Nativity Of Our Lord. - Fr. John Williamson

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1 December 25, 2016 Nativity Of Our Lord Welcome We extend a special welcome to all our visitors and to those who are back home for Christmas. Know that you are always welcome here at the. We hope that you will join us every week to celebrate the reality of God s love that was born in Bethlehem at Christmas and continues to be present in our midst throughout the year. May the joy and peace the angels proclaimed to the shepherds that first Christmas night truly be yours during this Christmas Season. Kate Skoczalek (Sko-ZEL-lick) & her husband Eliot Schmdit were on their way to Home Depot. They were - Fr. John Williamson having an argument about not being a part of the community where they d recently moved, when Eliot pointed out the multiple Mass times on the signboard. They decided to turn around, get changed, and give it a shot! Their very first Mass had a homily from Fr. John about how to treat modern day lepers social outcasts, the homeless, people who feel alienated by the Church. The message really resonated with them both, and everyone was so welcoming that they came back the next week for a homily on how to hear God in everyday life. And that was it. They were hooked. Humbled by God s mercy, we seek to follow Christ and live the joy of the Gospel through love and service. Mission Statement

2 Please note time change* St Augustine Friday, Jan. 6 12PM-5PM* Ascension Monday, Jan. 9 12PM -7 PM For all those whose hearts are closed or blocked from Christ, that this Christmas Season may bring a renewed openness to the peace and love of Christ. This monthly prayer intention comes from Fr. John and the staff. Prayer is essential to becoming a mission-driven active parish so please pray with us! Page 2 Kate was a cradle Catholic, born, raised, and educated pre-k through Masters degree in Catholic schools. Eliot was born and raised a Presbyterian. He spent some time wandering in the (spiritual) woods and became Catholic after the turning-point Home Depot excursion participating in the parish Becoming Catholic ongoing classes. How did life change when you started going to Mass? Kate: It s going to sound contradictory, but we feel both more grounded and more inspired when we attend Mass regularly. There s just something fundamentally refreshing about the process and the message of the Mass. Eliot: And, as a non-original Catholic, the routine of Mass is easier to pick up on than the stand-up comics give you credit for! What do you think is different now because of the decision to be a practicing Catholic? Eliot: For me, going back to church regularly (really for the first time since high school) and being involved with the kids as we are, has allowed me to explore faith my own and the more general idea of faith more thoroughly than I ever have before. And that has been a very fulfilling experience. Kate: I think this relates to the previous question very well I feel more a part of a community now. For me, that s a very comforting and rewarding feeling. This year Kate & Eliot have been actively involved in the Marriage Matters Dinner, Marriage preparation weekends, and Life Teen., also known as R.C.I.A., is open to everyone who wants to learn more about the Catholic faith. We meet from 7:00-8:30PM in the Burke Wing each Monday evening. Classes resume January 9 and are ongoing for as long or short as each individual decides. Contact Bob Sutliff, , or

3 Last week we hired our construction manager for the project so we are still on track to begin after Christmas in January. Our new altar and pulpit arrived last week, and the refinished tabernacle will be arriving before Christmas. So far we have received $4000 towards the new Bell Carrillon system. We still need $7000 more, so your donations make a difference! Speaking of donations we are still about $20,000-$30,000 short of our goal and will need to borrow for the project. The proceeds from the Italian Winterfest will be devoted to the Sanctuary Renovation so please support this fundraiser on January 14th and continue to make your personal donations. Please also remember that once construction starts, the 9AM Mass on Tuesday and Thursday will be temporarily moving up to St. Augustine, as well as all funerals. We will still be having weekend Masses in the midst of construction in the church. You may have noticed Mary and Joseph have swapped places. It has long been custom and liturgical norm that Our Lady is always placed at Jesus' right hand in churches. When Ascension was built, that norm was not followed, so we are correcting that. Thank you, Everyone Our Parish Prayer Circle prays for your needs or special intentions. It s a comforting thought to know that many members of the Prayer Circle are storming heaven with your for your intentions. To make a prayer request, contact Frank Stanitski, or call Fr John Tuesday and Wednesday evenings Dinner at 6:00 PM, program from 6:30-7:40 pm in St. Augustine Hall. Sessions begin again on January 3/4, Page 3

4 Footprints in the Sand Paint Night It s never too late to have your child baptized. Call Cathy to find out more or Make it a summer day in February! Saturday, February 11th 6:30 9 PM Ascension Brewer Hall $30 with two glasses of wine or $25 without wine includes light appetizers, dessert & all supplies Limited to 40 guests or Parish Playgroup Connect with parents and their little ones ages birth-4 years. Meets 1st & 3rd Wednesdays each month - 9:30-11:30 AM 2nd floor youth room at Ascension Parish Center. Call Amy Borsh at for info. Beat winter cabin fever and join us on January 4th! A faith formation program featuring individual mentors, shorter learning sessions, and parental support Sundays from 9:30-10:15 AM Contact Michele Poligardo to discuss your child s needs or July 10-14, 2017 Maker Fun Factory Bring your creativity and imagination as we invent, play, and most importantly discover that we were created by God for a purpose! OUR DAILY BREAD Volunteers: Tuesday, January 17, 2017 from 9 am to 12:30 pm. Car pool available from Ascension. Contact Diane Dingle at to serve. Page 4 Come to our Mass times that include Children s Liturgy of the Word! A time where children ages 4-9 experience a child s version of all the aspects of the Liturgy of the Word part of Mass in a separate setting while you experience them at an adult level in church 1st, 3rd, and 4th Sundays Ascension 10:30 AM Mass

5 Ice Cream Social Volunteers You can share a little happiness by volunteering at an ice cream social for residents of St Martin s Home for the Elderly in Catonsville Saturday, January 14, 2017 from 11:30-2PM. To find out more or to sign up for this opportunity to serve, Tom Christman: or call YOUTH MINISTRY BULLETIN HAS MOVED COMPLETELY ONLINE! Want to read the Bible but can t find the time? Listen to it at The parish code is 68JH9P and enables you to watch, read, or listen to the dramatized Bible, different Catholic books, classic movies, media for children & more and it s all free. Visit today. Join Flocknote: text ASTA to & join Youth/Young Adult Ministry or go to Enter your address and click Reset or create a password below the big blue Sign In button. Click the yellow Reset my password button that comes up, and follow the prompts from there. Page 5

6 If you haven t been to St Augustine in awhile, then you may see something new next to the church in the rectory yard: a columbarium. The cemetery at St. Augustine hit capacity in 2000, so parishioners no longer had the option to be buried there. Building a columbarium has given people the option to rest at our church again. Cremation has grown enormously in popularity in the last few decades and a reverent religious service is now an option for Catholics who want to be cremated. And there are more advantages than just resting in a beloved place: this type of interment is both green (saving space and resources) and cost-effective. It is also up to 65% less expensive than a traditional burial and fulfills the Church s guidelines on the reverent and respectful treatment of the body with burial on sacred ground. Plus it s a beautiful place to visit. Ron Xifo, (ex-cee-foh), who manages the continued building of the columbarium and sale of its niches, statues, and benches, is a zealous advocate for this option and says that everyone s reasoning is unique, and their choice of resting places is also. We wanted to be buried at St. Augustine s since so much of our life is intertwined with the parish, said Cathy Carlin. Initially I was hesitant about cremation, but when we saw the names of so many of our friends on the bronze plaques, I thought how wonderful to continue to be in the company of our parish family. People choose niches because of their proximity to a beloved statue, a bench for loved ones, the garden, or in one case, because it faces the pew a parishioner sits in each Sunday. Every niche holds two urns, so couples need only purchase one. Currently for memorializing: Bronze tribute plaques - $350 Statue with Blessed mother - $7500 Illumination for the garden - $650 Granite benches - $1750 each. To learn more about the columbarium, interest-free financing, and other options contact Ron Xifo, or

