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1 Bembridge Parish News April 2018 Sailing ship Sirenio stranded on Atherfield Ledge, March 1888 and Bembridge Lifeboat Coxswain Edmund Joey Attrill, who gallantly walked the 15 miles to Brighstone to join the tragedy-stricken crew of the Brook Lifeboat to rescue the survivors ISSUE NO p

2 Bembridge Parish News No. 629 monthly news for our community in Bembridge What s inside We are an Easter people (Father Steven) 3 Joey s Walk 130 years on (Cover story) 5 The Beast from the East March Bembridge RNLI Lifeboat Guild News 9 Events in Bembridge Bembridge Heritage Society Spring News 14 Trinity Church Mice 16 St Michael s Catholic Church 17 Holy Trinity Calendar 18 From the Parish Registers 19 Bembridge Methodist Church 20 BMC Notice Board 21 Carisbrooke Priory 23 Bembridge Little Theatre Club Nightmare Ramshackle Cinema 25 Bembridge Parish Council dates for April 26 Church on Tuesday at Holy Trinity 27 Bembridge Village Band 27 Bembridge Windmill WI 29 Bembridge Art Society Bembridge Townswomen s Guild 33 Cruise Ships passing in April 35 Bembridge Horticultural Society 36 2

3 We are an Easter people The resurrection of Jesus from the dead demonstrates God s ultimate power over all other forces including death. By his resurrection, Jesus opens the door of eternity to all believers. The mystery of redemption, first mentioned at the birth of Christ, reaches its purpose in the resurrection. Our belief in the resurrection is the cornerstone of Christian faith. The disciples came to believe by seeing the empty tomb. By seeing they remembered Jesus promise that he would be raised up after three days. Thus they came to believe. We have no empty tomb to help us remember and come to believe, but we do have something much stronger the preaching of witnesses. Jesus commissioned his disciples tonursing preach, notswains just the good The Elms Home, Road, Isle of Wight news of forgiveness and the coming of the Bembridge, kingdom but also bypo35 their5xs witness Tel: to new life in Christ. (Mon Fri 9am to 5pm) Easter, then, is more than a celebration of the resurrection Christ. It is an (Out ofofoffice hours) invitation to each of us to preach the gospel and take our place in the long line of witnesses to Jesus resurrected life. God entrusts us with Jesus mission. God also calls us to see and believe, to be witnesses of God s mighty deed of resurrection. Father Steven For further information contact: Clive Wade Tel: or Sue Green Tel: For details ring Website: ALAN ATTRILL Flying Sparks Electrical Services CARPENTER small jobs undertaken * switches,lights & sockets etc * * SAFETY checks and PAT * (Portable Appliance Tests) available work carried out to BS7671 standards Painter & Decorator Floor & Wall Tiling Laminate Floors Free, no obligation quotes: Tel: Mobile: Call Nick or mobile

4 Joey s Walk remembered 130 years on: It was 130 years ago, on the 9th March 1888 when the three-masted ship Sirenia fatefully ran aground on the notorious Atherfield Ledge in thick fog and severe sea and weather conditions. The consequences of which brought both heroism and tragedy for the people of Brighstone and Brook and spurred an act of selflessness and dedication by the Bembridge lifeboat coxswain, Edmund Joey Attrill, which has since become legend in the annals of the Bembridge lifeboat service. With the Sirenia aground on the ledge and with fears that she would soon start to break up in the massive seas, the lifeboats of Brighstone and Brook were launched in an attempt to rescue the crew. As the Sirenia was driven ashore, the Brighstone coxswain, Moses Munt contacted Joey Attrill at Bembridge by telegraph, to inform him of the impending seriousness of the situation. Upon hearing this, Joey, together with Bembridge lifeboat s second coxswain James Baker set off in their heavy leather sea boots and sea gear to walk the 15 miles to Brighstone to see what assistance they could offer. In the meantime, however, tragedy had already struck, with the Brighstone lifeboat, having capsized in the mountainous seas and coxswain Moses Munt, crewmember Tom Cotton and two rescued crewmembers from the Sirenia lost overboard. Shortly afterwards, the nearby Brook lifeboat having been launched and on its way to the wreck suffered a similar fate, being swamped by the seas and three crewmembers thrown out. Two were saved but crewmember Reuben Cooper was swept away and lost. After their epic walk, upon arrival at Brighstone, Joey was picked by the Brook lifeboat coxswain, Rufus Cotton to be his second coxswain and together with other volunteers from Sandown and Ventnor to fill the gaps in the now-depleted local crews, joined the Brook lifeboat in the third, and ultimately successful attempt to rescue the remaining survivors from the Sirenia. 6 continued p7

