- The importance of gexng enough Sleep every night, preferably way before midnight; - Having a Meal together as a family at least once a day;

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1 Dear Children, Staff and Families, Mr Slater and I a5ended a Conference recently addressed by speakers including: Dr Michael Rich Early Years Researcher from Harvard University USA Rachel Cowper Leader from Scotland Nathan Willis Neuroscience Educator from NZ One of the topics we discussed was how families deal with the issue of excessive Screen Time for young people. Dr Rich offered parents the following strategies for dealing with this issue: Make the Qme to share the screen with your child or children. Show an interest in them and their interest in this medium. If they are playing a game, play it with them allow the children to teach you something about the game and you teach them something too; Remember that the Screen is a tool for learning, informaqon or entertainment. He suggests that screens should not be used as a treat or as a babysi5er ; Screens should be used to access informaqon but always with a criqcal mindset. We should encourage to be careful not to believe everything they see on a screen. We can ask criqcal quesqons about what the children are viewing or games they are playing. We suggest that screens always remain in your view and never allow children to access the Internet in their bedrooms; Don t try to put maximum screen Qmes on children. Talk to them about the important prioriqes in a day and place screen Qme in that context. For example: - The importance of gexng enough Sleep every night, preferably way before midnight; - Having a Meal together as a family at least once a day; - Children should be encouraged to Exercise every day, preferably gexng the heart rate beaqng well above the resqng level; - Encourage the children to Create content or knowledge about the things in which they are passionately interested, someqmes with screens. Screen Qme should fit in with these other important aspects of their life, not replace them. The most important thing you can give your children is your mindful presence. Avoid being on a screen yourself and be in the moment as much as you can with your children. This is a Qme of rapid change in the world and in educaqon. We have lots more ideas to share with you. KERRY WHITE PRINCIPAL

2 STORY TIME Today (Thursday 2nd August) at lunch Henry (year 1) came to visit us to make sure I knew there was a dust storm coming. He told us to make sure everything is secure and locked. I showed him the special sausage cushions we place along the roller doors to stop the dust coming in he was very impressed. When he le` us he was going to check all classes and the school that it was safe and locked so it wouldn t get dusty. So heads up, Henry has your welfare and mine in check. Cheers Jayne Alm Canteen Elizabeth Downs

3 SPRING FAIR 2018 Auction Fireworks 8pm Amusement rides International Food Sunday 21st October All welcome 11am to 8pm FREE Entry Live music Craft Expo Toys / Books DVD Lollies

4 Holy Family students only FRIDAY September 14th Held in the School Hall 2 Timeslots Receptions -Year 6pm -7pm 2 at 6pm - 7pm 7.15pm pm Year 3-7 at 7.15pm pm Age Groups to be Advised $5 Entry Includes drink & snack PARENT CAFE OPEN

5 Choir Event - 13th September

6 FROM THE APRIM Next Wednesday, August 15 th the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption. The Feast originated in Jerusalem before the fifth century and was named the Falling Asleep of the Mother of God. It was adopted in Rome in the midseventh century and it was renamed the Assumption in the next century. It celebrates Mary s passing over, body and soul from this world into the glory of her risen son. The Assumption signals the end of Mary's earthly life and marks her return to heaven to be reunited with Jesus. Michael Urdanoff APRIM Morning Prayer, Liturgy, Mass Whole School Mass, Feast of the Assumption, Wednesday, August 15 th Saint Pope John Paul 11 Hall. Morning Prayer, 1JM, Tuesday, August 14 th, 9am, classroom.


8 Holy Family Playgroup Every Thursday 9am - 11am, Everyone is welcome Come and join us making friends, exploring, experimenting, gardening, cooking and creating Phone:

9 BOOK Week School Photos SAPSASA Girls Netball SAPSASA Boys Football Book Week Dress Up Day Spring Fair Donation Fathers Day Stall SAPSASA Girls Football SAPSASA Boys Soccer Spring Fair Donation Last Day TERM 3 TERM 4 Commences Last Day of TERM 4 Commencing Monday 20th August Tuesday 21st August Friday 24th August Friday 24th August Friday 24th August Friday 31st August - Book Donations for Spring Fair Friday 31st August Friday 31st August Friday 31st August Friday 14th September - Toys/Games/DVD Donation for Spring Fair Friday 28th September at 3pm Monday 15th October Friday 14th December at 3pm

10 Assemblies Term 3 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Term 3 Presenting Leaders 2TD & 4RG 6/7ND & 1SA 6/7HM & 1EN 6/PN & REQ 6/7JW & 1EF 6/7NB & RAM Moon Lantern 2IB & 4RG 6/7SM & RGC Term 4 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Term 4 Presenting Leaders 2SB & 5HN 3MS & 5DP 3MP & 5CM 3JH & 5PP 1MR & 4AE 1JM & 4BH Carols Night Year 6/7 Graduation

11 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER OF SALISBURY CATHOLIC PARISH PARISH CONTACTS: Parish Business Manager: Anne Blake Phone: address: Parish Clergy: Fr Shibu Jacob msfs PP Fr Saminathan (Sam) Arockiasamy Fr Francis Trinh Van Phat Deacon Arturo Jimenea (For emergencies after office hours, please phone , and use the mobile number provided) Parish Sacrament Program: Louise Svensdotter (Coordinator) Diane Innes (Pastoral Assistant) Sacrament Program direct line: Parish Faith Formation: Joan Young Children s Liturgy of the Word: Damien Walker (Coordinator) or Canossian Sisters: Telephone and fax: Coordinator of Pastoral Visitors: Ellen Arklay Lyell McEwin Hospital Chaplains: Robynne Malone: and ask for Pager 6060 or for the Catholic Chaplain Calvary Central Districts Hospital: Call (9am-5pm) and ask for Pastoral Care Worker on duty SUNDAY MASS TIMES Orario delle Messe St. Augustine s: 23 Commercial Rd, Salisbury Saturday: 6.00pm Vigil Sunday: 9.00am 12:00noon (Polish) 7.00pm 1 st Sunday of Month at 3:00pm (Filipino Community) 2 nd Sunday of the month at 10.30am (Italian) St. Finbar s: Sunday: Holy Family: Sunday: Greencroft Road, Salisbury North 9:00am Shepherdson Rd, Parafield Gdns 10:30am RECONCILIATION TIMES Saturday from 11:30am & also before Vigil Mass 5:15pm-5:45pm Parish website: TH PARISH VISION: A Welcoming Community, United in Faith, Centred in the Eucharist, Which embraces the Spirit and Nature of all God s People 12 th August 2018 (Year B) SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED MOTHER Dear Friends In Australia, besides Sundays, there are only two holy days of obligation, 15 August (Assumption of our Blessed Mother) and 25 December (Christmas). The significance of Christmas is known to all and there are no questions asked. Recently many asked me as to why do we keep the feast of assumption as a Holy Day of Obligation? (A Holy Day is a solemnity celebrated like a Sunday, with an obligation to attend) In the year 1950 when Pope Pius XII declared the dogma that 'Mary, the immaculate Virgin Mother of God, after the completion of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into the glory of Heaven', many reacted, 'What's new? For years members of the Church were reciting the Glorious Mystery of the Holy Rosary, "The Assumption of Our Blessed Mother into Heaven."' For centuries this has been accepted as part of the believing and devotional life of the Catholic Church. Why, then, emphasise what was already taken for granted? The Preface of the Solemnity of the Assumption proclaims 'The Virgin Mother of God was taken up into heaven to be the beginning and the pattern of the Church in its perfection, and a sign of hope and comfort for your people on their pilgrim way.' And then describes how fitting it was that God 'would not allow decay to touch her body, for she had given birth to His Son, the Lord of all life, in the glory of the Incarnation.' Jesus gave great glory to his Father in and through the humanity that he had received from his mother. Indeed, it was through his mother, Mary, that Jesus was a full member of the human family. Mary gave great glory to God in her mothering of Jesus, and in her being there at the foot of the cross, giving motherly support to her dying Son. In so doing Mary was herself supremely, uniquely glorious in the fullness of her humanity. We, through our baptisms, are united with Jesus as members of his Body, which is the Church. With this in mind, St. Paul tells the Christians of Corinth, 'Do you not realise that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, (1 Cor. 6:19). Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit! Use your body for the glory of God! This is exciting Good News that needs to be proclaimed in our day when men and women are regarded as objects, devoid of dignity as human persons. In a world filled with terrorism and weapons of mass destruction we see human bodies are often not considered as expressing the Glory of God. A world where starving millions and treatment denied frail and sick people we need to think of painting a message of hope and beauty to inspire others to respect and safeguard human body. That is why we celebrate assumption as a Holy Day of obligation. In human body we need to express the glory of God as Jesus and Mary did. WE ARE TEMPLES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Prayerful wishes of the feast of Assumption, Fr. Shibu Jacob Msfs

12 FOR YOUR INFORMATION School routines: SCHOOL START - School starts at 8.50am, children must be under supervision of adults at all times. Yard Duty begins at 8.30am, if they arrive earlier they need to attend OSHC; LATE ARRIVALS - If your child is later than 8.50am they must sign in at Student Reception; SCHOOL FINISH - School finishes at 3pm if you cannot collect your child by 3.10pm, they need to go to OSHC; PICK UP/DROP OFF SAFETY - Please use the Kiss and Drop Zone and DO NOT drop off your children in the car parks or park in Disabled Zones it is illegal; SAFETY - Please don t walk on the driveways, use the footpaths, don t walk in or out of the vehicle entry/exit gates; LABELLING - please label all removable clothing (ie. jumpers, jackets, hats), label school bags, drink bottles, lunch boxes and anything else your child may bring; PERSONAL ITEMS - No toys, electronics or sports equipment to be brought to school (laptops available for lease Years R-1 and provided for Years 2-7, sports equipment available from class teacher); NUT FREE - A reminder we are a nut free school. This includes but is not limited to Nutella, Peanut Butter and some muesli bars. Laptops The laptops are a great tool for the students. Here are a few tips for looking after them: No food or drink near the laptop; Store in a safe and dry area; Use in a dry area (ie not near sinks or wash areas); Do not run or walk with the laptop in the open position; Do not run with the laptop; Always ensure the protective cover is on and not tampered with. Thank you and enjoy.