April 10, 2016 Third Sunday of Easter

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1 April 10, 2016 Third Sunday of Easter Parish Office: Parish Fax: School Office: School Fax: Logan Boulevard Chicago, IL Masses: Monday-Thursday: 7:00 a.m. Friday: 8:30 a.m. Saturday (Vigil): 5:00 p.m. Sunday: 8:15 a.m., 9:45 a.m., 11:30 a.m. (Spanish), & 6:30 p.m. Reconciliation (Confession): Saturday: 4:00 p.m. Weekdays: by Appointment Glimmer Auction ~ Saturday, April 6pm

2 Third Sunday of Easter April 10, 2016 Wayne s World Do You Love Me? Dear Friends, Our God of second chances, and in today s case third ones, strikes again. In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we do well to recognize that the post resurrection appearance of Jesus in the Gospel demonstrates that mercy and the call that comes with it. Have you ever felt like you let someone down? Maybe you weren t the friend you strive to be. I know I have. When we fail someone, when we hurt the person, when we do not live up to a loved one s expectations, we are wise to seek forgiveness. I know that whenever I let someone down, I always want to see what can do to make up for my failure. What can I do to make up for it? I always want to ask. Do you love me? What a question! And he asked it of Peter three times. Just imagine how you would feel if someone you loved (and surely had disappointed) asked you that question. Jesus threefold questioning of Peter reminds us of the three times Peter denied Jesus on the night that Jesus was betrayed by Judas. Peter denied Jesus three times, so Jesus gives him three chances to recommit and restate his love. As he does so, he teaches Peter and us. Jesus tells Peter that if Peter really loves him, he must show it with his life How many times would Jesus have to ask us about our love if he needed to do so to correspond to the number of times we denied him? How often have other things (events, work, pleasure, even sloth) replaced our commitment to Jesus and to his Church? What would we say if he asked us, Do you love me? What will we say when he tells us to express our love for him by the way we live our lives? Our God Man Jesus, victorious over sin and death, the visible image of the invisible God, models mercy in his encounter with the one who, according to Jesus own prediction, denied Jesus three times. So Jesus gives Peter a threefold opportunity to make up for his threefold letdown. The following interaction paints a picture of the God of second chances who calls us to closeness to him and to holiness of life. The holiness of life must be rooted in living mercy ourselves. When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these? Simon Peter answered him, Yes, Lord, you know that I love you. Jesus said to him, Feed my lambs. He then said to Simon Peter a second time, Simon, son of John, do you love me? Simon Peter answered him, Yes, Lord, you know that I love you. Jesus said to him, Tend my sheep. Jesus said to him the third time, Simon, son of John, do you love me? Peter was distressed that Jesus had said to him a third time, Do you love me? and he said to him, Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you. Jesus said to him, Feed my sheep. Three times he failed the Lord. Three times the Lord allowed him to confess his love. And three times the Lord called him to live mercy. You and I fail the Lord, in our thoughts and in our deeds, in what we do and what we fail to do. Jesus allows us to know his love and mercy (especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation). We can make up for our lack of love by committing to living mercy. Jesus tells us to feed and tend his sheep. I see that as an explicit call to live mercy. Take care of one another. We take care of one another when we consider the needs of others as we make decisions. We feed each other physically when we share what we have with those in need. I am so proud of the Saint John Berchmans parishioners involvement in the work of Catholic Charities. The immediate response of those who welcomed a young