5 Universal Truths to Obtain Peace in Your Life

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1 5 Universal Truths to Obtain Peace in Your Life Michael Jones Author Modern Day Messenger, Spiritual Teacher, Healer Website: Facebook: Twitter:

2 Introduction The teachings provided in this short informational piece are taken, in part, from the book The Seven Victories of the Divine Child: Claiming Your Divine Inheritance (ISBN: ), as well as our Inner Light Group Membership Program, Webinars and Workshops. This informational piece is not intended to be a complete discourse on the subject. Each one of us is on a unique path towards our realization of a higher power, here and now. We call this higher power God. You may use the name or term which has the most meaning to you. All paths lead to One God. All paths invite us to bring our true spiritual natures to the forefront of our daily lives in thought, in word and in deed. The teachings you will find here flow forth from the belief and perspective that each one of us, are, at our core spiritual beings, having a human experience. As opposed to the belief that we are merely human beings seeking an occasional spiritual experience. Each person, regardless of race, religion, color, gender or beliefs, has, at the core of our being, an indwelling soul. When we quiet the racing, reactive mind, we can become more aware of the indwelling divinity housed within the soul. If you allow it, the soul will act as a compass of sorts, leading you to the truths you seek to understand at each stage in your life. It is not my role to try to convince you of anything. Instead, I am here as a messenger to provide a perspective for you to consider. I trust that when you approach this information with an open heart and open mind, you too, will find at some level, value in these words. Everything happens for a reason, weather we fully understand the reason or not. It is not by chance that you are reading this. How did you come to this point? Was it by asking questions? Are you seeking something? Your journey has brought you to this information for a reason! God works wonders in and through our lives in many, many ways. Be open to this wonder! 2012 Spirit Source, LLC Page 2

3 #1 Thought and Creative Energy As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7 It is highly likely that at some point you ve heard or read the phrase, Thoughts are things. What, specifically, does this mean? Creation first begins mentally, with thought, then the thoughts manifest into physical form. All of us have co-created many things in our lives that did not exist in the past. None of these things were created without it first beginning in the form of a thought. Due to the apparent delay in time (as we know it) between our thoughts and the creation that comes into being from those thoughts, many of us don t see the connection between the thought and its creation. Thoughts are causes; the outcomes of thoughts are effects. The further in time the cause (thought) is separated from the effect (result of the thought), the less likely we are to perceive the connection between the two. When we don t make a connection, these two aspects of creation feel like entirely separate events in our life. What we fill our subconscious mind with either suddenly or gradually begins to manifest on the unseen plane. As the direction to the subconscious mind continues and strengthens (backed by belief), the manifestation grows into its creative fulfillment in the material world. Energy follows thought. All states of mind produce outcomes in our external world that mirror our internal world. Therefore it s important for us to recognize that if we do not run our subconscious minds ourselves, and become the gatekeeper for what goes into it, someone else will run it for us. If we desire to lead love-based lives, we must learn to consciously choose the direction that we want the energy of our conscious and subconscious minds to work towards. Here are four ways to do so Spirit Source, LLC Page 3

4 Think and speak of solutions, not problems Think and speak of health, not sickness Think and speak of opportunity and joyful acts, not loss and failure Think and speak of abundance, not lack The universe gives us exactly what we ask of it. So we must ask ourselves: what are we attracting into our lives when our thoughts occupy fear, guilt, judgment, or lack? The short answer is: more of the same. Conversely, what are we attracting into our lives when our thoughts occupy love, acceptance, forgiveness, or abundance? The answer once again is: more of the same. Having come to recognize the fact that our dominant thoughts create our reality, you will see by extension, that how you habitually feel (your emotions), the words you speak, and the actions you take are the keys to creating ideal life circumstances. If you are attracting circumstances into your life consistent with your predominant thoughts, it would stand to reason that if you want to improve your life you can begin by changing what you think about. You only have control over one thing in life: your thoughts. You can find peace. It begins by being self-aware of your own thoughts. So the question to ask is, How am I using my God given creative energy? 2012 Spirit Source, LLC Page 4

