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1 Welcome to Resurrection Catholic Church March 03, South Evergreen Road, Tempe, AZ Parish Office: (480) Fax: (480) Webpage: WELCOME NEW PARISHIONERS Those living in the area and regular participants in the liturgy are asked to register as members of the parish. Simply attending Mass does not make one a registered member. To register just contact the parish office or pick up a form in the church entry. MASS SCHEDULE WEEKDAYS FIRST FRIDAY WEEKEND: ADORATION WEDNESDAY FIRST FRIDAY 8 am.(monday-saturday) 6:00 pm CONFESSIONS SATURDAYS FIRST FRIDAYS Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday 7:30 am, 9 am 10:30 am, 5:00 pm 8:30 am - 6:30 pm 8:30 am - 5:45 pm 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm 5:15 pm - 5:45 pm Parish office hours Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Friday 8:30 am - 1:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 Noon PARISH PRIESTS Rev. Romeo Dionisio, Parochial Administrator Ext. 117 Rev. Arthur Nave, Parochial Vicar Rev. Joseph Krynen, In Residence PARISH DEACONS Deacon Bill Malatin Deacon Charlie Voss PARISH STAFF FRONT OFFICE Sr. Anne Marie Smith, O.S.F., Business Manager Ext. 112 Agnes Umuligirwa, Receptionist Ext. 110 Formation Tracey Siedinski-Seyler, Youth Ministry (Gr. 6-12) Ext. 122 Leota Roesch Adult, Children, RCIA Ext. 125 Ministry of Care Fr. Arthur Nave, Jr. Ext. 126 Liturgy/Music Penni Scott, Music Director Ext. 116 Shannon Nolan, Sunday 5:00 Mass Heather Zuber, Bell Choir Liturgical Ministry Coordinator Ext. 113 Marie Hunter Baptism Preparation Leota Roesch Ext. 125 Annulments; Marriage Preparation Deacon Bill Malatin

2 Page 1 Third Sunday of Lent March 03, 2013 MY DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, ast Monday morning, I presided at a Votive Mass for Pope Benedict XVI in our church, an offering which was highly endorsed by the USCCB and our Diocese. I celebrated it on behalf of all of you, the faithful of Resurrection Parish. We prayed for God's continued blessings for the Holy Father as the culmination of his pontificate approached. We will remember him as the Pope who showed so much love for God, the Holy Mother Church and her teachings. We witnessed the orthodoxy of his theology and his fidelity to Catholic doctrines. Sadly, his physical condition and health issues have made him decide to pass the leadership on to somebody who will continue to feed the flock, as instructed by the Lord Jesus. He will still be addressed as His Holiness, and will have the title Pope Emeritus. Although it has gradually started to sink in, most of us still feel the shock brought on by this event. If it is a consolation, we have to understand that Canon Law DOES NOT prohibit resignation by a Pope. Canon 332 paragraph 2 states that If it happens that the Roman Pontiff resigns his office, it is required for validity that the resignation is made freely and properly manifested but not that it is accepted by anyone. We know that Pope Benedict XVI is not the first one to resign from office. History tells us that the following Popes resigned from the papacy because of different reasons, to wit: 1. Pope Pontian resigned in 235 AD after having been arrested and deported to Sardina, as part of Emperor Maximinus Thrax's persecution. The Pope resigned to allow an orderly succession in Rome during a lull in the imperial crackdown. He and his successor were later on martyred. 2. Pope Marcellinus resigned in the year 304 AD when he succumbed to the harsh persecution by Diocletian. He was forced to surrender copies of the Sacred Scriptures and to burn incense to pagan gods. 3. Pope Silverius resigned in 537 AD. He was coerced to abdicate office to legitimize the papacy of his successor Pope Vigilius. 4. Pope Martin I was forced to resign in 655 AD. He was exiled by Emperor Constans II to Crimea. 5. Pope John XVIII was thought to have abdicated the papacy in 1009, shortly before his death, to spend his last days as a monk at the monastery of Rome's San Paolo Fuori le Mura (Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls). 6. Pope Benedict IX fled Rome in the year 1044 to escape unrest by the locals at his papacy who w e r e not happy about his desire to marry. Then he made a deed handing the papacy over to his godfather, John Gratian who became Pope Gregory VI (reputedly in exchange for some 1,450 pounds of gold). 7. Pope Celestine V resigned in the year He was a hermit who was elected Pope at the age of 80 and was overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the office. He hoped to go back to being an aesthetic monk, but was imprisoned instead by his successor. He was canonized a saint in Pope Gregory XII resigned on July 4, 1415 to help end the Great Western Schism when there were multiple rival popes in the Church. As you are reading this, the Cardinals of the Church are gathered in Rome, preparing to elect a successor to the outgoing Pope We are all called to spend some moments in prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide the electors of the Church as they choose our next Supreme Pontiff. Above all, we trust in the Holy Spirit, believing that all these are happening to let God's will prevail for the good of the flock. We will for ever be grateful to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI - Pope Emeritus - for his great contributions to the Holy Mother church. GOD LOVES YOU ALL VERY DEARLY. In Christ, FR. ROMY

3 Page 2 Resurrection Church - Tempe March 03, WINTERW PARISHIONERS DINNERD T hank you to all those honored guests and to those volunteer helpers who attended the Annual Winter Parishioners dinner and made it a great success. It was a fun-filled evening with special thanks to Bashas (Warner & McClintock) for preparation of the main course. Highlights of the evening were entertainment by several talented Resurrection faithful with a standing ovation for a original medley from an outstanding singing guitarist, making a rare public appearance. The performer s identity shall only be known to the group in attendance. We look forward to an encore in THANK YOU FROM DOLLY & BOB MEADE ANOINTING OF THE SICK WILL BE MONDAY MARCH 4, after 8 am MASS. NEXT SUNDAY PRESIDER S SCHEDULE Saturday 3/9/13 8:00 am Fr. Nave 5:00 pm Msgr. O Grady Sunday 3/10/13 7:30 am Fr. Krynen 9:00 am Fr. Nave 10:30 am Msgr. O Grady 5:00 pm Fr. Dionisio God s grace within me and God s strength behind me can overcome any hurdle ahead of me. Anonymous ERCY God is mercy. That seems to be the main message of the reading from Exodus. God has seen the suffering of the Israelites and promises mercy and rescue. From then on, God is to be known as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Paul calls his readers to continue to grow in the faith. The God who rescued Israel also rescues them. As beneficiaries of God s mercy, Christians must keep on working, doing their part to become ever more trusting and loving people of God. The Gospel s second section is a homey story about God s mercy. Against the advice of the land owner, the vinedresser pleads for mercy and shows mercy to allow the poor fig tree yet another year to become productive. Copyright J. S. Paluch Co MONDAY MARCH 4 8:00 Russell Willenborg TUESDAY MARCH 5 8:00 Salmen family WEDNESDAY MARCH 6 8:00 Richard Lyng THURSDAY MARCH 8:00 Joan Jardien ARCH 7 FRIDAY MARCH 8 8:00 Frank Vallenari SATURDAY MARCHM 9 8:00 Charles Francis 5:00 Robert (Mike) Fietcher SUNDAY MARCH 10 7:30 Lucy White 9:00 Mrs. Helen DiMartino Kiesecker 10:30 Herb Greene 5:00 Parishioners Please pray for the repose of the soul of Alfreda (Reda) Swearingin The study of inspired scripture is the chief way of finding our duty. St. Basil the Great READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: 2 Kgs 5:1-15b; Ps 42:2, 3; 43:3, 4; Lk 4:24-30 Tuesday: Dn 3:25, 34-43; Ps 25:4-5ab, 6-7bc, 8-9; Mt. 18:21-35 Wednesday: Dt 4:1, 5-9; Ps 147:12-13, 15-16, 19-20; Mt 5:17-19 Thursday: Jer 7:23-28; Ps 95:1-2, 6-9; Lk 11:14-23 Friday: Hos 14:2-10; Ps 81:6c-11ab, 14, 17; Mk 12:28-34 Saturday: Hos 6:1-6; Ps 51:3-4, 18-21ab; Lk 18:9-14 Sunday: Jos 5:9a, 10-12; Ps 34:2-7; 2 Cor 5:17-21; Lk 15:1-3, Alternate readings (Year A): 1 Sm 16:1b, 6-7, 10-13a; Ps 23:1-6; Eph 5:8-14; Jn 9:1-41[1, 6-9, 13-17, 34-38]

4 Page 3 Third Sunday of Lent March 03, 2013 FAMILY FAITH FORMATION AND R.C.I.A. LEOTA ROESCH - COORDINATOR ext.125 Dismissal - Unless other information to the contrary, each Sunday at the 10:30 Masses. Extended Catechesis-Our next gathering is March 6, John XXIII at 6:30 pm. Today, our Elect, Sam, Robert, Anthony, Christopher and Emily, celebrate the First Scrutiny Rite prescribed by the Church. All over the world today, those preparing for baptism are prayed over by their parish community, as they enter the last stages of preparation for the Easter sacraments. Father prays a prayer of exorcism over them, asking for the removal of evil and obstacles to faith from their lives as they near their baptism. There are two parts to the rite: 1) to uncover and heal and 2) to bring out and strengthen. The Gospel for today s Mass at this rite is from Year A and tells us of the Woman at the Well. We see Jesus breaking many barriers to minister to this woman bound up in sin and sorrow. He does the same for our Elect; he does the same for us. PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR ELECT AND CANDIDATE DURING THIS LENTEN SEASON. If you haven t done so already, take a card from the basket in the Narthex with the name of one of the Candidates for Sacraments remembering that you promised to support these adults and children and include them in your prayer and affection as we move toward Easter. YOUTH MINISTRY Tracey Siedinski-Seyler Ext. 122 Coming Attractions in Youth Ministry: March 18th: Edge Movie Night March 20th: Living Stations Rehearsal March 27th: Living Stations Rehearsal High School Seniors: Scholarship applications for the Resurrection Scholarship and the Patricia McCarthy Memorial Scholarship are due April 15th. You may pick up the forms from me now. Don t wait until the last minute!! High School Teens! Tonight we re talking about what Freedom of Religion means! See you after the 5:00pm Youth Liturgy! YEAR OF FAITH - Confessing with the lips indicates in turn that faith implies public testimony and commitment. A Christian may never think of belief as a private act. Faith is choosing to stand with the Lord so as to live with him. This standing with him points towards an understanding of the reasons for believing. Faith, precisely because it is a free act, also demands social responsibility for what one believes. (BXVI #10) CHILDREN & YOUTH FAITH FORMATION Junior and Senior High School (6th-12th) Catechumenate (Sacramental Preparation) March 4, Meet in Rm. 8 with Mrs. Beverly Small & Ms. Samantha Brant at 6pm. CHILDREN S FAITH FORMATION-Tuesday March 5. FIRST RECONCILIATION: SATURDAY MORNING 9 AM, IN THE CHURCH! Families, please be early so that we can start promptly at 9! QUESTION OF THE WEEK- 3rd Sunday of Lent TEMPERED WITH HUMILITY Key Passage: The reign of God is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in the garden; it grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air made nests in its branches. (Luke 13:19b) ADULTS: What important work could bear fruit in your life right now if you have more confidence in God s loving care? CHILDREN & YOUTH: What great work would you like to do as you grow older? What can you do to begin now? Edge Kids! This week, we re having a very interesting night on Spirituality and Evil. We will be having a very special guest - you do not want to miss this!!!! Random Fact: Two-thirds of the world s eggplant is grown in New Jersey. It s time to sign up for The Living Stations! Youth Ministry will be praying the Stations with the parish on Good Friday at Noon. Please see me for the sign-up sheet! Each year, the Stations are a huge success and it s a privilege to enter into Christ s Passion in such a meaningful way! Rehearsal days are posted above. Get involved!

5 Page 4 Resurrection Church - Tempe March 03,, 2013 LITURGICAL MINISTRY CORNER - Marie Hunter; tel ext. 113 LITURGICAL MINISTRY SCHEDULE FOR MARCH 9 & 10, 2013 Sat.- 5:00PM Sunday- 7:30 AM 9:00 AM 10:30 AM 5:00 PM EMHC Bill Tamminen Ann Casey Mary Bradley Adelina Alvarado Lorraine Alvarado Marie Unterreiner Jo Ann Kersbergen Jerry Cirou Juanita Benson Mary Noel Jessica Gilliland Madeline Morris Judy Cirou John Hornak Joan Paskas Matthew Bafaro Mary Ann Reuter Keith Jones Mary Wondrash Lee Selzer Bill Fay Paul Sant Mary Mariscal Ron Wondrash Delta White Marie Fay Hal White Eric Seeger Ken White LECTORS Kathy Hibbets Earlene Flener Jessica Gilliland Ruth Sutton Heidi Steele Rudy Stricklan Alice Harris Angelo Fernando Susan Mone Morgan Schindele SERVERS Sean Yoho Austin Dang Alex Baros Cesar Linares Anthony Dang Nadia Fernando Chris Linares McKenna Schindele Alan Griffieth Kathryn Tellez Leonard Garcia USHERS Marilyn Kozak Laurayne Dunham Michael Bradley Patrick Alcala Bob Johnson Don Kozak Virginia Durr David Goris Manuel Chavez Jan Johnson Pete Martinez Catherine Oplaski Mary Mariscal George Meegan Regan Dorsey Josephine Meegan THE FAITH FORMATION PROGRAM IS LOOKING FOR SOME HELP! ARE YOU A SEAMSTRESS (OR A TAILOR!)!)? We need baptismal gowns sewn for those coming into the church. We would need these before Holy Week. If we have more than one person, the job will go much faster! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING please call Leota in the Faith Formation Office. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER RESURRECTIONAZ Prayer infuses the weak with strength and the fainthearted with courage. --Anonymous PRAYERS FOR THE SICK PLEASE REMEMBER THOSE OF OUR PARISH WHO ARE ILL AND HAVE REQUESTED OUR PRAYERS: Vicki Richard Sylvia Elizabeth Tilton Betty Athey Louis Hoffman Cliff Gallant Dawn Jerkins COMMUNAL PENANCE SCHEDULE Our Lady of Mt. Carmel March 5, 7Pm Holy Spirit March 7, - 7:00 pm St. Anne Parish March 11, - 7:00pm All Saints March 19, - 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm Christ the King March 20, -7:00 pm COMMUNAL PENANCE AT RESURRECTION PARISH WILL BE MARCH 8, - 7PM STATIONS OF THE CROSS ARE FRIDAYS AF- TER 8:AM MASS & NO STATIONS AT 7:00PM BECAUSE OF COMMUNAL PENANCE SERVICE SAFE ENVIRONMENT CLASS The next CALLED CALLED TO PROTECT class will be March 16th at 9:00 am in the Pope John Rm. Please register online For more information or question please call Beverly Small at or Reminder - PARISH MISSION MARCH 11, 12 & 13 Come spend time with Fr. Mike O Grady, a Diocesan priest since 1969, as he explores THETHE MASS in three one hour sessions offered twice each day -8:30 am & at 7pm

6 Page 5 Third Sunday of Lent March 03, 2013 INFANT BAPTISM - If you wish your child to be baptized in our community, please contact Leota to set up an initial conversation and to begin preparation for your child s baptism Families must be registered and participating in the parish for at least three months prior to asking to baptize their children at Resurrection. Our NEXT SCHEDULED BAPTISM is April 7, the Second Sunday of Easter. The initial conversation MUST be completed NO LATER than March 14, KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL Monthly meetings: General membership 1st Tues. 7 pm McCarthy Hall. Officers meeting 3rd Tues.7 pm Shepherds Den. For info call Mark Munger Grand Knight FOURTH DEGREE ASSEMBLY 2742 Meeting - 4th Tues. 7pm McCarthy Hall. For Info call SK Bill Saunders Faithful Navigator ANNUAL RAFFLE TICKETS The knights of Columbus s annual raffle sales is here again. Buy a ticket(s) for a chance at winning a great trip to Portugal, Spain, Italy or fabulous cash prizes. Remember that half of all sales are returned to our church to assist in paying for our restoration debt. Buy tickets at the office, or after every weekend Mass, or simply by contacting any Knight. We thank you and our church thanks you. CDA: To date, we have received $40,778 in pledges towards our goal of $55,000. So we re closing in on the goal. Thank you for your support of this appeal which helps so many needy causes in the diocese. If you have not made your pledge yet, you may bring it to Church, drop it off in the parish office, or complete a pledge online. Envelopes for THE CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES Collection are available at the church entrance or in the parish office. ST.. PATRICKP ATRICK S DAY DINNER MARCH 16 AFTER 5:00 PM MASS Prices Adult in advance $12 at the door $15 Children under 12 $5 Tickets are available after all Masses and in the parish office. For more info please call Mark or Dave BINGO-UPCOMING EVENTS Please mark your calendars for our next bingo events. Thursday March 14 & March 21. Bingo will be held in Philip Hall starting at 6:30 PM. We look forward to seeing you there for fun and food! The EASTER FLOWERS ENVELOPES are also available both at the church entrance and in the parish office. The deadline for Easter flowers envelopes is Monday March 25, 2013 PRAYER FOR THE ELECTION OF THE NEW POPE O God, eternal shepherd, who govern your flock with unfailing care, grant in your boundless fatherly love a pastor for your church who will please you by his holiness and to us show watchful care. Through our Lord Jesus Christ your son, who lives and reigns with you in the Unity of the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever. Amen. SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THOSE ADVERTISING IN OUR BULLETIN; ; MAYM GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY

7 BARRY S AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING LLC SALES SERVICE INSTALLATION (602) Lakeshore Mortuary 1815 South Dobson Road, Mesa Serving the Catholic Community Is this film suitable for my children? Reviews and ratings of an extensive list of movies, both current and archived is available at: This service is provided by the U.S. Catholic Bishops Office of Film and Broadcasting ATTENTION DIRECTORY ADVERTISING SALES EXECUTIVES JS Paluch Company is Looking for Seasoned Print Advertising Representatives to Sell Church Bulletin Advertising We Have Various Markets and Territories Open Fax Resume to: No Phone Calls Accepted EOE MEDICAL ALARM PROTECTING CATHOLIC SENIORS NATIONWIDE 25+ Yrs. in Business Lifetime Warranty Made in the USA Dr. Recommended Monitored in the USA Price Guarantee A+ Rated with BBB Tax Deductible* Waterproof Button $19.95*/Mo. - Holiday Special Toll Free: *First three months only *Check with your accountant LIC # ROC BONDED INSURED OWNER / OPERATOR BARRY BENSON SERVING THE NEEDS OF THE RESURRECTION CHURCH SINCE 1973, SON OF DUANE BENSON SR. PARISHIONER Mission is different today check us out with FREE VIDEO LOAN Write: Columban Fathers Box 10 St. Columbans, NE YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT SEX AND VIOLENCE ON TELEVISION AND ABOUT THE TRAFFIC IN PORNOGRAPHY A Life-Care Retirement Community for information on what you can do write: Morality in Media, Inc G Street NW, Suite 1030, Washington, DC (202) Serra for Priestly and Religious Vocations 2645 E. Southern Ave Resurrection Church (B) For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc

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