adult Ugandan refugee who has been with us for the past couple of weeks edifies. I encourage you during these Easter days, to allow the oceans of God s mercy to wash over you. Let s work together on taking care of each other. Let s be more careful with our words and allow our actions to bring mercy to life. Let s forgive those who have harmed us and be present to those in need. When we do that we answer Jesus not so rhetorical question with an enthusiastic YES! Happy Easter, P.S. Please join us on Saturday, April 23rd at 5pm for our Mass to celebrate the elimination of our capital debt. Let us know that you are coming. RSVP to Jennifer Cortez at or the parish office at (773) Our Mission: Rooted in Christ, touched by His love and mercy, the Saint John Berchmans community finds unity in its diversity, proclaims by Word, Sacrament, and service, that the Kingdom of God is at hand, and declares that all are welcome in this place. 2

3 April 10, 2016 Parish Announcements SJB WOMEN S FAITH CIRCLE All women of faith are invited to come and pray - Tuesday, April 12 at 7pm in the Saint John Berchmans School Chapel (enter through gate between rectory and convent). All women of all ages are welcome! Come and bring a friend. JOIN US AS WE CELEBRATE THE SACRAMENTS First Communions will be celebrated at the 5pm Mass on Saturday, April 30th and the 9:45am, 11:30am & 6:30pm Masses on Sunday, May 1st. Confirmation will be celebrated at 7pm on Wednesday, May 4th. Catholic Charities Mother s Day Collection May 8, 2016 I was hungry and you gave me food Watching your child go without food is one of the hardest experiences any parent could imagine. Thankfully, Catholic Charities has a network of food pantries for anyone in crisis. We also distribute food to women, infants, children, and seniors; deliver meals to the home-bound; and give summer lunches to poor children. At our supper programs, thousands who are hungry or homeless are comforted with warm meals in the company of friendly faces. Give to Catholic Charities on Mother s Day so people are free of hunger and live productive, healthy, and dignified lives. Learn more at www. catholiccharities.net. Archdiocese of Chicago - Parishioner Survey Archbishop Cupich wants your input! When the Renew my Church initiative was announced, he invited everyone in the Archdiocese of Chicago to participate in the process of revitalizing our parish communities. Please take time to respond to a survey designed to help Archbishop Cupich and the Archdiocese better understand the perspective of Catholics across Cook and Lake counties. The survey can be found at We encourage you to complete the survey online, but paper copies are available. Third Sunday of Easter A YEAR OF MERCY REMEMBER God always remembers to be merciful. It is a promise he makes and a promise he keeps. We may forget, but God does not. We can rely on that. He has helped his servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy, according to the promise he made to our ancestors. (Luke 1:54) With Gratitude Thank you to all those who joined us at the Catholic Charities Tuesday night supper on 3/29! We had a great turn out from SJB of all ages and the guests really appreciated the friendly smiles, service offered and toiletry bags. Fr. Wayne gave us a great tour and we learned more about the incredible ways Catholic Charities responds to the needs and lives the corporal works of mercy! Stewards of God s Creation This month the Peace & Justice, Paz y Justicia Commission is focused on Catholic Social Teaching Principle: Care for God s Creation. Pope Francis in his most recent encyclical, Laudato Si (Praise be to you) invites us to reflect on our relationship with mother earth: What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up? This question is at the heart of Laudato Si (Praise be to you) the new Encyclical on the care of the common home by Pope Francis. This question does not have to do with the environment alone and in isolation; the issue cannot be approached piecemeal. This leads us to ask ourselves about the meaning of existence and its values at the basis of social life: What is the purpose of our life in this world? Why are we here? What is the goal of our work and all our efforts? What need does the earth have of us? It is no longer enough, then, simply to state that we should be concerned for future generations. We need to see that what is at stake is our own dignity. Leaving an inhabitable planet to future generations is, first and foremost, up to us. - Pope Francis Laudato Si 160 Save the Date: Louise de Marillac Lector: Energized by the Fire of Charity Sr. Peggy O Neill from El Salvador ~ Thursday, April 7:00pm Arts & Letters Hall 103: 2315 N Kenmore Ave Come be inspired by Sr. Peggy O Neill, a Sister of Charity and longtime peace activist, who has worked in El Salvador for the past 30 years. Her life is dedicated to the causes of peace, justice and service to others. Known for her energy, determination, sense of humor and unflagging commitment to the community, she currently serves as the founder of El Centro Arte Para la Paz. 3

4 Third Sunday of Easter April 10, 2016 Wayne s World Me Amas? Queridos Amigos, Nuestro Dios da segundas oportunidades, y en el caso de hoy, da terceras. En este Año Jubilar de la Misericordia, hacemos bien en reconocer que la aparición después de la resurrección de Jesús en el Evangelio demuestra que la misericordia y su llamado vienen con esta. Alguna vez ha sentido que ha decepcionado a alguien? Tal vez usted no fue el amigo que trataba de ser. A mí me ha pasado. Cuando le fallamos a alguien, cuando le hacemos daño a la persona, cuando no alcanzamos las expectativas de un ser querido, nos apresuramos a buscar el perdón. Yo sé que cada vez que decepciono a alguien, siempre quiero saber qué puedo hacer para compensar mi falta. Qué puedo hacer para remediarlo? Siempre deseo preguntar. Me amas? Que pregunta! Y Él preguntó a Pedro tres veces. Imagínese cómo usted se sentiría si alguien a quien usted ama (y seguramente usted ha decepcionado) le hiciera esa pregunta. La triple pregunta de Jesús a Pedro nos recuerda las tres veces que Pedro negó a Jesús, la noche en que fue traicionado por Judas. Pedro negó a Jesús tres veces, por lo que Jesús le da tres oportunidades para encomendarse y refirmar su amor. Al hacer esto, le enseña a Pedro y a nosotros. Jesús le dice a Pedro que si el realmente lo ama, él debe demostrarlo con su vida. Cuántas veces Jesús tendría que preguntarnos acerca de nuestro amor, si fuera necesario hacerlo, para que coincida con el número de veces que lo hemos negado? Con qué frecuencia hemos substituido otras cosas (eventos, trabajo, placer, incluso la pereza) por nuestro compromiso con Jesús y con su Iglesia? Qué diríamos si nos preguntara: Me amas? Qué diríamos cuando nos dice que expresemos nuestro amor por él en la forma en que vivimos nuestras vidas? Nuestro Dios Hombre Jesucristo, victorioso sobre el pecado y la muerte, la imagen visible del Dios invisible, demuestra misericordia en su encuentro con el que, según la propia predicción de Jesús, negó a Jesús tres veces. Así que Jesús le da a Pedro una triple oportunidad para compensar su triple decepción. La siguiente interacción describe una imagen del Dios de segundas oportunidades que nos llama a acercarnos a él y a la santidad de la vida. La santidad de la vida debe estar arraigada en la misericordia viva en nosotros mismos. Después de almorzar le preguntó Jesús a Simón Pedro: Simón, hijo de Juan, me amas más que éstos? Él le contestó: Sí, Señor, tú sabes que te quiero. Jesús le dijo: Apacienta mis corderos. Por segunda vez le preguntó: Simón, hijo de Juan, me amas? Él le contestó: Sí, Señor, tú sabes que te quiero. Jesús le dijo: Pastorea mis ovejas. Por tercera vez le preguntó: Simón, hijo de Juan, me quieres? Pedro se entristeció de que Jesús le hubiera preguntado por tercera vez si lo quería y le contestó: Señor, tú lo sabes todo; tú bien sabes que te quiero. Jesús le dijo: Apacienta mis ovejas. Tres veces le falló al Señor. Tres veces el Señor le permitió que