The Shell. Reflections for July... July, 2014 St. James Episcopal Church 1307 North Main St. Mount Airy, MD

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1 Reflections for July... The Shell July, St. James Episcopal Church 1307 North Main St. Mount Airy, MD The feast of our church s patron, St. James the Elder, is July 25 th. The following is adapted from an article I wrote for the New Proclamation Commentary on Feasts, Holy Days and other Celebrations (2007, Fortress Press, Minneapolis). Bill+ St. James Saint James, the apostle known as James the Elder or James the Greater, was the son of Zebedee and Salome, the brother of St. John the Evangelist, and one of the first of Jesus companions. The Synoptics report that James and John, along with the other pair of brothers, Peter and Andrew, were called away from their nets by Jesus. The notable humility of John s Gospel about the evangelist himself extends to his brother as well: John s gospel never mentions James, but it may be inferred in that account that after being called by Jesus, John summoned James in the same way that Andrew summoned Peter. The epithets greater and elder distinguish him from James the son of Alphaeus, also an apostle. James, John and Peter are the most prominent among the apostles: they are the only ones of the Twelve to be witnesses at the raising of Jairus daughter, the Transfiguration, and Jesus final agony in Gethsemane. Jesus gives James and John the nickname Boanerges (Sons of Thunder), apparently because of their eagerness to act decisively if not always thoughtfully. Jesus rebukes them for forbidding a man from casting out demons in Jesus name because he was not one of their company (Luke 9:49-50) and they seek Jesus permission to call down a rain of fire on the Samaritans who refuse to receive Jesus (Luke 9:54). Apparently John and James and their family don t yet understand that Jesus kingdom will not be an earthly one when either they (Mark 10:35-45) or their mother (Matt. 20:20-28) ask Jesus for the places of honor at his side when sits on his throne. This request angers the other apostles, and Jesus, in his response, predicts James and Johns martyrdom while denying their request. James was beheaded by Herod Agrippa in 44 C.E. (Acts 12:1-2), the first martyr of Agrippa suppression of Palestine Christians. Later legend has James preaching in Spain before returning to Jerusalem and being martyred. Tradition holds that his relics are held at the Cathedral Church of Santiago de Compostela in Spain; (continued)

2 Page 2 The Shell, July, it is said that James disciples brought his body back to Spain by boat after his death, although a more elaborate tale holds that after his decapitation his body was taken up by angels and sailed on an unmanned and rudderless boat to Iria Flavia in Spain, where a rock sprung up and enclosed his relics, which were later found and carried to Compostela. Another legend tells that as the disciples were approaching Spain by boat, a horse and rider on the shore plunged into the sea, the horse being uncontrollably drawn to the Saint s relics. Instead of drowning, horse and rider rose up from the sea covered in cockleshells, which became one of the symbols of the saint (the other is a cross made from a sword). Santiago de Compostela became one of the three most important medieval pilgrimage sites. A late twentieth-century revival of the pilgrimage tradition brings over one hundred thousand pilgrims a year to Santiago. St. Saturnin in Toulouse, France also claims to possess James relics. The Feast St. James Day has been celebrated on July 25 since at least the ninth century, and there are many traditions associated with the celebration. The symbol of St. James is the cockleshell, and the eating of shellfish is associated with the feast in many places. The French dish Coquilles St. Jacques is the best known of these dishes, but in England, oysters are the traditional dish of the day, and an English saying holds that He who eats oysters on St. James Day will never want. In the scripture readings for the day, the themes are servanthood, zeal and martyrdom. As noted, James and John s zeal and their tempers earned them the nickname Sons of Thunder, and that spirit seems to have guided the choice of the non-gospel readings. The serving of Justice at God s hand in Jeremiah (45:1-5) and Psalm 7 (1-10) is echoed in James and John s desire to call fire down upon the unwelcoming Samaritans. Unfortunately, we don t know the content of Jesus rebuke to them, but the rebuke is a reminder that zeal, however holy, doesn t necessarily lead to good. The Gospel reading (Matthew 20:20-28), in which Jesus speaks of both the imperative of servanthood and its cost, using Eucharistic and baptismal imagery, provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on contemporary concerns related to power, justice, and human needs. If we can hear in our personal, community, and national lives any echo of the Sons of Thunder and their desire to act decisively against those who oppose them, and to sit at the place of highest honor, then Jesus response, and the subsequent deaths of both Jesus and James show us that God s call is in another direction. And since few if any in our communities will ever face the kind of persecution that James suffered, what does it mean for us to drink from Jesus cup and share in Jesus baptism? This day is also an apt time to remember and reflect on those throughout the world who do continue to suffer persecution and be killed for their faith.

3 The Shell, July, Page 3 Saint James Sunday School Co-Directors: Yvette Allen, Betsy Davis, Joan Fader Almighty God, Heavenly Father, you have blessed us with the joy and care of children: Give us calm strength and patient wisdom as we bring them up, that we may teach them to love whatever is just and true and good, following the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen (BCP p. 829) Closing Celebration and Recognition: June 1, Pre-school Bible Stories Isabella Bahorich, Jackson Batdorff, Andrew Griffin*, Connor Kilmore Emma Meisenkothen*, Haley Miller, Keara Snyder* Allison Griffin, Leader Kindergarten 1st Grades Kyle DelRegno*, Ben Griffin*, Charlotte Grimes*, Eli Hudson-Odoi, Vanessa Hudson-Odoi, Caleb Kerns, Samantha Righter, Liam Snyder* Betsy Davis, Teacher 2 nd - 3 rd Grades Elizabeth Albertson, Liam Griffin*, Elliot Grimes*, Kendall Hackworth* Zachary Meisenkothen*, Connor Nanavaty*, Connor Peters* Robin Kaizer, Cathy Schell, Teachers 4 th 5 th Grades Tyler DelRegno*, Lindsay Smith, Bill Stafford* Henry Stafford*, Whitney Winkler* Yvette Allen, Teacher 6 th 8 th Grades Emily Albertson, Daniel Barazotto, Amanda Carstens*, Luke Hackworth* Joseph Hartung, Kaley Henyon, Kali Nanavaty*, Caroline Pellicier Amber Peters*, John Pringle, Jacob Sabonis*, Quinlan Stafford Joan Fader, Teacher 9 th 12 th Grades Phillip Barazotto, Bobby Davis*, Brennan Henyon, Katie McKeever Maria Pellicier, Bethany Straus, Matthew Swetz, Jordan Williams Peter Sabonis, Teacher (continued)

4 Page 4 The Shell, July, All students receive a Certificate of Attendance. New students receive a name badge lanyard to be worn on Sundays. (*)Indicates students who have been present 15 or more times during the Sunday School year and will receive a star pin to be added to their lanyard. Accumulated stars may be added each year. Did you know Grades Pre-K through 5 th continue to have opening prayer and music in the Great Hall prior to the beginning of their classes. It is a joy to have them sing during the worship service on designated Sundays. Thanks to Jon Fader and Mike Henyon for providing music with the assistance of the teachers and Mara Snyder. The 4 th Sunday Fun group activity is held each month. The older students help the younger ones with many projects and they work well together. Some of the projects this year included hosting an informal breakfast for the confirmands, making cards for nursing home residents, decorating luminary bags for our Christmas services, providing breakfast-in-a-bag treats for Shepherds Staff and bird feeder treats for our feathered friends. Thank you to Nancy Nanavaty for helping to come up with great ideas each month. Everyone always looks forward to our annual Christmas pageant with participants of all ages dressed as animals, shepherds, angels while singing their hearts out. What a joy! Appreciation is extended to Yvette Allen for directing the program. Students decorated mite boxes for our Lenten Outreach project for A is for Africa. Coins from our parish family amounted to $ which funds were matched by our Outreach Committee. A check for $1, was presented by our Sunday School students to Rick & Mary Ann Smith on May 25 th before they departed for Africa. These funds will help to improve the lives of the Matimu school children in Tanzania. Thank you all for your support of this outreach ministry. Special recognition goes out to Bobby Davis who has been a faithful member of our Sunday School program for 16 years. Amazing! Bobby graduated last week from Glenelg High School and goes on to college in the fall. Congratulations Bobby! Our youth have been faithful in participating in the 4 th Sunday worship services at 10:30 as readers, ushers, chalice servers. In addition, we have many dedicated acolytes serving every Sunday. We thank all our youth who volunteer for this ministry.

5 The Shell, July, Page 5 Opportunities for you... Our volunteer teachers have the opportunity to team teach a grade and/or term teach. The curriculum is user-friendly and is broken down into three terms. If you would like to know more about our Sunday School program and help in the fall, please contact Joan Fader ( ) Be sure to read your monthly newsletter, The Shell, to keep up on activities being planned. The Shell is posted on line monthly. Check out summer activities and camps for all age groups at Bishop Claggett Center in Buckeystown. Memories are made there! Contact: or Ministries on Summer Break... Friday Bible Study, Sunday School, and the Choir are all on break until the fall. Luck of the Pot will also be taking a break until September 25, when we will have a special Luck of the Pot at the Saint James Thrift Shop. Adult Forum Continues this Sunday... During the summer we will be having an Adult Forum on Sunday mornings at 9:30. We will meet in the Rector s office and discuss topics related to worship. We will be learning about the American Book of Common Prayer and we will take a close look at the Sunday service itself. Summer Vacation... Happy Summer! Schools are out and vacations begin. A friendly request please keep your pledge up to date. If you miss church for several weeks, you can drop your pledge off at the church office or even send it by mail. St. James utility bills and payroll still need to be paid every month.

6 Page 6 The Shell, July, Thrift Shop News... Celebrate the 4 th of July With St. James Thrift Shop! Having a Cook-Out with Friends and Family? We have Beautiful serving platters, Storage dishes, Pitchers, Punch bowls, Decorations, Picnic Blankets, Picnic Baskets, Board games, Puzzles, Wine Glasses & more! Why shop anywhere else? Create a party everyone will remember, and save money too! We re not just affordable, we re THRIFTY! JULY 17 th SHOP, SUPPORT and SAVE! Special Sales, Discounts and Promotions! Open Late 8pm You DO NOT want to miss this sale! Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for DETAILS Or CALL

7 The Shell, July, Page 7 Search Committee Updates The search committee has been hard at work for several months. Please look over our tentative timeline to see what has been accomplished and what is being currently worked on. This is a long process but the end results will be well worth it!!! Thanks to all who completed our Demographic Survey-we appreciate all input from the parish. Please remember to mark your calendars for the September 7th, Congregational Meeting. The meeting will start at 3pm and be followed by supper which will be provided by the search committee. This meeting is open to all, including the youth of the parish. Childcare will be provided for young children. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Questions???? See any member of the search committee. Search Committee Tentative Timeline 2015 Complete When? Event February Search Committee Members names presented to congregation April Sticky Note Survey / April Pot Luck Supper April April Committee members made /phone contact with small groups of parish members to introduce themselves as a contact to share concerns/give input Meeting with Diocese representative Stuart Wright May Received Charge from the Vestry May Met with The Rev. Flo Ledyard

8 Page 8 The Shell, July, Complete When? Event May History Timeline / May Pot Luck Supper May/June Develop tentative timeline May/July Develop demographic survey /disseminate survey and compile results Summer Ministry Interviews /Community Interviews September 7 Congregation Conversation with The Rev. Flo Ledyard -Open to whole congregation, including youth. Sept/Oct Present to parish results of Congregation Conversation/ History Timeline/sticky note survey Sept/Oct Develop second survey/compile results July Fall Develop Parish Profile /Post on website Late Nov. Develop Parish Portfolio for diocesan database Winter 2015 Receive candidate recommendations Winter 2015 Receive candidate resumes/evaluate resumes/contact references Spring 2015 Interview final candidates Summer 2015 Present Rector candidate and alternates to Vestry

9 Page 9 The Shell, July, July Birthdays!!! 1 Erin Murdock 2 Robin Frei Alana Snyder 6 Elizabeth Peterson 7 Michelle Inglesby Addie Straus 8 Tyler Joseph DelRegno Katie McKeever 9 Michelle Inglesby 11 Will Carbis 12 Kyle Moore 14 Brady Mullen Hope Mullen 15 Heather Peters 16 Linda Burlew 17 Robert Etzler Joan Fader Timothy McClanahan Gregory Streeton 21 Kelly Tate 22 Cassie Sorna 23 Kingsley Edwards Karen Phillips Margaret Swetz 24 Scott Swetz 25 Linda Hidey 27 Brendan O Rourke Peter Wiley 28 Kristen Peterson 30 Jenna Williams 31 Regina O Rourke July Wedding Anniversaries!!! Karen & William Phillips, III Robin & Mark Frei Kelly & Creston Tate Lisa & John Trail Wanda & Mark Meinschein July Memorials: In memory of... Lawrence Barry on his July 4th birthday Ted Beddow on his July 14 th birthday