7 If you have any sick among you for whom you would like us to pray, please contact Ascension at St. Augustine at to request a person to be put on the prayer list. Names will remain on the prayer list for two or unless otherwise notified. This week we remember the Thomas Annulis, Bobbie Bach, Barbara Bageant, Bill Bageant, Donna Bailey, Terri Barnes, Joan Bartels, Gabriel Bellagamba, Jean Bennett; Carl Bernhardt, Margaret Bevins, Mary Bronson, Abram & Margaret Brandt, Angie Bullinger, Paula Bullinger, Dorothy Burgess, Craig Burke, Debbie Cardwell, Denise Carroll, Pauline Chausse, Steven Dambrauskas, Rita Cicala, Gene decrisci II, Tony Dellavecchia, Dominic DiDomenico, Jeanette Dillard, Colleen Donlin, John Drussel, Alvaro Duarte, Dorothy Fox, Kaitlyn Fello, Joe Fethcho, Carolyn Fitzsimmons, Earl Fletcher, Brian Gallizzo, Patricia Garrett, Jackie Gonzalez, Paige Gilmore, Keith Griffin, Sharon Gugliette, Barbara Hatfield, Michael Hatfield, Carol Harman, Caroline Harrison, Florivia Hawkins, Ron Hemler, Sandy Hoffman, Sam Hoxie, Chris Jackson, Charlotte Jarrett, Kathleen Johnston, Anita Jones, Thomas Kennedy, Jason Kindel Jr., Don Knowles, John Kordusky, William Leash, Diane Leidig, Marie Lehr, Brennan Lester, Thomas Lester Sr.,Tommy Lewis, Bernie Lisek, Jeanne Madden, Deb Marvel, Jim McCain, Sharon McCain, Jean McElroy, Bob McElroy, Jim McIntyre, Catherine McLoughlin, Alan McIntire, Bill Meagher, Stacie Mendoza, Diane Merson, David Mertes, John Miller, Kirk P Milnor, Art Mock, Joe Mooney, Frank Moran, Terry Moran, Jennifer Morgan, Lindsey Moschler, John Murray, Bruce Myers, Raymond Noon, Ralph O Den, Terry O Neill, Joseph Olsen, Aidan Marie Pahel, KC Paige, Caitlyn Papsan, Mark Papsan, Phillip Peeling, Arnie Penaloza, Sarah Poplin, Paul Rauser, Joan Reynard, Omar Rivera, Dorothy Roedel, Jeff Sanders, Dawn Sellers, Mary Serio, Bradley Skaggs, John Schene, Ed Sissel, Rocco Sovero, Cristl Spicer, Donald Eugene Swift, Leo M. Tewey, Fr. Conan Timoney, Kenny Towns, James Tully Sr., Ruth Tully, David Vane, Laura Wheeler, Mackenzie Wills, Matt Yannuzzi, Special Intentions. Please pray for all our faithful departed. May they rest in peace with the Risen Lord Jesus. About Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission It's no secret, these are difficult times for the Catholic Church; the tide is going out on the Church and business as usual is not going to turn the tide. The solution to this problem...saints! We have forgotten our mission to become saints and forgotten our story as Catholics. Discover the five steps for choosing the saint within YOU. The world doesn't need another John Paul II or Mother Teresa; the world needs you! Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Mission has extra tickets on sale now at the parish offices or at /Baltimore Page 6

8 *Not updated due to holiday printing schedule* December 10-11, 2016 Ascension Envelopes: $6, Loose Contributions: $ Poor Box: $ Second Collection: $1, EFT: $4, St. Augustine Envelopes: $7, Loose Contributions: $2, Poor Box: $ Second Collection: $1, EFT: $12, *Not updated due to holiday printing schedule* Page 7 Ascension: 506 St. Augustine: 1592 There will not be a second collection next weekend, December 31- January 1. There will not be a second collection next weekend, December 31- January 1. CELEBRANT TIME INTENTION Sun Dec. 25 Christmas Day Fr. Marty Hammond...9:15 AM Parishioners Tues. Dec. 27.9:00 AM...Paddy Ferrucci Thurs. Dec. 29.9:00 AM. Theresa Buck Sat. Dec. 31 Fr. Marty Hammond...4:00PM.Bea & Bernie Bindeman Sun Jan. 1 Fr. Marty Hammond...8:15 AM.Parishioners Fr. John Williamson..10:30 AM... Ellen Doenges CELEBRANT TIME INTENTION Sun. Dec. 25 Christmas Day Fr. John Williamson... 8:00AM... * Msgr Joe Lizor... 10:00 AM... * *All of the Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be for our Parishioners and for those names given to us as memorials. Mon. Dec :00 AM... Clifford Neubauer Wed. Dec :00 AM... Stella Johns Fri. Dec :00 AM...Deceased of Rita & Claude Bowen Families Sat. Dec. 31 Fr. John Williamson... 5:00 PM... Agnes Wilkens Sun. Jan. 1 Fr. Xavier Edet... 7:30 AM... Louis Davenport Fr. John Williamson... 9:15 AM... Parishioners Msgr Joe Lizor... 10:45 AM... Michael Bagley Msgr Joe Lizor... 12:15 PM... Leo F. Donohue GOOD SHEPHERD TIME INTENTION Mon. Dec :00 PM... Michael Stallings Tues. Dec :00 PM... Charles Troyer Wed. Dec :30 PM... Frank Stanoski Thurs. Dec :00 PM... Pat Reilly Fri. Dec :00 PM... Frank Stanoski

