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1 Catholic Parish of Lindfield-Killara Diocese of Broken Bay Holy Family Parish Church, Lindfield Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Church, Killara LINDFIELD: KILLARA: MASS TIMES: Saturday 6:00pm Saturday Vigil: 5:30pm Sunday: 8:15am Sunday: 9:15am 10:15am 12:00 (Chinese Community Mass) 6:00pm (for both our communities) Weekdays: Monday 9:15am 7:30am Tuesday 12:15pm 7:30am Wednesday 9:15am ~ Thursday 9:15am ~ Friday 11:15am (School Mass) 7:30am Saturday 9:15am SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: Saturdays 5:00 5:30pm (Lindfield) For 15 minutes after the 5:30pm Mass (Killara) * NO 9:15 Mass at Lindfield nor 7:30am Mass at Killara on the 2nd Friday of each month SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT This week: Is 40:1-5, 9-11; 2 Pet 3:8-14; Mk 1:1-8 Next week : Is 61:1-2, 10-11; 1 Thess 5:16-24; Jn 1:6-8, LIGHTING OF THE SECOND CANDLE OF THE ADVENT WREATH Celebrant: Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Saviour of the world. We gather around this Advent wreath, which we honour as a remembrance of your first coming at Bethlehem, your final coming in glory, and your daily coming amongst us in grace. Strengthen our hearts with the example of your love that we may receive you each day with joy and gladness. The second candle is lit. Celebrant: O Emmanuel, Saviour of Israel, you are God-among us. All: Come and save us, O Lord our God. Celebrant: O Wisdom of the Most High God, you rule your people with gentle might. All: Come & teach us the way of prudence. Celebrant: May this light remind us of Jesus, who is the true light of the world. All: God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God. Celebrant: During the Advent season may almighty God let the light of his Son shine upon us. May God fill our hearts with joy at the coming of Jesus and lead us to life everlasting. All: Amen. Please join in singing one more verse of the Entrance Hymn.

2 2 Parish Staff and Contact Information We are the one parish of Lindfield-Killara containing our two distinct but collaborating and cooperating communities centred on our two churches at Killara and Lindfield. Holy Family Church: cnr Pacific Hwy and Highfield Rd, Lindfield Immaculate Heart of Mary Church: cnr Fiddens Wharf Rd and Charles St, Killara Parish Priest: Fr Colin Blayney Assistant Priest: Fr Thomas Alackakunnel VC Apart from the case of emergency please restrict the use of the above numbers to between 9:30am and 5:00pm. For office or routine enquiries please contact the Parish Office during office hours. PARISH OFFICE: Parish Secretary: Philita Marundan: Address: Level 1, 2 Highfield Road (cnr Pacific Hwy) Lindfield NSW 2070 (Postal: PO Box 22, Lindfield NSW 2070) Ph: Fax: Parish Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30am-1:00pm and 1:30pm-4:00pm Catechist Coordinator (Primary Schools): Sue-Anne Sherwood Sacramental Programme Coordinator: Sue-Anne Sherwood Assistant Sacramental Programme Coordinator: Maia Schulze Tsang Parish Priest s Secretary: Maia Schulze Tsang Parish Bookkeeper: Alison Williams Child Protection Coord. Alison Williams Parish Facilities Coordinator (volunteer):anthony Cassidy Youth Ministry Coordinator (volunteer) Jean Shatek Parish Primary School: Holy Family School, 4 Highfield Rd, Lindfield 2070 Ph: Fax: Principal: Mr Lou Dogao School Website: Parish Website: Saturday Lindfield 6:00pm Killara 5:30pm Sunday Lindfield 8:15am Killara 9:15am Lindfield 10:15am Lindfield 12:00noon Lindfield 6:00pm 9 Dec No Mass Fr Colin 10 Dec Fr Colin Fr Thomas Fr Colin Fr Thomas Fr Thomas 16 Dec Fr Thomas Fr Colin 17 Dec Fr Thomas Fr Colin Fr Thomas Fr Thomas Fr Colin Fr Thomas

