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1 From Pastor John: Wow! So much took place we cannot tell it all or show it all. Everybody on my team was involved with sharing God's love in Jesus Christ over the season and the day we celebrate Jesus coming into the world He created. Is this the correct day Jesus was born? I don't know. Probably not, but it is a day we celebrate Jesus' birth in this world. Was it a pagan holiday? Yes, so what. The blood of Jesus covers my sin and I have no problem with celebrating Jesus coming into our lives to give us life. His blood covers any pagan recognition and shows us nothing is impossible for Jesus and it shows us He, Jesus, can cover anything and everything for the glory of God. This December we shared Jesus in all corners of our ministries. Enjoy the photos and know Jesus was the focus about Christmas here in and around Zihuatanejo, Mexico... May God bless each of you this New Year, Pastor John Editor s Note: Someone else celebrated a birthday this month Happy 70 th Pastor John!

2 From Beti: Dear family in Christ, Alleluia! We are celebrating the birth of Jesus our Savior! The Bible says: But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His son, born of a woman, born under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons. Galatians 4:4,5 This is the good news for us, we became children of God through Christ Jesus and all His blessings are for us: Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Ephesians 1:3 Yes, I am a daughter of God and He has blessed me so much to share His precious Word with every person and with the little ones! When December started, I started asking the kids in my different missions: What does Christmas mean? They gave me different answers; it means parties, it means family reunion, it means presents, etc. I have been teaching these kids for years but the worldly influence is so strong that they forget and we need to keep telling them the Truth. They were disciplined to learn the Christmas songs and we all enjoyed it!

3 One day before the Christmas celebration I encouraged the kids and we went out to invite people in the area of Convergencia I never expected the crowd that attended around 120 people! I shared the real meaning of Christmas with them, the kids sang with joy and we shared food and drinks it happened like the story in Matthew 14:13 with the feeding of five thousand there was enough food and drinks for everyone! Thank you Jesus! May this new year be filled of joy, peace and love in Christ Jesus for each one of you, dear family! Beti Sullivan

4 From Cristian Some of what we have been up to Pops for Cops! Delivering Coke to officers on duty over Christmas and blessing them for their work. Baptizing 7 members of our church plant, Las Mesas Church!

5 A Christmas drama at Las Mesas Our youth visiting seniors Preaching at youth events Preaching the gospel in the hills Our youth performing a drama Taking food and supplies to the needy

6 There are many other things I have been doing like taking care of my boys, loving my wife and daughter, and seeking new souls for Christ. Next newsletter you will see them. I cannot forget that, thanks to different donors, we have now bought land for Las Mesas church plant! Now we need to build. Pray for us. Thanks to all who faithfully support us all as we continue to share the gospel and live. From the Cruz Family From Mimi: As we arrived in Leon, we were well received by The Lakewood Washington team and the local church. It was 8 days of worship, teaching in the morning and out to the streets in the afternoon. In the evening we celebrated Christmas (posadas) with worship, songs, a puppet show and of course tamales and atole. Also piñata for the children! I was ill for a majority of the time but it made these young men, Vicente, Alejandro and Luvi step out with the team. They learned, prayed for people, and shared their testimonies of Jesus in their lives. God is so good! We were protected from outside forces, we were fed very well both physically and spiritually!

7 ZIHUATANEJO CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP you do, do it all for the glory of God God -1 Cor. 10:31 This was a an experience they will never forget! And a week later they put it into practice in another town in Guerrero. All glory to Our King!!! Thank you for your prayers and financial support. You were part of the mission as well God bless your New Year! Mimi Aranda Check out our English Facebook page to keep up with us all month long! Just search Zihuatanejo Christian Fellowship or copy and paste this link: Please contact the Treasurer with financial questions or a change of address at As the Lord leads please send donations to: John L. Sullivan Ministries 2103 Harrison Ave. NW #113 Olympia, WA Donate securely on-line at Or donate securely on-line one-time only or monthly donations at