Happy and Blessed New Year to the Tidewater Emmaus Community,

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1 TIDEWATER EMMAUS/CHRYSALIS NEWSLETTER January VOLUME 31 / ISSUE 1 Happy and Blessed New Year to the Tidewater Emmaus Community, My name is Bruce McConnaughey. I attend and serve at Baylake United Methodist Church in Virginia Beach. I walked on TW-64 and sat at the table of God s Runners. It is truly an honor and blessing to serve as the Community Lay Director for Tidewater Emmaus for This is my third year serving on the board and I have been the Director of Weekends in 2017 and the Director of Team Selection during I have served with some wonderfully talented people these past couple years and have seen first-hand their love for Jesus Christ. I want to take this opportunity to say thank-you to 3 terrific people who are rolling off the board at the end of It has been a privilege to serve with Dave Hammond, Marybeth Grambo, and Bonnie Dailey. Each of them has shown such a commitment to this community and to our Savior. In fact, each of them will continue to serve Christ as we move forward. Dave and Marybeth have committed to serve as Weekend Lay Directors for the upcoming Peninsula Emmaus Rainbow walks in March and Bonnie already has her application to team submitted for TW-121. These 3 people are perfect examples of what the Emmaus movement is all about. Strengthen your own relationship with Christ by being His hands and feet. They will be missed on the board but will still be active in our community. As we move into 2019, our mission remains the same. We need to be disciples of Jesus Christ and work to grow His kingdom. That work is done in each of our churches through their many programs and missions. That work is done in our community by having successful walks. Those walks can only be successful with everyone s involvement. We need each one of you in the community to stop and listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you. Take some time, be still, and I know you will discern what He places on your heart. Maybe He needs you to sponsor that someone you have been thinking about for some time. Maybe it s someone you just met recently. Stop and listen. He will tell you. Maybe He 1/10

2 needs you to be part of a talk-room team. You might be experienced at that, or maybe brand new. He needs you. Stop and listen. Maybe He needs you to serve on Community Support. Maybe He needs you to be part of the prayer vigil. There are many opportunities to serve Him, but only you can hear what He tells you. Stop and listen..as it says in 1 Samuel 3:9---- Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening And then ACT..Take that step in faith.you will be so glad you did! It is my hope and prayer for each of you in 2019 that you really strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ and you take every opportunity to be His servant. There will be so many opportunities during the year and I pray you don t miss any of them. We have 4 walks planned with lots of events during each of those weekends, we have gatherings scheduled with chances to renew old friendships and sing praise to our King, and we have everyday life that offers us so many varied ways to see our Lord and really be part of what He is all about. I look forward to the joy that we all can experience by just letting Him take charge of our lives. I look forward to the opportunities He places before us as a community. And I look forward to working with each of you to make this community thrive as He takes us where He wants us to be. DeColores Bruce McConnaughey TW TWE Community Lay Director Happy New Year Let s have the BEST Year ever in Did you know that there is no crying at Emmaus? Just kidding. Even the Treasurer cries. I cried when a nice donation was made to Tidewater Emmaus. Thank you all who made donations in I will cry again when we make our quota of at least 20 pilgrims for each walk by the February Gathering. So let s keep sponsoring Pilgrims to reach 36 for each walk so I can cry again. Those darn allergies. 2/10

3 Just a note to let you know that I will work with you if you need to make payments towards Teaming or Sponsorship. We also have a Bill Baker Fund if you need to use that. Any questions feel free to me at I would like to thank everyone who either made a donation, paid their teaming and/or sponsorship fees through the PayNow button on our website. I would love to see more people this year doing the same thing. So go to our website and click on the PayNow button and donate $10 or more a month. If you would like to donate money to buy supplies, such as Bibles, Rooster Pins, Candles or anything else that is needed for the BEST Walk ever, please do so. Did you know your donation is tax deductible? You can also pay your teaming and sponsorship fees through the PayNow button. We are also using CloverGo which is an attachment to my phone and I can swipe or if you have a chip insert your credit card to pay for Tie Dye T-Shirts, Teaming Fees, Sponsorship Fees and or just make a donation for tax purposes. There are NO EXTRA FEES when you pay with PayNow or CloverGo. God is Good All The Time DeColores!!! Charlotte Carroll Director of Finance There will be a change in the Gathering schedule for January. The Chrysalis flights scheduled for January have been postponed so we will be having an Emmaus Gathering on Saturday, January 19. We are checking on several locations and as soon as we secure one we will send an 3/10

4 blast as well as post it on the website. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the first Gathering of the New Year! If your church is interested in hosting a Gathering please let us know. DeColores DeColores! Rick Volz As the Weekends Director for the TW Emmaus Board, I would like to share some specifics related to Hope Haven (HH). For the last three years, we have had all our walks at Hope Haven; thus, it has become our new Walks home. Included in this newsletter is a map (PDF) of the Hope Haven facility. Please refer to it as I cite our current HH building usage. Echols Lodge : First major building complex on the right as you enter HH. This is where our Pilgrims and Teamers sleeping quarters are located. Chapel Building ( Burton Chapel ): Located on the left side of the long road behind the HH Office. We use this building for our Talk Room. Schafer Building : The large building complex further down from Echols on the long road. We use this facility for Opening Night activities including Sponsor s Hour; for Saturday Night Gathering/Candlelight; and, for the walk Closing. Camp Chapel : This is located behind Schaffer in the Summer Camp Area. Camp Chapel is the designated chapel for all scheduled chapel activities 4/10

5 during the walk (weather permitting). We use a portion of the Schaffer building as a backup chapel when weather prevents us from using the Camp Chapel. Hudgins Cottage : This facility is primarily used as a central location for Community Support. The full time Community Support sleeping quarters are located here. We can also use this facility as an overflow for teamers when Echols Lodge becomes full. TW Emmaus Shed : Our shed is not currently located on the map; however, it is physically located at the last turn on the long road. We use this shed to store all our walk support equipment (except electronics). As time goes on, I will share more Weekend information with you. Peace in Him, Benny Lane TWE Weekends Director My name is Lynn Hollandsworth and I am the board member who will be coordinating Sponsorship and Registration this year. I have always said this is the best job on the board because you get to extend the invitation for a weekend with Jesus to others. I don t think it gets much better than that! I look forward to talking with sponsors and meeting the pilgrims for the upcoming spring walks! We know they will be the best walks ever! DeColores! Lynn Hollandsworth Sponsorship Coordinator I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! Now, we have arrived into the New Year 2019, don't forget to put your "thinking caps" on to make this the best year with AGAPE. 5/10

6 We have the Men's and Women's walks coming up in April and May Nell Bater AGAPE Director Gree ngs Tidewater Emmaus Community Happy New Years Tidewater Emmaus!! My Name is Jill Wynne. I walked on TW60. I sat at the table of Grapes of Grace. And I attend River Oak Church. 6/10

7 I have been selected to serve as the Team Selection Director this year. I need you. ALL of you! To put in applications to serve on the team. Do you remember that person that greeted you with a smile when you met your new best friend on that Thursday night? Also do you remember that person that you met at your table Friday morning? You know, the one that wouldn t let you get your drink or even carry your plate. Well wouldn t you like to be THAT person, we need you to serve on a team. I have teamed 12 times. I can really say, I LOVE IT. Teaming is a lot of fun and you get to build lasting relationship with other Christians. If money is keeping you from applying, there is a Bill Baker Fund Available. Just contact Charlotte Carroll on the board. Applications are available on the website at DeColores, Jill Wynne TW60 TWE Team Selection Director What an awesome God we serve! 7/10

8 My name is Brad Hamilton, I walked on TW 66, I sat at the table of Luke, and I serve at The Gathering at Scott Memorial UMC This will be my second year on the Tidewater Emmaus Board and this year I will serve as Communications Director. I have big shoes to fill as Bonnie Dailey is rolling off of the Board. Thank you for your time Bonnie. I pray that each of you had a great Christmas, received wonderful gifts and had the opportunity to celebrate the birth of our King. Speaking of gifts, the gift of a Walk to Emmaus is the best regift opportunity we have. As we prepare for the spring walks. Prayerfully consider how you can give that gift. Maybe it is by Sponsoring someone, maybe it is by being a member of one of the Teams or the Community Support teams for the weekends. As the New Year begins our thoughts will move to new resolutions such as weight loss and lifestyle changes etc. The Bible says Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17. Also for I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11. My New Years resolution is to become more aware of God s plans in my life. DeColores Brad Hamilton TWE Communications 8/10

9 The Chrysalis Flights had to be postponed Fly with Christ Vicki Curtis Chrysalis Community Lay Director For a list of Pilgrims, Teamers, Walk Details and more, connect with us thru our website or even Facebook. TWE Website Connect with us Tidewater Emmaus PO Box 61485, Virginia Beach, VA Unsubscribe Update Profile About our service provider Sent by in collaboration with 9/10

10 Try it free today 10/10