months supporting the efforts of Joining God and Shaping our Future. What kind of church is evolving and what sort of leadership that we need. Dwight Zchiele and others will be in consultation with us to work on formulating that question, and then establish two Action Learning Teams House of Bishops (March 10th -13th) will be keynoted by Valerie Batts Organized Actions and conversations around the EO for immigration. Clergy will be gathering in support of Catalino Guerro, who could be deported after 25 years of living in the United States. Archdiocese of Newark's Cardinal Toobin will be present with 100s of Clergy. Bishop Transition Naomi Horsky President of the Standing Committee & The Rev. John Mennell, Vice President presented information on the Search Process. 18 Months process Search Committee & Transition Committees. Standing Committee oversees the process. Organizationally, Council will authorize and pay for the work of the search committee. Standing Committee will work with Paul Shackford, CFO to design and implement a budget for the process. A period of Theological Reflection - Standing Committee will develop a prayer for the search process. Search Committee - responsibility for the profile and providing the names to the Diocese. Transition Committee will support both Bishop Beckwith and Marilyn in their departure, and the new Bishop(and family) transition into the Diocese. Diana Wilcox shared her experience sitting in on the call with Bishop Matthews. She was impressed with the process of Best Practices as outlined by the Office of Pastoral Development, particularry in identifying a chaplain to walk with the Search Committee and the emotional nature of the process, the goodbyes. She asked that the Council please keep the Standing Committee in prayer. Agenda Moved, Seconded & Approved Minutes Moved, Seconded & Approved Mr. Stuart Christie _03_08_DC_Council Meeting Minutes

3 Financial Report Diocesan Council Finance Report for the Year-to-Date Period Ended February 28, 2017 Enclosed is the financial report for the two-month period ended February 28, The budgeted amounts reflect the budget that was adopted at the Annual Convention in January Details of Information Reflected on the Financial Statement There are a number of variances in actual results as compared with the budget. Income Pledge Revenue (line 1) The methodology used to create the monthly budget was to base estimated 2017 monthly pledge income on the actual pattern of pledge receipts in Historically, a significant portion of the full year s pledges occurs in December of the budget year as well as in the subsequent months of the following year. Through the end of February, pledge receipts are $6,218 ahead of budget. Alleluia Fund (line 2) We have received donations to the Alleluia Fund in the first two months totaling $6,751 which is $1,799 higher than budget. The initial promotion of this fund will be from Easter and continuing through Pentecost, with additional promotion during the latter part of the year. New Ministry Initiatives Fund (line 7) This is the source of funds to pay the expenses related to the Joining God in Shaping Our Future initiatives (included in lines 14 and 15) and Fund Development (in line16). Income is lower than budget by $9,377 because the corresponding expenses are also, in total, lower than budgeted through the first two months. Expenses Staff Compensation (lines 14, 21, 31, and 46) Compensation expense, which includes salaries and benefits for employees at Episcopal House, is lower than budget due to the timing of payment of certain benefits. Joining God in Shaping Our Future (line 15) Spending in this area is below budget for the first two months. It is expected that actual spending will increase in future months. Fund Development (line 16) Spending in this area is below budget for the first two months. It is expected that actual spending will increase in future months as the Alleluia Fund is promoted following Easter. Youth & Young Adult Ministry (line 22) During January, the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry resigned. We are currently in the process of determining how we can best address this ministry and, as of the end of February, our spending is lower than initially budgeted. Certain aspects of this ministry, such as Confirmation Retreats, are continuing. Domestic and International Outreach Grants (lines 33 and 34) The budget assumes that these grants will be paid in December Finance (line 50) _03_08_DC_Council Meeting Minutes

4 Expenses in this account exceed budget by $1,028. We had been advised by Church Insurance Company that we would receive a payment of $1,250 relating to safety actions we take on their behalf; however, we have not yet received this payment. Net Results Through the end of February, the favorable variance between actual and budgeted results is $25,041. We currently expect that the net of all income and expense variances will lead to full year results where total income is approximately the same as total expenses. Paul R. Shackford Treasurer of Convention Diocesan Chief Financial Officer March 3, 2017 Parochial Reports 37 are in, 17 in progress, and 45 have yet to be started _03_08_DC_Council Meeting Minutes

5 Communications Report Ms. Carol Harrison-Arnold Nina Nicholson distributed the Communications calendar. 21 Months carrying through November of 2018 Moved, Seconded & Approved Ms. Mary Sunden _03_08_DC_Council Meeting Minutes

6 Joining God and Shaping the Future Suzanne led a discussion reflecting on the Convention. What is Council's Role in Shaping the Future? Steering Committee District Funding Deadlines & Status Paul gave an overview of the district funding initiatives Districts 5,6 & 8 District Partnership Covenant Policy was revised last year to reduce the length of time to a year from announcing the availability of funds from the Distribution of Asset Policy for the District Partnership share until such time that the funds are forfeited by the district and redistributed equally between the Marge Christie Gowth and Vitality Fund and the New Ministries Initiative Fund. On March 30, 2016 the following funds were announced to their respective Districts: 28,750 District 3 (proceeds of sale of St. Mark's in West Orange) 7,500 District 5 (proceeds of sale of rectory in Totowa) 11,250 District 6 (proceeds of sale of rectory in North Bergen) The impending deadline is March , and the districts were alerted that no plans had been presented on February 2, If no plans are presented by March 30, 2017, Council will be presented with resolutions to redistribute the funds accordingly. The suggestion was made that further announcements should include examples of successful district ministry initiatives _03_08_DC_Council Meeting Minutes

7 Action Team Time Notes from Empowering team meeting 8 March 2017 Our summer workshop will be held at Grace Church, Madison on July 26th. Theresa, parishioner of Sheelagh s, will lead the labyrinth again we need to check on whether Grace Church has a labyrinth, otherwise we ll borrow the fold up one from Christ Church, Ridgewood. Betsy Thomason will do a workshop on breathing, Bill Allport will do one on asset mapping, and Debra will do one on art. There will also be something on journaling, gifts discernment and mindfulness, walking and holy listening. Kay will do Dwelling in the Word. We need a working title after a little brainstorming, the group came up with Ditch the device, and feed your soul More tasks: Bob and Debra will work on a flyer short paragraph on mission We will ask Jane Jubilee to do the food cost will be $10/$15 for non-registrant for between 35 and 40 folks Liz will write a teaser Kevin will photograph Registration deadline will be July 19 We will need something to Nina by June 14th for the June 21st edition of The Voice only published once a month in the summer. The Engaging Team Stigma Free Training/Mental Health Place in county Complete the application and book your date and attend the class. No concern for attendees as the host will then fill in the class. Morris County did the presentation at the convention. The Community Colleges have training for their students. How does the Council get that information out to the Diocese? Encourage all of Council to attend then subscribe to the web site to secure the reservation. Within the Diocese we could ask Nina to include this in broadcast vehicles. Once we solicit we can monitor attendance and arrangements. Mary suggests that the 8 hour class be broken into 2 segments. The individual s life is the key motivator prodding attendance. This is a justice issue. Stigma free is centered on mental health but the total perspective of injustice should be stigma free. This training is key for those who interact with people off the street. A key for attendance would be that all the Engaging Team attend the training. Mary will all of us (the Engaging Team) information to apply and attend the course. Advocacy There is not much going on within the state legislature as they watch the federal government. We have outreach ministry. Michael looks at Christ s mandate to serve. Outreach is the meaning for volunteerism and ministry. Sharing God s compassion is serving injustice in our midst. An inter faith advocacy effort is bubbling up through networking and support. At the minimum we can support other efforts in prayer. People feel empowered in this new era to be more racist and we should feel that all persecution should be condemned. Sarah is asking that we approach our individual towns to pass a resolution against all hate crimes. This is a sample text: A resolution reaffirming (insert name of municipality here) values of inclusion, respect, and justice, and the City s commitment toward actions to reinforce these values; and calling on all elected officials to condemn attacks and hate speech that perpetuate religious persecution, racism sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia. Susan Sica recommends: Every time there is a hate event call your fellow clergy and figuratively gather with them especially if the clergy member is a part of a minority. Greenfaith is also calling together clergy on March 26, a Sunday and it begins at 3pm in Summit at the Jewish Community Center. Mary suggests: _03_08_DC_Council Meeting Minutes

8 That we get in the habit of ing each other when we are notified of events and causes. Michael feels strongly that the church should be a witness. Action Team Report Out An Appreciation and Celebration of Ministry Council then signified its appreciation of their service with the following proclamations: WHEREAS Ms. Roxanne Johnson has graciously volunteered her time and talent to the Diocesan Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, providing invaluable insights, perspective, and guidance throughout her time in our midst; and WHEREAS Ms. Roxanne Johnson has served on Diocesan Council with great professionalism, dedication, and distinction as a leader in the life of the Diocese; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that The Diocesan Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark acknowledges and extends its gratitude, to Ms. Roxanne Johnson for her dedicated service to the Diocese of Newark and notable contribution to the Diocesan Council and the Equipping Action Team, approved this 8th Day of March, Adjourn & Compline 8:34:41 PM _03_08_DC_Council Meeting Minutes