5 What is Prayer? #2 Power of Prayer Prayer is the deep communion of the soul with God The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ 94:2 How many people have been taught how to pray, the value of prayer, or the power of prayer? Were you? First, prayer requires having faith. It is fair to say that our level of faith in prayer has much to do with our individual experiences and our belief that our prayers are being heard, as in how we define the fulfillment of our prayers. It is likely that most of us have experiences of prayers being answered, as well as prayers appearing to have been unanswered based on our limited perspective. The sum total of these past experiences plays a role in our current level of faith in prayer. As faith has substance, substance not seen with the physical eyes, prayer has substance when backed by faith. We often pray for things we want or need. We pray for things to happen or not to happen. I encourage you not just pray when you are in need, but to make connecting and conversing with God a regular part of what you do every day. Daily connection with God is an example the spiritual masters of many traditions have shown us. Prayer is our personal conversation with God. Prayer opens the door to God s intervention in our affairs. We must simply invite God in. It isn t surprising that many worship services begin with an invocation an inviting in. When we understand that God is right here, right now, everywhere, and not just in some far off remote location, it becomes quite easy to engage in conversation with our loving, ever-present Divine Parents. There is no need to try to imagine your prayers traveling up through the clouds. Your connection with God is closer than the nose on your face Spirit Source, LLC Page 5

6 But as for you, when you pray, enter into your inner chamber and lock the door, and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who is in secret shall himself reward you openly. Matthew 6:6 The phrases inner chamber and the Father who is in secret do not refer to a special room inside of any building. Instead, the inner chamber and in secret refer to the heart and soul of a person. So when we pray, we enter into the inner world, close the door to the outer world and communicate with God who is right there. How to Pray I am not going to provide you with a Top 10 List of Prayers to remember and recite. Instead, I ll be offering you a framework for prayer that you can personalize and make your own. Show gratitude Pray for others first Pray in the positive, present tense. (State your request as if the request has already been fulfilled) Ask for the request to be made in perfect ways and under grace Recognize that God sees a much larger (infinite vs. finite) view of creation and life than we do, add Nevertheless not my will, but thy will be done Say, Amen. So be it. Some prayers are specific requests for others, such as family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and so on. Other prayers are for groups of people, such as those in the midst of conflicts, wars, or natural disasters. And some prayers are for nations of people. We also pray for ourselves when we are asking for God s intercession in our lives. When we listen to our hearts, we will be lead to where prayers are needed. A trust built on focused communication with God is as strong as the energy, vibration and intention of our prayer. Faith means trusting that God has heard and knows best how to answer our prayers. (You may ask us to pray for those you know who are in need or for yourself by making a Healing Prayer Request at under the Healing tab.) 2012 Spirit Source, LLC Page 6

7 #3 Power and Purpose of Meditation Meditation can take you into a state where you are relaxed and your mind is alert, still, and peaceful. Meditation provides physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. With confidence I can comfortably say to you that through the practice of meditation of quieting the mind we can build and then stand on a foundation which greatly assists us in our spiritual journey on the path to the seven victories of the Divine Child. Meditation is the science that assists us in calming our minds and claiming our divine inheritance: direct experience of oneness with God. Some people perform meditative activities. What may be a meditative activity to one person may not be for another. Some examples of such activities are gardening, taking a walk in nature, and sewing. I am sure that you can think of a specific type of meditative activity of your own. Generally speaking, a meditative activity is one that you become totally absorbed in doing in any given moment. The activity doesn t require thinking consciously about what you re doing so your mind can rest. True meditation is where a person purposefully sits in meditation. To my knowledge, taming or calming the restless, anxious, racing mind can only be accomplished one way, through the art and practice of meditation. If you asked me, Michael, what is the one thing I can do that would have the greatest benefit, the greatest positive ripple effect in my life and on my spiritual growth? My answer would be to learn to calm your mind through mediation. Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10 Many books can be found that teach these variations on meditation. In my opinion, learning a proven method and process for meditation in a class is better than reading about it. In my experience, when you start meditating for twenty to thirty minutes each day you will notice and feel a difference in your state of mind after just the first month! 2012 Spirit Source, LLC Page 7