3 3 RICHARD ROHR S MEDITATION: THOMAS MERTON, PART I Thomas Merton ( ) was born in France and lived most of his adult life as a Cistercian (Trappist) monk at the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani in Kentucky. He died tragically in Bangkok of accidental electrocution. Merton has been a primary teacher and inspiration to me since I first read his book The Sign of Jonas in my high school seminary library around Merton almost single-handedly pulled back the veil and revealed the contemplative, mystical wisdom that had been lost in the Western Church for the last five centuries. He remains a spiritual master for many Christians and non-christians to this day. Scott Peck explains that Merton left the world for the monastery... because he was afraid of being contaminated by the world s institutionalised evil.... [But he] continued to consistently and passionately protest the sins of greater society. This burning desire to be in the world but not of the world is the mark of a contemplative. [1] James Finley, who learned from Merton for six years as a monk in Gethsemani, says Merton would tell him, We don t come to the monastery to get away from suffering; we come to hold the suffering of all the world. [2] This can only be done by plugging into a larger consciousness through contemplation. No longer focused on our individual private perfection or what Merton called our personal salvation project we become fully usable by God. Merton wrote, Paradoxically, I have found peace because I have always been dissatisfied. My moments of depression and despair turn out to be renewals, new beginnings.... All life tends to grow like this, in mystery inscaped with paradox and contradiction, yet centered, in its very heart, on the divine mercy... and the realisation of the new life that is in us who believe, by the gift of the Holy Spirit. [3] It was in the power of this Spirit that Merton struggled against the evil [that is also] in us all... [and] the blindness of a world that wants to end itself. He fought against violence, war, racism, poverty, and consumerism. He said, Those who continue to struggle are at peace. If God wills, they can pacify the world. [4] My friend, John Dear writes of Merton: The contemplative work of inner conversion, inner disarmament, and inner peacemaking as the key to peace for the world held Merton s interest throughout his life. It s what he admired most about Mahatma Gandhi, and what he tried to achieve for himself.... Merton observed that Gandhi s political revolution sprang from an inner, spiritual revolution of the heart.... Merton wrote... The whole Gandhian concept of nonviolent action and satyagraha is incomprehensible if it is thought to be a means of achieving unity rather than as the fruit of inner unity already achieved. [5] References: [1] M. Scott Peck, Introduction, A Thomas Merton Reader, ed. Thomas P. McDonnell, rev. ed. (Doubleday Image: 1996), 5-6. [2] James Finley, Intimacy: The Divine Ambush, disc 4 (Center for Action and Contemplation: 2013), CD, MP3 download. [3] Thomas Merton, A Thomas Merton Reader, [4] Ibid., 18. [5] John Dear, Thomas Merton, Peacemaker: Meditations on Merton, Peacemaking, and the Spiritual Life (Orbis Books: 2015), 17,

4 4 CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS Our parish, with its two churches of Immaculate Heart of Mary at Killara and Holy Family at Lindfield warmly invites you to join us for our celebrations of the Lord s birth at Christmas. Our celebrations are as follows: CHRISTMAS EVE EVENING : Lindfield: 6:00pm Christmas Vigil Mass Killara: 5:30pm Christmas Vigil Mass These are the Children's Masses. (please note that once again the Children s Mass at Lindfield will be celebrated in the church, not in the hall). A CHILDREN S CHRISTMAS GIFT TO THOSE IN NEED: We invite the children at both Children s Masses to bring an envelope containing a donation towards the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. We will invite the children to come forward at the time of the Presentation of the Gifts to put their envelopes in the boxes under the Tree. CHRISTMAS MORNING : Lindfield: Lindfield Killara Lindfield 10:30pm Mass (an earlier Midnight Mass ) preceded by Carols at 10pm. 8:00am Mass (not 8:15am) 9:30am Mass (not 9:15am) 10:15am Mass NO Chinese Mass & NO evening Mass on Christmas Day. Children s Involvement in our Christmas Masses We invite the children to be actively involved in our Children s Christmas Vigil Mass at either Killara (5:30pm) or Lindfield (6:00pm), or in the children s choir at the 8:00am Mass on Christmas Day: ~ AT KILLARA ~ * Calling all shepherds and angels * * Calling all older children who would like to help sing the Christmas story * We invite the children who wish to participate in re-enacting the Christmas story during Mass to come to our PRACTICE on Friday 22nd December at 5pm at Killara church. Contact or to book your costume. ~ AT LINDFIELD ~ For those interested in being part of the Children's Vigil Mass: nativity play, choir and readers please Rose at: The rehearsal will be held on Friday 22 nd December at 10:15am in Lindfield church. The younger children, as they are each Sunday, are also welcome to form the choir leading the singing at the early Mass (8:00am) on Christmas Day. The rehearsal for children wishing to take part in this Mass will be on Friday 22nd December at 3pm in Lindfield church.

