BLOORBEAT. The Newsletter of. Volume XXXVI, Issue 1. Minister s Message Reverberations of Christmas

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1 Jan Feb 2017 BLOORBEAT The Newsletter of Volume XXXVI, Issue 1 Minister s Message Reverberations of Christmas As I write this in December, anticipating the new year, I m still thinking about the reverberations of Christmas, and here s the claim I want to make in the post- Christmas period: any spirituality that doesn t take the life and stuff of this world seriously is seriously deficient. Because of the incarnation of God in the Word-madeflesh, we need to continue to work our way toward an alternative theological vision beyond any self-referencing, often narcissistic practices that pass for spirituality, whether of the anemic traditional kind or of the newer-age variety. Because of Christmas my testament to the gospel of Jesus is this: God is more taken with the agony of the Earth than with the ecstasy of Heaven. The Spirit, friends, traffics in earthly affairs, and when we undertake spiritual disciplines, such as centering prayer, the centering to which our prayer calls us ought to be smack dab in the middle of the world s decentered, disjointed and dysfunctional life. The resolve of God s love is not for redemption in the time beyond time, or in a place beyond the farthest galaxy, but is precisely in and through this time, this space, in and through the tear-stained, blood-smeared, history-soaked world. The incarnation of God at Christmas, our faith confession s most distinctive and unique claim, is not an anecdote of God, while holding Heaven s nose, to be lowered into temporal sewage in order to rescue for eternity a few who ve been specially selected to either crawl or be pulled out of the muck and mire. Instead, the turn toward God entails a turning toward the Beloved s vision for creation for the whole world, before the world became so, well, worldly. The joy of that beatific vision, in this post-christmas season, baptizes us into some large measure of grief and lament at what the world has, unfortunately, become. Ironically, our capacity to grieve and lament is directly related to our capacity for hope, for our confidence in the trustworthiness of that vision much like the circumference of a tree s trunk and the reach of its limbs is proportionate to its root system. This is what we do in worship each week, where grief is mixed with grace and offered up as praise, not for another world but for the renewal of that Wind that first hovered over the chaos and the Word that gave shape to creation. Such praise, otherwise Continued on page 4

2 2 Minister Pastoral Care Minister Christian Development Co-ordinator Administrative Assistant Organist & Choir Director Custodian Chair Church Council Secretary Congregational Meeting Secretary Board of Trustees Ministry and Personnel Co-Chairs Nominations Treasurer Presbytery Representatives Bloordale United Church 4258 Bloor Street West Etobicoke, ON M9C 1Z7 (416) Rev. Brian W. McIntosh Rev. Nelsona Dundas Lisa Mazzariol Halyna Parypa Mervin Fick Victor Nguyen Church Council Roy Harvey Dana Bach Pat Nelson Jack Lovatt Dana Bach Pat Conway-Willis Pat Nelson Norman Dundas Norman Dundas Paul Rose Minister Rev. Brian W. McIntosh Committee Chairs Congregational Life (co-chairs) Helen Hitchcock Communications Christian Development Finance & Stewardship Outreach (Acting) Pastoral Care (Acting) Planned Gift & Memorial Funds Property Social and Fund Raising (Acting) United Church Women Worship Members-at-Large Pat Conway-Willis Julia Stavreff Diane Mulholland Jack Lovatt Iain McGilveray Helen Hitchcock Bob Hitchcock Bruce Jackson Julia Stavreff Joan Hollowell Sharron Le Blanc Jim Bell Title IN THIS ISSUE Page Minister s Message 1 Worship in the Weeks Ahead 2 Stewardship Spot 3 Our Ministry at Wesburn 4 Pulpit Exchange 4 Interesting Conversations 4 Nominations for Awards 5 Craft Night Christmas Pageant Thank Yous 5 Spare Some Time for Church 5 BUC Council votes on Remits 6 Muslim Christian Dialogue 7 Thank You Esprit Choir 7 Annual Reports Due Jan 30 7 Plan to Attend our AGM 7 Falls Prevention Seminar 7 Some Big Thank Yous 8 Bloordale s 1st Trivia Night 8 Silent Auction Returning Mar 5 8 Outreach & Social Action Report 9 Lunch Bunch Beat 9 Bulletin & Music Dedication 9 Phoenix Project 10 UCW News 10 Four Men Concert Returning 10 Outing to Pusateri s 10 Report from Council 11 Pancake Supper 11 Consider a Planned Gift 11 Upcoming Events Summary 12 Mark Your Calendars 12 Outing to Aga Khan Museum 12 Hats Off to Joan Hollowell 12 Volunteer for Out of the Cold st E-Waste Drive Coming 13 Joint Services at a Glance 13 Thank You Bloordale Choir 13 59th Anniversary Dinner 13 Learn Reikki at St James 14 Film and Faith at St James 14 St James Food Basket Update 14 St James on Amalgamation 14 TSO for Kids - Gimquat 15 Upcoming Choral Concerts 15 Delmanor Ad 16 Anne Karda Ad 16 WORSHIP SERVICES IN THE WEEKS AHEAD Jan. 22 After Epiphany 3 / Week of Prayer / Pulpit Exchange 29 After Epiphany 4 / Week of Prayer / COMMUNION Feb. 5 After Epiphany 5 12 After Epiphany 6 / Joint with St. James at ST. JAMES 19 After Epiphany 7 26 Transfiguration of Jesus / COMMUNION / Cubs & Scouts March 1 Ash Wednesday 4:30 pm 5 Lent 1 / 59 th Anniversary Sunday 12 Lent 2 19 Lent 3 / Annual Congregational Meeting 26 Lent 4 / Joint with St. James at BLOORDALE All Services at 10:30 a.m. except as shown

3 3 Stewardship Spot Stewardship is everything I do after I say I believe. Faith Follows the Money (For this article I m indebted to a 2016 book by Walter Brueggemann entitled Money and Possessions) In this new year, post-christmas season, I consider here the stewardship forest rather than a tree or two, and as a person of faith attempt to follow the trajectory of money in history. In the dominant culture of the globe here in North America, economics, politics, and religion have become separate spheres, with religion basically suffering a reduction to individual faith alone, no longer taken by most to be of much public import. Economics seems like an independent engine unto itself, its theories now assumed to be facts, its priestly commentators debating in a language all their own, no longer required to take society as a whole, the marginalized, or the devastation of the environment into much, if any, account. Yet economics, despite current commentaries among many, is a core preoccupation of the biblical tradition, and therefore of faith traditions rooted in that ancient witness. The Bible is, in many ways, largely about money and possessions, and the way in which they are gifts of the Creator God to be utilized in praise and obedience. Yet money and possessions continue, of course, to be intensely seductive, and have the power to reduce praise to self-congratulations and obedience to self-sufficiency. Nonetheless the economy, in our long faith tradition, received much more sustained attention than is usual in the conventional contemporary church. When one turns to scripture, unavoidably the texts press themselves toward economic advocacy. While there is great diversity in the biblical witness, from Genesis to Revelation, the great sweep of the texts pivot on God and mammon as a decisive either-or (Matthew 6:24; Luke 16:13). When that mantra on the lips of Jesus is translated into an interpretive framework, the sweep of the texts suggests two large recurring themes. First, the Bible offers a critical expose of an economy whereby concentrated power extracts wealth from vulnerable people. This extraction is accomplished by the predatory if legal means of tax arrangements, credit and loan stipulations, high interest rates, and cheap or slave labour. The combination of these and other practices reduced the vulnerable to income uncertainty and debt slavery, and stratified the social system into rich and poor, land owners and migrant day labourers. The second theme counters the first by proclaiming an economy of restoration, most of which is done through debt cancellation. Of course, then and now, debt cancellation was largely unthinkable, as it would damage, if not destroy, common economic practices. But this did not deter the biblical champions of debt cancellation, who, with a passion fueled by faith in the God of creation and its abundance, did not flinch from that radical alternative. So the map of the economy is found in constant interaction and tension between these two large themes, with the Torah, the prophets, the Gospels, and every part of scripture offering sub-themes of these two dominant strands of biblical faith. Given such an economic map within our root narrative, it is astonishing that large segments of the North American church have willingly engaged in a misreading of the biblical text in order to avoid the centrality of economics in its internal and external testimony. The church has done so by focusing on individual sin and our subsequent destiny, by spiritualizing and privatizing its proclamation (among both liberals and conservatives), and by offering hopes that are otherworldly. When one takes the scope of the biblical witness into account, however, it becomes clear that the neighbourly common good is the only viable, sustainable context for our individual and collective well-being, a well-being about which the God of the Bible is intensely interested. The recovery of the economic dimension of the gospel in our time is central and crucial to the church s proclamation and integrity. The Bible rejects every dualism and asserts the material nature of this creation over which God generously presides. Yet our modern dualism has produced a religious outlook that is disconnected from the everyday public reality of life, and has sanctioned imperial economic practices that are supported and even sponsored by most forms of so-called pious religion. If as people of faith we follow the money in history, both ancient and contemporary, we are clearly called to deeper discernment about the themes that adhere to the mantra of God and mammon. Such discernment might be lived through a critical assessment of the imperial economy all around us, in which we are highly implicated, and through a more determined advocacy for an alternative economy, based in the gospel of love of neighbour we confess and profess. The empire of global capitalism, in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, is ultimately unsustainable, since it is destroying the very Earth upon the resources of which it depends. But it s not too late, especially in light of our faith in the God who generates and gives life and new life. So let us begin, in this Season after Epiphany, to see with new eyes, hear with new ears, live with new practices and seek new policies! Brian

4 4 Minister s Message cont d from p.1 known as doxology, in times of both fertility or famine, functions as both promise and provocation. The recognition of majesty and the work of mercy (in its large sense, not merely charity) are irrevocably bound, each nourishing and enabling the other. So we take up our ministries, clergy and lay folks alike, aware of the spur of incarnation toward the troubled and tough places of this good Earth and grateful for the opportunity to be schooled in the ways of the Spirit in so doing. May 2017 find us nurturing such a this-world spirituality, so that we re not so heavenly minded as to be no earthly good! Blessings and peace in this new year! Brian Our Ministry at Wesburn On Dec. 19 th Brian found a letter under his door from the Rev. Dr. Bill Jones, a retired Baptist Minister whose wife has been a resident of Wesburn Manor for nearly 10 years. The letter said the following: Over several years, on a regular and faithful basis, you and your choir have ministered to residents at Wesburn Manor. The ministry is much appreciated. I usually bring (my wife) to chapel. Your direction is apt, brief, and to the point residents can only handle brevity and you fill the time with music, drama and a personal connection with the residents who attend. All of your (choir and) parishioners who accompany you take the time to greet all the residents personally and often call them by name. So at this Christmas time, I say that the Bloordale gift is a Christ-like offering to the many who cannot repay you and are unable to express their gratitude. Thereby, it is also a gift to God. May the celebration of our Lord s birth also bless you and your church. This was welcome confirmation of the importance of our ministry with Wesburn residents, and gave our hearts a boost to know that Bill took the time to write. We thought you all should know! Pulpit Exchange Join us January 22 and welcome the Rev Julian Aldou of Christ the King Anglican Parish as Bloordale participates in the local Ministerial Pulpit exchange. Brian will be preaching, by co-incidence at Christ the King Anglican Parish, 475 Rathburn Rd Study Groups Make For Interesting Conversations! 1) United Church Hindu Relations: Honouring the Divine in Each Other For three consecutive Mondays in late November/ early December Brian facilitated a series of evening sessions on the latest United Church interfaith study document as named above. A committed group of seven or eight of us explored the history of Hinduism generally, based in India, as well as in Canada; considered the various beliefs Hindus hold in a very broad and diverse religion; reflected on our faith in relation to Hinduism, as well as how we might take further steps to create interfaith harmony in contemporary relationships; and responded to a series of questions meant to enable our feedback for a national United Church Committee to be heard and incorporated in a proposed Statement on United Church Hindu Relations that will go to the next General Council in All who came offered positive feedback about the sessions, and were grateful for the opportunity. 2) The Theology of the United Church: The Boundaries of our Beliefs On Dec. 4th after worship Brian led a discussion with about 15 people on the above topic, as we talked about the current case of the Rev. Gretta Vosper and her beliefs or lack thereof! and about how big the United Church theological tent is, or how big it ought to be. We talked about the relation between belief and ethics; how much leeway for new expressions and explorations of theology and belief we can offer in an open and inclusive community of faith while still retaining some common ground upon which to stand; and how beliefs have already changed, both within each of us since childhood and within the United Church since its beginnings in People spoke freely and openly, were heard, and came away with a new appreciation for the diversity of beliefs we at Bloordale already have and hold, and how there s a slippery slope in judging others based on their theology, lest we be judged in so doing! New Opportunities to Learn Brian has already made contact with Imam Hamid Slimi in 2017 and arranged a meeting about a follow-up dialogue time for our two communities of Bloordale United Church and the Sayeda Khadija Centre in Brampton, a Muslim Mosque, to be arranged for the spring, so stay tuned for further learning opportunities. And if you have a topic of interest to you that you think others would also be interested in, speak to Brian, and perhaps a Yak or a learning group can be arranged!

5 5 Nominate Someone for a Bloordale Anniversary Award! For the last five years we ve bestowed upon three people the Annual Bloordale Anniversary Awards, as a way of recognizing the significant contribution that our members make to both the church and the community. They were: The Bloordale Outstanding Service Award The Bloordale Outstanding Service Award is given to a member in recognition of long-term, distinguished service to Bloordale United Church. The award may only be bestowed once to an individual, who must have been a member for at least ten years. Previous Award Recipients Helen Hitchcock Jo-Em Bettridge Ross Prout Joan Hollowell Grace Everett The Bloordale Community Service Award The Bloordale Community Service Award is given to remarkable people who put service at the center of their lives, making a significant contribution to the surrounding community. The award may only be bestowed once to an individual. Previous Award Recipients Frank Sword Ruth Alexander Jim Donaghy Jack Lovatt Bill Alexander The Bloordale Vision and Mission Award The Bloordale Vision and Mission Award is given to a person who has offered significant leadership in the past year toward achieving our vision and mission goals and objectives. The award may only be bestowed once to an individual. Previous Award Recipients 2016 Jim Donaghy 2015 Robert Hitchcock 2014 Norman Dundas Julia Stavreff John Pauksens This year the Council invites anyone within the congregation to anonymously nominate a potential worthy recipient for any of these three Awards by February 19 th, by speaking to or contacting Julia at The Awards will be given out on Anniversary Sunday March 5th Craft Night 2017 Bloordale s popular Craft Night for Kids is returning Friday evenings, February 3rd to February 24th, 2017, (4 weeks), 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. For kids 4 to 10 years old If you would like to volunteer for any evening(s), talk to Julia at or Diane at Come up with your own craft ideas, or we will provide one for you. Perfect for high school volunteer credits! Christmas Pageant Thank you one and all for the outstanding support for this year's Christmas Pageant. This was the first year that the youth were not involved and yet as always our children were brilliant!! Thank you to all the people that helped out especially, Diane and Bernice. Thank you to our very supportive parents and to all the adults who joined in with "walk on" roles. Big, big thanks to our magnificent Mervin who somehow pulls things together and makes it magical (you too, our flutist Michael). Thank you Helen and the kitchen elves for the luncheon preparations. And now for the biggest thank you of amazing kids! I am so incredibly proud of each one of you for knowing how to have fun and yet so beautifully bring home the message of Christmas. Much Love!!! Lisa Can you Spare Some Time for Your Church? As we prepare for another busy and very important year at Bloordale, we are hoping that you will each consider donating some time - or additional time - to the work of our church - helping the Property Committee, volunteering to help at one of the Friday evening craft nights in February or helping out at the always popular - both to Bloordale folk and to the community - Pancake Supper on Tuesday, February 28th. Thanks for your consideration. Patricia Nelson for the Nominations Committee

6 Bloordale Council Votes on United Church Remits Ever since its founding in 1925, The United Church of Canada has embraced change. To make major changes at the national level of the United Church, approvals of the other three levels of the church have to be determined, and the way we do that is through what are called remits. At the 42 nd General Council in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, delegates decided that five remits should be considered by local churches across the country, as the approval of any or all of these five will bring substantial, denomination-shaping changes to our church s Basis of Union. Before I offer a brief explanation of each of the five, which our Council considered and approved this past fall, I want to share an important note, namely that an absolute majority is needed for them to pass, not just a majority of those churches who vote. In other words, a majority of the total number of congregations that exist is needed, and not voting is therefore considered a No vote. If such a majority is achieved by mid -2017, each remit will then go to General Council 43 in Oshawa, Ontario in 2018 for final approval. Each remit dealt with a particular topic, and had an accompanying study guide to help people consider the United Church s current situation and the implications of a Yes or No vote. Lastly, it s the Council or Official Board only that decides, given the need to consider carefully the implications of the vote and undertake the study necessary to do so. Remit 1 was about the Three-Council Model of the United Church s structure. Currently, we have local Ministry Units (Congregations or Outreach Ministries, Chaplaincies, etc.), regional Presbyteries (Bloordale is in South West Presbytery), larger geographic Conferences (we re in Toronto Conference) and the General Council office (located not far from us at Islington and Bloor). The proposed model would replace the two middle bodies, namely Presbyteries and Conferences, and create a single mid-level structure, called a Regional Council. It is expected that a three-council model would be more flexible, simple, and sustainable, and require fewer volunteers to maintain than in the current four-court structure, thereby saving time and money. There would also be a reassignment of some responsibilities across the new structure, and local churches are expected to have more freedom to make decisions without the need for the Regional Council s approval, for instance. Remit 2 was about the Elimination of Transfer and Settlement. Transfer is the process of moving ministers from one Conference to another for settlement, while Settlement is the process of matching ministers with Congregations that request settlement. There are currently General Council and Conference Committees that deal with these processes, and while settlement used to be mandatory I was ordained in 1988 and settled in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia it is currently optional. Because of this, very few candidates for ordination or already ordained ministers declare themselves eligible for settlement, so this process is considered somewhat redundant anyway. If approved, all candidates and current ministry personnel, as well as local Ministry Units, will fill positions available through the search and call process. Remit 3 was about establishing an Office of Vocation. This General Council office would set standards for and accredit candidates for ministry, offer supports to ministry personnel, and oversee the discipline of ministry personnel. This was originally to be a more independent College system, similar to social workers, doctors, and other professionals, but the General Council voted to lodge it within the national structure. If approved, current volunteer committees in each of the four courts of the church would cease to exist, and the Office would have paid staff to deal with procedural and administrative matters, hopefully ensuring more consistent practices of accreditation, support and discipline across the country. Remit 4 was about Funding a New Model, namely giving the General Council the power to assess pastoral charges to cover the cost of governance and support services for the whole church. Currently, the Presbyteries and Conferences assess, based on various formulas. New assessment levels are anticipated to be close to what they currently are, but decisions about staffing, etc. would be determined for the entire denomination based on assessments, instead of only the two levels which currently assess. Mission and Service funding would continue to be voluntary, and would be used for expenditures that are for mission and ministry, not for governance and administration. The last Remit deals with One Order of Ministry, making the current multiple designations and streams of ministry, with various educational, mentoring/internship and employment requirements, one. If approved, it is considered that fairness and equity in employment will be upheld more consistently, and artificial boundaries between functioning ministry personnel would be eliminated, as all would be trained for and practice word, sacrament, pastoral care, education, and service. A document that the Bloordale Council had to outline these Remits further could be made available to anyone who wants to see it. Simply ask me for a copy. Brian 6

7 7 Muslim-Christian Dialogue Continues! Rev. Brian McIntosh of the Bloordale United Church in Etobicoke and Dr. Hamid Slimi, the Imam of the Sayeda Khadija Centre in Mississauga have planned two upcoming events in 2017 as a follow-up to their very successful Muslim-Christian exchange last April. The first one will be on Sunday March 12th at the Centre, 7150 Edwards Blvd., there will be an open invitation to come and enjoy a Muslim-Christian Supper and Panel conversation at 5 pm. The exact details are yet to be planned, but this invitation is issued especially to our congregation. Seating will likely be limited to 200 people combined, so keep an eye on the bulletin for details, or ask Brian about signing up! The second event will be a Christian-Muslim Barbecue and Dialogue on Sunday September 10th at 5 pm, at a location to be determined. At both these events there will be a small charge for the meal, and an invitation to donate to a special social justice initiative. Feel free to ask Brian for more details in coming weeks. Annual Reports due Monday January 30th Plan to Attend Our Annual General Meeting Sunday March 19, 2017 after the worship service To: Review our past year Review our 2016 financials Vote on 2017 budget Elect new council and committees Get more info on our potential amalgamation Lunch will be provided. Falls Prevention Seminar Sponsored by the Pastoral Care Committee Thursday March 23rd, 2017 at Bloordale United Church. Presented by Toronto Public Health. Speaker: Julia Dearing-Vollett, R.N., M.H.Sc., Public Health Nurse, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention, Toronto Public Health. The first step to avoiding falls is to understand what causes them. To register please call Irene at Please submit annual reports from all Committees and groups by Monday January 30th to the office in order to prepare the congregational report for publishing prior to the annual meeting in March. Thank you to Esprit Chamber Choir On Sunday October 30 th, the Esprit Chamber Choir sang a concert at St. Clement Roman Catholic Church to celebrate their return from a successful European tour that summer. Proceeds were to benefit the St. James Food Basket and the MCS Choral Scholar Programme. Esprit is proud to announce that $900 was raised for each of the two worthy charities! That s $900. for MCS Choral Scholar Programme and $900 For the St James Food Basket! The $900. given to the Food Basket translated into $2700 available to purchase fresh produce from the food terminal! Thank you Esprit Chamber Choir and Artistic Director Mervin Fick! Julia Stavreff with notes from Sharron Le Blanc

8 8 Some Big Thank Yous Helen and Pat would like to thank all who came out to assist at our POT LUCK on December 6 th : setting up tables, decorating, cleaning up. Thank you to all who attended, bringing your favorite dishes. Thanks to Diane Mulholland and the 401 st Scouts for the donation of the trees in the front urns. Thanks to the UCW for the donation of trees in the side urns. Thanks to Grace Everett and Jo-Em Bettridge for decorating the donated trees. The Worship committee thanks Lisa, Joan, Neil, Victor, Brian, Debbie and Sharron for preparing the sanctuary for Advent with seasonal decorations. Thanks to all who delivered 2500 Christmas flyers, letting our neighborhoods know of our Christmas activities. Thank You for being a Part of Bloordale United Church! Bloordale s First Trivia Night On Saturday November 12, 2016, the Social Committee at Bloordale United Church hosted its very first Trivia Night. And oh what a night it was! Shirley Scott and Roxanne Dryding took the lead to organize the event and ensure Trivia Questions remained top secret. We had attendees of all ages and visitors from the community who all agreed that it was a FUN, FUN night. The laughter, the conversation and brainstorming, the mingling of people joining groups who they d never met before, and not to mention.lots and lots of Trivia! People were welcomed with fun music, free popcorn and snacks/timbits. We had a pizza break which the first piece was free and then $1.25 thereafter. We also had refreshments and Tim Horton s coffee offered for purchase throughout the night. Do you know the answer to this question: What bug has long starred in organized insect fights in China? Who would have known it was Crickets! Or did you know that a hippo s sweat is pink! These are just some fun trivia questions that many people did not get right. But they turned out to be fun facts when Brian educated all the lucky guessers. Yes that s right, Brian McIntosh was the MC for the night and he did a fantastic job! His witty personality shined as he hosted the evening making sure everyone understood the rules of the game and introduced the 4 categories (Animals, Sports/Entertainment, History/ Geography & Food). Everyone had a good laugh and learned something new when Brian shared all the answers. In between categories, we drew for approximately 20 random door prizes. One of our very young guests from the community won the 50/50 draw and our brother and sisters from St. James won Trivia night. They showed their brotherly love by sharing the winning prizes with the 2nd place winners the Hobbs/Crouch family. As the night went on, there was much talk about how much fun everyone had and how they can t wait to tell their neighbours and friends about our next Fall Trivia Challenge. The Social Committee would like to make a special thank you to the local businesses and to those who contributed to our prizes and giveaways: Pot O Gold, M&M s (Dixie & Dundas), Tim Horton s (Renforth), Muddy Duck, Canadiana Restaurant, Glencade Pharmacy, Alana s Flowers & Gifts, Markland Wood Plaza and Diane Hercus. Also to mention the Social Committee members who donated gifts for the door prizes: Pat Nelson, Julia Stavreff, Nancy Harris, Roxanne Dryding, Gord Moore and Evelyn Relyea. Pizza Depot in Malton supplied the pizza for the evening. This event brought in approximately $700 to help fund different programs at Bloordale. We are looking forward to your support next year and hope to see you all there for the next challenge. Don t miss out! We know you will have a good time. Roxanne Dryding, for the Social and Fundraising Committee Silent Auction Returning to Bloordale In conjunction with our 59th Anniversary dinner on March 5 th, we will be holding a repeat Silent Auction. Please think about what you would like to contribute. Some suggestions include: Theatre tickets Sports tickets Original artwork Baking Baby sitting Cottage rentals Bed and breakfast Gift certificates Proceeds from the Silent Auction will go towards Bloordale programmes. For further information, please talk to Pat Nelson or any other member of the Social and Fundraising Committee.

9 9 Outreach and Social Action Committee (OSAC) Bloordale OSAC supports ten community services, such as Fred Victor Mission, Anglican United Refugee Alliance, Kairos, Community Ministries in Jane-Finch and Davenport-Perth, and others through direct financial contributions. At each Communion, the work of a sponsored group is highlighted. A recent priority has been the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report and its 94 Calls to Action. Members of the Committee have attended at the Ottawa closing event of the TRC in June 2015, visited local aboriginal communities, received a guest speaker and conducted the blanket exercise. Over the past year reports on activity have been conveyed to the Church Council. Advocacy and social justice are included on the Outreach mandate and have addressed numerous issues relating to human rights in Palestine and elsewhere, as well as periodic appeals relating to disasters. In 2016 we spent over $11,000 to address our mission by supporting various organizations, and thank our congregation for the generous contributions. One of our initiatives this past fall was a survey of the congregation about priorities (listed below) with a reasonable response of about 30%, and we thank those who participated, with particular thanks to Debbie Cauch-McIntosh who collated the information. Results of the Outreach & Social Action Survey 32 responses were received over two Sundays. A. Outreach Fund Financial support for 16 organizations - 19 votes B. Indigenous Justice and Reconciliation 10 votes C. Refugee Support 12 votes D. Anti-Poverty, Out of the Cold 19 votes E. Etobicoke Youth, Community Hub Working Group 14 votes F. UC Mission and Service Gifts with Vision Promotion 8 votes G. Advent Giving Tree 3 votes H. Climate Change, Green Energy 10 votes I. Workshop, Petitions etc. 2 votes Top three were A, D, and E. There was minor concern expressed that we are spread too thin in terms of financial/ human resources and also we need to communicate better in what we are attempting to achieve. December is a busy time for our activities and we thank all who gave to the giving tree and to OSAC with financial help. Parcels, etc, went to the Women's Habitat, Ernestine's Women's Shelter, and Youth Without Shelter. Debbie Cauch- McIntosh did the sorting with Brian, and Debbie and Lynn Lawrence delivered Our hosting of the Out of the Cold meal at All Saints Kingsway Anglican Church is Friday, February 17 th so keep an eye out for an invitation to give and volunteer. More help for the committee would be appreciated. Iain McGilveray (Interim chair) The Lunch Bunch Beat Gord Moore wishes to thank everyone for making the Lunch Bunch a popular Bloordale initiative that a number of congregants look forward to. Many are sorry not to be able to attend when a conflict in date arises. Don t worry. There is always a next time The lunch bunch arranges for group lunches after the church service and after coffee time; generally every 6 to 8 weeks (depending on what else is happening at Bloordale) We go to neighboring restaurants, and sit together at tables of 4 or 6, order from the menu and pay individually. Everyone is welcome and we will save you a spot if you will be a bit late. Our last lunch bunch was November 27, 2016 at the popular Canadiana Restaurant. 15 People came: 5 had omelettes, 5 had sandwiches, 2 had bacon and eggs and 1 each had a salad, a dinner and eggs bennie. All had a good time. Our next outing is January 15th, 2017 where we will be going to the Montreal Deli, just west of Hwy 427. To sign up, or for information, talk to Gord Moore ( ) or to me Julia ( ). Carpooling is provided, and a good time is had by all. Julia Stavreff Bulletin and Music Dedications Weekly Sunday bulletins can be dedicated, with a note about why, by any member for $15. This both helps defray our paper and printing costs and provides opportunity for special remembrances to be observed. Music can also be dedicated in someone s memory, or in honour of someone s faithful living. A new anthem can be purchased for $75, so please speak to Sharron or Mervin about your wish to support the music program in this way.

10 10 Phoenix Project Despite a short lull over the Christmas and New Year period the Phoenix project continues to move forward. Consultations between the facilitators and the various committees at each congregation have been completed. A report from the consultants on the results from these discussion is pending. As reported earlier, three task groups have been set up to drill down into specific amalgamation issues. This is also part of the process of widening the circle to involve more members not on the Joint Phoenix Steering Committee. There have been some minor changes in Bloordale s membership on these task groups. Membership is now as follows: Property Julia Stavreff, Susan Parks, Victor Sakamoto and Jim Donaghy. Finance Jack Lovatt and Norman Dundas. Vision & Mission Roy Harvey, Alice Litherland and Lisa Mazzariol These task forces will continue their deliberations over the next few weeks and provide input to the Joint Phoenix Steering Committee which will be preparing the definitive amalgamation proposal by the end of March. The property task group met with representatives from Presbytery on January 5 to determine their requirement leading to an amalgamation. Meetings have been held with staff to keep them informed and solicit their views on what will result in a successful amalgamation. Regular communication with those groups using our facilities is also planned. Members of these committees would welcome ideas and comments from any member of the congregation. Remember, it is your church and we want an amalgamated church to reflect your views on the type of church you want it to be. A timetable for the coming months is being prepared and will be issued shortly. The delay is due to sorting out the many conflicts with other activities at each church. The objective is to have a definitive amalgamation proposal to be voted on in May. To delay to a later date would conflict with the summer lull and probably result in volunteer fatigue and loss of momentum. As we have stated before, finding the energy will be one of the most difficult tasks throughout the project. The team needs the congregation to get involved in learning about amalgamation and revitalizing our church. It is recommended that you read some of the books in our mobile library on churches that have revitalized themselves. Your contribution is required to make the project successful. Over the next three months we will continue to get to know each other through joint services and functions. We encourage you to make the effort to attend the joint services and events sponsored by the other congregation. We have dedicated a section of the notice board in the CE building to keep the congregation abreast of Phoenix activities and events. A table will be set up at coffee hour in the Gym to display information on Phoenix as well. Jim Donaghy U.C.W. News The Holly Tea and Cookie Sale, held Saturday December 3rd, raised $3,100. Thanks to all who helped: baking, serving, cleaning, setting up / taking down. We could have not done this without you! UCW members Grace, Jo-Em, Ruth and Amy decorated the gym for Christmas for all to enjoy and we thank them for this. As an expression of appreciation to our Bloordale Staff, UCW has made a donation of $500 to Doctors Without Borders. Thank you Mervin, Brian, Nelsona, Halyna, Lisa and Victor. UCW s next meeting will be Tuesday February 28th ( there is no January meeting. ) All ladies of the congregation and the community are welcome. The Rummage Day sale is planned for Saturday, April 1st watch for details in the next Bloorbeat, and in May our popular geranium sale returns. Julia Stavreff with notes from Joan Hollowell and others The Four Men in Concert Returning to Bloordale! The Four Men: Mervin, Brian, Michael and George will be preforming at Bloordale, in concert, this spring. See the next issue of Bloorbeat for date and details. Pusateri s Outing planned by the Social Committee Plans are underway for an afternoon outing to Pusateri s at Sak s Fifth Avenue Food Hall in Sherway Gardens. Free scones and tea will be provided by Pusateri s at this new Gourmet Grocery Store at Sherway Gardens. Tentative Date Feb 24th at 1:30.

11 11 Bloorbeat Report from Council Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month September to June. We should all be mindful of the time and effort members of Council offer in service to our church. In our various committees, ideas and issues are discussed and activities planned and Council is the forum for sharing, coordinating and finding resolution when needed. Dana Bach meticulously maintains a record of proceedings. The group works in a most collegial fashion as befits a Christian assembly. When you get a chance, say thanks! Council recently addressed a series of Remits conveyed to the churches by the United Church of Canada. Their purpose was to present proposals for a restructuring of church administration in response to changing circumstances. Our Council discussed each proposal with the expert guidance of Brian. Council replied in favour of proposed changes. Detailed information on the Remits can be obtained from committee chairs or from the office. In brief, the Remits called for the following: Creation of a denominational office of vocation. There are fewer students and thus fewer volunteers, who have traditionally worked with them, are needed. A more effective use of staff time should occur. A new funding model to streamline operations by way of a single assessment to promote more equitable sharing of resources across the whole church. Establishment of one new order of Ministry to encompass the existing categories. The lines between the streams of Ministry have become increasingly blurred, particularly in smaller rural charges where the pastor is required to do it all. With new technologies, a more standardized level of education can be implemented. A new organization model of three Councils as approved by the 42nd General Council, This would effectively reduce the size of the existing structure and, among other things, reduce costs. Elimination of the process of transfer and settlement for members of the order of Ministry and corresponding elimination of the General Council Transfer Committee. The purpose is to acknowledge existing realities as to how transfers have come to occur. Housekeeping matters are frequently before Council. Recently, much attention has been given to our floor cleaning methods, particularly out of concern for Terry Tan and their tiny clients. We owe many thanks to John Pauksens, who obtained the advice of an expert in the business and consulted with Victor Nguyen, and to Bruce Jackson, who engaged the services of a contractor to strip and wax the floors in Terry Tan Kitchen and School-Age rooms. Hence, another example of time and effort put forth by members, often unseen. Council continues to serve as a forum for discussion on the Phoenix Project as reports are brought forward from our Phoenix Steering Committee representatives. Jim Donaghy, chair of our committee, provides a report elsewhere in this issue of Bloorbeat. Roy Harvey, Chair of Council Pancake Supper Pancake Supper returns to Bloordale United Church on Shrove Tuesday Feb. 28, 2017 Come any time between 5:15 pm and 7:00 pm $7.00 / $4.00 for Children under 12 A Bloordale Community Event All are welcome, bring your friends and neighbours! For further information / tickets call Julia (h) or (w) Volunteers are needed to assist with this event. To volunteer please use the sign-up sheet outside the gym or call Julia Consider a Planned Gift to Bloordale United Church Giving a gift to the Planned Gift Fund through your will is one way to continue faithful stewardship beyond your lifetime. When your estate plan is prepared please consider a gift to your church through the Bloordale Planned Gift Fund. A message from your Memorial and Planned Gift Funds Administrative Committee

12 12 Upcoming Events Summary Sunday, January 15 Lunch Bunch lunch at The Montreal Deli on Dundas St (Just W of Hwy 427) Friday, January 20 Outing to see The Audience at the Royal Alex Theatre Sunday, January 22 Pulpit exchange for morning worship service. The Rev. Julian Aldou at Bloordale Sunday, January 29 Consultation with Bloordale congregation re Phoenix matters, after the worship service, 11:30 12:15 Friday, February 3 Craft Night I Saturday, February 4 Outing to the Aga Khan Museum Friday, February 10 Craft Night II Sunday, February 12 Joint service at St. James United Church Tuesday, February 14 Valentine s Day Friday, February 17 Craft Night III. Participates in Out of the Cold Bloordale Sunday February 19 Service at Wesburn Manor. Bloordale hosts the Westburn service at 2:30 pm. The Bloordale Choir will sing. Monday, February 20 Family Day Holiday Friday, February 24 Craft Night IV Sunday, February 26 Scout Sunday Tuesday, February 28 UCW meets in the afternoon. Tuesday, February 28 Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Supper Sunday, March 5 59th Anniversary Sunday. Anniversary Dinner with Silent Auction Saturday / Sunday March 12 Change clocks. Muslim/Christian Supper and Panel Sunday, March 19 Annual Congregational meeting (after Church service) Tuesday, March 23 Seminar on Preventing Falls Saturday March 25 Outing to TSO for kids at Roy Thomson Hall Sunday, March 26 Joint service at Bloordale United Church Mark Your Calendars! Friday Feb 17th, 2017 Bloordale participation in Out of the Cold Sunday Feb 26th, 2017, 10:30 am at Bloordale United Church: Cubs and Scouts Service Join us in our visit to the Aga Khan Museum a museum of Islamic art, Iranian (Persian) art, and Muslim culture Featuring the special exhibit: Syria: a Living History 77 Wynford Drive, Don Mills Saturday Feb 4, 2017, 1:00 pm Admission, Guided Syria Exhibit Tour, Guided Tour of Ismaili Centre, and unlimited independent visiting of everything in the Museum Price: $17.00 (special senior s rate for everyone in our group) Carpooling available, For further information or to sign up call Julia, Hats Off!! Hats Off to Joan Hollowell for doing such a fabulous job of changing the messages on our outdoor sign for the last several years. She was very diligent and even scrubbed the inside of the sign several times! Many, many thanks, Joan. All your Bloordale friends! Change Your Clocks for March 12 Don t forget to change Your Clocks before bed, Saturday, March 11. Come to Church an hour earlier on Sunday, March 12th, as we Spring Forward into Daylight Saving Time.

13 13 Out of the Cold Needs Volunteers Bloordale will once again be supporting the" Out of the Cold" program by providing dinner on February 17th. More information will follow but I am hoping that you will consider helping in any way you see fit. We will need people to make food for that night, work crews for the evening and of course financial support is always welcome. If you are able to help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out. Many thanks, Bloordale United Church 59 th Anniversary Dinner and Silent Auction Sunday March 5, 2017, at the Church Reception at 5:00 pm Fully catered sit-down dinner starting at 5:30 pm Lisa 401st Venturer E-Waste & Bottle Drive Coming in April 2017 Save the date! We are collecting electronics to raise money to attend a Jamboree in Sønderborg, Denmark next summer. More details will be shared in the March/April Bloorbeat about the types of electronic items collected. All used, broken, and obsolete electronics would be greatly appreciated. In addition, the Venturers will also be collecting empty wine and beer containers. Contact Matthew Barrett or for more information. We will be collecting the electronics in the church parking lot on: SATURDAY APRIL 22 9 AM TO 4 PM and SUNDAY APRIL AM TO 4 PM Matthew Bloordale / St. James Joint Worship Services at a Glance February 12 Joint worship at St. James March 26 April 23 Joint worship at Bloordale Joint worship at St. James Thank You Bloordale Choir! Thank you to Mervin and our choir, as well as the readers, for the special music service of Lessons and Carols on December 18th. Salad, Rolls, Choice of Entree Tea or Coffee and Cookies, Squares, Fruit Cash Bar : beer, wine, soft drinks Friends and Family welcome Tickets: $32/38/43 (depending on choice of entrée) includes tax and tip Special rates available for children Free Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, call if you need a ride For further information / tickets call Julia (w) or (h). 59th Anniversary Dinner We are again having our catered Anniversary Dinner at the church. This year the entrees are: Slow roasted BBQ Chicken (with BBQ sauce on the side) with oven roasted parisienne potatoes and mixed vegetables $38.00 Stuffed sole with scallop and crab with mushroom cream sauce,oven roasted parisienne potatoes and mixed vegetables $43.00 Vegetarian Lasagna (house-made) $32.00 All of the above come with dinner rolls and butter, spring mix salad, and A Dessert Station with Assorted cookies and squares Coffee/Tea service Fresh Fruit (by Roxanne Dryding) Tax and Tip included

14 14 Learn Reiki to Heal Yourself and Others at St. James United Church Feb 24 26, 2017 Training will be held on Friday 7:00-10:30 pm, Saturday 9:30 am. - 6:00 pm, and Sunday 1:30-6:30 p.m. Reiki is a natural, holistic and complementary healing method involving laying-on-of-hands. Trainers: Rev. Coral Prebble and Nancy Violo Cost $150 (you will receive a charitable tax receipt for $125) Reiki is also offered by donation on Monday and Tuesdays at 1:00 and 2:00 p.m., and Tuesdays at 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. by appointment through the church office at Film and Faith Movie at St James Tuesday, February 7 at 7:00pm You are invited to come and join St. James United in the sanctuary to view and discuss the movie "The 33" - the true story of 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in a collapsed mine 200 stories below the surface for 69 days in Experience life for the miners as tensions rise and rations run low. Admission is only $2.00 per person, and includes popcorn. Rev. Coral will lead our discussion. St. James Discussion Session on Proposed Amalgamation On Sunday Jan. 22 from 12:30 to 2:30 there will be a discussion session at St. James United Church, 400 Burnhamthorpe Rd.(in Fellowship Hall) to talk about your hopes for the amalgamation process - in particular how the emerging vision may influence various aspects of church life and activity under a scenario where our two congregations are merged. All members of Bloordale are most welcome to come and participate! For simplicity we re asking eveyone to being their own bag lunch - we ll serve coffee, tea and refreshments. The session will be managed by our professional facilitators who are leading the Phoenix team in their deliberations. We hope to see you there! Jon Linton Update from St James Food Basket We have just finished a very busy year. Throughout 2016, our numbers continued to rise. Our average number of families served per week in 2015 was 191; in 2016 it was 205, an increase of 7%. These families represented an average of 583 people per week in 2015 and 660 in 2016 an increase of 13%! We now have many new young families, so the number of children is higher. Especially in this situation, we are grateful for your donations in November and December. They supported our giving $10 Walmart gift cards to every child. Because the response to our request for funds for gift cards was so generous, we were able to give cards to all children age 17 and under, rather than our usual 13 and under -- a total of 331 cards were distributed. Thank you! Your response to our needs has been wonderful in terms of funds and food donations. What is in store for 2017? We assume our numbers will increase somewhat. Many groups are worried about the 13th month for Syrian refugees, because so many will no longer qualify for special funding, and yet have not been able to secure jobs. The job market in 2016 supplied mainly part-time jobs. We have a lot of food recipients who work part-time. But with Toronto rents they are unable to fully support themselves without access to a food bank. For example, if a person works 25 hours per week, at $15 to $20 per hour, the after-tax income may barely cover rent. We worry about our singles in particular, who may have no one else to rely on; we try to help protect their health by supplying the most nutritious food possible. We are expanding our healthy food efforts this year: we continue to purchase fresh produce at the Ontario Food Terminal; we will continue the egg program we started a year ago, supplying at least one egg per week per person; and this year we will expand into supplying all families with the dried beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. that they want. We will also be supplying easy recipes to encourage the use of these proteins. If you are at Cloverdale Mall on Saturday, February 11, please look us up at the Government and Community Services Fair, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Marie Truelove, Co-Chair

15 15 Come with your grandchildren, children, and other young people to see and hear How the Gimquat Found Her Song A rare and silent bird lives in hiding until she meets a magician who takes her on a search for a perfect song A TSO concert with Platypus Theatre suitable for children ages 5-12 Upcoming Choral Concerts Artistic Director Mervin William Fick Festival of Friends MCS will be performing with other choirs; joint choir pieces to be conducted by Mervin Fick (over 250 voices) Saturday February 4th, at 8:00 p.m. Eden United Church 3051 Battleford Road Meadowvale, Ontario All proceeds go to local charities Toronto Beach Choral presents Maple Sugar Music (The work of Quebec composer, Pierick Houdy). Saturday, March 25, :00 pm At Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto Orchestra Seats $21 seniors, students and children, $27 for others Balcony Seats $13 / $17 For further information or tickets contact Julia (h) / (w) Bloorbeat Submission Guidelines When you items to Julia and myself for Bloorbeat, please include words about the specific content in your header and in any file names, e.g. not just Bloorbeat but Bloorbeat Upcoming Events. This makes it much easier to locate the items in my rather busy inbox when putting the Bloorbeat together. In general, for text-based submissions, please avoid use of fancy fonts, headers, spacings or tab settings because these create more work for me and make it more difficult to maintain a consistent style in the newsletter. Straight text, in 10 point font, with bold (but not underlined) headings in 14 point font, is best. For photographs of church related items we can handle the standard graphics formats such as.tif,.gif,.jpg,.png or.pdf. We print in black and white but post on the church website in colour For advertisements, PDF or uncompressed TIFF are the preferred formats. Please check picture clarity and text clarity of your ad printed in chosen size in black and white on a laser printer and viewed in colour at chosen size on a computer monitor. Sunday February 26th at 3:00 p.m. Beach United Church 140 Wineva Avenue Toronto, Ontario Tickets - $20/$10 (in advance) MCS Chorus Presents Mozart Requiem Saturday March 4th at 7:30 p.m. First United Church 151 Lakeshore Road West Port Credit, Ontario Tickets - $25/$12 Invitation for Submissions to Bloorbeat Spiritual perspectives, committee news, community happenings, and ideas for changes and improvements to make Bloordale an even nicer place than it already is are all welcome. Please submit or discuss your ideas with our Communications Committee chair Julia Stavreff, , BLOORBEAT PUBLICATION SCHEDULE Following is the publication date and the deadline for submissions for the upcoming issues. Publication Date 2017 Submission Deadline March 19 March 12 May 14 May 7

16 16 Bloorbeat Advertising Would you like to advertise your business in Bloorbeat? Prices per issue of Bloorbeat are: Business card size $ 20 ¼ page size $ 40 ½ page size $ 70 Our printed pages size is 8 1/2 x 11 To advertise, please call John Pauksens, or Bloorbeat is published 5 times a year by the Communications Committee of Bloordale United Church 4258 Bloor St. W. Etobicoke ON M9C 1Z7 (416) Website: Committee Chair Julia Stavreff Editor John Pauksens Distribution Coordinators Joan Hollowell Shirley Scott