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1 G H A N A H A R V E S T Go ye therefore and teach all na ons, bap zing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. (Ma hew 28:19 KJV) ISSUE 22 SEPTEMBER 2,2012 FAMILY EXPRESSES GRATITUDE A delegation of the family of the late Moses Awini, chairman of the Kpagogo congregation and a faithful Leader in the Kusasi Lutheran Family, made a visit to Pastor Salifu to say thank you for burying our father. Pastor told them of the hope that those who die in the Lord have. Three of the daughters who are married to Muslims said they will tell their husbands that if they all become Christians, when they die, they will all see their father. This interest will prepare the way for the message of who Jesus is and what He has done for ALL people. The seed is sown and we now trust the Lord to work in their hearts. MAN ASKS FOR A CROSS While sharing the Gospel with people in Tengnoog Nicholas visited with a man and explained the love of Jesus Christ for all mankind. After hearing the gospel explained he asked for a cross to carry with him and requested to become a member of Tengnoog Church. The joy is evident in the expression on his face. 1

2 SUNDAY IN ZIAKO Ziako Chapel has a very active membership and many events center around it, as well as being the home church of Pastor Salifu, The construction is virtually complete, concrete floor, altar, and a fine newly painted metal door. (You will notice the BLUE door in some of the pictures) There is some interior work to be done and there is a need for plastic chairs in the sanctuary. There is an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the love of Jesus in the many classes offered for all age levels. WOMENS BIBLE STUDY GROUP and LEADER DAVID AWINI ZIAKO SUNDAY SCHOOL YOUTH BIBLE STUDY GROUP ZIAKO CONGREGATION AFTER SUNDAY SCHOOL and BIBLE CLASS 2

3 CONCORDIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL This year The new Concordia International School will open in Bawku on a piece of property owned by Pastor Nicholas Salifu. In the last issue you saw the floor being finished at the school. The school will consist of three rooms to start with and each year thereafter another room will be added as another grade is enrolled. The prayer is that starting in September 100 students will be enrolled in Nursery 1, Nursery 2, and kindergarten. Next year Primary will be added. To quote Nicholas I believe the word of God they will be taught STAFF at ORIENTATION SESION every day would move MARY, DANIEL, MOSES, & FELICIA them to know and believe that Jesus is their Lord and Savior. This will be the only Christian school FACILITOR VICTURE AKUZARE in Bawku and will require tuition to send a child here for education. There are four or five other private schools in the area. The teaching staff will be made up of qualified teachers who in addition to their education had to attend a week long orientation course under the direction of Mr. Victor Akuzare, a tutor of Bawku Technical Institute. CARPENTER BUILDING BENCHES Notice the translucent panels in the ceiling and the grillwork in the windows providing a more than adequate light source. Preparations continue as a carpenter builds the necessary benches for the classrooms. More in the next newsletter!! TWO NEW MEMBERS FOR BANSAKPANATENGA Evangelist Francis Apam with two girls who recently joined Bansakpanatenga Congregation where he is a leader. The girls were former Muslims 3

4 A LONG WALK While visiting the churches Nicholas had a request to visit a very sick woman. Mr. Desmond Ayaaba lead Nicholas on a four mile walk to the village as the road was not suited for a vehicle. The woman, Madam Ruth was in her bedroom full of relatives. Pastor shared the message of hope that is NICHOLAS WALKS WITH DESMOND received from knowing Jesus and MADAM RUTH prayed with her and her family. She died shortly afterwards and was buried by members of the Tengnoog Church. NEWS FROM NARANSAUG The congregation at Naransaug has been very active and is growing steadily under the leadership of Baba Salifu and other Leaders. They now have over 150 members and just opened last year. Almost every week EVANGELISM TEAM VISITING SICK GOATS FOR NEEDY WOMEN someone new joins the church. Five young men raised as idol worshipers recently joined the church. An evangelism team makes regular calls on the non Christians in the area and their efforts reap much for the harvest. Nicholas visited Naransaug and brought goats for the needy women thanks to a contribution from Zion Lutheran Church, Palestine, IN. While there Nicholas spoke to the members, Baba conducted Bible Study, and they both went out with the evangelism team to call on a sick member. God has truly blessed this young congregation. The harvest continues as God leads us onward. 4 FORMER IDOL WORSHIPERS BABA TEACHING BIBLE STUDY

5 THREE WHEELER AT WORK The new three wheeler motorbike is always kept busy. Here it is carrying iron rods for use at Kpaliga Chapel construction project. DORCAS Look who was home from Accra during school break. It s Dorcas and she is becoming quite a grown up young lady. PREPARING FOR ANOTHER HARVEST Madam Abugri Ndebila is weeding her rice farm in preparation for another kind of harvest. We pray that all harvesting is blessed by God. A FAITHFUL SERVANT Madam Juliana Adabog of Zuuku Congregation became a member over 15 years ago and has brought at least 10people to the church. She came to ask Nicholas to pray for a woman with whom she has been visiting and sharing the Gospel. 5

6 BUGZUNDE THE FIELD OF DREAMS IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME. The members of Bugzunde Church know that is what will happen when their new church is finished. Despite the collapse of the partially built chapel, there is no lack of enthusiasm at the work site of the rebuilding of God s House in Bugzunde. The pictures tell the story and the lush cornfields remind me of the field of dreams. THERE S A SHOW OFF IN EVERY CROWD SETTING IRON FOR A PILLAR MIGHTY NICHOLAS TIME FOR SOME LUTHERAN LEMONADE LOCAL BEER, PITO WOMEN GATHERING WATER IT S PITO TIME MASON LAYING BLOCKS 6

7 THE LORD OF THE HARVEST CONTINUES TO SAVE MORE SOULS Asaana Ayaaba Fatawu has been a Muslim all his life. He was raised that way and since his childhood he has known nothing else Then the Lord God Almighty stepped in. He used Mr. Prosper Atiiga, the chairman of the Kusasi Lutheran Church Council, to witness Christ to Fatawu for the past year. Asaana Ayaaba Fatawu is now a Christian. He now says, I was in darkness but now that I am in light, nothing will send me back to darkness. After all everyone hates darkness. The Lord of the harvest truly does bring light to all who accept Him as their Savior. I WANT TO BE A CHRISTIAN, HOW MUCH DO I PAY? It was about 5:00 PM on a Friday evening, Nicholas was getting things lined up as he was leaving Bawku for Accra early Saturday morning. That was when two ladies, sisters (Alice and Rebecca), members of Bugzunde Church, came to his house after walking well over five miles. They brought good news. Their father wanted Nicholas to baptize him. He had been a soothsayer all his life. No doubt Alice and Rebecca as well as many members of the Bugzunde Church have witnessed Christ to this man. Because Nicholas was to leave early in the morning, he went with them at that time to their father s house. The man had thrown away all of his soothsayer items and had destroyed his idols. When Pastor Salifu started telling him about Jesus and the perfect sacrifice He made for him, he said I want to be a Christian, how much do I pay? He said, if he paid no money what was the guarantee that he is now a Christian? The Nicholas told him about baptism. He believed, and before his daughters, his wife, and a few members of the church, he was baptized around 9:00 PM. Yes when the seed of the Gospel is sown, sometimes it takes years to bear fruit. Nicholas named him Nicodemus. TRANSLATION TEAM CONTINUES TO WORK Now that all of the planting is finished and the crops are doing well, it is possible for the different groups to get together and continue the work of the Lord. The translation team is meeting at Nicolas home on a regular basis. 7

8 LEADERSHIP TRAINING NEVER ENDS Every six weeks a leadership training class is held. It may last two or three days and includes all of the present leaders as well as those who are just beginning. Although the majority of the leaders are men, a few women attend class so they will be better CLASS IN SESSION qualified to help the men in worship duties, as well as lead in Bible class discussions and MEAL TIME organize the choirs. The present class consists of 29 members which includes four new trainees, and they travel many miles to attend these sessions. Topics discussed during the last two day training included: sermon preparation, how to conduct Bible studies, quizzes on the Small Catechism, and Lutheran understanding of tithing. It was explained that we are encouraged to give proportionately. The tithe is an Old Testament regulation but for us, we are encouraged to give everything to God because God is the owner. They also talked about Christian ways to reduce the cost of funerals. These classes require a lot of planning as well as some expenses for study materials and food for the participants. GOING HOME AFTER CLASS Leadership training is the main reason why Nicholas can serve so many churches and still be able to plant more. The leaders are taught the fundamentals of the worship service, ( order of service etc.), how to create a basic sermon for Sunday, and teach Bible studies. This is the main reason that the Lutheran Order of Service is being translated. Note: Funding for this project is sorely needed CLASS GROUP PICTURE ASLEEP IN THE ARMS OF JESUS Last Monday the oldest member of Wiidi Church, Madam Alice Azure, fell asleep in the arms of Jesus. She was the first convert of the Wiidi village. After faithfully serving the Lord she has returned to her Creator, Her burial was Monday at 4:00 PM 8

9 THE FUNDING PROCESS Ghana Harvest is aware of the desire some of you may have to be funding specific projects. In order to assure you that the funds you send will be used for area of the ministry you prefer, we request that the following procedure be followed. Contact us by to make sure that your project has not already been funded. If it has not we will let you know and you may then send the check by mail assured that is going exactly where you specify. If it has we will let you know in what area there is a need. This will avoid receipt of more than is needed for a specific project. Of course we would prefer unspecified contributions since managing them will assure that the projects with the highest priority will be taken care of as needed. In future newsletters I will be listing various projects we have on our list and approximate costs for each, so that you will have some idea of the needs. Our purpose is not to complicate the process, but to make it easier to get funding to this ministry. The Ghana Harvest newsletter and the Report from Pastor Salifu will keep all of you abreast of all the progress and needs in Upper East Ghana. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. CHAPELS UNDER CONSTRUCTION Ziako: Complete. New chairs to be purchased Bugzunde: Repair work to roof level soon to be finished Kpaliga: Building at lintel level Bansakpanatenga: Making blocks. Foundation to be poured in September Wiidi: Ready for sand for chapel floor Naransaug: Making blocks so construction can begin in September TIL NEXT TIME That s all til next time. I thank God for the privilege of writing this newsletter. It is a totally gratifying and enjoyable experience to be the conduit between you and Pastor Salifu. Nicholas is certainly the most remarkable, sincere, God fearing person I have ever met. God truly made my day when I met him. May the love of Jesus Christ be with all of you, phil GHANA HARVEST INC. 143 HELEN PL. Collinsville, IL