confesara su amor. Y tres veces el Señor lo llamó a vivir la misericordia. Usted y yo le fallamos al Señor, en nuestros pensamientos y en nuestras acciones, en lo que hacemos y lo que no hacemos. Jesús nos permite conocer su amor y misericordia (sobre todo en el Sacramento de la Reconciliación). Podemos compensar nuestra carencia de amor, comprometiéndonos a la misericordia viviente. Jesús nos dice que alimentemos y cuidemos a sus ovejas. Lo veo como una llamada explícita a vivir la misericordia. Cuidar uno del otro. Cuidamos unos a otros cuando consideramos las necesidades de los demás como tomemos decisiones. Nos alimentamos unos a otros físicamente cuando compartimos lo que tenemos con los necesitados. Estoy muy orgulloso de la participación de los feligreses de San Juan Berchmans en el trabajo de Caridades Católicas. La respuesta inmediata es reafirmada por quienes le dieron la bienvenida a un joven adulto refugiado de Uganda que ha estado con nosotros durante las últimas dos semanas. Le animo durante estos días de Pascua, que permita que los océanos de la misericordia de Dios se derramen sobre usted. Trabajemos juntos cuidándonos mutuamente. Tengamos más cuidado con nuestras palabras y nuestras acciones y permitamos que la misericordia viva. Perdonemos a los que nos han hecho daño y ofrezcamos ayuda a aquellos en necesidad. Cuando hacemos esto respondemos a la poco retorica pregunta de Jesús con un entusiasta SÍ! Paz, P.D. Acompáñenos el sábado de 23 de abril, después de la Misa de 5pm para celebrar la eliminación de la deuda de capital. Favor de dejarnos sabe si assitira. RSVP a Jennifer Cortez a o la oficina de la parroquia a (773) Nuestra Misión: Arraigada en Cristo y tocada por Su amor y misericordia, la comunidad de San Juan Berchmans encuentra unidad en su diversidad, proclama por medio de la palabra, Sacramento y servicio, que el Reino de Dios esta cerca y declara que todos son bienvenidos en este lugar. 4

5 April 10, 2016 Third Sunday of Easter UN AÑO DE MISERICORDIA RECORDAR Anuncios Parroquiales EL CIRCULO DE MUJERES DE FE DE SJB Todas las mujeres de fe están invitados a venir y orar - Martes, 12 de abril de 7pm en la Capilla de la Escuela San Juan Berchmans (entran por las puertas entre la rectoría y el convento) Todas las mujeres de todas edades son bienvenidas! Siéntase libre de traer una amiga. ACOMPÁÑENOS DURANTE LA CELEBRACIÓN DE LOS SACRAMENTOS Las Primeras Comuniones se celebrarán durante las Misas el sábado, 30 de abril a las 5pm y el domingo 1 de mayo a las 9:45am, 11:30am y 6:30pm. La Confirmación se celebrará el miércoles, 4 de mayo a las 7pm. Colecta del Día de las Madres de Caridades Católicas 8 Mayo 2016 Yo tuve hambre y tú me diste de comer Mirar a su hijo pasar hambre es una de las experiencias más difíciles que un padre se pueda imaginar. Afortunadamente, Caridades Católicas cuenta con una red de despensas de alimentos para cualquier persona experimentando una crisis. También distribuimos comida a mujeres, bebés, niños y a personas de tercera edad; entregamos comidas a domicilio a personas confinadas a su hogar; y damos almuerzos durante el verano a niños necesitados. En nuestros programas de cenas por las tardes, miles de personas con hambre, o sin hogar, son consoladas al recibir comidas calientes en la compañía de caras conocidas. Considere dar su donativo a Caridades Católicas este Día de las Madres, para que personas puedan estar libres de tener hambre y vivir vidas productivas, saludables y dignas. Conozca más en Arquidiócesis de Chicago-Encuesta para Feligreses El Arzobispo Cupich quiere conocer su opinión! Cuando se anuncio la iniciativa Renueva mi Iglesia, el invito a todos los miembros de la Arquidiócesis de Chicago a participar en el proceso de revitalizacion de nuestras comunidades parroquiales. Por favor tome un tiempo para responder la encuesta que ha sido diseñada para ayudar al Arzobispo Cupich y la Arquidiócesis a entender mejor las puntos de vista de los católicos de los condados de Cook y Lake. La encuesta se puede encontrar a Lo animamos a completar la encuesta por internet, pero también habrá copias impresas. Dios siempre recuerda su misericordia. Es una promesa que hace y que cumple. Nosotros podemos olvidarnos, pero Dios no se olvida. Podemos estar seguros de ello. Socorre a Israel, su siervo, recordando la lealtad, prometida a nuestros antepasados (Lucas 1:54 55). Con Gratitud Gracias a todos los que nos acompañaron en la Cena del Martes de Caridades Catolicas el 29 de marzo! Tuvimos gran colaboración de parte de SJB con participantes de todas las edades y los invitados realmente apreciaron las sonrisas, el servicio ofrecido y las bolsas de artículos higiénicos. El Padre Wayne nos dio un gran tour y aprendimos más sobre las maneras increíbles en que Caridades Católicas responde a las necesidades y vive las obras de misericordia corporales! Administradores de la creación de Dios Este mes, la Comisión de Paz y Justicia, se centra en el Tema de la Doctrina Social Católica: El Cuidado de la Creación de Dios. El Papa Francisco en su más reciente encíclica, Laudato Si (Alabado seas) nos invita a reflexionar sobre nuestra relación con la madre tierra: Qué clase de mundo queremos dejar a quienes nos sucedan, a los niños que están creciendo ahora? Este interrogante está en el corazón de Laudato Si (Alabado seas) la encíclica anticipada sobre el cuidado de la casa común del Papa Francisco. Este interrogante no tiene que ver con el medio ambiente solamente y de manera aislada; esta cuestión no puede abordarse de forma fragmentada Esto nos lleva a preguntarnos sobre el significado de la existencia y de sus valores en la base de la vida social:. Cuál es el propósito de nuestra vida en este mundo? Cuál es el objetivo de nuestro trabajo y todos nuestros esfuerzos? Qué necesita la tierra de nosotros? A menos que luchemos con estos temas tan profundos, dice el Papa, no creo que nuestra preocupación por la ecología produzca resultados significativos. - Francisco Laudato Si 160 Reserve la Fecha: Luise de Marillac Lector: Encendido por el Fuego de la Caridad Hermana Peggy O Neill de El Salvador ~ Jueves, 21 de 7:00pm Arts & Letters Hall 103: 2315 N Kenmore Ave Venga e inspírese con la Hermana Peggy O Neill, una hermana de la caridad y activista de la paz desde hace mucho tiempo, quien ha trabajado en El Salvador durante los últimos 30 años. Su vida está dedicada a las causas de la paz, la justicia y el servicio a los demás. Conocida por su energía, determinación, sentido del humor y compromiso incansable con la comunidad, actualmente se desempeña como la fundadora del Centro Arte Para la Paz. 5

6 Third Sunday of Easter April 10, 2016 School News GLIMMER SNEAK PEEK! Have you ever wanted to golf like a pro? We have 3 rounds of golf at Big Foot Private Golf Course in Fontana Wisconsin. Big foot is a 190 member owned private course and has been host to: 1992 USGA United States Open Qualifying 1995 PGA Wisconsin Stroke Play Championship 1998 USGA United States Senior Qualifying 2003 US Junior Qualifying 2003 Wisconsin State Open Qualifier 2009 Wisconsin PGA Stroke Play 2012 United States Women s Open Sectional Qualifier 2012 United States Senior s Open Sectional Qualifier 2013 USGA Senior Amateur Qualifier 6

7 April 10, 2016 SJB Legacy Campaign: Restore, Renew, Rejoice! With praise and thanks to Almighty God, and great gratitude to you, I share good news. NINE HUNDRED TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! People thought the final year s goal lofty, courageous, unlikely, and maybe even impossible. But, in one year, through the generosity of so many - including children who emptied their piggy banks - the Saint John Berchmans community and our generous benefactors rallied. We believed. And - WE DID IT! As a result we are free of capital debt. Our five-year Legacy Campaign has come to an end. Including corporate and archdiocesan grants, we have raised $4,688,692. We have restored and renewed. Now is the time to rejoice! Please mark your calendars for a Mass of Thanksgiving and Jubilee Reception on April 23 rd at 5pm - details below. I promise not to take a second collection! SJB Legacy Campaign: Restore, Renew, Rejoice! Mass of Thanksgiving and Jubilee Reception Saturday ~ April 23, 2016 ~ 5pm Saint John Berchmans 2517 W. Logan Blvd Chicago, Illinois RSVP to Jennifer Cortez or (773) April 3, 2016 Mass Collection Online giving (updated 12/2015) Total Sunday Collection Stewardship Report Our weekly goal Surplus/(Shortfall) from weekly goal Fiscal Year to Date (From 7/1/15) Our goal to date Collected year to date Surplus/(Shortfall) year to date Thank you ~ Gracias Third Sunday of Easter YOUTH NIGHT Pizza - Games - Basketball 3, , , , (1,427.47) 296, , (33,959.91) All in 7th through 12th grades welcome Sunday April 24th at the school gym let us know you re coming, please La Campaña Legado de SJB: Restaurar, Renovar, Gozar! ONLINE GIVING TO SJB Save the hassle of envelopes, checks, and Sunday memory lapses by giving to Saint John Berchmans online! Log on to GiveCentral to set up an account, and your weekly offering will be deducted directly from your checking or savings account. DONACIONES EN EL INTERNET A SJB Ahorre la molestia de los sobres, cheques y lapsos de memoria haciendo su donación semanal a San Juan Berchmans por medio del internet. Inicie sesión en GiveCentral para crear su cuenta y ofrenda semanal. Se deducirá directamente de su cuenta corriente o cuenta de ahorros. Renew My Church The beginnings of the Church: disciples gathered around Jesus. All four gospels report that Jesus gathered disciples around him from the very beginning of his public ministry. These gathered disciples represent the earliest nucleus of what would become the Church. The text tells us some important things about this earliest community gathered around Jesus. The gathering of these disciples who will become apostles is a work of grace, that is, a sheer gift. They gather around Jesus, because he calls them. And he calls them simply because he wants them. It is nothing that they have earned, merited, or deserved. It is a pure gift that he calls those whom he wanted. And it is by a like grace that we find ourselves in the community of disciples we call Church. Question: Do I actually have a sense that we are Catholic, because we have been called to be in the company of Jesus? Do I have a sense of purpose that directs me to share Jesus with others in word and action? Do I connect with others who have similarly been called by Jesus? 7

8 Third Sunday of Easter April 10, 2016 Please Pray FOR THE SICK AND INFIRM OF OUR COMMUNITY Save the Date! Summer on the Square June 18, 2016 There are many opportunities to volunteer for this great event, so watch the bulletin for the details on how to sign-up. For more information, please contact Joe D Arco in the rectory office at (773) or For the health of Teresa Angulo, Mark Baker, Ivan Bermudez, Katarzyna Bielarz, Jim Browne, Florence Brzezinski, Rev. Anthony Bus, Frank Buttitta, Antonia Calderon, Gary Calmes, Mike Cokins, Adriana Collado, Nan Condit, Jean Condon, Brian DeLeon, Danny Doyle, Anna Duski, Edwin Duvall, Evan Flores, Margaret Gielnewski, Ruth E. Gomez, Maureen Gramling, Dennis Hanson, Colin Hayes, Lois Hinkens, Bertha Jiminez, Jane Jones, Michael D. Jones, Helen Kadar, Mary Ann Kosiba, Hector Lorenzo, Alice Maestrazi, Olivia Maxon, Ewing Metoyer, Kay Meyer, Humberto Moya, Katie O Connor, Sr. Margaret Ormond, Norine Ortega, Debra Parsons, Genevieve Podraza, Rita Rattin, Fr. Paul Reicher, Orlando Reyes, Jorge Rojas, Maria E. Rosario, Anastacio Salgado, Margarita Sanchez, Glydden Santiago, Celeste Schwilck, Gwen Skeoch, Simon Shilston, M. E. Shober, Joseph Slocki, Will Sullivan, Cheryl Szucsits, Aurora Tapia, Jorge Tapia, Marina Tinajero, Gladys Torres, Maria Torres, Sylvia Torres and Lucille Wozny SJB STAFF CONTACTS PASTOR: Fr. Wayne F. Watts, RESIDENT: Fr. Paul Reicher, PASTOR EMERITUS: Fr. William Gubbins DEACONS: Jorge Cabrera (773) , Guillermo (Willie) Mendizabal, (773) , Alleluia! Please Welcome Our New Parishioners! Please join us in welcoming the newest members of our parish, registering with our parish during the month of March. If you see a new face, please introduce yourself. All are Welcome at Saint John Berchmans! Michael and Kasey Scully Jherrimiah and Jasmin Gomez Amanda Flores Grace Galatowitsch Michael and Emily Merriman DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS: Joseph P. D Arco, DIRECTOR OF STEWARDSHIP AND LITURGY: Jennifer Cortez, DIRECTOR OF FAITH FORMATION AND EDUCATION: Shelagh Donoghue, DIRECTOR OF MUSIC: Jean Tuohy, PARISH SECRETARY: Guille McMahon, PRINCIPAL: Peggy Roketenetz, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Patricia Danielak, DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS: Amanda Sullivan, DIRECTOR OF EVENTS: Rochelle Brophy, SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: Judy Ciukowski, 8

9 April 10, 2016 THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER SATURDAY, April 9 [ANOINTING MASS] 5:00pm +REGINA DEKELAITA REV. ANTHONY BUS (HEALING) Deacon: Guillermo Mendizabal Lector: Gary Aistrup, Maria Mendizabal EMHC: Mark Dombrowski, Dan Wetstein Altar Servers: A. Pitcock, H. Pitcock, A. Teruel SUNDAY, April 10 8:15am +FRANK L. GAPINSKI Presider: Fr. Paul Reicher Commentator: Anna Wozny-Ramirez Lector: Sarah Fakhoury EMHC: Nancy Krause, Kevin and Monique VanRenterghem Servers: R. Rojas, R. Rojas 9:45am +VIRGILIO BONIFAZI AND FAMILY Commentator: Jennifer Cortez Lectors: Kathleen Burnett EMHC: Dave Dvorak, Joe Glunz, Jeremy O Keefe Altar Servers: E. Glunz, S. Vilches 11:30am +JESUS MENDES AMADOR TINAJERO y FAMILIA Oficiante: Pd. Kevin Birmingham Diácono: Jorge Cabrera Comentarista/Peticiones: Maria Gudino Lectores: Wilmer Ramirez, Esther Castro MESC: Mario Gudino, Gabby Uruchima, Armando y Maria E. Salgado Monaguillos: I. Ibarra, L. Melvin, D. Uruchima [CONFIRMATION RETREAT] 6:30pm IN THANKSGIVING FOR MAYRA, GABBY & KRYSTAL THE PEOPLE OF SAINT JOHN BERCHMANS Servers: R. Guerra, S. Reyes, Y. Sanchez-Peña MONDAY, April 11 Saint Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr 7:00am +MARY EILEEN NEWTON (1st Anniversary) Presider: Fr. Paul Reicher TUESDAY, April 12 Easter Weekday 7:00am ALL SOULS REMEMBRANCE WEDNESDAY, April 13 Easter Weekday [Saint Martin, Pope and Martyr] 7:00am +JORGE VERA MORALES THURSDAY, April 14 Easter Weekday 7:00am THE PEOPLE OF SAINT JOHN BERCHMANS Presider: Fr. Paul Reicher Third Sunday of Easter FRIDAY, April 15 Easter Weekday 8:30am IN GRATITUDE FOR A MIRACLE PERFORMED FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER SATURDAY, April 16 5:00pm AN INTENTION TO THE SACRED HEART THE PEOPLE OF SAINT JOHN BERCHMANS Presider: Fr. Paul Reicher Commentator: Roberta Anelli Lector: Margaret Hughes EMHC: Susan Ciapciak, Dan Wetstein Altar Servers: SUNDAY, April 17 8:15am +CLO GREGORI Presider: Fr. Kevin Birmingham Commentator: Kathleen Burnett Lector: Mari Cardenas EMHC: Jeffrey Bowen, Fabiola Guerrero, Pedro Guerrero Servers: L. Burnett, D. Patino 9:45am +FRANCIS CARDINAL GEORGE (1st Anniversary) +MERCEDES CALDERON THE CHARLES F. STRUBBE FAMILY Commentator: Joseph Harrison Lector: Kristina Kelleher, Kurt Lewis EMHC: Herminda Bonifazi, Judy Ciukowski, Ken Ciukowski Altar Servers: E. Chalcraft, A. Rodriguez, S. Rodriguez 11:30am LA SALUD DE EDWARD DIAZ Oficiante: Pd. Wayne F. Watts Diácono/Homilista: Guillermo Mendizabal Comentarista/Peticiones: Esther Uruchima Lectores: Manuel Cerrillo, Alice Vila MESC: Rosaura Diaz, Rosa Rodriguez, Carmen Santiago, Maria Mendizabal Monaguillos: A. Hernandez, D. Uruchima, J. Uruchima 6:30pm +ANDREW BARRETT Presider: Fr. Paul Reicher Commentator: Kyle Gordon Lectors: Kathleen Kania EMHC: Carlos Fernandez, Mary Jane Fernandez, Orlando Guerra Servers: J. Guerra, R. Guerra, N. Reginiewicz All are Welcome at Saint John Berchmans! If you are new to our church or just visiting, please stop and introduce yourself. We are happy to have you share in today s celebration of the Eucharist. If you do not have a church home, we invite you to become a part of our parish family. 9

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