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2 Basic Information Sheet What is Unbound? Unbound Prayer applies the Gospel of Jesus to your story with five simple keys. Unbound Ministry is an approach to deliverance and healing prayer developed by Neal Lozano. The focus of the Unbound model is on an individual as you deeply listen to their story and heart. Unbound is a safe, loving, effective prayer model that helps people to respond to the good news of the gospel. Unbound teaches how to listen and respond in Five Key areas as you seek greater freedom and how to help others do the same. Each key incorporates practical direction on how to respond to the grace that unlocks the door and sets us free. Who is Neal Lozano? Neal serves as the Executive Director of Heart of the Father Ministries and the Unbound ministry efforts. Neal Lozano has more that thirty years pastoral experience helping people find freedom in Jesus Christ and holds a master s degree in religious education. He is the author of the best-selling book, Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance. He is an international speaker and has spoken at various global conferences. Neal holds a master s degree in religious education from Villanova University, where he has also led an evangelistic outreach to students Neal, a Roman Catholic, is also the senior coordinator of the House of God s Light, an interdenominational Christian Community that he has pastored for thirty-five years. What is Unbound-Michigan? Unbound-Michigan is a network of prayer ministers trained in using Neal Lozano's five keys to freedom. Our mission is to widen this network so that everyone in Michigan who wants prayer for more freedom can receive it. To this end, we share the message of liberation. We provide simple training for everyone who hears this message basic spiritual first aid, so that they are equipped them to use the five keys for themselves and others. We offer more in-depth training for those who want to commit more seriously to this mission of mercy, whether in collaboration with us or in another setting. Finally, we work together with local parishes and dioceses to develop local Unbound-Michigan teams. Currently, we offer prayer ministry in lower Michigan almost every day of the week. When we pray with people using the five keys to freedom developed by Neal Lozano, we are faithful to the Unbound model and follow the Lozanos' guidelines for using the name "Unbound." We enjoy a cooperative relationship with the Lozanos and Heart of the Father ministries, and our leaders have received training from them, but we are not official representatives or an arm of their ministry. Unbound-Michigan operates under the pastoral oversight of the Catholic church and our members are primarily Catholics, although we welcome cooperation with Christians of other denominations. Deliverance is a good word!" Neil Lozano, author of Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance Most people misunderstand deliverance. They think that it s only for possessed individuals. It s not. They think that it can only be done by a trained and appointed exorcist. Not true. Others believe that deliverance is something only for charismatics, or that it s necessarily frightening. Absolutely unnecessary. Still others confuse deliverance with emotional or mental healing. Deliverance does closely align with healing. For the greatest healing of all is healing from sin and from its inevitable outcomes: misery, destruction, death. But deliverance is not the same thing as healing. Deliverance ministry simply addresses the reality of spiritual warfare in every human life. The devil s evil influence ranges from temptation to harassment to oppression to possession. Yet Christians, while subject to the Satan s constant opposition, can never be overpowered by the enemy; he can only gain power in their lives to the degree that they open doors to his work.

3 What are the 5 keys? How does Satan gain power in our lives? living in fear believing lies engaging in sin refusing to forgive forming unholy ties or attachments cutting off from community or rightful authority approaching the occult with fear or fascination. putting other things in place of God to give life meaning Deliverance is about belonging completely to God and nothing else. Deliverance ministry closes these doors and releases people to live freely, secure in their identity as God s beloved children, dedicated to His purpose for their lives. KEY 1- REPENTANCE & FAITH: Repent your sins and believe in Jesus. Turn away from your sins and trust Jesus with your life. The kingdom of God is near: repent and believe the good news!" Mark 1:15 KEY 2- FORGIVENESS: Forgive others and yourself. Forgive those who have hurt you and release them to God's merciful judgment. For if you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you your trespasses. Matthew 6:14 KEY 3- RENUNCIATION: Renounce the work of Satan, his influence in your life. Intentionally reject everything that blocks you from blessing. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7 KEY 4 AUTHORITY: Stand in your authority as follower of Jesus and say NO to evil. These signs will accompany those who believe in my name they will cast out demons. Mark 16:17-19 KEY 5- THE FATHER S BLESSING: Receive the Father s blessing on your identity and destiny. Come home! Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us in Christ in the heavenly places He destined us in love to be his sons and daughters! Ephesians1:3-5 STEP 1 READ! Read Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance by Neal Lozano. STEP 2 LISTEN! Listen to a 20-min introductory talk and The Freedom Radio Series. Links to these talks are available on website. STEP 3 PRAY! Start praying with the Keys. Check out the reflection and guide resource. STEP 4 GET PRAYER! Attend the LIVE FREE! Conference in February. STEP 5 STAY FREE! Continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and to fight the evil of this world. Join us monthly for a prayer service based on the Unbound model. Unbound Prayer Steps to