5 5 A SPECIAL FAREWELL Edwina Ridley has been teaching at our Parish School since 1976 (!) and is retiring at the end of this year. Edwina and her family have also been members of the parish, and students at the school. We want to take the opportunity as a parish to acknowledge this long association and to thank Edwina for her contribution to the Catholic education of the young people of our parish over so many years. We will have a farewell for Edwina at the 10:15am Mass today Sunday 10 th December, followed by morning tea in MacKillop Hall. SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME DATES FOR 2018 The letter giving all the details and dates for our Sacramental Preparation Programmes for First Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Holy Communion is now available in the foyers of the churches. It is also available on the parish website under Sacraments Children s Sacraments. The Season of Advent... The Season of Advent is a beautiful season of our Church year, but it can so easily become a lost season lost amidst the Christmas rush, the Christmas parties and the Christmas shopping. It takes some effort to allow Advent to realise its potential in our lives as individuals and as a community. Some ways to keep the time of Advent: WEEKDAY MASS provides rich fodder for reflection in the selection of Advent Scripture readings, while the Eucharist itself brings us the daily encounter with the Lord whose coming we prepare for. PRAYER TIMES AT HOME: as usual, over the next few weeks we ll print some prayer celebrations that you can use at home to keep some of this time of Advent. THE SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION provides a forum for reviewing our discipleship and preparing for a new beginning as we enter another liturgical year. There will be a celebration of the Second Rite of Reconciliation on Wednesday 20 th December at 7:30pm which will be for the whole parish and will be held in Holy Family Church at Lindfield. We will have a similar celebration in Lent, on which occasion it will be held in Immaculate Heart of Mary Church at Killara. The Second Rite of Reconciliation takes the form of a communal celebration with a short liturgy leading us into the time of individual confessions (we will have several priests present) & concluding with a common prayer of thanksgiving & final blessing and hymn. Celebrating Christmas Making a Joyful Sound Unto the Lord ~ Please be part of a choir for Christmas ~ Even if you are not regularly part of the choir, we invite you to be part of the special choir for the 10:30pm Vigil Mass for Christmas at Lindfield (and the Carols at 10pm preceding it). Please be part of making this Christmas celebration special. Rehearsals take place on Saturdays 16th and 23rd December in Lindfield church from 2-4pm, or contact Christian Catsanos ( ).

6 6 Last Week s Festival of Christmas This year s Festival of Christmas was designed to bring the school and parish community together to celebrate the holy season of Advent through food and song and gifts. The warm weather provided a perfect atmosphere for the festivities and the crowds were proof of its success. Whilst the primary purpose of the event was for community building we were fortunate to make a bit of money for the parish and our youth programmes (up from last year) thanks to the generosity of parishioners and school parents. Events like this don t happen without the efforts of many. We d like to thank the following: The organisers of our fabulous food stalls including Petra Magandanz, Anita Ward, Steve & Cathy Thomson, Gloria Cheung, Kelsie Alden, Dianne Biron and all of their volunteers; Steggle Chicken for donating ALL of the Chinese stalls ingredients; The many, many curry-cookers and cake bakers Father Colin, Anthony Cassidy, Father Thomas, Philita Marundan, and the Parish Office staff for assisting with the administration of the Festival; Parishioners who helped with set up & tear down, especially the Young Adults and Fusion Youth in the parish who dedicated most of their day to the Festival and those who helped move those heavy stages in a less than conventional way; Holy Family school teachers and staff, with special thanks to Principal Lou Dogao and Asst. Principal Joanne Sharpe for their leadership and Brigid McNally for her musical direction; Heather Blanchfield and Rebecca Flynn for organising the Christmas markets; Amanda Bromby and Janine Steiger for the beautiful new logo for the Festival along with the design of the posters, banners and flyers; (continued over )

7 7 The Holy Family Band and Band Committee including director, Michael Jardin and special thanks to Paula Sutton, Jacinta Hennessy-Bowden & Guy Bowen for the beautiful backdrop and their knowledge and assistance in putting up and tearing down the stage; The beautiful BLAST youth (and their parents) who presented the Nativity in such a unique manner; And finally to those who contributed cakes and curries, sang in the choir, attended the Festival and purchased from the markets we thank you! And from Fr Colin: Last Friday week was such a wonderful evening, a tribute to the spirit of community in our parish and school. It is such a fantastic thing that our interconnected parish and school communities can come together and celebrate in this way. A great thank you to our Principal Lou Dogao and our Assistant Principal Jo Sharpe, for all that they, all with our school staff, do to make this happen. I would also like thank in a very special way to Jean Shatek and Fran Grant whose vision and incredible hard work lay behind this wonderful occasion. ANOTHER LANDMARK FOR OUR BELLS On Saturday 2 nd December the first Quarter Peal was rung on our bells. It was a quarter peal of 1260 changes of Grandsire Doubles which took the band 38 minutes to ring. More details of our Quarter Peal can be found on the website of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers via the link: PARISH RETREATS AT TARRAWARRA ABBEY Next year s retreats will be as follows (Easter Sunday is 16th April): Monday afternoon 9th April Sunday lunchtime 15th April (outside school holidays) Monday afternoon 16th April Sunday lunchtime 22nd April (within school holidays). If you are interested in taking part in one of these retreats or just finding out more about what s involved please contact Fr Colin. If you d like to know more go to our parish website and click on Groups and Ministries Parish Retreats. You ll also find a link to a beautiful slideshow reflection on the abbey and the retreat. We soon need to decide whether we will run both or only one retreat so please indicate your interest by Friday 15th December.

8 8 THE PRAYERS AND RESPONSES OF MASS We abstain from the joyful words of the Gloria during these days of Advent as we prepare our hearts and our community to celebrate once again the birth of the Lord Jesus MEMORIAL ACCLAMATION: THE PSALM PS 84:9-14. I will hear what the Lord God has to say, a voice that speaks of peace, peace for God s people. God s help is near for those who fear him and God s glory will dwell in our land. Mercy and faithfulness have met; justice and peace have embraced. Faithfulness shall spring from the earth and justice look down from heaven. The Lord will make us prosper and our earth shall yield its fruit. Justice shall march before the Lord and peace shall follow God s steps. At Masses at which the Psalm is sung the response is: Lord, let us see your kindness, and grant us your salvation. CELEBRATIONS THIS WEEK: SECOND WEEK OF ADVENT Wed: Saint Lucy, Virgin and Martyr Thurs: Saint John of the Cross, Priest and Doctor of the Church. GOSPEL ACCLAMATION: Alleluia, alleluia! Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths; all people shall see the salvation of God. Alleluia! RESPONSE TO THE PSALM FOR WEEKDAY MASSES: MON.: Our God will come to save us! Tues.: The Lord our God comes in strength. Wed.: O bless the Lord, my soul. Thurs.: The Lord is kind and merciful; slow to anger, and rich in compassion. Fri.: Those who follow you, Lord, will have the light of life. Sat.: Lord, make us turn to you, let us see your face and we shall be saved.

9 THE APOSTLES CREED I believe in one God, the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord, (all bow at the following words in bold): who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried; he descended into hell; on the third day he rose again from the dead; he ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty; from there he will come to judge the living and the dead. 9 A CHRISTIAN MEDITATION GROUP now meets in the Meeting Room at the rear of and under Holy Family Church each Wednesday from 8:40am 9:05am (finishing in time for 9:15am Mass). Everyone is welcome. For further information contact Kay at or Catherine PARISH YOUNG ADULTS GROUP The next gathering takes place tonight Sunday 10 th December immediately following the 6pm Mass in the lounge in the Shirley Wallace Parish Centre on the first floor of Lindfield church a relaxed gathering over a meal with discussion. SVDP - CARDS & CALENDARS Columban calendars and Christmas cards are now on sale in both churches. Proceeds from these sales go to help those in need of our support. Calendars are $10 each. Please place payment in the Poor Box. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting. Amen CHURCH PEWS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE We have a number of unneeded pews of varying sizes which are available purchase. A number of the pews are made from New Zealand Kauri. If you re interested please contact Anthony Cassidy, our Parish Facilities Coordinator, at ACCESSING OUR PARISH CALENDAR You can now access our Parish Calendar on our parish website by going to: News and Events Parish Calendar. The tab below this is entitled Details regarding major events. This gives more detailed information regarding major upcoming events but is not a comprehensive calendar. ADVENT AND CHRISTMAS ON THE PARISH WEBSITE All the events for Advent and Christmas in the parish can be found by clicking the Advent and Christmas hotlink box on the homepage of our parish website.

10 10 A Service of Prayer to pray at home.... Prayer before the Christmas Tree The Christmas Tree can be a wonderful symbol of our rejoicing and giving in the Advent and Christmas Seasons. You might like to pray this prayer at home before your Christmas tree: Leader: Let us ask God to bless us and this sign of our faith in the Lord. Response: Lord, give light to our hearts. 1. That the Church may always reflect the joy of Jesus who enlightens our hearts, let us pray to the Lord. Response: Lord, give light to our hearts. 2. That this tree of lights may remind us of the tree of glory on which Jesus accomplished our salvation, let us pray to the Lord. Response: Lord, give light to our hearts. 3. That the joy of Christmas may always be in our homes, let us pray to the Lord. Response: Lord, give light to our hearts. 4. That the peace of Christ may dwell in our hearts and in the world, let us pray to the Lord. Response: Lord, give light to our hearts. T he prayer of blessing: All: Lord our God, we praise you for the light of creation: the sun, the moon, and the stars of night. We praise you for the light of Israel: the Law, the prophets, and the wisdom of the Scriptures. We praise you for Jesus, your Son: he is Emmanuel, God-with-us, the Prince of Peace, who fills us with the wonder of your love. May this tree, arrayed in splendour, remind us of the life-giving cross of Christ, that we may always rejoice in the new life that shines in our hearts. May the light and cheer it gives be a sign of the joy that fills our hearts. May all who delight in this tree think of the birth of Jesus, the true light who has come into the world. Lord, bless this tree and the gifts beneath it. And most of all bless us, so that we may know the meaning of giving during this Advent and Christmas Season. Amen.

11 11 RENOVATIONS & BUILDING MAINTENANCE Comfort Inn North Shore CHRIS IACONO Parishioner All work large and small Lic 89879c Fully Insured 50 years experience Mobile : Phone : Family owned and professionally operated motel with on-site restaurant Address: 1 Gatacre Avenue, Lane Cove Phone: Website: CATECHISTS FOR OUR STATE SCHOOLS AN URGENT REQUEST: I would love to hear from anyone who may be interested in taking on a class next year (teaching, assisting, team teaching - bring a friend). Your schedule may have changed and now you have the time to be involved. This is an invitation to share your faith and to grow your own faith. You do not need to be a teacher or have any experience. We help you with that. You teach strictly from a detailed manual with an activity book for every week. Training is provided. This is a very rewarding experience. All that is required is 30 min a week. - Beaumont Road Public School am-12pm: Yrs 2,3, and 4 - Killara High - Wednesday morning for 75 min. Please contact If you'd like to assist in your child's class even if they have a catechist already, please also contact me.

12 GOSPEL REFLECTIONS 12 BY : BERYL CATES ADVENT Advent symbols are everywhere, churches, homes, shops, offices, public buildings businesses, and shopping malls but not our local supermarket. Fickle creatures that we are, we once complained about Christmas carols being intoned over and over in the store the weeks before Christmas. Now, never mind about the inconstancy, they are silent we may wonder if we did ourselves a favour. Want them back? Amidst the chattering and movement of shoppers, the loading, and clashing of trolleys and ringing of cash registers the carolling was a reminder, even for ears that didn t want to hear, that this was a time in the workaday year with a difference. For the believer a holy season of preparedness for the celebration of the birth of the one who brought all that is good in our Western culture, and, perhaps even some Scrooge Christmas bunkum unbeliever, hearing them felt some indefinable stirring of the heart and paid tribute in her/his fashion Silencing of the Christmas carols was a generous gesture towards the sensitivities of those of other faiths in our midst. Yet, several years ago, aware that other places were making similar efforts, Muslim leaders wrote in a main newspaper that they no objection whatsoever to Christians celebrating their festival as customary and suggested that society as a whole might join in the annual festivities of all faiths. Our response? Silence. In this ecumenical age? Why is it with all our symbols we never see one which should be there John the Baptist. Gaunt, bearded, burnt by the desert s sun ad hot winds, clothed in smelly, scratchy camel skins and having lived on a diet of wild honey and locusts, John seems to burst into the Gospel story. (Honey is a real food according to the nutritionist if not wary of its sugar content and sufficient locusts will supply the body with almost all its necessary daily nutrients. Repent! Repent! John made an immediate impact on the people with his impassioned preaching.. He went around the whole of the Jordan district proclaiming frightful disasters and punishments for unrepentant sinners, predicting upheavals on earth and in the sky before the world as they knew it ending and Jesus return to judge all nations and establish the Kingdom of God in Israel. John was not an endearing character, but then reformers often aren t. But, Brood of vipers! to the Pharisees? Indeed! If we shouted You lot of slimy snakes, to a religious group we self-righteously judged hypocrites, wouldn t we later cringe! Head down, mea culpa? A person of indomitable will, John provoked the wrath of guilt-ridden Herod Antipas and his vengeful wife who found the only way to silence him was to cut off his head. John was a historical person. The historian Josephus wrote more about him than Jesus and the Baptist s conception, birth and righteousness are in the Qur an. It may come as a surprise that he is one of the patron saints of the Masonic Lodge. Why? No one knows other than he and John the Evangelist are revered figures there. The Baptist heralded the coming of the long-awaited Messiah and his macabre murder must have been a warning to Jesus if he continued arousing the hostility of the Religious Leaders he too would be brutally eliminated. Yet, with heroic commitment to his mission, Jesus took up the Baptist s call Repent! Repent (continued on page 13):

13 13 (continued from page 12): but with some difference. The Baptist emphasised the anger and punishment of Judaism s anthropomorphic Yahweh for sinners, and Jesus that God is Spirit, unchanging Love, merciful, caring, disciplinary and rewarding, always wanting what is best for us. Without realising it John the Baptist began the Church s season of Advent. Less than two generations ago it was a penitential period, something like a mini Lent. People fasted and abstained on specified days, went to daily Mass if possible, Confession (Reconciliation) a must and they held no large formal functions and few marriages. Then the Church changed the observance of Advent as a penitential season to one of reflection and prayer in anticipation of the coming celebration of Jesus birth. And what did we do? We partied. Advent now is indisputably the most intense socially active of the year. We eat more, drink more, buy more, entertain and are entertained more. The daily rush has accelerated to the frenetic. Prayer and reflection? Where is there time for that? Commerce has its needs but with is customary fervour in pressurizing for its ends, has it now hijacked Santa Claus to be Joy to the world when he arrives at the crowded Toy Department? Someone once said rather than asking children what they are getting for Christmas, we should ask what they are giving. How often do you hear people protest about the surfeit of consumerism, indulgence and activity, expense and fatigue that is now part of the Advent season? Amidst the busyness and conviviality, clinking of glasses and cash registers, late nights, stretched nerves and budgets we ve lost its meaning? Feel nostalgia for the time when it was simpler, quieter and holier? Can one person change any untoward trend in a society? Cambridge scientist and author Rupert Sheldrake says we re all immersed in hidden invisible morphic fields of energy good and bad interwoven through all creation. Everything we do we influences the strength and effects of those fields on humanity In the hidden interconnectedness of all people in God even one person withdrawing from the excesses in pre-christmas activity can affect society for good. May even begin a movement to have those carols again in our supermarket, or resist any such effort, arguing it is better without them. Henry & Gloria Cheung Parishioners Advertising Space Available Please contact Parish Office at Advertising Space Available Please contact Parish Office at Serving the Australian Construction Industry for 31 years UNIVERSAL INSTRUMENTS 326 Pacific Hway, Lindfield NSW 2070 Tel no Fax no

14 將臨期第二主日 10/12/2017 讀經一 ( 你們要預備上主的道路 ) 恭讀依撒意亞先知書 40:1-5,9-11 你們安慰, 安慰我的百姓 吧! 你們的天主說 你們應向耶路 撒冷說知心的話, 並向她宣告 : 她的 苦役已期滿, 她的罪債已清償, 因為 她為了自己的一切罪過, 已由上主手 中, 承受了雙倍的懲罰 有一個呼聲喊說 : 你們要在曠 野, 預備上主的道路 ; 在荒野, 為我 們的天主, 修平一條大路! 一切深谷 要填滿 ; 一切山陵要剷平 ; 隆起的要 削為平地 ; 崎嶇的要闢成坦途! 上主 的光榮要顯示出來 ; 凡有血肉的, 都 會看見 這是上主親口說的 給熙雍傳喜訊的啊! 請登上高 山! 給耶路撒冷報喜訊的啊! 請大聲 疾呼! 高呼吧! 不要畏懼! 向猶大各 城報告說 : 你們的天主來了! 吾主上 主帶著威能來到 ; 他的手臂獲得了勝 利 他的勝利品與他同在 ; 他獲得的 酬勞在他面前 他必如牧羊人, 牧放自己的羊 群 ; 以自己的手臂集合小羊, 把牠們 抱在自己的懷中 ; 溫良地帶領哺乳的 母羊 上主的話 ( 默想片刻 ) 答唱詠詠 85:9-10, 11-12, 答 : 上主, 求你向我們顯示你的 寬仁 ; 求你賜給我們你的救恩 ( 詠 85:8) 領 : 我要聽天主上主說的話 ; 他向自 己的聖者和子民, 及向全心皈依 他的人, 所說的話, 確是和平綸 音 他的救恩, 必臨於敬畏他的 人 ; 他的光榮, 必在我們的地上 永存 答 領 : 仁愛和忠信, 必彼此相迎 ; 正義 與和平, 必彼此相親 忠信從地 下生出 ; 正義由天上遠矚 答 14 CHINESE CATHOLIC COMMUNITY 領 : 上主也必賜下康樂幸福 ; 我們 的土地, 必有收穫 正義在上 主前面行走 ; 救恩必緊隨上主 的腳步 答 讀經二 ( 我們等候新天新地 ) 恭讀聖伯多祿宗徒後書 3:8-14 親愛的諸位, 唯有這一件事, 你們不可忘記 : 就是在天主前, 一 日如千年, 千年如一日 主決不延 遲他的應許, 有如某些人所想像 的 其實, 是他對你們含忍, 不願 任何人喪亡, 只願眾人回心轉意 可是, 主的日子必要如盜賊一 樣來到 ; 在那一日, 天要轟然過 去 ; 所有原質, 都要因烈火而溶 化 ; 大地及其中所有的工程, 也都 要被焚毀 這一切既然都要這樣消失, 那 麼, 你們便應該度聖潔和虔敬的生 活, 以等候並催促天主日子的來 臨! 在這日子, 天要為火所焚毀 ; 所有原質, 也要因烈火而溶化 ; 可 是, 我們卻按照他的應許, 等候那 正義常住在其中的新天新地 為此, 親愛的諸位, 你們既然 等候這一切, 就應該勉力, 使他見 到你們沒有玷污 沒有瑕疵, 且安 然無懼 上主的話 ( 默想片 刻 ) 福音前歡呼 領 / 眾 : 亞肋路亞 領 : 你們當預備上主的道路 ; 修直 他的途徑 凡有血肉的, 都要 看見天主的救援 ( 路 3:4,6) 眾 : 亞肋路亞 福音 ( 你們要修直主的途徑 ) 恭讀聖馬爾谷福音 1:1-8 天主子耶穌基督福音的開始, 正如依撒意亞先知書上記載的 : 看, 我派遣我的使者在你 面前, 預備你的道路 曠野中有 呼號者的聲音 : 你們當預備上主 的道路, 修直他的途徑 此時, 若翰出現在曠野裡施 洗, 並宣講悔改的洗禮, 以赦免 罪過 猶太全地和耶路撒冷的群 眾都出來, 到他那裡, 承認自己 的罪過, 在約但河受他的洗 若翰穿的是駱駝毛的衣服, 腰間束的是皮帶, 吃的是蝗蟲與 野蜜 他宣告說 : 那比我更有 力量的, 要在我以後來, 我連俯 身解他的鞋帶, 也不配 我以水 洗你們, 他卻要以聖神洗你 們 上主的話 華人天主教會北區中心 主日彌撒 12 時, 彌撒後午餐聚會. 餐費 $5.00. 牧職修女司徒金美修女 聯絡 中心聯絡 Gloria Cheung 聯絡 E Sunday School 主日學 12nooon Parish Meeting Room 在學校假期期間, 17/12/ /1/2018 午餐暫停 供應, 4/2/2018 恢復提供 The 26 th mily Camp 第二十六屆 家庭營 26 th -28 th December St. Paul International College, Moss Vale 成人組 : 聖馬加利大堂區副本堂 黃君右神父主持成人組 主題 :[ 教會如何面對挑戰 : 宗教改革到梵二 ]

