Blanket Sunday quilts. 101 quilts sent. completed during the Knot-a-Thon. to Lutheran World Relief

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1 Blanket Sunday quilts completed during the Knot-a-Thon 101 quilts sent to Lutheran World Relief You make Blanket Sunday & our quilting ministry possible! Thank you for your donations of time & money!

2 When submitting names for the prayer list: 1. Prayer request 2. Time period of request 3. Person submitting Prayer List Emily Phillips Margie & Don Schlosnagle Donna Johnson Jeff Welsh Bonnie Barron Julie Vettori Molly Vettori Mary Spangler Charlie Bowers Jim Hange Ken Sherman Bob Pritts People affected by the Hurricane Ronald Schmuck Sr. Family of +John Burek+ Lou Barta The victims and emergency workers of the Indonesian Tsunami Dalton King Jim Peck Dean Brant Larissa Bowman Wetzel Noah Robbin Loretta Sechler Nathaniel Barbera Jim & Kelley Saylor Evelyn Martinelli Donald McGregor Katy Drake Barb Sopich Allison Schmuck Carol Stoy Peggy Smith Juanita Sarver Patricia Weaver Barry Diehl Colt Bowman Ruth Walker Kevin Knott Lorna Weyand Annabelle McCormick Mason Flamagan Elaine Robinson Doris Stein Lily Jane Joe Nist Betty Lou Svonavec Chet Thompson Myra Miller Betty McClintock NEWSLETTER ARTICLES Articles need to be in by November 23 rd for the December 2018 Newsletter. ATTENTION: All announcements for the bulletin and newsletter should be submitted to the parish office via or voic Jason Weigle Jered Henry Active Military Karen (Sechler) LoMedico Jason Weigle NCLP Joint Council The November meeting of the NCLP Joint Council will be held on November 13 St. Paul s at 6:30pm. Mark your calendar and plan to attend to make important decisions for the parish! Prayers of Intercession We are uniting weekly with the other congregations in the Synod to name and pray for one another. Each week during worship, we are holding one of the Synod congregations in our prayers: Nov. 4 th - St. Mark Lutheran, Pleasant Gap Nov. 11 th - First Lutheran, Portage Tony LoMedico Zachary Boyer All military families that wait at home and pray for good news Nov. 18 th St. Peter Lutheran, Rebersburg Nov. 25 th - St. Luke Lutheran, Roaring Spring BIBLE STUDY: Bible Study is held every Thursday evening at 6pm in the lounge at Messiah! We will gather each week to study scripture together as a community of faith. Each week, we will look at the texts for the up-coming Sunday. We gather to listen, to learn, and to pray, looking for where the Holy Spirit will lead us. All ages are welcome to join in. Don t forget to turn your clocks back one hour on November 4th!

3 Pastoral Pondering Walking Together Many have asked me about our recent pilgrimage in Spain. Pastor Dena and I walked 119 km or about 80 miles, over the course of 6 days on the English way of the Camino De Santiago. The Camino is a series of ancient pilgrim routes that stretch out across Europe. There are many starting points, like ours in Ferrol, Spain, but all reach their destination at the cathedral of St James in Santiago De Compostela. I have been reflecting on what does pilgrimage have to do with our life together as a Christian community? The symbol for the Camino is a shell, an image that leads me to Baptism. Our life together is a Baptismal pilgrimage. Each day on the Camino, we carried our backpacks with all of our possessions and water for the day. We would start out at first light, hoping to reach our destination before the heat slowed our pace. Our journey took us from the northern coastal towns, down through farming villages. We walked on roads both paved and cobblestoned, dirt paths, through the woods, down narrow streets between homes and businesses. We passed by historic church buildings surrounded by generations of the saints. There are many starting points on the Baptismal journey of life and yet our shared destination is the Kingdom of God. Each of us carries our own burden along the way and when things get hard we slow down to help others keep up. Or we might willingly take on more to bring relief to others. The Spiritual geography of our lives is unique. Sometimes it is beautiful and peaceful, other times it seems as if the uphill or downhill will never end. But it is not a journey we undertake alone. we accompany one another. Some companions join us for a short time other for a lifetime. Strangely, you do not need a map on the Camino. There are yellow arrows that point you in the right direction. Sometimes they are found on decretive markers on the side of the road, sometimes they are posted on a fence or utility pole. Other times they are simply painted on the road itself. And if you feel lost, just ask, people were always willing to help. On Baptismal pilgrimage, sometimes the way is clear other times it is a bit more ambiguous. We find our way guided by those who have gone before us. Those saints and apostles who recorded the ways of God in the world in Scripture. We walk together with spiritual mentors and fellow pilgrims, looking for indications where God is pointing the way forward. And when we feel lost or disoriented, just ask, there are others who will help. We will walk with you and help each other find the way again. And so it is that we begin again each day carrying our burdens, our hopes, our fears. We walk together in the light of the Risen Christ. we may not always be certain about what road ahead will be like, but we know that we will not have to travel this Baptismal journey alone. May the Peace of Christ be with you always... Pastor Lee

4 November 2018 Committee Assignments Samuel s Parish Life Committees Lay Reader: Pam Weimer Cards: Judy Weimer Visitation: Deb Rose Altar Guild: Faye Miller & Laura Bluebaugh Messiah Altar Guild: Earlene O Brien & Betsy Kreger Head Usher: Chris Barclay Lay Readers at Messiah November 4 th - Member(s) November 11 th - Earlene O Brien November 18 th - Sara Sredy November 25 th - Patty Gross Communion Schedule at Messiah Nov 4 th - Laura Waltermire & Ann Ferry Collectors - Wayne & Linda Broadwater Nov 11 th - Jack Mosholder & Ken Livengood Collectors - Mary Ann Fundis & Marie Waltermire Nov 18 th - Tim Sipe & Wes Cook Collectors - Missy & Corey Whipkey Nov 25 th - Betsy Kreger & Ben Waltermire Collectors - Dorene Engleka & Carol Chrise PARISH ADVENT FELLOWSHIP MEAL Sunday, December 2, 2018 Noon? Messiah Join us as we gather as a parish to celebrate life together in community. There will be food to share and service projects for all ages to help complete as we reach out to others in love. Thank you Pam Weimer & Steve Boucher for donating a pig to the New Centerville Lutheran Parish again this year! We look forward to enjoying it at the Advent Fellowship Meal! Keeping in Touch Let us not forget about our members in nursing homes. It would be very pleasing for them to have a card or visit. Most of all remember them in your prayers. At The Patriot 495 Patriot Street Somerset, PA Martha Illar Room 251 Annabelle McCormick Room 225 Alzene Miller Room 221 Lorna Weyand Room 234 Ralph Sredy Room 361 Ruth Walker Room 363 At Martin s Care Home 522 Main Street Rockwood, PA Linda Spangler Messiah s Children s Sunday School will meet on November 4 th and next month on December 2 nd. All children are welcome to join the group upon arrival to church. Children s Sunday School is held in the room next to the Pastors Office. We hope the children can join our group! Annual Congregational Meetings & Budget Review St. Paul s, Samuel s and Messiah will hold their annual congregational meetings on Sunday, December 9 th following worship at all congregations. Budget meetings will be held following worship on Sunday, November 11 th to answer any questions there may be about the budget so that we can make the best financial decisions possible as a community of faith. Please plan to attend a session and bring your questions! November 4 th is All Saints Sunday. Please bring pictures of your Saints to worship As we take time this day to celebrate the joy of Resurrection hope we are reminded that we are surrounded by the Saints of Heaven and earth. To make this surrounding of the saints more tangible you are invited to bring pictures of the beloved Saints in your life to worship. Please feel free to place the photos around worship space or keep them with you, so that, we may all see that we are surrounded by the love of God and all the Saints past and present.

5 November Birthdays Nov. 3 - Dawn Leasock, Brittany Mills Nov. 5- Verna Kay Rose Nov. 6 - Amy Knopsnyder, Arlene Weimer Nov. 7 - Mark Sipe Nov. 12- Joseph Illar, Fern Sanner, Greg Boucher Nov Allen Chrise, Ken Livengood Nov Missy Barron, Joseph Revello II Nov Sandy Spangler Nov Virginia Blair Nov Ted Stahl Nov Lorna Weyand Nov Betsy Kreger, Ruth Mostoller Nov Bonnie Sechler Nov Colby Wood November Anniversaries Nov. 1 - Pastor Lee & Pastor Dena Gable Nov. 6 - Mark & Kathy Walker *If you have names to add or remove from the newsletter birthdays & anniversaries lists, please call the church office at Operation Christmas Child Parish Packing Party It s time to pack shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child! All are invited to come and help on either or both of the following dates: Friday, November 9 th 9 AM: Sort donated items at Messiah Saturday, November 10 th 9 AM: Pack the shoeboxes at Messiah You may help either or both days. It is a fun time and a rewarding experience helping children in need in this one small way. Come out and join the fun! Note: We would like to have any donations (items or money) by November 4 th so that we can have everything ready to go and/or make any last-minute purchases before packing day! There is still time to pack your own shoebox too! There are shoeboxes and packing guidelines available in the narthex just please be sure to return the filled box by November 4 th! Mark your calendars for an event that will get you in the holiday spirit! Sunday, December 2 nd from 4-6 p.m. at Mt. Calvary, Lavansville, there will be an Advent event that includes lessons and carols around the Christmas tree, fair trade and alternative gift shopping, seasonal treats, and conference youth assembling health kits for our neighbors around the world. This event is free and open to the public so invite your friends and spread the word! 2018 Food Bag Project The New Centerville Lutheran Parish (with the help of Thrivent Action Team Money) will once again be sponsoring our Annual Food Bag Project Ministry. Together, we will package food bags and other Christmas goodies for people in our community who are in need or shut in Please submit names of anyone you think may benefit from this ministry: Name of Person Submitting: (Anonymous requests may not be honored.) If you would like to make a donation to support the Food Bag Project, please make a check out to Messiah Lutheran Church and indicate in the Memo that the donation is for the Food Bags and place it in the offering plate before Dec. 2 nd! If you are a Thrivent Member and would like to use one of your Thrivent Action Team Projects to get $250 to go toward the project, please see Marie or Laura Waltermire for more information!

6 Lazarus Gate Food Pantry The Lazarus Gate Food Pantry at St. Luke s Lutheran Church will be open once again on Wednesday, November 14 th and Wednesday, November 28 th from 4:30pm - 6pm. At the distribution point, you will be asked to register and certify your eligibility. If you are representing the household of a relative or friend, you must certify that person is eligible. Turkeyfoot Food Pantry The Turkeyfoot Food Pantry is open for distribution on Friday, November 16 th from 9:30am - 11am. If you know anyone who could benefit from this food pantry, please spread the word. Volunteers are welcome! Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, May God s grace and peace be with you as you gather this Reformation Sunday. Today we celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit that invited a group of college professors, led by Dr. Martin Luther, to call the church to account and call us back to the One who is our center, Jesus Christ. The Spirit worked through the Reformers to knock down the walls that church tradition had tried to erect between God and God s people. Led by the Spirit, the Reformers opposed the idea that forgiveness could be bought through the sale of indulgences. They helped people understand that one needn t have an intermediary to take their prayers to God. The Spirit led Dr. Luther to translate the Scriptures into German, the language of the people, so that all could read and hear the Bible in their own language. Most importantly, the Reformers wanted us to understand that our salvation is not something we earn, work toward, or even deserve. Salvation and a life with Jesus Christ is a gift given to us from Jesus. Jesus does this out of his own grace and mercy which he pours out on all. The Reformers wanted us to understand that Christ is with us and this life with Jesus Christ is for us. Jesus is the great and powerful Lord of all, but he also is the Good Shepherd who knows and loves his sheep and is leading us and guiding us through the power of the Holy Spirit all of our life. When we talk about the Reformation we are not just talking about something that happened 501 years ago. Our Lord is at work on us and is with us right now. The Spirit that called the church Somerset County Mobile Food Bank Update The Somerset County Mobile Food Bank will be in Rockwood on Thursday, November 15 th from 12:30 pm - 1 pm in the parking lot across from the Church of the Brethren off of Main Street and in Confluence from 2 pm - 2:30 pm in in front of the borough building. The Somerset County Mobile Food Bank provides a monthly distribution of fresh produce and other food items for residents of Somerset County who are in need of food assistance. Bring your own box, basket or cart to take your food home. It may weigh as much as pounds! Limited to one distribution per household per month. to Reform is the same Spirit that is at work in us now forming and re-forming us. The good news for us is that God is not finished with us. I believe that if we truly understood how God is continually with us and working on us to shape and reform us our entire lives would be changed. If we understood just how invested God was in our reformation and invested in the hearts and lives of all people, we would no longer find ourselves in opposition to one another. We would, as St. Paul says, out do one other in showing honor. (Romans 12:10) We would find ourselves loving others in spite of our shortcomings through the power of the Holy Spirit working in us and on us. Until the Lord comes again, then, the Reformation will never end. God is changing, molding, and shaping us. God is softening our hearts and opening us to be instruments of God s peace, love and mercy. Jesus Christ is alive and walking with us, calling us to follow him into this world as he is caring for and pouring grace upon grace upon this broken world. The Holy Spirit is pulling, leading, and guiding us to be part of what God is doing loving and caring for this broken and hurting world. May you know God s continual reformation in your life now and always. +Bishop Michael

7 ELCA presiding bishop responds to Pittsburgh synagogue shooting Dear Sisters and Brothers, 10/27/2018 4:15:00 PM I write to you with a broken heart for the lives lost, wounded, and shattered by horrific hatred and violence at Tree of Life Congregation this morning. We join our Jewish neighbors and enter into mourning for all that has been lost. In our grief, God is our comfort. "The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit" (Psalm 34:18). From Pittsburgh to Portland, and around the world, Jews are living in fear. Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Public acts of hatred and bigotry against Jews are commonplace. As Christians, and particularly as Lutherans, we deplore and reject this bigotry. "We recognize in anti-semitism a contradiction and affront to the Gospel, a violation of our hope and calling, and we pledge this church to oppose the deadly working of such bigotry, both within our own circles and in the society around us" (1994 Declaration of the ELCA to the Jewish Community). We are reminded that hate-filled violence knows no bounds whether a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, a Christian church in Charleston, or a Jewish synagogue In Pittsburgh. As people of faith, we are bound together not only in our mourning, but also in our response. Therefore, in this tender moment of grief, let us reach out to those whose hearts are most broken our Jewish neighbors. I encourage you to contact your local synagogue, or your Jewish colleagues, friends, and family members, to share your words of care, support, love, and protection. There may be specific acts you might offer to demonstrate your care, such as when the members of Faith Lutheran Church surrounded Congregation Beth Israel of Chico, California, serving as Shomrim, or guardians, as they observed Yom Kippur following a hate crime in Such simple acts can go a long way to demonstrate our love, as an extension of God's love. As we seek to heal the brokenhearted, we are assured that God is near. There is no greater promise in the face of grief. In peace, The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton

8 Worship Readings for November 2018 with introductions from Sunday, November 4 All Saints Sunday (white) Jesus states the core of God s law: love God with all you are and have, and love your neighbor as yourself. The scribe agrees that Jesus has rightly identified the most important commandments, much more important than sacrifices. It s easy for us to say with the writer of the letter to the Hebrews that sacrifices aren t needed anymore; harder, though, to acknowledge that all our worship, all our community service, all our social action, all our family caregiving is worthless if it is done without love. Deuteronomy 6:1-9 Psalm 119:1-8 Hebrews 9:11-14 Mark 12:28-34 Sunday, November 11 Time after Pentecost (green) Widows are visible everywhere in today s readings. Jesus denounces those scribes who pray impressive prayers but devour widows houses. He commends the poor widow who in his view gave far more than the major donors. Jesus doesn t see her simply as an object of compassion or charity. She, like the widow of Zarephath who shares her last bit of food with Elijah, does something of great importance. 1 Kings 17:8-16 Psalm 146 Hebrews 9:24-28 Mark 12:38-44 Sunday, November 18 Time after Pentecost (green) November begins with All Saints Day and ends in or near Advent, when we anticipate Christ s coming again. So the readings today tell of the final resurrection and the end time. In the turmoil of hope, fear, and disbelief that these predictions provoke in us, Hebrews sounds a note of confident trust. Christ makes a way for us where there is no way, and we walk it confidently, our hearts and bodies washed in baptismal water, trusting the one who has promised. The more we see the last day approaching, the more important it is to meet together to provoke one another to love. Daniel 12:1-3 Psalm 16 Hebrews 10:11-25 Mark 13:1-8 Sunday, November 25 Christ the King Sunday (white) Even after Israel had experienced the vagaries of kings, they still longed for a true king to set things right. He would have the king s title of Anointed One (Messiah); he would be the one like a human being (Son of Man) given dominion in Daniel s vision. Jesus is given these titles, even though he is nothing like an earthly king. His authority comes from the truth to which he bears witness, and those who recognize the truth voluntarily listen to him. We look forward to the day he is given dominion, knowing his victory will be the nonviolent victory of love. Daniel 7:9-10, Psalm 93 Revelation 1:4b-8 John 18:33-37 Sunday, December 2 1 st Sunday of Advent (blue) Advent is about the coming days. God s people have always lived in great expectation, but that expectation finds specific, repeated enunciation in the texts appointed for these four weeks. The ancients anticipated a righteous Branch to spring up for David. The Thessalonians awaited the coming of our Lord Jesus with all the saints. Our Lord s contemporaries hoped for the time to stand before the Son of Man. With them we eagerly await the coming days: another Christmas celebration, a second coming, and the advent of our Lord in word and supper. Jeremiah 33:14-16 Psalm 25: Thessalonians 3:9-13 Luke 21:25-36

9 November 2018 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday pm Bible Study Pastor Lee s Day Off pm-8pm Quilt Knotting Veteran s Day 13 6:30pm Joint Council St. Paul s 6pm-8pm Quilt Knotting pm-8pm Quilt Knotting 14 4:30pm-6pm Lazarus Gate Food Pantry 7 8 Operation Christmas Child Packing Prep 6pm Bible Study 15 12:30pm-1pm- Mobile Food Bank in Rockwood 6pm Bible Study Thanksgiving 9 Pastor Lee s Day Off Operation Christmas Child Packing Messiah 16 Pastor Lee s Day Off 9:30am-11am Turkeyfoot Food 23 Pastor Lee s Day Off 10 Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Messiah pm-8pm Quilt Knotting 28 4:30pm-6pm Lazarus Gate Food Pantry 6pm Bible Study Pastor Lee s Day Off

10 New Centerville Lutheran Parish P.O. Box 126 Rockwood, PA ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED NON-PROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID Rockwood, PA Permit No. 4 Believing, Praying Doing: In the Name of Jesus Christ New Centerville Lutheran Parish Believing, Praying, Doing: In the name of Jesus Christ Pastor: the Rev. Lee R. Gable Secretary: Mrs. Cindy Breckenridge Office phone: November 2018 Pastor phone: Pastor If you are admitted to the hospital, please let Pastor Lee know if you want him to come in for a visit.