9 Fr. John A. Williamson, Pastor, , , Deacon Robert Smith, Deacon Thomas Yannuzzi, Pastoral Associate, Bob Sutliff, , , Directors of Engagement Adults & Men, Bob Sutliff, , , Families, Children, and Women, Cathy Carlin, , Youth & Young Adults, Viktor Nowack, , Staff Administrator of Faith Formation and Special Needs Faith Formation Michele Poligardo, , Bereavement & Pastoral Care Mary Jane Thomas, , Communications Director Karen Beach, , Director of Music -Ascension Bonnie Kabara, Director of Music -St Augustine Paul Lavin, Lifeteen Youth Minister Jacob Poligardo, Lifeteen Youth Minister Jesse Poligardo, School Principal-Interim Nancy Malloy, Support Staff Executive Secretary, St Augustine Diane Hodges, , Secretary, Ascension Brenda Miller, , Religious Education & STAND Coordinator Kim Brown, , Receptionist, St. Augustine Donna Pecoraro, , Administrative Assistant Dorothy Neubauer, STAND Coordinator & PT Assistant, Ascension Roxanne Bernhardt, , Lay Ministries Altar Server Coordinator Shawn Carlin, Children s Choir-Ascension Bonnie Kabara, Children s Choir-St Augustine Elaine Shelly, Columbarium Ron Xifo, Divine Mercy Prayer Group Barbara Kelly, Family & Children s Ministry Andrea Seurkamp & Laurie Kaplan, Helping Hands Pat Pool , Barbara Baran-Cisna, Knights of Columbus, St John Neumann Council Pat McKenna, Martha & Mary Ministry, Ascension Mary Hoban, Martha & Mary Ministry, St Augustine Karan Bevers, Men s Club-Ascension Bill Miller, Our Daily Bread Volunteers-CCASTA Diane Dingle, Our Daily Bread Collections, Ascension Yvonne Loverde, Our Daily Bread Collections, St. Augustine Dawn Weglein, Pastoral Care & Greeters Ministry, St Augustine Marty Byerly, Pastoral Care & Greeters Ministry, Ascension Mary Hoban, Prayer Circle Ministry Frank Stanitski, , Prayer Shawl Ministry Marty Byerly, Right to Life Ministry Jon Shoemaker, Sodality, Ascension Emma McIntyre, Sodality, St. Augustine Carol Bateman, Ascension Church 4603 Poplar Avenue Halethorpe, MD Phone: Fax: MASSES Saturday: 4:00 PM Sunday: 8:15AM 10:30AM Tues. & Thurs 9:00AM Holy Days 12:00 Noon & 7:00 PM Reconciliation Good Shepherd Center 4100 Maple Avenue Halethorpe, MD MASSES Mon, Tu, Th, Fri at 5PM Wednesdays at 4:30PM Augustine Church 5976 Old Washington Rd Elkridge, MD Rectory: Fax: Mass Schedule: ext 4 Holy Day Masses: ext 5 Main office: ext 301 MASSES Saturdays: 5:00PM Sundays: 7:30AM 9:15AM, 10:45AM 12:15PM, 5:00PM Mon, Wed, Fri: 7:00AM Holy Days Vigil: 7:00PM 6:30 AM and 12:00 Noon Reconciliation Saturday at 4:15PM School: Page 8

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