15 15 ST VINCENT DE PAUL-CHRISTMAS APPEAL The Society s Annual Christmas appeal for funds takes place this and next weekend. Funds received from this appeal enable the Society to put some joy into the lives of those who need our help. Parishioners have been generous in the past and the Society seeks your support this annual appeal. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Envelopes are available in both churches that enable you to include your name and address for your receipt. Your generosity is appreciated. MISSING The Wooden Crucifix that we use for Children s Liturgy is missing from the cupboard in Killara Hall. If you ve borrowed it, please return it to the cupboard. Thank you. Lindfield Dental Practice Dr Peter Chung DDS, MDS, PhD Clinical Assoc Professor Open: Mon-Sat P: Suite 1, 345 Pacific Highway (Scholastic Bldg) Next to Lindfield Medical Practice SCHOOL MASS The end of year Advent Mass for our Parish School will be celebrated this Friday 15 th December at 11:15am at Lindfield. All welcome. Lord, in Jesus your Son, you restored to us the gift of everlasting life. Grant that life to: Deceased members of Richardson, Coolahan, Bencke and Johnston families namely: Vera and Walter Richardson, Fran, Eric, Roy Richardson (World War II), Mary Clare Richardson, Min and Arthur Coolahan, John Kathleen and Francis Coolahan, Fred and Jeffrey Beencke, Marge Johnston. Please pray for those who are sick : Yvette Marie and Jeff Oras, John and George Agius, Isaac Samakeh, Fr Franciscus Choi, Ken Kan, Gizelle Tan, Basilisa Choi, Cyril Ferriere, Br Braden, Mary & Brian Couper, Kieran Norton, Sean Maguire, Pakie Maguire, Naneth Bernado, Michael Swan.

16 16 An Advent Reflection by Fr Colin At an Ecumenical Service I attended quite some years ago, Rev Brian Smith from the Parramatta Mission of the Uniting Church gave, what I thought, was a wonderful and very challenging homily. His question centred around our experience of hope, because hope is one of the great themes of Advent. And the question Brian posed was whether we ve become anaesthetised to what hope, in its Advent sense, is really about: have we become unable to experience what hope in its deepest sense is about?... And the question he posed was: how can we really place all our hope in God, all our hope in the things of the Spirit, how can we really realise that we re empty without them, when, in our Western world, in our comfortable world, there are so many other things that we place our hope in? Compared to most of the world we re extraordinarily well off. Our hope in God doesn t come because we ve lost hope in all other things. We have good homes and cars, good appliances, nice experiences, enjoyable holidays. And so the problem is that rather than God being the great source of hope in our life, God becomes just one among many. And perhaps not even the most important. For me that homily seemed to raise questions of priorities: that in a comfortable lifestyle God can be just one among many important things; that religion can become a hobby, God can become a figure in the wings, the Church can become a club, and the Eucharist can become an occasional and optional pastime. So the question of priorities is one of the questions of Advent, this Season of newbeginnings: is God, the things of the Spirit, the issue of our own spirit and its relationship with God, at the centre of our concerns, or at the edge? Is IT the question and the search that shapes and defines who we are, or a weekend hobby with little real impact on the main priorities of our life? Is the Gospel a framework for how we live our life, and relate to others, and make our choices, or is the Gospel a reading we half listen to on Sundays? Priorities. Advent, the Season of hope challenges us to find our hope, our deepest source of life, in God, in attending to the things of the spirit. But it also asks whether we, in fact, place all our hope in things seemingly much closer to hand, in money and possessions, in diversions, in career, in what seems most immediately to be for our own good? The big question in our culture and our time is how can we really find our hope in what s deepest and most important when there are so many more immediate and ultimately superficial - things to place our hope in? Advent s challenge is to decide whether God is going to be our greatest hobby, or our greatest hope.