5 continued from p5 After a day s rest, Joey made the return trip home and it was recorded that in return for his good deed and dedication was awarded the sum of 10 shillings (50p) from the Mayor of Newport. That deed is still remembered to this day and has been celebrated on occasion during the Island s Walking Festival, with an organised walk in re-enactment of Joey s Walk from Bembridge to Brighstone, 130 years ago. Ken Orchard The Beast from the East!! March 2018 Despite widespread reports in the national press, we couldn t actually skate from one side of the Harbour to the other!! But there was certainly a lot of ice around and conditions were atrocious, especially on the Fisherman s pontoon. Pontoons were declared out of bounds on safety grounds, including for Harbour staff, who did everything they safely could, as soon as they could, to mitigate the effects of the weather, including moving boats, dealing with lines and clearing ice off engines. Locals reported not experiencing such conditions for years, if ever. We are pleased that not more damage resulted, and hopefully the few boats which did incur damage will be repaired very soon ready to enjoy the forthcoming season. 8

6 Bembridge RNLI Lifeboat Guild News... Lifeboat action during February: There were four calls to action for the lifeboats in February, three of which involved searches for missing persons. The first occurred on the 12th, when the all-weather lifeboat Alfred Albert Williams was launched at 1.45am at the request of HM Coastguard to assist the local Coastguard teams from Bembridge and Ventnor, together with a Police helicopter to search for a missing elderly person who had left home to possibly walk the coastal path in the Culver area. The Alfred Albert Williams carried out an extensive search of the area and by deploying the on-board Y boat; the shoreline search was carried out closer in-shore. Having found nothing the search was extended at 3am, westwards to Luccombe Chine, Wheelers Bay and Woody Bay, west of Ventnor. At around 4.30am the Coastguard helicopter located the person just off the coastal path at Monks Bay, Bonchurch. The Y boat was relaunched and the casualty found alive but cold, so in conjunction with the Coastguard team it was decided to take him to St Mary s hospital by helicopter. The Alfred Albert Williams returned to station and was recovered by 6.30am. The next day the Alfred Albert Williams was launched at just after 1pm at the request of HM Coastguard to again, assist the local Coastguard teams from Bembridge and Ventnor, Wight Search and Rescue team and the Coastguard helicopter to carry out a shoreline search for a missing person whose car had been found on Culver Down. The search was carried out from Whitecliff Bay into Sandown Bay, but with nothing found by 2.45pm, the lifeboat was stood down. However, on the way back the station, she was requested to resume the search, but this time further offshore. When this failed to find anything she returned to station and was recovered by 3.45pm. On the 19th, the inshore lifeboat Norman Harvey was tasked by HM Coastguard to assist the Police and local Coastguard teams to search for a missing teenager in the Culver area. Launched at 2.30pm, she carried out a shoreline search, but was released after about half an hour, when the missing person was located in the Ventnor area. The lifeboat was recovered by 3.30pm. On the 28th, the Alfred Albert Williams was launched just after 8.30am at the request of HM Coastguard to assist Sandown and Shanklin Inshore Rescue to help recover the 30 foot motor boat Chandos with two persons aboard, 10 continued p11

7 continued from p9 having lost all power and taking in water, close to Sandown Pier. The Chandos was originally on a fishing trip off the Needles but with the bitterly cold weather and the sea conditions worsening, had come round to Sandown Bay to seek shelter. Together with the Sandown and Shanklin Inshore Rescue, a salvage pump and two crew members were transferred to the Chandos and a tow established, initially to Bembridge harbour, However, with slow progress in the 2-4 metre swells, by the time they reached Bembridge Ledge it was decided that it was too risky to attempt to enter the harbour, so they diverted to Haslar Marina at Gosport. After safely berthing the Chandos at Haslar Marina at around midday, the lifeboat remained at Gosport to allow the sea conditions on the slipway at Bembridge to abate. In spite of this, upon return to the station, the sea conditions were so difficult that it took several attempts with coxswain Steve Simmonds using all of his skill to secure the lifeboat on to the slipway, the shore crew having to use the old throw-line method to get the recovery lines aboard, as conditions were too windy to use the normal pole system. The lifeboat was finally rehoused at 3.45pm with conditions so cold that following the wash down process, parts of the deck and upperworks were covered in ice. 12 continued p13

8 Celebrating The Friends of Holy Trinity Bembridge Invite you and your friends to a an illustrated talk followed by adelicious Cream Tea Friday 6 th April at 2.30pm in The Cloisters(behind Holy Trinity Church) Tickets 5 each from The Ink Shop, or after the morning service at Holy Trinity and St. Luke s in aid of the Holy Trinity Boiler appeal The Royal British Legion Seaview & Nettlestone District Branch (Inc. Bembridge Sub Branch & St Helens) Scrabble and Rummikub Bembridge Village Hall at 10:00am Saturday 14thApril 2018 Everybody welcome Entrance 1.00 Including Coffee, Tea & Biscuits are held on the last Monday of the month if possible Cloisters High Street Bembridge Time: 2pm Cost : 2.50 to include tea and cake and prizes All welcome April 30th May 21st June 25th BREAK FOR SUMMER September 24th 13

9 continued from p11 Coffee Morning, Saturday, 17th February: The coffee morning on the 17th February raised 414 for the lifeboats. Thanks go to all those who came and supported the event. Coffee Morning, Saturday, 21st April: There will be a coffee morning at the Village Hall on Saturday, 21st April between 10am and 12 noon. There will be sales of cakes, books, jewellery, bric-a-brac and lifeboat gifts and souvenirs. There will also be a raffle. As always, all proceeds will go directly towards supporting our lifeboats, helping to save lives at sea. Opening times for April: The RNLI souvenir shop and offshore boathouse will be open to the public every day throughout April, from 11am to 4pm until the 15th and then from 2pm to 4pm for the remainder of the month. Ken Orchard Bembridge RNLI Lifeboat Guild Press Officer Another brand-new 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle... has been produced for 2018 by Guild member Trish Beckett, priced at with all proceeds going to the Bembridge lifeboats. They are available from the Lane End Co-op stores, the "Lifeboat View Café", "Tollgate Café", and the Spinnaker chandlery. They will also be available at the coffee morning on the 21st April, at the Village Hall. 14

10 Bembridge Heritage Society Spring 2018 Newsletter Here we are well into another year. The Springflowers have had a lot to cope with recently with temperatures at minus 7 one day and a balmy 8 the next! The committee will soon be preparing the Centre for our opening on Wednesday 4th April. It does say 2nd on the membership card but from past experience we have found opening on a bank holiday has resulted in next to no visitors. Our volunteers would rather be with their families over the Easter holiday. As well as our March open meeting when Nigel Offer will be talking about the early cars on the Island, we are holding a film night on Tuesday 17th April when Melvyn will show his film on the work done by volunteers at Bembridge Fort. This is being held at The Methodist Church in Foreland Road as a thank you to the Church for hosting our AGM at such short notice. The film night will be held in their main hall at 7.30pm. One of our new displays this year covers some of the history of the manual Telephone Exchange which was situated in Station Road. It demonstrates just how far and fast technology has grown. It explains how the system worked and, being a tourist destination, just how busy the operators were each Summer. You might recognise a lot of the telephone operator names as the exchange was almost exclusively manned by local girls. We have already had two of our open meetings. In January John Matthews, a former Island Coroner, 15

11 came to tell us about his 50 year Criminal Career.What came across quite clearly was how much he cared about the people he defended, anxious for them to have a chance to lead a productive life. Our second meeting had Mark Earp showing us more of the Island Curiosities. It is amazing how many he finds and a lot of those he talked about were quite new to us. The committee has earmarked several projects for the Spring and one of these is to tidy the area around the Pillbox at Yarbridge. If you are passing, do pull into the layby to read the information board that we have placed there. Our second task is to venture into the Dragon s Den in the hope of winning an award to help with the electrical work we are in the process of completing. I expect you have seen the publicity from the Parish Office about the 100 year anniversary event the Village is holding to commemorate the end of the First World War. People are asked to crochet or knit poppies for display around the Village. Jane from No.8 is hoping to schedule some friendly get togethers at 3pm on Tuesdays to encourage people to meet above the Farm Shop for tuition or just a group knit. 16

12 17

13 St Michael s Catholic Church St. Michael s Catholic Church Walls Road, Bembridge. Joint Parish of St. Mary s Ryde with St. Michael s, Bembridge. Parish Priest for both churches: Father Steven Restori (Tel: (01983) Parish Office: Website: Catholic Church Services AllSundays: 7.45am (said) Mass at Ryde 9.15am (sung) Mass at Bembridge 10.00am Mass at both Quarr Abbey and St. Cecillia s Convent 11.00am (sung) Mass at Ryde 1 st Sunday of the month: 5.00pm Latin Mass at Ryde 2 nd Sunday of the month: 5.00pm Mass (Ordinariate) at Ryde Tuesdays 9.30am Rosary and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at Bembridge 10.00am (said) Mass at Bembridge Saturdays: 6.00pm Vigil Mass at Ryde 18

14 HOLY TRINITY CALENDAR Priest in Charge: The Reverend Dr Amanda Bloor Tel: am 10.30am 10.30am SUNDAY SERVICES Holy Communion at St Luke s (Book of Common Prayer) Parish Communion with STEPPING STONES for children at Holy Trinity Church (Common Worship) 1st SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH (EXCEPT JANUARY) Open Doors Prayer & Praise for the whole family of God APRIL 2018 SUNDAY 1st EASTER DAY 8.00am Holy Communion at St Luke s (BCP) 9.00am Open Doors Service at Holy Trinity, especially suitable for children 10.30am Parish Communion for Easter at Holy Trinity WEDNESDAY 4th 9.30am Matins at St Luke s 10.00am MU Holy Communion at St Luke s THURSDAY 5th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity FRIDAY 6th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity 10.30am The Good Book Club meets over coffee 12.00pm Lent Lunches in The Cloisters 6.00pm Choir Practice SUNDAY 8th 2ND SUNDAY OF EASTER 8.00am Holy Communion at St Luke s (BCP) 10.30am Parish Communion with Stepping Stones at Holy Trinity MONDAY 9th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity TUESDAY 10th 7.00pm Taize Worship & Prayer at The Cloisters WEDNESDAY 11th 9.30am Matins at St Luke s 10.00am Holy Communion at St Luke s THURSDAY 12th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity FRIDAY 13th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity 10.30am The Good Book Club meet over coffee 6.00pm Choir Practice 19

15 SUNDAY 15th 3RD SUNDAY OF EASTER 8.00am Holy Communion at St Luke s (BCP) 10.30am Parish Communion with Stepping Stones at Holy Trinity MONDAY 16th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity TUESDAY 17th 7.00pm Worship & Prayer at Holy Trinity WEDNESDAY 18th 9.30am Matins at St Luke s 10.00am Holy Communion at St Luke s 10.15am Trinity Church Mice in the Cloisters 3.00pm Bereavement Triangle in the Cloisters THURSDAY 19th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity FRIDAY 20th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity 10.30am The Good Book Club meets over coffee 6.00pm Choir Practice SUNDAY 22nd 4TH SUNDAY OF EASTER 8.00am Holy Communion at St Luke s (BCP) 10.30am Parish Communion and baptism with Stepping Stones at Holy Trinity 12.00pm Annual Parochial Church Meeting in the Cloisters MONDAY 23rd 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity TUESDAY 24th 7.00pm Fellowship Group meet at Holy Trinity WEDNESDAY 25th 9.30am Matins at St Luke s 10.00am Holy Communion at St Luke s 10.15am Trinity Church Mice in the Cloisters THURSDAY 26th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity FRIDAY 27th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity 10.30am The Good Book Club meets over coffee 6.00pm Choir Practice SUNDAY 29th 5TH SUNDAY OF EASTER 8.00am Holy Communion at St Luke s (BCP) 10.30am Parish Communion with Stepping Stones at Holy Trinity MONDAY 30th 8.30am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity 2.00pm Scrabble & Rummicub in the Cloisters FUNERALS John Farrow, 2nd March Nancy Selwyn, 9th March Gladys Whiffen, 15th March 20

16 April 2018 Calendar Midweek Events and Sunday Worship Sunday 1 st am Easter Sunday Morning Worship, Local Arrangement with Jeremy Bloxham Sunday 8 th am Morning Worship, Local Preacher, Shirley Whittingstall Saturday 14 th 2.00 pm Movies at the Methodists Sunday 15 th am Morning Worship, Local arrangement with John Budd Sunday 22nd am Morning Worship, Local Preacher, June Parsons 6.30 pm Prayer & Praise Service, Rev. Frances Watson, Sacrament of Holy Communion Sunday 29 th am Morning Worship, Rev. Michael Whitfield, Sacrament of Holy Communion 6.30 pm Evening Service at Sandown Methodist Church Activities and Groups in the Church First Tuesday in month First Tuesday in month Every Wednesday in month Every Wednesday in Term Time Every Thursday in Term Time Every Thursday in month Second Friday in month 10.30am to 12.30pm 2.30pm to 4.30pm 10.00am 6.30pm to 7.45pm 10.00am to Noon 2.00pm to 4.00pm 10.30am to 3.00pm Singabout, Social singing based on musical therapy. Its fun, FREE and refreshments are provided Craft Group, ladies of the village knit or sew for charity Café Church, discussing the previous Sunday s sermon and a look at the chosen Bible readings in more detail. All welcome. Rock Solid, activities and fun for School Years 5,6&7 Mum s and Tots, activities for the little ones Social Café, Board Games, Cards etc with Drinks, Cake and Biscuits Breakaway Day, feeling lonely, just need to get out or caring for a loved one? Food, fun and making friends Our Church is situated in Foreland Road 21

17 Serving the community at BMC... 22

18 Carisbrooke Priory Open Door Speakers for April 2018 Open Door Meeting every Thursday at 12 Noon 5th Charles J Andrew (Communion) 12th Bob White 19th Stella Hardiman 26th Elizabeth Lilley A light lunch will be served after the service The Priory Poetry Past & Present with Anne Linington, 13th April am Music and Melodies with June Cox, 116th April pm. All enquiries to Carisbrooke Priory Trust Phone: Prayer Ministry available by arrangement for appointment 24

19 Bembridge Little Theatre Club... are proud to present 'Nightmare' by Norman Robbins Performances on: Thursday 19th Friday 20th Saturday 18th April Marion Bishop, an elderly writer of romantic novels, is dying. Katherine Willis, kind soul from the nearby village, looks after Marion in a most caring way while coping with her own mentally retarded brother of twenty. When Katherine takes leave to attend her cousin's wedding in Scotland. Laura and experienced nurse from London comes to take care of the failing writer, on the recommendation of the local doctor. A series of mysterious phone calls and the appearance of Raymond, Marion's rapacious nephew, set off a nightmare situation which becomes increasingly complicated when Katherine's brother is found murdered in a ditch. Deceit, suspicion, blackmail and incrimination are subtly woven into a web of crime which is completed by a dramatic confrontation scene just before an ingenious twist brings a surprising close. Tickets 7 from: Splash in Union Street, Ryde and Welcome Store, Bembridge. or Tel: or presents A TALK BY SHRABANI BASU AUTHOR OF VICTORIA & ABDUL Bembridge Village Hall 3.00pm Sunday 8 th April (doors open 2.30pm) Tickets 10 including full afternoon tea Advance bookings only: We are delighted that author, journalist and historian Shrabani Basu, whose book Victoria & Abdul was recently turned into the film set largely at Osborne House, will be visiting us in Bembridge. Shrabani will discuss the extraordinary relationship between Queen Victoria and her servant and trusted adviser Abdul Karim which shocked the establishment. Full afternoon tea will be served afterwards, provided by the Ryde Lions, during which there will be an opportunity to buy the book and have it signed by Shrabani. This is sure to be a sell-out so please book tickets early by ing Judith at or calling

20 BEMBRIDGE PARISH COUNCIL Parish Council Office, 5 Foreland Road, PO35 5XN Tel: Do pop in and see us, our Parish Council office is open Monday to Friday 9.30am 12.30pm All our Parish Council meetings are open to the Press and public and are in the Village Hall unless otherwise mentioned Dates for your Diary April 2018 in the Village hall unless mentioned Friendship Circle, Coffee Morning Saturday 7th Community Spring Walk Saturday 7th starting at Silversands Beach Road 10.00am Planning Committee Meeting Tuesday 3rd 6.30pm & Tuesday 17th 6.30pm Finance & Assets Committee Tuesday 3rd 7.00pm Police Beat Surgery Thursday 5th (11:00 12:00 Parish Office) Full Council Meeting Tuesday 17th 7.00pm Heroes Assemble Great British Spring Clean Saturday 28th 10.00am See for times of meetings and other PC/Village meetings and events 27

21 Church on Tuesday at Holy Trinity April Join us on Tuesdays at 7.00pm in Church as we come together in God s presence 3rd 10th 17th 24th Worship & Prayer Táize Worship & Prayer An hour of Táize style worship and prayer for others in the Cloisters Worship & Prayer Fellowship Group a time to share and grow as we worship, study the Bible and pray together. BEMBRIDGE VILLAGE BAND We are holding our Annual Charity Concert on 3rd June at 3 pm in the Village Hall. Our charity this year is Age UK Isle of Wight. Our theme is: One hundred years of the RAF and the end of WW1 The music will include: Fanfare for the Common Man, 633 Squadron, The Dam Busters, Spitfire Prelude Music, and lighter music such as, Moonlight Serenade and Wishing You were Somehow Here Again, and much more. Admission is 5 on the door with free refreshments. There will also be a raffle. The audience is invited to dress for the occasion and join in the fun We look forward to seeing you! 28

22 Bembridge Windmill WI Following on from all that really snowy weather in March which luckily does not occur that frequently on the Island everyone is hoping that April will prove to be so much better. Gill opened and welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave apologies for those members unable to be present this time and Birthday greetings to all those who have Birthdays before our next meeting. Gill then gave details of the evening ahead and some of the events already taken or taking place from our packed programme which had included Breakfast at Fox s always enjoyed by our Breakfast Club members and later this month a Ten Pin Bowling outing was booked (hopefully that would work off those scrumptious breakfasts!) a new adventure for a few of us although several members no doubt were brushing up on some of their old bowling skills! so as always with the lovely Bembridge members will prove absolutely full of fun with lots of laughter and you never know the odd lucky (oops skilled!) strike or two. Later in April everyone was really looking forward to our very own Members day at The Spinnaker with a cookery demonstration, lunch and an afternoon relaxing with a talk from our Guest Speaker Charlotte Hofton which promises to be very interesting. Details on how this special event went and others in the next issue. Gill also reminded everyone of some of the events planned over the coming months from both our own WI and then reminded us of some of those from Federation including Crochet; Floral Art and cake decorating to which all members were always welcome. Our usual ever popular Clubs held their meetings. With lots of discussion and points of view at Topical Talk especially in view of the evening programme set for the April Members meeting discussing the WI Resolutions. Book Club were having many an intriguing moment or two working out some of the clues or even red herrings of the current book but hopefully all will be revealed or not when it is later discussed. Craft Club are thoroughly enjoying their Craft afternoons with lots of doing and making going on amidst lively chatter and cups of tea. Walking Boots will be needed as soon as the weather permits. So all go here! Spring is definitely starting to peek through now along with those crocus, daffodils and snowdrops. With refreshments at the ready the Members were all of a buzz (sorry about that!) as the evening s guest speaker was from Bunbury Bees. A very enlightening and enjoyable time learning absolutely everything anyone needed to know about Bees followed. Who doesn t like honey??? Our next meeting is on April 16th at the Cloisters at 7.30pm when we will be having that all important discussion and debating evening on the WI Resolutions in this very fitting year to celebrate 100 years since women won the right to vote. For further details please contact either Gill on or Sally on

23 Bembridge Art Society 2018 The picture above shows a very local scene which members have been attracted to many times over the years and typifies why people come to the Bembridge area to visit, live or paint. Bembridge Art Society members have been painting the area since 1974 and exhibit their work in the Village Hall. The Society is to welcome anybody who would like to try their hand at drawing and painting even if they have not done any since their schooldays!... So dear reader what about it? Workshop guidance is given if asked for, as well as a good social activities from time to time, including outdoor painting in the Summer months. For anyone new to Bembridge, St Helens, Sea View, Nettlestone or Brading villages, the Society is a good way of making new friends and finding out what goes on in the neighbourhood. We meet on Monday afternoons in the Village Hall at 2pm from September till the end of May. We put on 3 Exhibitions each year, In Spring,Summer and the Autumn. Interested?... If so and you would like to see, just come along on Monday afternoon next. Alternatively give Sheila Luke, our Membership Secretary,a ring on

24 Bembridge Townswomen s Guild The month of March saw the Bembridge Townswomen s Guild gathering for the annual AGM. Our chairman Annette Halls was away on holiday (nice one Annette) so that left me, Dot Harrison Chairman of the Federation to do the honours. We were pleased to welcome Mark O Sullivan from Age UK IOW as our speaker. Mark told us about the Good Neighbour Scheme on the island, of which he is the manager. He spoke about the history of the charity here and explained what it means to join the scheme as a volunteer. His talk was both interesting and very informative and I thanked him for coming and answering all our questions. We dealt with the usual business of the evening of minutes, finance and correspondence and I told the members about the Inter Federation Residential Course that took place at the Trouville in Sandown. We had a wonderful time with good speakers, great theatre trip, superb entertainment, not to mention wonderful weather. The hotel supported this event with great enthusiasm, even keeping and looking after three ladies who were not well enough to travel home on the allocated day. We really cannot praise this hotel enough, they were amazing. Sally told everyone about the forth coming visits she had in the pipeline. We then discussed some guild events and had a very welcome break. The AGM then followed, I read the chairman s report and Dianna gave us the financial report. The committee were re-elected with Gilly Chubb standing down as President and joining the committee...we just could not let her go!!! Phyl Liddiard was then voted in as our new President and I presented her with her badge of office. Barbara Howarth then thanked the committee for all their hard work, which was very gratefully received. Considering it was an AGM meeting we were very pleased to welcome three new members and ladies were heard to say as they left Well that was a good evening for an AGM!!! If any ladies would like to join our guild we would be very pleased to see them. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Methodist church hall at 7.30pm. However in April we will be meeting on April 10th due to the Easter holidays. Dot Harrison Press Secretary

25 Cruise Ships passing April 2018 The Beast from the East doesn t seem to be affecting our Summer Cruise ships visiting - only 7 in February 24 in March and now 40 in April... The following schedule of ships is strictly provisional and subject to alteration The ships generally arrive back in Southampton in the early morning and depart early evening as listed they pass Bembridge approximately an hour and a half later. For more accurate details and timings look at, Planned Movements on Ships Name Arrival Departure ORIANA 02-Apr-18 06:30 02-Apr-18 16:30 MSC MAGNIFICA 02-Apr-18 08:00 02-Apr-18 20:00 BALMORAL 03-Apr-18 06:30 03-Apr-18 16:30 AIDAPERLA 03-Apr-18 07:00 03-Apr-18 19:00 SAGA SAPPHIRE 03-Apr-18 08:00 03-Apr-18 16:00 BRITANNIA 06-Apr-18 06:00 06-Apr-18 18:00 AZURA 06-Apr-18 06:30 06-Apr-18 16:30 BRAEMAR 06-Apr-18 06:30 06-Apr-18 16:30 BRITANNIA 08-Apr-18 06:00 08-Apr-18 18:00 QUEEN VICTORIA 08-Apr-18 06:30 08-Apr-18 16:30 VENTURA 09-Apr-18 06:30 09-Apr-18 17:00 MSC MAGNIFICA 09-Apr-18 08:00 09-Apr-18 20:00 AIDAPERLA 09-Apr-18 09:30 09-Apr-18 21:30 AZURA 13-Apr-18 07:00 13-Apr-18 16:30 BRAEMAR 14-Apr-18 06:30 14-Apr-18 16:30 AURORA 15-Apr-18 06:15 15-Apr-18 16:30 QUEEN VICTORIA 15-Apr-18 07:00 15-Apr-18 16:30 MSC MAGNIFICA 16-Apr-18 08:00 16-Apr-18 20:00 AIDAPERLA 16-Apr-18 09:30 16-Apr-18 21:30 ARCADIA 19-Apr-18 06:00 19-Apr-18 16:30 Ships Name Arrival Departure BALMORAL 20-Apr-18 06:30 20-Apr-18 16:30 ORIANA 20-Apr-18 06:30 20-Apr-18 16:30 SAGA SAPPHIRE 20-Apr-18 08:00 20-Apr-18 16:00 VENTURA 21-Apr-18 06:30 21-Apr-18 17:00 NOR N BLISS 21-Apr-18 08:00 21-Apr-18 17:00 BRITANNIA 22-Apr-18 06:00 22-Apr-18 18:00 MSC MAGNIFICA 23-Apr-18 08:00 23-Apr-18 20:00 AIDAPERLA 23-Apr-18 09:30 23-Apr-18 21:30 BLACK WATCH 24-Apr-18 06:30 24-Apr-18 16:30 MSC PREZIOSA 24-Apr-18 08:00 24-Apr-18 19:00 BALMORAL 25-Apr-18 05:00 25-Apr-18 09:00 MSC MERAVIGLIA 26-Apr-18 08:00 26-Apr-18 19:00 AZURA 27-Apr-18 06:30 27-Apr-18 16:30 N. BREAKAWAY 27-Apr-18 08:00 27-Apr-18 16:00 C. SILHOUETTE 28-Apr-18 05:30 28-Apr-18 19:00 BRAEMAR 28-Apr-18 06:30 28-Apr-18 16:30 BRITANNIA 29-Apr-18 06:45 29-Apr-18 18:00 AZURA 29-Apr-18 07:00 29-Apr-18 16:30 C. SILHOUETTE 30-Apr-18 05:30 30-Apr-18 16:00 MSC MAGNIFICA 30-Apr-18 08:00 30-Apr-18 20:00 36

26 Friday, April 27th at 7:15pm Bee-keeping on the Isle of Wight CORYLOPSIS Corylopsis, commonly known as winter hazel, is related to Hamamelis or witch hazel and flowers just after it in early spring. Corylopsis comes from the mountainous areas of China, Japan and the Himalayas, where it grows in woodland margins. So it will do best in the dappled shade below deciduous trees in a slightly acidic free-draining soil. Although hardy, shrubs may be damaged by late frosts so a protected spot is advisable, even in Bembridge. Corylopsis is slow-growing and requires little pruning. It has slender, zig-zag branches with long stems of pale yellow, bell-shaped flowers with a scent of cowslips. SIX THINGS TO DO IN APRIL 1. This is the time to plant out any sweet pea plants you sowed in autumn, or to sow seed direct into the soil around a support. 2. Deadhead daffodils which have gone over and leave the foliage to die back naturally. 3. It s a good time to prune evergreen shrubs and to cut back dogwoods and willows grown for winter colour. Plum and cherry trees can also be shaped once the leaf buds open. 4. Collect up twigs and branches which have blown down over winter and use them to create a shelter for wildlife in a corner of the garden. 5. Lots of seed can be sown now from vegetables such as beetroot, leeks and carrots to many sorts of flowers and herbs. 6. Repair any damaged patches of lawn and give it a spring feed. 37

27 BEMBRIDGE PARISH NEWS SERVES THE PARISH CHURCH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THE METHODIST CHURCH Please inform the clergy of sick persons and other needs for visiting and prayers PRIEST-IN-CHARGE METHODIST MINISTER: CATHOLIC PRIEST: Rev d Dr Amanda Bloor Tel: Revd. Frances Watson 12 Gordon Cl. Sandown Tel: Fr. Steven Restori Tel: Editor: Anna Driver 1 The Ruskins, Kings Road, PO35 5NY Tel: Copy deadline - 8th of the preceding month Distribution Manager: Advertising Manager: Mrs Barbara Terry 57 Howgate Road, PO35 5QN Tel: John Leaver 6 Tyne Walk, Bembridge, PO35 5XY Tel Please buy a hard copy of this magazineand support our advertisers to make continuance of the publication possible Only 50p from many of our local shops or in our Churches. 38