8 Through your own mediations, you ll find out that you will: Be calmer (reduce tension, uneasiness and fear). Be able to better handle stress and stressful situations (become less reactive). Reduce and transmute negative emotions. Increase your focus and concentration. Have an increased sense of peace and awareness. Experience an overall increased sense of well-being. Recognize your oneness with God and become more attuned in your relationship with God Spirit Source, LLC Page 8

9 #4 Affirmation and Manifestation In this particular piece, we are talking about manifesting more peace in our lives. Peace in mind, peace in body and soul. Peace begins with the absence of internal conflicts. The affirmation process is very similar to the Power of Prayer discussed earlier. Key Steps to Manifesting the highest and best into your life. The Role of Perception Everything is neutral in and of it itself. We give everything meaning. The meaning we give to events in our lives (big and small) flow from and through our mental maps. Our mental maps create our perceptions of life in each moment. Perception is everything. Learn Key Spiritual Laws Being well grounded in key Spiritual Laws (often referred to as Natural Laws) takes away some of the mystery of why certain things happen in life the way they do, and points us in a direction to be able to positively utilize these laws in our life. Harnessing Universal Energies Learning how to connect with, harness and utilize Universal Energies is key to manifesting the highest and best into our lives. Understanding the Rules of Manifestation and Applying them Every Day Understanding the key steps listed above is only a part of the process. Learning how to apply this information into your day-to-day life is what makes all the difference. For more in-depth information on Affirmations and Manifestation: The Inner Light Group (Spiritual Guidance and Life Coaching Membership Program. Click to view program description and details) The Seven Victories of the Divine Child (ISBN: ) Find on Amazon.com Find on B&N.com 2012 Spirit Source, LLC Page 9

10 #5 Self Mastery Self-Mastery begins with self-awareness, which means being conscious of what we are thinking and feeling at any given moment. Through self-awareness, we can consciously choose our thoughts, words, and actions not operate our lives out of reactivity and habit. We can consciously choose our perspective and how we view life s ebbs and flows. Self-mastery is the ability to be aware of our thoughts and feelings and to transmute them, to change our state of mind and being, in an instant, at will. When we change our state of mind, we change our energy. We live is a world of duality, a world where opposites exist, we have love and fear; we have faith and doubt; we have selflessness and selfishness; we have forgiveness and also guilt and resentment. By their very nature, all pairs of opposites can create or appear to create challenges in our lives. Applying the steps of self-mastery are some ways to overcome or subdue, life s challenges. All sacred scriptures ultimately are teaching self-mastery. This topic is a course in and of itself. There s simply too much information to summarize here and still do the topic justice. Through your future study, you can learn the steps, and more importantly, how to apply the five steps of self-mastery into your everyday life. The process of living and applying self-mastery brings our spiritual natures and our human natures together, into one accord. I can assure you that no matter how light or how heavy life s burdens feel for you at this moment, through the application of the five steps of self-mastery, you can experience firsthand, and in a very personal way, God s peace, love and guidance in your life from now on Spirit Source, LLC Page 10

11 Conclusion It is not just in reading about these tools, but in the practical application of them into your everyday life, that provides the fertile soil for Peace to enter your mind, body and soul. I pray that this information has been helpful to you in your life at this time and invite you to take a more in-depth spiritual journey through the teachings in the book below. In Love and In Light, Rev. Michael Jones Website: P.S. You can learn more about this and other topics on Spiritual Guidance and Healing at my website listed above 2012 Spirit Source, LLC Page 11