4 A Conference to Experience the Prayer Model The LIVE FREE! conference presents the five keys to freedom as taught by Neal Lozano in Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance. Participants not only receive teaching on each of the five keys to freedom, but also have the opportunity to pray through each one in short times of prayer ministry. Unbound is a gentle, simple, yet powerful model of prayer ministry to help people overcome whatever blocks them from blessing: -sin patterns they can t break -anger or sadness they can t shake -inability to know the love of God and others -reactions and responses that get them nowhere Unbound ministry is about freedom: freedom to be who we really are, freedom to live the life we were meant to live, freedom to know love and freedom to give love. Unbound is about belonging wholly to God and to nothing else. February 22-23, 2019 Our Lady of Consolation Parish Rockford, Michigan Conference Speakers: John and Michelle are the founders of Unbound-Michigan. They have been married 31 years, home-schooling, running a family business, raising five daughters, paying for weddings, caring for grandchildren, and serving the Lord in the Catholic Church. John is active in the New Evangelization as a missionary for Renewal Ministries and presents the message of freedom through the Gospel of Jesus all over the world. John serves the mission in the role of teacher and presenter. Ticket Price: FRIDAY EVENT IS FREE AND DOES NOT REQUIRE A TICKET SATURDAY TICKETS: $35 ordered by February 1 $45 if ordered after February 1 $55 at the door FREE ENTRY for Clergy & Religious Michelle directs the Unbound-Michigan team and takes responsibility for training, team support and connecting with other Michiganders to widen the network.

5 A Conference to Experience the Prayer Model Conference Schedule: Friday, February 22 07:30p Praise, Worship, Welcome 07:45p Teaching - "Born Into a Battle" 08:30p Adoration 09:00p Benediction & Closing Saturday, February 23 07:30a Check-in / Coffee Service and Continental Breakfast 08:00a Praise & Worship 08:30a Welcome 08:45a Teaching & Testimony "Deliverance is a Good Word!" "Good News" (Key 1, Repentance and Faith) "Don't Drink the Poison" (Key 2, Forgiveness) "Breaking the Lease" (Applying Keys 1 & 2) 11:30a Lunch / Prayer response 12:45p Teaching "In and Out" (Keys 3 & 4, Renunciation and Authority) "The Father's Blessing" "Freedom From... Freedom For" (Applying Keys 3, 4, & 5) 03:00p Prayer Response 05:00p Mass 06:15p Dinner 07:00p Teaching "The Father's Blessing" 07:30p Adoration & Prayer Ministry 08:30 Benediction & Closing

6 GIVE FREE! A Conference to Learn the Prayer Model The Give Free! training workshop for personal ministry gives participants confidence in using the Unbound model of deliverance prayer. This all-day seminar provides hands-on ministry experience, role-play, discussion, teaching, and connection to valuable resources. Ticket Price: $35 March 30, :30AM-4:30PM Lansing Diocesan Center at Madonna Hall Lansing, Michigan Who is this training for? Anyone who has read the Unbound book, attended a conference or learned about the model through DVD/CD/ podcasts... received Unbound prayer ministry in a personal "session" (If you need to schedule this experience, go to and scroll to the bottom for the ministry request form)... a heart to share the blessing! At the workshop you will receive practical instruction for praying with others using "the five keys" to freedom taught by Neal Lozano... engage in active discussion and group activities... connect with others who have experience in this ministry... learn how to access helpful resources and print materials... find out more about further training opportunities Live Free. Stay Free. Give Free. Bring Nothing but a willing heart! However, if you have particular dietary needs, please bring your own. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate special requests.


8 WANT TO KNOW MORE? READY TO GET INVOLVED? CONSIDER THESE FOLLOWING STEPS: READ! Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance LISTEN! 20-min introductory talk: Deliverance is a Good Word! and Radio series on The Freedom (Baraga Radio) and All conference talks WATCH! Film, Deliver us from Evil with Dr. Mary Healey, Etienne Veto, and Neal Lozano. PRAY! Praying the Keys: Reflection and Guide and Prayers for Freedom SHARE AND PROMOTE! Share the marketing materials with your parish staff and those you may know. Promote the conference at your parish. GET PRAYER! Join us for the conference! Register today! (Clergy & Religious attend for FREE) STAY FREE! The goal of our Unbound ministry is to equip people to use the keys to freedom to win ongoing spiritual victory. Getting free (or free-er) is great. But staying free is what it s all about! ALL VIDEOS AND RESOURCES LISTED ABOVE ARE AVAILABLE AT OLCPARISHROCKFORD.COM TAKE SOME NOTES: