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1 Our Lady of Humility Parish Wadsworth Road, Beach Park, IL (847) umility.org May 01, 2016 Sixth Sunday Of Easter Parish Mission Statement As a branch of the one vine, as the family of our Lord Jesus, it is our mission to follow the way of the Lord, by extending welcome, embracing in healing love, and sharing the good news of the Gospel. Mass Schedule Weekday Masses: 8:00AM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Friday Mass: 8:45AM (During School Year) 8:00AM (During the Summer) Communion Service: Wednesday 8:00AM Sunday Masses: 5:00PM Saturday 7:00AM, 9:00AM, 11:00AM Sunday

2 Monday, May 2nd 8:00AM +Anka Serdar Tuesday, May 3rd 8:00AM +Julia Hardwick Wednesday, May 4th 8:00AM Communion Service Thursday, May 5th 8:00AM +Paul Halle Friday, May 6th 8:45AM Repara on Of Sin Against The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Saturday, May 7th 8:00AM A Greater Respect For All Human Life 10:00AM First Communion Mass 5:00PM +Dorothy Gilbert Seventh Sunday Of Easter, May 8th Happy Mother s Day 7:00AM For All Mothers Living And Deceased 9:00AM For All Mothers Living And Deceased +Purgatorial Of Our Lady Of Humility 11:00AM For All Mothers Living And Deceased People Of Our Lady Of Humility Please Support Our Adver ser For The Weekend Liturgical Roles: Saturday, May 7th and Sunday, May 8th Saturday Confessions: 3:30-4:30PM Fr. P. Stemn Presider: 5:00PM Fr. P. Stemn 7:00AM Fr. P. Stemn 9:00AM Fr. E. Pelrine 11:00AM Fr. P. Stemn Eucharist Ministers: 5:00PM C) J. Tomkowiak D) B. Brothman F. McGrath, J. McGrath, S. Ochsner, R. Bukan s 7:00AM Readings For The Week Of May 01, 2016 Sunday: Acts 15:1-2, 22-29/Ps 67:2-3, 5-6, 8/Rv 21:10-14, 22-23/ Jn 14:23-29 Monday: Acts 16:11-15/Ps 149:1-6, 9/Jn 15:26 16:4a Tuesday: 1 Cor 15:1-8/Ps 19:2-5/Jn 14:6-14 Wednesday: Acts 17:15, 22 18:1/Ps 148:1-2, 11-14/Jn 16:12-15 Thursday: Ascension: Acts 1:1-11/Ps 47:2-3, 6-9/Heb 9:24-28; 10:19-23 or Eph 1:17-23/Lk 24:46-53 Friday: Acts 18:9-18/Ps 47:2-7/Jn 16:20-23 Saturday: Acts 18:23-28/Ps 47:2-3, 8-10/Jn 16:23b-28 Next Sunday: Acts 7:55-60/Ps 97:1-2, 6-7, 9/Rv 22:12-14, 16-17, 20/ Jn 17:20-26 Liturgical Publica ons Inc Please Remember In Your Prayers Jordan Burch, Byrd Heisler, Tom Quivellon, Kristen, Baby Katherine Marie Schultz, Emily, Dick and Janice Hyde, Roselyn Po ala, Sy and Camille Pudelek, Patrick, Jan Grigu s, Mike, Gerrie Holmes, Baby Sawyer, Roger, Joe, Charlo e Heiny, Erica Heiny, Blake Isaac, Bill and Barb, Maria Besario, Doug D., Jessie Navarro, Dorothy R., Theresa Krueger, Judy and Joe, Brenda, Jerry and Marie Pope, Debra Newman, Dorothy Klawonn, Debbie, Pa and Ma hew Heiny, Ed Reno, Jim Wiedner, Marie Fe Bell, Amanda Hutchison, Margaret, Cheryl Bierie, Sharon White, Joan Grzeskowiak, Ben LaFaye e, Kathy Sivia, Gerri Marqui, Tomasa Alfaro, Margie Perez, Luana Pe a, Marge Berzin, Rachael Chianelli, Rita Huber, Chet Spli, Sandy Kramer, Peter Popit, Florence Cutler, Bob Grazier, George Lux, Jackie Videlka, Kevin Junge, Vicki Sturtevant, Ginny Merkel, Ma hew McPhee, Bob Whiteside, Shauna Whiteside, Donald Engelking For The Deceased: C) D. Blain V. Blain, S. Huff, E. Palu-ay 9:00AM C) P. LaFaye e D) C. LaFaye e G. Moran, W. Moran, G. Krame, M. Bruno, F. McFarlin 11:00AM C) H. Gondek D) K. Krueger R. Krueger, A. Robinson, J. Robinson, Ja. Jones, Jo. Jones Lectors: 5:00PM (1) E. Jones (2) E. Tomkowiak 7:00AM (1) B. Dickson 9:00AM (1) W. Webber (2) L. Shea 11:00AM (1) B. Tait (2) P. Jones Altar Servers: 5:00PM R. Barbanida, T. Barbanida 7:00AM D. Alaniz, A. Bjorn 9:00AM G. Krame, A. Mitzelfelt, M. Dermody 11:00AM G. Barbour, T. Bransky, E. Giannopoulos LWC Prayer Leaders: 9AM: M. Franco 11AM: J. Reid M.W. Med. Center: M. Kaczala 2 Welcome to Our Lady of Humility Catholic Church If someone is in need of healing prayers, please call the Rectory at (847) Monday through Friday between the hours of 9AM and 3:30PM. Thank you!

3 A Note From The Pastor Last week I a ended the Vicariate Teen Leadership Awards Dinner. Congratula ons to our Christ First Teens: Howard Norrish, Esteban Hernandez, Rachel McFarlin, Odalis Munoz, Meredith Hazinski, Gunnar Norrish, and Julie Magiera. Congratulate our Christ First Teens for their dedica on, and pray that they con nue to stay close to Jesus in the Church. Speaking of our Christ First Teens, they sell roses every year to raise money for Lake County Right to Life. This year, the Rose Sale is next Saturday, May 7th, and Sunday, May 8th, a er all of the Masses. Please consider purchasing a rose to support the Lake County Right to Life Services for expectant mothers and their babies. Congratula ons to Richard McFarlin and his wife, Hannelore; they received the Masters Award in Recogni on of Dedicated Service to Church, Community, and the Knights of Columbus. I m grateful to Richard and Hannelore for how much they care and do for our Parish community. On Saturday, April 16th, Philip Tobin, and Timothy Valen ne of the Knights of Our Lady of Humility Council advanced to the 4th Degree, and joined the Bishop Quarter Assembly. Congratula ons to Phil and Timothy! Saturday morning our Religious Educa on Students received their First Holy Communion, and next Saturday, May 7th, Our Lady of Humility School Students will receive First Holy Communion as well. Please con nue to keep them in your prayers, that they may have a life-long devo on to Jesus Real Presence, and that they may desire to receive Him every Sunday throughout their lives. Let us also con nue to pray for the success of the Renew My Church Ini a ve. God Bless, Fr. Paul May 01, 2016 Sixth Sunday Of Easter 3

4 Our First Holy Communicants The candidates listed below received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion this past Saturday, April 30th, and will be receiving next Saturday, May 7th. Please pray for them as they con nue their journey of faith. The students listed below a end our Religious Educa on Program, and they received their First Holy Communion this past Saturday, April 30th. Students From Sunday Religious Educa on Classes Kathleen Coop, Teacher/ Odalis Munoz, Aide 2nd Grade David Aguirre Melanie Avila Audrey Gaal Adrian Gonzalez Janel Lara Jonathan Lara Connor May Ariela Or z Yesenia Perez Italia Ramirez Brian Rico Ethan Romero Teresa Todd Olivia Vuckovich Oaklie Zavala John & Darlene Spiker, Teachers/ Katrina Esguerra, Aide 3rd Grade Sherlyn Arizmendi Nikita Boa n Joanna Camacho Julissa Geissberger Nicholas Hernandez Jazmin Lara Deysy Or z Raul Or z Rosanna Rodriguez Oscar Romero James Benne, Teacher/ Alex Olson, Aide 4th Grade Kassie Barbanida Delinna Juanez Nancy Parra Marcela Franco, Teacher/ Bianca Franco, Aide 5th Grade Julie Garcia Krystal Hernandez Joanne Minnoch, Teacher/ Nicholaus Minnoch, Aide 6th Grade Edwin Cruz Angela Mar nez Camila Mar nez Students From Monday Religious Educa on Classes Maria Velazquez, Teacher/ Jacy Velazquez, Aide 2nd & 3rd Grades Francisco Camacho Alexy Chapa Rowyn Cooling Des ny Garcia Victor Hernandez Jennifer Leguizamo Isaeli Solis Rose Salata, Teacher/ Leslie Gonzalez, Aide 3rd & 4th Grades Jimena Garcia Damaris Nunez Saul Sixtos Andrea Villanueva Tyler Raymond, Teacher 5th & 6th Grades Heaven Pa erson-dale Angel De Jesus Mar nez The students listed below are from Our Lady of Humility School, and they will be receiving their First Holy Communion next Saturday, May 7th. Rozanne Thomas, Teacher/ Cindy Bruno, Aide 2nd Grade Sebas an Adams Ethan Albarran Catarina Alfaro Madelin Alvarez Rosemary Baker Liave e Becerra Brayden Bjorn Mason Crowley Roberto Flores Gabriel Flowers Briley Galgan Benjamin Garza Riley Gonion Melany Hinojosa Aidan Hopkins* Ronin Kindy Chris an Lutz Rebecca McFarlin Andrew Mitchell Jonathan Ochavillo Alexander Rodriguez Joshua Ultes Neela Vargas Noah Wolsey *Receiving a Blessing. A Special Thank You! A Big Thank You to the Teachers and their Aides who prepared the children to receive their First Holy Communion: Kathleen Coop, Odalis Munoz, James Benne, Alex Olson, Marcela Franco, Bianca Franco, Joanne Minnoch, Nicholaus Minnoch, Maria Velazquez, Jacy Velazquez, Rose Salata, Leslie Gonzalez, and Tyler Raymond, Rozanne Thomas, and Cindy Bruno. God bless you all! 4 Welcome to Our Lady of Humility Catholic Church

5 Sunday, May 1st 12:15PM Bap sms (C) Monday, May 2nd 9-10:30AM The Legion Of Mary Mee ng (HCC) 7-9:30PM RCIA (HCR) Tuesday, May 3rd 9:15-11:30AM Faith Study Group (HCC) 6:30-7:30PM Brownies/Daisies/Junior Girl Scouts (H) Wednesday, May 4th 2-3PM Junior Choir Prac ce (C) 5:30-7PM Choir Prac ce (C) 6:30-8:30PM Quinceanera Class (HCR) 7-9:30PM Choir Prac ce (C) 7-9PM The Legion Of Mary Mee ng (HCC) Thursday, May 5th 2-7PM Eucharis c Adora on (C) 6-8:30PM Boy Scouts (H) Week At A Glance 6-7PM Boy Scouts Patrol Leaders Council (H) 6:30-8PM OLH Women s Club Mee ng (HCR) 7-9PM Knights Of Columbus Officers Mee ng (HCC) Friday, May 6th Saturday, May 7th 8:30AM Rosary For Respect Life (C) 9:30-10AM First Communicants Meet In The Parish Center (PC) 10AM First Communion Mass For OLH School Students (C) 3:30-4:30PM Reconcilia on (C) 4:30-11PM Bingo (H) 5:45-6:30PM Right To Life Rose Sale A er Mass (PC) Sunday, May 8th Happy Mother s Day! 7:45AM-12:30PM Right To Life Rose Sale A er All Masses (PC) Our Lady Of Humility s Food Pantry Is in need of Canned Spaghe /Ravioli and Hamburger Helper. Non-perishable food can be dropped off at the Rectory Monday Friday, 9AM 3:30PM, or brought to the northwest ves bule of the Church on Saturdays or Sundays before Mass. Thank you for the con nued generosity! Knights Of Columbus 2016 Raffle Winner Congratula ons! 04/25/16 Melissa Frank Pick 3 #015 Note: If you see your name printed in the bulle n as a Raffle Ticket Winner, and have not received your check, please contact Richard at (847) Bingo Worker s Schedule May 07, 2016 Team Three: Albarracin, Captain Floor Workers: Adams (Dan), Irizarry, Jasso, Kindy, Malone/ McNeely, McComb, Moscato/Ellis, Paulsen, Uribe Soup Kitchen Do something helpful this Easter Season. Thursday, May 26th, is Our Lady of Humility s commitment to provide volunteers to help with the Soup Kitchen at Holy Family Services (the old St. Bartholomew Parish) located at: 914 8th Street, Waukegan. It is always the fourth Thursday of every month. Food prepara on begins at 3PM, dinner is served at 5:30PM, followed by clean-up. We are usually done by 7PM. Any me that you can give is greatly appreciated. If you have any ques ons, please call Pat at (847) May 01, 2016 Sixth Sunday Of Easter 5

6 Our Lady Of Humility School Enrollment For Preschool And Elementary School Now Open For As a Catholic School in the Archdiocese of Chicago, Our Lady of Humility School takes pride in providing an educa onal choice for families who are looking for a small Catholic School where children are treated like family, and an emphasis is placed on community. For the past fi y-six years, families have enrolled their children at our School because they recognize the difference the right school makes in the lives of their children. While much has changed since 1958, one thing that hasn t changed is the care and compassion we have for our students, and our commitment to educa ng the whole child. While academics are rigorously emphasized, equally important is the social, spiritual, physical, and moral development of each child. Our teachers, all of whom are state cer fied, and highly educated, u lize a research based curriculum and best prac ces to maximize the talents of each child. Accredited by the Archdiocese of Chicago, and recognized by the State of Illinois, we embrace the changes of an evolving world, while educa ng children to appreciate a faith tradi on that is over 2,000 years old. Our Lady of Humility School is truly, Catholic and Excellent. For more informa on, contact our School Office at (847) We will be happy to speak to you regarding our Preschool, Kindergarten, or Elementary School Programs. Thank You! Don and Emily DuPree would like to thank all of the parishioners who a ended the Pot Luck Dinner on April 10th. How grateful we are to have such a wonderful caring Parish. We also thank each of you for your prayers and support. Respect Life Rosary Next Saturday, May 7th, at 8AM in the Church, and the first Saturday of every month, join us for Mass at 8AM followed by the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady. This Rosary medita on recalls the sorrows of the Blessed Mother who endured in compassion the suffering and death of her Divine Son. The Rosary is recited for the inten ons of the unborn, and in repara on for the sin of abor on. Please join us next Saturday, May 7th. Registra on For Religious Educa on Registra ons are now being accepted for the School Year. The Registra on Form is online. Go to umility.org, put your cursor on School, a drop down menu will appear, and then click on Religious Ed News, and there is the instruc ons on registering. The forms are all below the instruc ons. You can download the Registra on Form, and type the Registra on Form on your computer, print it, and send the filled out Registra on Form in to the Religious Educa on Office with at least the $25 Book Fee. Tui on is appreciated at the me of Registra on. You can also print the Registra on Form, fill it out by hand, and send it in along with the money, to: Our Lady of Humility Religious Educa on Program, W. Wadsworth Road, Beach Park, IL Religious Educa on Classes are offered on Sunday Mornings from 10:30AM un l 12 Noon, and on Monday Evenings from 6:30PM un l 8PM. We will be star ng classes for the School Year on Sunday, September 11th, and Monday, September 12th. Classes will go through Sunday, April 23rd, and Monday, April 24th, We have 25 Classes, taking off for holidays and Spring Break. Catechists are needed for 3rd and 8th Grades on Monday Evenings. If you are interested in teaching, or would like more informa on, please call the Religious Educa on Office at (847) To register for the School Year, you can also come to the Religious Educa on Office on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays from 9:30AM un l 3PM through the month of May. The Religious Educa on Office will be closed June and July. The Office opens again in August when Registra on will take place each Sunday from 10AM un l 1PM through Labor Day weekend. Registra ons received a er September 1st, will be charged an addi onal $25 Late Fee, and students will not begin class un l September 18th or 19th. It takes me to process the Registra ons. Late Registra on will stay open un l September 30th. No Registra ons will be accepted a er this date, unless the family is transferring from another program. 6 Welcome to Our Lady of Humility Catholic Church

7 40 s, 50 s & Be er Mark your calendars. On Tuesday, June 14th, we are planning an ou ng for a fun evening of baseball. We are going to see the Kenosha Kingfish play Green Bay at the Kenosha Ballpark on Sheridan Road. The game will start at 7:05PM, but we will be having a Tailgate Party beginning at 6:05PM. The Cost will be $18 per person, with all the ballpark food you can eat up to the start of the game. Food fare will include: burgers, brats, hotdogs, cranberry walnut chicken salad sandwich, potato salad, coleslaw, and chips. Sodas and water are also part of the fare. We will have reserved seats in the grandstand. We will have to pay in advance, so we are reques ng you pay Doug/Marijo or John/Susan. If needed, there are addressed envelopes by the sign-up sheet in the northeast ves bule of Church. Please sign-up ASAP because we need to give the ballpark a count, and make the payment. Co-Ed Senior Luncheon Our next Co-Ed Senior Luncheon will be on Tuesday, May 10th, at 12 Noon in the Parish Center. David Dinter from Edward Jones will give a short presenta on a er a delicious chicken lunch. The chicken and broccoli salad will be purchased at Piggly Wiggly. Chuck Blair will make his delicious potato salad. We will need dessert dona ons. Please sign-up in the Church Ves bule by next Sunday, May 8th. All Seniors are welcome. We hope to see you there. May 01, 2016 Sixth Sunday Of Easter 7

8 4th Degree Exemplifica on April 16, 2016 Bloomingdale, Illinois Congratula ons to the newest Sir Knights of Our Lady of Humility Council 13598, SK Philip J. Tobin, and SK Timothy L. Valen ne. They advanced to the 4th Degree on April 16th, and joined the Bishop Quarter Assembly Pictured above from Le to Right is: SK Philip J. Tobin, SK Richard B. McFarlin Grand Knight, and SK Timothy L. Valen ne. SK Richard McFarlin and his wife, Hannelore, a er they received the Masters Award in Recogni on of Dedicated Service to Church, Community, and the Knights of Columbus. He has been inducted into the ranks of those Sir Knights who are recipients of the Masters Award. Signed by Jack McCarthy, Master 4th Degree. Those a ending the 4th Degree Ceremonies (from Le to Right): SK Richard McFarlin, Grand Knight, and his wife, Hannelore; SK Philip J. Tobin and his wife, Sandra; SK Timothy L. Valen ne and his wife, Catherine; Deacon SK Robert Ochsner and his wife, Sandra. Our Lady Of Humility School Family School Associa on (FSA) Flower Sale The Our Lady of Humility Family School Associa on (FSA) is hos ng a Flower Sale. If you are plan ng this Spring, please consider purchasing to help our School. 50% of our total sales will be awarded to Our Lady of Humility School! Orders are due by this Sunday, May 1st, and will ship directly to your home. More informa on will be available a er the 9AM and 11AM Masses this Sunday, May 1st. Online orders may also be placed at the following weblink: h p:// campaign?campaign_id=22749 If you have any ques ons, you may contact Kris Vollmer at: 8 Welcome to Our Lady of Humility Catholic Church

9 Eucharis c Adora on God has raised up Jesus, and we are His witnesses. (Acts 2:32). Every me we visit Jesus during Eucharis c Adora on, we are witnesses to His Resurrec on. Without saying a word, we let others know that we believe that this is Jesus Christ risen from the dead. Please consider commi ng to a specific hour. Do something special during this Easter season, please consider coming to Eucharis c Adora on on Thursdays at 2PM. Come, spend some me with the Lord, and receive His blessings! He is wai ng for you! A en on Nurses Who: Council of Catholic Nurses of Lake County Event: Celebra on Of Nurses Week Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016 Place: St. Joseph Catholic Church, 121 E. Maple Avenue, Libertyville. Mass at 8:30AM in Church. Program (Potluck and Speaker): To follow at the Forma on Center (behind Shopping Plaza at Milwaukee Avenue/ Route 21 and Route 176. Enter from the parking lot behind the McMurrough Funeral Chapel.) Cost: Members: Free Non-Members: $5. RSVP: Ginny (847) Please bring a dish to share. All Nurses Are Welcome! Lake County Right To Life s Rose Benefit Next Weekend, May 7th & 8th 2016 will be the 38th Year for the Annual Mother s Day Rose Benefit. The Rose is a symbol of the Pro-Life Movement because it expresses the unique beauty and fragility of Life. Roses will be available following all of the Masses next weekend, Saturday, May 7th, and Sunday, May 8th, for a dona on of: $2.00 Per Rose; $5.00 for 3 Roses; $10.00 for 6 Roses; and $20.00 Per Dozen. Checks should be made out to Lake County Right to Life. Dona ons will support the advocacy efforts of Lake County Right to Life. Thank you to our Christ First Teens for selling the Roses for us. Our Lady Of Humility Women s Club News Hello Ladies! The final mee ng for Our Lady of Humility Women s Club will be held this Thursday, May 5th, at 6:30PM in the Hayes Community Room. The Legion of Mary will be doing a presenta on for us. As May is the month of Our Lady, please join us for a reflec ve presenta on. If any Our Lady of Humility Women are interested in joining the Our Lady of Humility Women s Club, we would love to have you. New members are most welcome! You are invited to a end one of our mee ngs, or call the Rectory for more informa on. I would like to remind you that ckets are s ll on sale for the Installa on Dinner which will be held on Thursday, June 2nd, at 6PM. Cash Bar with cocktails begin at 6PM, and dinner will be served at 6:30PM. It will be held at the Bonnie Brook Country Club. Tickets are $25.00 each. Tickets may be purchased at the May mee ng, or at the Rectory by May 22nd. The dinner choices are: Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Bacon, Chicken Marsala, or Baked Cod with Lemon Pepper. Come join us for an evening of fun! We hope to see you there! Catholic Women s Club Of Lake County The May Mee ng of the Catholic Women s Club of Lake County will be held on: Thursday, May 12th, at Most Blessed Trinity Parish located at: 450 Keller Avenue (McAree) in Waukegan, just 1 Block North of Belvidere Road. The Rosary will begin at 11:30AM, followed by Lunch, and a Business Mee ng. There will be a Flower Arranging Demonstra on by a local re red florist. He will be raffling off a number of his beau ful flower arrangements as well. The Service Project for May will benefit Aid for Women. Diapers of all sizes, and baby formula (any generic brand is acceptable), are the needed items. We sincerely invite, welcome, and encourage all Catholic Women of Lake County to join us at our May Mee ng. We hope that you will consider becoming part of this charitable, caring, fun, loving group of Catholic Women. For ques ons, please call your representa ve, Marijo at: (847) May 01, 2016 Sixth Sunday Of Easter 9

10 Sacrament of Reconcilia on: Saturdays: 3:30 to 4:30PM Sacrament of Marriage: An appointment, at least 6 months in advance (Diocesan Policy), is made with the Pastor prior to se ng a date. Catholic persons will have to obtain new Cer ficates of Bap sm. Sacrament of Bap sm: Baptisms are scheduled the 1st Sunday of every month. Attendance is required at a Preparation Session. Please call the Parish Secretary for arrangements. Sacrament of the Sick: Please no fy the Rectory if a member of your family is in the hospital or sick at home, and wishes to receive the Anoin ng of the Sick. Phone the Rectory for home communion calls. Welcome New Parishioners: We would like you to become a parishioner. Registra on packets are available at each Church door. The Rosary: Prayed on Sunday a er the 7AM Mass. Handicap Accessibility: There is an access ramp on the west, and a li on the east side of Church. Handicap parking is available. Quinceaneras: Call the Rectory 9 months prior to se ng a date. Eucharis c Adora on: Thursdays 2-6PM. Our Lady of Humility Parish Wadsworth Road, Beach Park, IL Rectory: (847) ; Rectory Fax: (847) School: (847) ; School Fax: (847) Religious Educa on: (847) Parish Office umility.org Web Site: umility.org Please all Bulle n Ar cles, Flyers, or Announcements to: bulle nar umility.org Deadline for all Bulle n submissions is 4PM on Wednesdays 11 days before you want the Ar cle to appear. (For example: Wednesday, January 12th, for Sunday, January 23rd) Sunday Masses: 5:00PM Saturday, 7:00, 9:00, and 11:00AM Sunday Weekday Masses: 8:00AM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Friday: 8:45AM (During School Year) 8:00AM during Summer Communion Service: Wednesday 8:00AM All Are Welcome! Our Lady of Humility Staff Contact Informa on Pastor: Rev. Paul Stemn umility.org Deacons: Jim Askew, Mike Mercure, Bob Ochsner Principal: Patrick Browne Director of Religious Educa on: Diana Jurista umility.org Director of Liturgy and Music: Rita Byrd umility.org Business Manager: Laura Jones umility.org Pastoral Ministry, Bookkeeper: Laurie Mercure umility.org Parish Secretary: Sandra Buegeler umility.org RCIA: Kelly and Gerard Metoyer umility.org Religious Educa on Secretary/Bulle n Editor: Margaret Richter umility.org and bulle nar umility.org Youth Ministry: Linda Bugos-Noble umility.org Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) Parish Finance Council (FC) Principal Advisor Council (PAC) Rev. Paul Stemn, Pastor Rev. Paul Stemn, Pastor Bre Tweedie, President Ann Ennesser, Chair Phil Tobin, Chair Patrick Browne, Execu ve Officer Bill Dermody, Jr. Shelley Benne Rev. Paul Stemn, Pastor Leslie Hazinski Michael Bruno Anamaria Colon Howard Jones Randy Bukan s Marco Figueroa Kelly Krueger Steve Johnson Janna Ostrolencki Ryan Krueger Richard McFarlin Sharon Ross Pat McGowan, Secretary Noreen Paulsen, Secretary Mia Pryor LeRoy Shea Terri Rusek Larry Savage Joan Tomkowiak Winnie Webber, Vice Chair Any Ques ons or Ideas for PPC, FC, or the PAC? umility.org umility.org 10 Welcome to Our Lady of Humility Catholic Church