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1 Nagendra Pavana R N Assistant Professor at Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth Life ambition To keep the śāstra tradition alive by learning-teaching, research and contextual implementation in order to practice and propagate values of Sanātana dharma. Summary A traditional vyākaraṇa professional with sound knowledge of both prācīna and navya systems of vyākaraṇa śāstra and grown through the gurukula system of education (10+ years) with exposure to Vedas, tarkaśāstra and alaṅkāra-śāstra. Academic Qualification (non traditional) Examination Passed Year of passing Board/University Senior Secondary (10 th ) 2003 National Institute of Open Schooling Sāhitya praveśa 2007 Karnataka Senior Secondary Education Examination Board B.A. (Vidvat-madhyama) Vyākarana 2010 Karnataka Senior Secondary Education Examination Board M.A. (Vidvat-uttama) Vyākarana 2012 Karnataka Samskrit University, Bengaluru NET 2012 UGC Phd. Under guidance of Dr. B.V. Venkataramana (Topic pātañjala-mahābhāṣye bahusamādhāna-sthaleṣu In progress Karnataka Samskrit University

2 samādhānayuktīnāṃ prābalyadaurbalya-vimarśaḥ) Traditional Studies Vyākaraṇa ṣāstra parīkṣā of Tennali - Have been taking exams under the guidance of Mahāmahopādhyāya S. T. Nagaraj. Kanchi Veda Vedanta Shastra Sabha, Tenali, AP Studied (memorised) parts (15 prapāṭhakas) of kṛśna yajurveda, and several sūktas from ṛgveda and sāmaveda according tradition with perfect pronunciation and intonation. Pāṇinīya vyākaraṇa in ancient system (according to the order of sūtras in aṣṭādhyāyī) memorising all 4000 sūtras of aśḥṭādhyāyī in the beginning followed by studies of Kāśikā vṛtti and Mādhavīya dhātuvṛtti. Vyākaraṇa Mahābhāṣya with its commentaries from gurus Mahāmahopādhyāya S. T. Nagaraj and Āsthāna-vidvān of Śṛṅgeri Śāradā Pīṭham Vid. G. Mahabaleshvara Bhatt. Studied Vyākaraṇa in navya system from Mahāmahopādhyāya S. T. Nagaraj. Have studied Vyākarana-mahābhāṣya along with detailed commentaries and sub commentaries from Mahāmahopādhyāya S. T. Ngaraj in guru-śiṣya-paramparā, living with him in his āśrama. Work Experience (Non - teaching) Have worked for Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation ( (a non-profit organization working to promote Samskrit through technology) as a Senior Linguist for two years and contributed in making e-learning multimedia products for Sandhi, Samāsa, CBSE Samskrit, Aṣṭādhyāyī and Bhagavadgītā.

3 In all these tools, supported the e-learning for Samskrit through audio rendering, content creation and proof reading. Implemented Instructional design for these in accordance with the technology framework. Teaching Experience Have been teaching Vyākaraṇa-śāstra-granthas privately for past 11 years through Skype, conference calls, etc. Papers presented in conferences and Seminars 1. Pāṇinīya-vyākaraṇasya vedopayogitvam in National Conference on Vedic Sciences, in Nñ-ghaṭita-sthale śābdabodhḥ in State Level Seminar in Saṃśayitoccāraṇānāṃ keṣāñcit varṇānāṃ vyākarana-dṛṣṭyā parāmarśaḥ in Aarshadhara Publications 1. Article Rapratyāhāra-vicāraḥ published in Hariprabha, Journal of Haryana Samskrit Academy. 2. Have worked with a team of scholars in publishing Ḍhāturūpaprakāśikā, a huge work on verb-forms derived from Samskrit roots, Published by Shri Dattaashrama, Somapura, Karnataka. Awards and Recognition 1. First rank in M.A.Samskrit (Vidvat-uttama) Vyākaraṇa in 2012, Karnatak Samskrit University. 2. Gold Medal in state level Vyākaraṇa-bhaṣaṇa-spardhā in Bronze medal in national level Vyākarana-bhāṣaṇa-spardhā in Awarded Vyākaraṇopādhyāya from Aarsh Gurukul, Khanpur, Haryana. 5. Received Certificate of Excellence from Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation for contributing in recording of Aṣṭādhyāyī.

4 Other Accomplishments 1. Samskrit poetry Have studied poetic works of kālidāsa, bhavabhūti, bāna etc. with commentaries. Have composed several poems in Samskrit. Follower of website 2. Music Have been trained in Carnatic Classical Flute playing by Shri Shrinivasa Iyengar and Vidvan S. A. Shashidhar for over 10 years. 3. Have successfully passed Music Senior Exam conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board in Have played in several concerts in and around Bengaluru. 4. Have taught basic lessons of flute to students. Additional Skills Vakyartha in shaastric language Proof reading Research outlook Good Computer Skills as required for a Samskrit researcher. Languages known (to read, write and speak) Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and English Scripts known Devanagari, Kannada Script, Grantha, English Social activity 1. Active member of Aapatsahaaya Foundation, a non-religious trust in Bengaluru which supports rural and tribal children in the areas of education.

5 Personal Details Father: R S Nagaraj Mother: Manjula Native Place: Ramanathapura, Hassan District, Karnataka, India Nationality: Indian Sex: Male Date of birth: