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1 April 26, 2009 United in Faith. Called to Serve. Committed to Gospel Values. Parish Events Monday, April 27, 2009 Handbells 6 pm Chair Dancing 10 am AA Meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Seniors 12:30 pm Adoration 3pm Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Faith Sharing Groups 10 am God's Angels Choir 6:15 pm Adult Choir Practice 7 pm Chair Dancing 7 pm Thursday, April 30, 2009 Bingo 6:30 pm Handchimes 5:30 pm Jr. Handchimes 7 pm Jr. Handbells 7:30 pm Friday, May 1, 2009 Saturday, May 2, 2009 Rosary 11 am 4:30 pm Liturgy Sunday, May 3, :30 am Liturgy 10:30 am Liturgy Lord Jesus, As a Community of Faith we ask that you bless these children, young and full of possibility, ready to share in your life. May they treasure the gift of your sacrifice and love. May they grow in your Grace and may we see them often at your table. Amen Austin D James P Jessica V Jordan M Al D Cody T Kaitlyn C Lilian F Congratulations & Welcome to our Newly Initiated, who took part in the April 11, 2009 Easter Vigil Sacramental Celebrations. Pictured Left to Right: Natalie Bowman (sponsor), Jay Lawless, Jonathan Vandenbossche (sponsor), Amber Klott & Shannon Bernard (sponsor)

2 Page 2 Faith Formation Office April 26, 2009 Sr. Kathy Onderbeke IHM, Director ~ Phone: (586) ext. 105 ~ Barbara Cilli, Office Manager ~ Phone: (586) ext. 104 ~ This Week Monday, April 27 th Elementary Levels 1-6: 5:15-6:45PM Jr. High (Levels 7 & 8): 7:00-8:30PM Tuesday, April 21 st Elementary Levels 1-6: 6:30-8:00PM Saturday, May 2 nd Celebration of First Eucharist 4:30PM Liturgy Sunday, May 3 rd Celebration of First Eucharist 8:30 & 10:30 Liturgy RCIA Session: 9:30AM 10:30AM Liturgy Early Childhood Last Class CLW King s Kids Using Their Time, Talent & Treasure To Serve The King This weeks King's Kids are: Nick, Joshua, Antonio, Remi, Mallory, Jenna, Stefanie, Julia, Elise, Natalie, Riley, Brett, Angela, Jillian, Samuel, Vincent, April, Helayna, Jordan, Danny and Jimmy. Jordan took care of the dogs, Jimmy cleaned the yard, Helayna helped Mom, Samuel helped roll out the dough for Grandma and loves to play basketball. Vincent helped clean up his classroom and plays soccer, Jillian and Angela went to the Easter Vigil, Brett played hard and won his hockey game and always makes his bed. Riley helped his teacher clean the tables. These wonderful disciples donated $31.68 to the Adopt A Family For Christmas Fund. Great work and God Bless! Everyday Spirituality by Sr. Kathy Once again this week we hear of Jesus being present to the apostles and greeting them by saying, Peace be with you. Most of us, if asked to define the word peace, find our first response being along the lines of the absence of war or conflict which highlights what peace is not. So what is peace? The Hebrew roots (Shalom) speaks of completeness, soundness, welfare, safety or prosperity. For prayer this week, why not place yourself in the shoes of one of the early apostles. Imagine yourself in these post-resurrection days. As you are walking along one afternoon, you suddenly become aware of Jesus presence. He says to you, Peace be with you! How is your heart or spirit changed as you hear these words? What does this greeting of peace mean to you? What would it mean to you to hear Jesus says these words to you today? Elementary Easter Project The Service Project for the Level 4 students for April was making Easter Baskets for 25 youngsters at Turning Point. Students donated candy, books, games and stuffed animals to fill the baskets and wrapped the baskets themselves. Not only did they enjoy creating the baskets but were also very excited about doing something for someone else to make Easter morning bright for these young people. On behalf of Turning Point, a big thank you to all the students and parents for their participation in this worthwhile project. Kathy Huebener & Janet Arbaugh Service Project Coordinators NATIONAL MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER UPCOMING WEEKEND RETREATS! August Capuchin Center, Washington Twp. September 25-27,2009 Manressa, Bloomfield Hills November , 2009 Capuchin Center, Washington Twp. National Marriage Encounter welcomes all Christian couples to join us for a faith-filled, uplifting weekend experience. Our weekends are designed to give you and your spouse the opportunity to examine your life together, openly and privately, using safe and loving communication techniques. The weekend will help you determine the healthy changes needed to make your good marriage even better! It is guided by married couples, just like you, who desire to make their lives together the best they can be - the way God intended! Give one another the gift of this weekend experience and you will reap the benefits for a lifetime. Reserve your spot soon!

3 Page 3 Pen Point Parking for Weekend Liturgies I would like to call everyone s attention to the importance of parking in our parking lots for the weekend liturgies. Some members of the community have been parking at the Mount Clemens Orthopaedic Appliances, INC store across from the Crocker Blvd entrance and this has caused some problems for customers who come to the store, leaving them unable to find parking. I ask that everyone refrain from parking in their parking lot and those of other businesses on Crocker. It is my understanding that non-customers can be ticketed and/or have their cars towed away. I certainly do not want this happening to anyone. I think we have adequate parking facilities for the community. Thank you for your attention and respectful response to this matter. Outdoor Clean Up -- Saturday, Mother's Day -- CSA Kick-Off -- ROPE Bake Sale -- Anointing of Sick -- Memorial Day -- CSA-2009 It is that time of the year again... A pril s howers bring t h e a n nual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA). The theme for 2009 is ONE SOWS, ANOTHER REAPS. Our appeal will begin the weekend of May th. More information will be forthcoming in the bulletin and by mail. Please stay tuned!!!! Shalom Saturday, May 2 at 9 am -- Sunday, May 10th -- May 16/17 after all Liturgies -- May 16/17 after all Liturgies -- Saturday, May 23 at the 4:30 pm Liturgy -- Monday, May 25 Liturgy at 9 am CSA MI UTE Council of Catholic Women This weekend, the Council of Catholic Women (CCW) in the Archdiocese of Detroit will celebrate its 70th anniversary with Mass at St. Aloysius Church in Detroit and a luncheon. Your gifts to the Catholic Services Appeal help CCW bring together women in the Archdiocese of Detroit to share their faith, grow spiritually and unite through charitable works in the community and throughout the world. Part of the Department of Parish Life and Services, CCW in the Archdiocese of Detroit is a federation of women s parish groups and interparochial organizations. CCW promotes programs that affiliates can choose to support, such as American Red Cross blood banks, prison ministry and Penny Pot, which raises money to send books to mission schools overseas. CCW s most popular program is Operation Layette, for which affiliates assemble blankets and clothing for the newborn for social service agencies. Operation Layette distributes more than 365 layettes to mothers and babies in need each year. For more information about the Council of Catholic Women or other CSA-funded programs and ministries, go to The Following Child was Baptized by Rev. Lawrence A. Pettke Saturday, April 18, 2009 Presiliana Estella Cantu Daughter of Mariano Cantu & Renee (Wronski) Cantu Godparents are Aaron Wronski & Christina Gillette If you are expecting a bundle of Joy or have recently given birth and wish to have your child/ children Baptized. Call one of our Pastoral Team Members and set up an appointment. Fr Larry ext 102 Chris McElroy ext 110 Deacon Don ext 101 Sr. Kathy ext 105 Weekly Report Minimum Amount Required Weekly to operate Parish $ 8, For April 19, 2009 Envelopes $ 8, Loose Monies $ For a Total of $ 9, Overage for week + $ % of Budget Reached: 108 % Shortage YTD $ Thank You! (Fiscal Year July 1, 2008-June 30,2009) Whatever you have - has been given. Whatever you give - will be returned.

4 Page 4 Cover the Uninsured Forty six million Americans are uninsured. Nearly nine million of them are children. More than 8 out of 10 are in working families. The percentage of the non elderly population that is uninsured has climbed steadily from 15.9 % in 1994 to 17.1 % in 2007 with a slight dip to 15.6 % around the turn of the century. Living without health insurance is a risk no one should have to take. Cover the Uninsured, a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, now in its 7 th year, is a national effort to highlight the fact that too many Americans are living without health insurance and to seek solutions from our nation s leaders. Reaching the goal of affordable and stable health care will require changes in public policy. Cover the Uninsured week activities are an effort to raise awareness among policy makers, health care professionals, grassroots advocates, faith leaders, the business community and active citizens. Concern about access to affordable health coverage is high among American voters. Last year, congress demonstrated unprecedented bi-partisan support for an expansion of the State Children s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to cover more of America s kids. Cover the Uninsured Week 2008 took place April 27 th - May 3 rd with thousands of activities across the country. Nearly 1500 events took place in 44 states and Washington D.C., more than 800 events provided enrollment opportunities for eligible families, more than 200 national organizations supported the campaign. To find out more about this effort visit: Extending health insurance coverage to all citizens will require evolving the American Health Care System in ways never seen before. The effort continues year round to assist activists around the country working to demonstrate broad support for getting uninsured Americans the health coverage they need. The Michigan Department of Community Health has launched a website providing information on where to find free or low cost health care. The site links to free clinics, mental health services, dental care, prescription drug programs, cancer screening and treatment, help with Medicaid enrollment and more. To search for health care resources, go online to: Yours in Christ Parish Nurses Dear Fr. Larry Pettke, St. Valerie of Ravenna, Italy, the wife of St. Vitalis, lived in the Second Centry AD. She was martyred near Milan when she refused to deny her faith in Christ. It is speculated that she is the mother of Sts. Gervase and Protase. On behalf of the men and women religious who benefit from the Retirement Fund for Religious, I want to thank you for your generous response to the 2008 appeal. In spite of all of the financial challenges facing so many of us, the response to the appeal in the Archdiocese was $758,945.00! Please express our gratitude to the people of St. Louis Parish. Your contribution of $5, was a vital part of making this appeal such a success. The religious who have provided for the needs of the Church so whole-heartedly for fifty, sixty and seventy years are now retired (or retiring). Now they find themselves in need of your support. Your continuing response through the years bears testimony that you have not forgotten them. They are remembered. Know that you, in turn are remembered in the prayers and good works of those retired religious who benefit from your gift. May our loving God multiply back to you in the measure of your giving, and even more, as we are told in the Scriptures "...pressed down and running over." Expect many blessings! Gratefully, Evelyn Booms, IHM Archdiocesan Coordinator Chair Dancing Exercise Spring into Action! Any Fitness Level Welcome-No Charge! Meet in the Social Hall for Fun Exercise Mondays 10am Wednesdays 7pm April 27 April 29 May 4 May 6 May 11 May 13 Wear comfortable clothing, sweats and sneakers are best. Class runs approximately one hour. 40 minutes chair dancing, 20 minutes toning. Bring 1# hand weights or soup cans for toning.

5 The Gardening Angels invite you to a Parish Grounds Clean-up Day. Please bring your gardening tools, gloves, rakes, shovels, brooms and so forth and help us Spruce up for Spring! Meet us at 9 am Saturday Morning, May 2, 2009 on the parish grounds. Page 5 St. Louis Seniors "A Friend is a lot of wonderful people rolled into one." Friends you will have, when you come to seniors on Tuesday April 28th at 12:30 pm, Lunch served for $ Sandwiches, jello, chips, cake & beverage. Come and enjoy the afternoon filled with cards, Dominoes or whatever. Looking f o r w a r d t o s e e i n g Y O U. The Officers Money arguments in marriage are not always about money. Often they are about power. Does the spouse who earns more have the most say in how money is spent? What burden might your spouse be carrying today--a worry, a health concern? Maybe there's a way to lighten it; recognizing it and sympathizing might be enough. For daily marriage tips visit: w w w. F o r Y o u r M a r r i a g e. o r g. An initiative of the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) Thank you for the Prayers, Cards and Package that was sent to me when I was overseas. I shared it with the others in my unit. It was filled with great things and helped get us through the holiday. I am back State side and happy to be home. Thanks again, Justin Klimkiewicz St. Vincent de Paul Month Collection for the Area eedy ext Weekend May 2/3 St. Vincent de Paul ASSISTA CE REPORT During the month of March, St. Louis St. Vincent DePaul helped our less fortunate brothers and sisters by assisting them in the following ways: 106 families (263 individuals) received emergency food 17 clients received clothing debit cards to our S.V.D.P. store 2 clients received help with utility bills 56 transportation (vehicle repairs, gas, and bus tickets) 3 clients received help with rent 4 clients received help with prescriptions 5 clients received help with obtaining their MI ID s 3 clients received work shoes Some clients received help in more than one category. We also provided referrals to other social service agencies and churches. Our Lenten almsgiving was a heartfelt success, especially with the increased need which we are witnessing. We are thankful and so very proud of our community here at our St. Louis Church. We are truly blessed with caring and generous parishioners. A special Thank you to our very supportive, Father Larry! Thank you and God bless you. Do you wanna' go to Summer Camp? St. Vincent de Paul camps are located on the shores of Lake Huron approximately 85 miles northeast of Detroit. Our traditional subsidized summer camp is for children whose families are suffering hardship and is open for children ages 8 to 12. To register your child (children) for Summer Camp, please bring them, their Birth Certificate(s) and Medical Records to St. Peter's Parish Hall on Sunday May 17 1:30-3pm. For more information call

6 Page 6 MILITARY BOARD AIR FORCE SRAFC Stephen Van Hamme MAJ Robert Hanovich Jr. SAM Joshua Huffman ARMY PFC Heather Bissonette Major Brent Coryell S. Sgt. Jeremy Cyprus Jeff Defever S.Sgt. Mark Deketelaere Jeff Grzybowski Specialist Paul Groth Shawn M Hunter PFC Dean Jackson Staff Sgt.Thomas Johns PFC Justin Klimkiewicz Renee Lewis Spc. Alicia M. Manning Spc. Kevin D. Manning PVT Benjamin Schunn, David Skorupski III PFC Steven Stone Sgt. FC Jacob Thomas PFC Michael Wichmann AVY Petty Officer 4th Class John Duffy Nicholas G. Mayer PO-E-Joseph Hanovich EM3SW Daniel L. Riley LCDR Timothy Styles LCDR James Welch Petty Officer FC Andrea Williams MARI E PFC Anthony D'Angelo Brian Griffith MAJ Robert Hanovich Tom Pylant Sgt. Jeff Cyprus ACTIVE MILITARY (Branch not Specified) Mario Camilla PFC Brendon Lozen Easter oh-oh We told you about the winners and thanked our f a b u l o u s b u n n i e s, but forgot to thank our coordinators/ egg hiders. A HUGE thank you to Jackie Trabilsy & Andrea Barczi who helped with the 8:30 am Liturgy's Hunt and Dianna Martin who took care of the 10:30 Liturgy's Hunt. You're grade "A"! Third Banns Wayne Jarvis & Heather Burke May 2, 2009 Liturgical Schedules Weekend of May 2/3 Mass Times Saturday 4:30 pm Sunday 8:30 am Sunday 10:30 am Commentators Mike Wortman Louise Knapp Barbara Cilli Pick up your schedules at 2nd Sunday of Easter Presider Fr. Larry 4th Sunday of Easter Ministers of the Word (Lectors) Eric Rader Lillian Barbalas Allan Chisholm Mary Paonessa Loraine Remillard Paula Herbart Ushers Linda DeHelian Charlie Phlypo Phil Cadwick Art Fowler Angie VanHazenbrouck Gary Gustafson Freda Fowler Greg VanHazenbrouck Phil Liagre John Piasecki Karen Veritz Ruthann Liagre Mary G. Reinhold Laura Fournier Volunteer Catherine Allar Ministers of the Eucharist Charlie Korpal Margaret Vivian Carol Bouthillier Sharon Korpal Jan Veryser Norm Bouthillier Pat Rose Tom Yager Dennis Burgio Marion Wichern Jackie Yager Fran Howard Janie Groenert Mary Berry Judy Jablonski Sally Guertin Ray Brock Marilyn Johnson Kathy Hatzenbuhler Barb Davis Mary Mancinelli Mary Inman Larry Davis Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Fr. Larry Fr. Larry Fr. Larry Altar Servers Christopher McNeely Emily Tabor Aubrey Schihl Allie Matuzak Adam Schihl It had been an especially trying day. He had been out of work for over six months, and despite many interviews, he had not been offered any positions. He thought he had qualifications for the positions he had applied, what with a college degree and many years' experience in his field. Still, he continued to be turned down, often with no explanation whatsoever. Depressed, he turned to a particularly good book and read the words of a reassuring friend: "Peace be with you." That afternoon, he received a call from an employer. Today's Gospel reading is Luke's version of last week's reading from John. Two men have just visited the disciples and told of their encounter with the risen Jesus on their way to Emmaus. Excitedly, they recalled how they did not recognize him, but felt a burning in their hearts as they walked along and listened to him speak. Not until he broke the bread at dinner did they understand in whose presence they were. And as they told their story, Jesus appeared to them all in the room, startling them with his presence so they were unable to recognize him. "Peace be with you," he tells them. At times in our lives, we are hidden behind locked doors, fearful of the world and what it may have to offer us, or even what it may want to take from us. It is at these times that we must look for the resurrected Jesus and listen for his offer of peace. We celebrate the liturgy in expectation of Christ's return; we pray in hope through the Holy Spirit (CCC 2657). When we are fearful, remember the prayer of St. Paul: "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit" (Rom 15:13) Liturgical Publications Inc

7 3rd Sunday of Easter Acts 3: John 2:1-5 Luke 24:35-48 Saturday, April 25, :30 pm Liturgy - First Eucharists For the People of Mary George, Antonina Moceri, Francis Petitpren (7 years) Special Intentions of Tracy Culhane Sunday, April 26, :30 am Liturgy - First Eucharists Rosemary Trawinski (1st Ann) Donna Autra, Louise E. Weis 10:30 am Liturgy - First Eucharist 50th Anniversary of Theresa & Jerry Tuscany George DeHelian, Deceased Members of the Veryser, Flis & McElroy Families Monday, April 27, 2009 Acts 6:8-15/Jn 6: am Liturgy Tuesday, April 28, 2009 St. Valerie's Feast Day Acts 7:51-8:1/Jn 6: am Liturgy Page 7 Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Acts 8:1-8/Jn 6: am Liturgy Thursday, April 30, 2009 Acts 8:26-40/Jn 6: am Liturgy Friday, May 1, 2009 Acts 9:1-20/Jn 6: am Scripture w/ Communion 4th Sunday of Easter Acts 4: John 3:1-2 John 10:11-18 Saturday, May 2, pm Wedding 4:30 pm Liturgy Maria Rallo by Family Frederick Sahr, Art & Edith Charbeneau by Mary & Janice Shar Harry & Grace Gruehl by Family Sunday, May 3, :30 am Liturgy For the People of 10:30 am Liturgy Carolyn Dubay by Husband, Milton Pray For The Sick Sally & Kam Abdo Liz Alberts Harold Alter Darlene Bourque Charles Bowe Patricia & Melvin Card Shirley Charbeneau Cal Cottrell Vi Cunningham Mary DeLoney Reba Dialak Zelda Dobson Margaret Dunwoody Dee Fahndrich John Fisterman Donna Foley James Foster Evelyn Friedrich John Friedrich Jr John Friedrich Sr Ruben & Joyce Gomez Janet Greenfield Jane Hahn Kenneth Hamming Patricia Healy Russell Hibbert Janet Huvaere Mary Jo Inman Anna Jackson Thomas Jeffery Jacquie Johnson Ed Krymski Cathy Kujawski Nora Liebzeit Rose Malo Vince Marhevko Eleanore Marlinga Carolyn Marshall Cecilia Mauch Dorothy McLaughlin Cathy Morrocco Betty & George Murray Willie Myrna Arlene Nelson Stephanie Osterman Tom Phenney Joan Radzikiewicz Tina Reifert Patricia Rusek Kathy Schimanski Joyce Sheehy William Shevela Mary Ann Sizer Colleen Sloan Kowal Eleanor Smith Vivian Sowinski Diane Stockel John Szymanski Kathy Thumm Mary Helen Tourville Denise Towne Carol Walker Donna Willis Ronnie Wortman Helen Zimmerman To add or remove a name from the Sick List -- please call the office at ext 100. Names will remain on the list for approximately two months unless the Parish Office is notified otherwise. (beginning 1970) APRIL 25 August Herbst-age 66 (1971) Doris Cowher-age 57 (1974) Lillian Dubay-age 60 (1979) Jeannette Szymanowski-age 72 (1980) APRIL 26 Andrew Randazzo-age 41 (1970) Beverly Clos-age 37 (1972) John Sobocinski-age 77 (1985) Mary C. Hoger-age 87 (1986) Gilmore Peters-age 83 (1992) Martin O'Connor-age 86 (1998) Mary Servo-age 93 (2001) Francis Petitpren-age 85 (2002) Ada Henkel-age 74 (2002) APRIL 27 Norman Schulte-age 75 (1973) Leonard Foster-age 72 (1978) Paul Levarsky-age 44 (1981) Lucille M. Gult-age 86 (2003) APRIL 28 Thomas Fritz-age 80 (1996) Renaldo DiMeio-age 70 (1997) APRIL 29 Anthony Vielicka-age 72 (1979) Walter A. Murray-age 45 (2000) Louise Vodzak (2001) Henry Beltowski - (2004) Marian Jakubiec-age 90 (2007) APRIL 30 Agnes Beltowski - (1943) Virginia Moore-age 53 (1975) Gordon Drummond-age 70 (1982) Marie Wessel-age 90 (1991) John Wrubel-age 90 (1993) Esther Vehoski-age 77 (2007) MAY 1 Laura Bidigarie-age 10 (1970) Norman McInerney-age 81 (1970) Marguerite Patterson-age 49 (1981) Mary Rem-age 68 (1992) Mary L. Ross-age (2000) MAY 2 Richard Verbeeren-age 20 (1975) Rozella Leitzi-age 64 (1978) Agnes S. Richmond-age 85 (1980) Debra Heffner-age 17 (1982) Lee Daniel-age 44 (1983) Theresa Wawrzyniak-age 71 (1987) Emma Kacel-age 73 (1994) Thomas Sterling-age 66 (1998) Anna Schunn-age 66 (2008) May 3 Minnie Rowe-age 71 (1970) Percy Dubay-age 73 (1973) Frances DeBusschere-age 75 (1987) Delphine Sendek-age 61 (1988) Jean Shirle-age 59 (1994) Wayne DeGrande-age 50 (1998) Marion Konen-age 86 (2007)

8 Page 8 Directory Crocker Blvd Clinton Township, MI Fax: Website: What an overwhelming response! St. Louis you have wildly exceeded my expectations in your response to Honey Do Ministries, and to my message to you. You are truly The Body of Christ. Also a special thank you to Fr. Larry and the Pastoral Staff for inviting me and the Honey Do Ministers, as well as the staff support for the previous week s bulletin articles. I felt so welcomed and feel part of your community. Please continue to pray for us. For those of you that might want to attend the Employment Support Group, to either seek help or to volunteer to help others, the meetings are on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00pm, at St. Michael. It is located on Hayes Road just south of 18 Mile Road. If you want to inquire about becoming a Honey Do Minister, or want to volunteer to assist, the starting point is to come to the employment meetings. For those that already have a Honey Do list, please call the Honey Do hotline: Please leave your name and phone number and Cyndi will return your call to start the process of having someone come out to see you and provide you with an estimate for the work you would like to have done. When completed you can make out a check to Honey Do Ministries, and we will pay the workers according to IRS regulations. Those that would like to make a donation please indicate on your check that it is a donation and you will receive a letter at the end of the year for income tax purposes. Once again I am truly honored to have been invited into your community to serve you. May Jesus peace be with you Deacon Larry Parish Office Hours: Monday - Wednesday Thursday & Friday 9 am - 7:30 pm 9 am - 5 pm All are Welcome - Register! After you've attended Liturgy a few times here, at St. Louis, and you feel like you are home -- well, maybe it is time to become a registered member of our Parish Family. It is a simple and easy process which takes very little time. Just pop in the Office during business hours or call ext 100 for more Information. We are looking forward to meeting you! Rev. Lawrence A. Pettke- Pastor X 102 Office Staff:... X 100 Anna Jackson and Laura Veryser Pastoral Team Deacon Don Junak Christian Service X101 Christine McElroy Worship X 110 Sr. Kathy Onderbeke, IHM X 105 Faith Formation Office Ormsby, Clinton Twp, MI Sr. Kathy Onderbeke, IHM ~ Director X 105 Office Manager ~ Barbara Cilli X 104 ********** Linda Knopp ~ Music Director X 109 Parish urses Office X 112 St. Vincent de Paul ~St. Louis Chapter X 150 Honey Do Ministries Sacraments: Baptism: The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated through the year, excluding Lent. Parents meet with a member of the Pastoral Team, before or after the birth of the child, to discuss the preparation they need to celebrate the Sacrament properly. Baptisms are celebrated in conjunction with one of the weekend Liturgies. Reconciliation: 3:30 pm Saturdays. Opportunities may be arranged by calling Fr. Larry. Marriage: Arrangements should be made at least six months prior to date. Pre-marriage classes are required. Please call Fr. Larry or Deacon Don Junak. Sacrament of Sick: Rite celebrated annually in Church. Home visits by request. Sick Call: The pastoral team visits hospitals, convalescent homes and private residences regularly. Requests can be made to parish offices. Mass Schedule: Weekend: Saturday 4:30 pm Liturgy Sunday 8:30 am Sunday 10:30 am Daily: M,T,W,Th - 9 am Fri. Scripture w/communion 9am Holy Days 9:00 am Rev. 4/20/2009

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