Magical Moments with the Masters of Manifestation

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1 Magical Moments with the Masters of Manifestation Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 1

2 When you start your journey Towards your desired destination Certain people, things and circumstances Will cross your path, almost magically Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 2

3 CONTENTS Introduction Page 4 The Interview with Mark Luyk Page 5 Dr. John Hagelin Page 6 David Cameron Gikandi Page 7 Fred Gratzon Page 9 Bob Doyle Page 10 Dr. Alexandra Gayek Page 11 Patrick Combs Page 12 Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler Page 13 Dr. Joe Vitale Page 14 Ron G Holland Page 15 Dr. Rhoberta Shaler Page 16 Andrew McCombe Page 17 Making a difference on a global scale Page 18 Fun Stuff Page 19 Your next step Page Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 3

4 INTRODUCTION This booklet is an introduction to the 2007 THINK! Seminar Interview Series. During the months of October and November 2006 Andrew McCombe and I had the enormous pleasure of interviewing a dozen very interesting and successful people. What a journey that was! You can imagine how your own way of thinking is being lifted to a higher plane when you talk to a Master of Manifestation every other day. As I was writing the web copy for I realized that there was too much information there about the interviews and some of the things surrounding those conversations to be put on a webpage. The interviews themselves are a wonderful introduction to the 2007 THINK! Seminar itself, and I wanted to make sure you grasp what you stand to gain by reading, or listening to them. This e-book is set up in such a way that I briefly discuss how I came into contact with every speaker, tell you a bit about what they re discussing in the interview and what stuck with me the most Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 4

5 The Interview with MARK LUYK Yes, I was interviewed as well! In fact I was the first one that Andrew could test his skills as an interviewer on. By this time I had gotten to know Andrew pretty well, and he has been one of the presenters who have really worked together with me from early on to make sure that the wonderful 2007 THINK! Seminar would actually take place. Andrew suggested that I would do interviews with all the presenters. I was immediately taken by the idea, but I wasn t sure I would be the right man for the job. I was contemplating this when Andrew told me that he would absolutely LOVE to be the main interviewer. It s something that Andrew might be doing more of in the future. I guess that s just an example of things working out for you when you know what you want. Anyway, Andrew was really excited about doing these interviews and seemed equally excited about the prospect of interviewing ME. Well, you may understand that I didn t share his enthusiasm right away. I m not really in the habit of giving interviews you see, and I wasn t sure I would have an interesting story to tell. As I prepared for the interview I noticed some patterns in my life and I thought, Well, at least I have SOMETHING to say and I felt a bit easier about it. When the time came to do the actual interview I decided to just relax into it and have a good conversation with Andrew. I have to admit, the experience wasn t half bad! Andrew s Aussie accent, with a little Kiwi mixed in Andrew is originally from New Zealand made me feel at ease right away! After listening to the interview later on I noticed I use the word and a lot. I tie everything together! As you will find out in later interviews, almost all speakers have their own habits and favorite phrases. My main goal in the interview was to give some information about the 2007 THINK! Seminar and to share with you some of the lessons I learned in life. What I would like you to know at this point and I talk about this in the interview as well is that I have seen such amazing changes as a result of applying a lot of the things the presenters will speak about at the seminar, not only in my own life but in the lives of some of my closest friends as well. Some of the benefits I had were: creating a job that didn t yet exist and getting a 60% increase in salary to do that job, making a debt as big as my annual income up to that point disappear within a year, having better health and generally being much happier! If you would like to enjoy some benefits like that, I suggest you keep on reading Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 5

6 The Interview with Dr. JOHN HAGELIN I first saw Dr. John Hagelin in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? Right after Fred Gratzon more about him later to join as one of the speakers, I had a discussion with him about the assembly of speakers. We both agreed that there was already a formidable line-up there. I told him I was still looking for one or two more. What I was specifically looking for was someone to be the opening speaker. Now I think that an opening speaker, apart from having to be a very interesting speaker, has to be one who can lay a solid foundation for the remainder of the seminar. When Fred suggested I would approach John to be a speaker he didn t know I was looking for an opening speaker I realized at once he was right. For the uniformed a seminar about creating your reality with your mind can come across as a bit woo-woo. What better way to show that kind of impression the door then to have a scientist of John s stature to be at the basis of such a life-changing event. I visited some of the websites featuring Dr. Hagelin and I was very much taken by his melodic, almost hypnotic way of speaking. In goofy moments when no one was looking I would recite a shopping list in John s tone of voice: Grains, beans, vegetables and ½ a cup of unbounded awareness! Just kidding, of course. Anyway you ll understand when you hear him speak! In his interview John discusses some of his background and the very interesting choice he had to make in regard to the topic of his studies. He wanted to major in both physics and religion, but was told he couldn t combine the two. John then goes on to point out the common ground between the two that has been uncovered in recent years. He also talks about the fact that we as humans can create. He explains the power of thoughts and when they are at their most powerful. One thing that I remember very well from his interview was the scientific way he explained that negative thoughts are not nearly as powerful as positive ones. Quite reassuring, isn t it? John also addresses the meditative state, which science has now proven to be a fourth major state of consciousness, different from waking, sleeping and dreaming. Another topic in this very interesting conversation was the state of people s awareness in today s society. Should this all seem very scientific and hard to understand, don t worry! John explains this all in terms we can all understand. What was really amazing to me, even though I had already heard more about it, were the amazing effects of group meditation on society. John also told us about the global initiatives concerning this technique and it looks like exciting things could be happening sooner than you might think! He also shares what you as an individual can do to become a part of the global peace process. WOW! What an amazing interview! Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 6

7 The Interview with DAVID CAMERON GIKANDI David was one of the first people I asked to be a speaker at this seminar. You only have to read his amazing book A Happy Pocket Full of Money to know why. If you haven t read it yet, make sure you do. It s not all about money either, by the way. I pitched the idea to David in March or April of 2006 and he was immediately enthusiastic. The only thing was that he wasn t really 100% sure he could be there because of some other plans, but that he would let me know in a couple of months. I turned out that he initially thought the seminar would be held in He was laughing out loud when he discovered his mistake. This would prove the beginning of a lot more laughter I would hear from him. At that time it was really hard to find a picture of David. There was one in which he wears a blue shirt and a tie. The picture isn t quite in focus and he looks a bit worried. I considered David to be somewhat of a recluse and didn t ask him about any other pictures. Well, as it turned out I didn t have to ask him. At the time he was on one of his many travels and this time he was in South America. He said, I ll send you some pictures. He sent 400. Yep! 400 photos. Well okay, he gave me a link to all those pictures. And there were a lot of pictures of his new friends and of David laughing and enjoying himself and of David together with his new friends laughing and dancing etc. I realized, this guys is no recluse, no monk, no loner this guy is out to have a good time! When we did the interview we had some problem to get the recording started. When we finally succeeded and this woman s voice said, This conference is now being recorded David responded with a heart-felt Woo-hoo! We cut that out of the recording, but if you listen carefully, you can hear that Andrew has some trouble suppressing his laughter during the first words of his introduction of David. That was another amazing interview. David treated us to profound wisdom mixed up with more of his famous laughter. David has reached a level of comprehension in life that can, at times, make it hard to put things into words, and yet he succeeds to explain some very concepts and ideas. He shares some of his background and how the book A Happy Pocket Full of Money came into being. He also told us about a mystical experience he had, which I m not going to tell you about here, because I don t want to spoil it for you. He talks about letting go, about being open, about bliss and about One. All terrific stuff. One of the things I remember most vividly from this interview was that David spoke about jumping into a new state. When you want to achieve something, or change something in your life, the fastest way is just to BE there. And of course he also talks about this in A Happy Pocket and in his Everyday 12-Point Life-Saver. The highest level of Creation is Being, followed by thinking and speaking and acting. You practice jumping into this new state until it becomes you Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 7

8 How about this one: the fastest way to change your thought-emotion patterns is to accept yourself where you are. There s a whole story about that one as well. And the David goes on to answer questions that were sent in by our subscribers. At one point he is asked to give advice to someone who is feeling bored. There is a long pause and then he really bursts out in laughter, I don t have that much experience with boredom which he follows up, of course, with a sincere effort to give the best possible answer, because he is such a GENEROUS guy. Oh, and, you know, he holds the world record for, you know, saying the greatest number of you knows in one hour, you know? Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 8

9 The Interview with FRED GRATZON As I was making the transcript of this interview tears of laughter were rolling down my face. What an excellent interview. What a character he is! I heard of Fred s book The Lazy Way to Success through Rebecca Fine. There is such brilliance in his concepts of productive laziness, effective leadership, subtle solutions and finding your passion that I was hooked from the get-go. Then, after attending a teleseminar he did, I knew I wanted him to appear at the 2007 THINK! Seminar as well. When we started the interview Fred asked somewhat anxiously if this was going to be just a transcript or an audio product as well. When we told him it would be both, he told us something like, I better not mess it up then And immediately his sense of humor took over and we had a good laugh about it. Still, he wanted to know if we could edit it out if he said something stupid. I said we could, knowing full well that Fred is far too brilliant to really mess up. He insists that he isn t very smart, but you be the judge of that. I say he s wrong! Better yet, I say he s modest. Anyway, we started the interview and Andrew did the introduction, telling the story how Fred is supposed to be one out of only five people to be fired from a USA civil service job. Fred immediately interrupts. If you re going to say that, you have to say it more tongue-in-cheek! It s only half-serious. I don t know how many people exactly got fired. It could be less! So funny. Andrew was totally flabbergasted and we decided to start over. Thanks, Fred! Near the end of the interview Fred walks away from the phone because the washer repair guy had arrived! Well, we could do nothing but wait until he came back! To his credit, he had announced at the start of the interview that he was expecting the repair man. Anyway, we cut out that minute of silence, because we didn t think you would enjoy that very much and that is the only thing we edited in the entire interview series. In the interview Fred shares some of his background and his lazy disposition, and he tells us how he became a success in the ice cream industry and how he made a fortune in telecom. Then he discusses how he got his inspiration for finding subtle solutions. What was also really interesting was what he said about finding your passion and committing to your dream. What I remember most of this interview is not as much one single thing, because there were so many highlights, but more the general ambiance of the interview. It was hilariously funny at times and deeply profound at other moments. Fred would shout things out in almost a cartoon-like way at one moment and whisper poetically the next Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 9

10 The Interview with BOB DOYLE Bob was introduced to me by David Cameron Gikandi. As you probably know he is one of the foremost experts on the Law of Attraction. You can see him appear in the movie The Secret, which we also intend to show at the seminar. When I got to know a bit more about Bob I realized that he should absolutely be a part of the seminar. So we agreed that he would do a presentation as well. Bob was very generous in allowing me access to all his materials and did some great promotion for the THINK! seminar in the early stages. Like all the other speakers he has a passion for what he is doing. Bob has a great voice and this makes it very easy to listen to and absorb what he s saying. In the interview he shares a bit of his background and how he got into the field of selfdevelopment and how David Cameron Gikandi played an important role in that. He also gives his definition of the Law of Attraction and that was good to hear because it s more precise than it s explained in other places. He goes on to talk about how you can use the Law of Attraction to become successful in any area of your life, which I m sure is something you find interesting as well, isn t it? What stood out for me in this interview is when Bob explained something that s in his wonderful book Wealth Beyond Reason which is, the most important value we can give is being who we truly are. Another of Bob s strong suits is handling resistance from within yourself and he talks a great deal about that as well. Then he goes on to answer a couple of questions from our subscribers and those are very practical examples that you might be able to relate to yourself. One very good example is of a lady asking about letting go, and Bob explains that letting go doesn t mean not thinking about it anymore, but rather that it is changing your energy about it. This was another great interview. About an hour s worth of practical, applicable advice Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 10

11 The Interview with Dr. ALEXANDRA GAYEK I already knew Alexandra for some time before I asked her to join us at the seminar. I read Wallace D. Wattles book The Science of Being Well in Alexandra s wonderful edition and I visit her website on occasion. I had also read many of her posts on the message board of The Science of Getting Rich Network which is founded of course by her good friend Rebecca Fine. It was not until Rebecca suggested I think about asking Alexandra for the seminar that I gave it some thought. I listened to an interview she did, read some more of her posts on both her own and Rebecca s forum and reached the conclusion that she would indeed be of great value to the seminar. She s a very insightful lady. She accepted to do an interview and expressed her wish that it would be a very content-rich conversation. Well, of course Andrew and I were more than happy to oblige! In the interview Alexandra shares a bit about her background and how she got to where she is now. One of the things she told us along the way is that she thought she might talk too much to make for a good family doctor, who is supposed to be a good listener and offer guidance. Well of course we didn t mind her talking a lot at all, and of course she turned out to be an expert listener as well. Anyway, comments like that set the tone and we were in for a very, very upbeat interview in which Alexandra would regularly burst out in laughter, especially when considering the silly antics we as humans display to get ourselves in trouble. In between all the laughter there were plenty of profound statements. For example she shared that an important philosophy in naturopathic medicine is that if the obstacles to cure are removed, the body can heal itself. As another example, she states that modern medicine is largely fear-based, and what a good alternative would be. Those kinds of things made for a very profound and optimistic conversation. She also talked about what some of the obstacles are that get in our way. One of which is, that we have the idea that we should be some place other than where we are. I guess that s one of the things I remember most of the interview. Then she also shows how the Law of Attraction ties into this and explains that law really well. Alexandra also shared how paying attention to your emotions gives you the easiest access to change. That was really helpful as well. You have to become aware! One way to do that is what she described as practicing affectionate curiosity. Alexandra of course discusses some of what Mr. Wattles says in The Science of Being Well. As it turns out she also has another business educating people about financial freedom and she shares some of that as well. This turned out to be a very, very content-rich interview exactly as we all hoped it would be! Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 11

12 The Interview with PATRICK COMBS This was one of the early interviews we did and another one that had us laughing out loud on many occasions. As you probably know, Patrick not only does coaching and inspirational speaking, he also has a one-man comedy show, and we definitely were witness to his talent in that department! I found Patrick s website when I was looking on the Internet for someone who could give a workshop to people about finding and living their passion. I have seen many, many websites before I found Patrick s and somehow it seemed I had arrived at my destination. I definitely got a little nudge from the Universe to contact Patrick, and what do you know? Patrick gives a workshop called Discovering and Living Your Greatest Passion. I didn t see that on the website. I just had a feeling I had come to the right place. Anyway, it turned out Patrick liked the name of the seminar THINK! and he saw a kindred spirit, since his company is called Good Thinking, and noticed we are on the same wavelength, so he accepted my offer and will be speaking and giving this workshop during the seminar. One of the things I noticed when I was attending one of Patrick s teleseminars, is that he is really good at valuing people. He made me feel very welcome and very special to the call and he did that with all people. And this is no act. This is how he is. He s a very inspiring person. In the interview he told us the story about how his first book was published and whether it became a success or not. He also shared how he started his career as a comedian and how bumpy that road was. He used these stories to make a point that you should hold on to your dreams. Patrick talked a bit about systems for reaching success and then Andrew managed to get him to share a very valuable tool to recharge the batteries when you feel tired and your dream seems a bit farther away. I tried it myself and it works like a charm! We saw some of Patrick s compassionate side when he told us about his mission to end hunger. I m sure you will find that very moving when you read that or listen to that. And then it was back to laughter as Patrick gave us the short version of how he managed to cash a junk mail check for $95,000. Andrew and I felt totally inspired after this interview. Again, it went from cracking up with laughter to silent compassion and back to roaring laughter. Another fantastic interview. Hold on to your dream! Oh, and sorry Patrick but you get second place for all those you knows. David broke your record! Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 12

13 The Interview with Dr. JILL AMMON-WEXLER Dr. Jill approached me to ask if she could be part of the conference, I think after one of her trainees alerted her to the event. We had some miscommunication in the beginning, which I will tell you all about if you get to make it to the 2007 THINK! Seminar. A very funny story, I can promise you that. Anyway, I thought that Dr. Jill would make an excellent addition to the team, because she offers a practical means of attaining what you want. It s also based on the latest discoveries in science. Dr. Jill knows a lot about brainwave training. Because of the misunderstanding I had with Jill in the beginning I wasn t quite sure what kind of interview to expect. I somehow had conjured up this image of a serious scientist and I wanted the interview to be a very upbeat one, just like all the other ones. Well I need not have feared! Jill turned out to be a very nice, kind, chatty person with an absolute passion for what she is doing. In her own words, she s enamored with the brain. Here s some of the great stuff she came up with: Your mind controls you, unless you choose to control it. Stress is not really what happens outside of you. Stress is your RESPONSE to what is happening outside of you. The Millionaire Brainwave Pattern (not the official name) and how to get it Ever had the proverbial light bulb go off in your brain? That s whole brain synchronization. How to consciously access your deeper unconscious mind. Recognize, Relax and Respond in the face of stress. How to create and use a trigger to your Alpha Relaxation Response. Why big dreams sometimes can be easier to achieve than smaller ones. Can you see how this was an information-jammed interview? There was a lot more that I don t want to tell you know, not to spoil the surprise, but there s a LOT of content in this interview! Should you be one of the lucky ones to get a ticket to the seminar in Amsterdam, you will find out that Dr. Jill s team has a great booth there. That s a little scoop I can give you now! Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 13

14 The Interview with Dr. JOE VITALE I knew Joe by name, because I had read some books that he had co-authored, but I didn t have a good idea about who he was until I saw him in The Secret. Joe was actually pretty quick about accepting a spot on the team of presenters at the THINK! Seminar, for which I am very grateful. I m sure his name attracted some of the other participants as well. He took one good look at the idea and said, Yeah, that s something I m interested in doing! I guess it s true what they say about successful people making decisions fast. The interview Andrew and I had with Joe was actually the first contact I had with him. All other contact had been done through his personal assistant, Suzanne. And although my expectations of Joe were already pretty high, I was still pleasantly surprised by his personality. He s a very easy-going man, very flexible and generous, with a great sense of humor. He had no idea what we were going to ask him and yet he was never at a loss for words. In the interview he shares some of his background, his rags to riches story and he explains how he got his nickname Mr. Fire. (I can imagine him waving his arms around while he was talking to us on the phone.) He told us who his inspirations were up to this point and I guess you have some very interesting reading to do if you follow in his footsteps. I think I will read some of those books he mentions myself! One of the really interesting things he said was: Dare something worthy. Do something big in the world. I thought that was very inspiring. Another thing he spends some time on discussing, is coaching. He believes in coaching and he told us to get rid of any counter-intentions you might have within yourself or otherwise you will have a tough time reaching your goals. Then he discussed the five steps from his book The Attractor Factor on how to get what you want. He also gives a great example from his own life on how through letting go he achieved in seven months what he had failed to achieve trying to force the issue during ten years! Joe tells us how he came up with his famous line from the movie The Secret, The Universe is this big catalogue. You can have anything you want. He proceeds with sharing some of the benefits of Karmic Marketing. How it can work in your favor to give away things or services for free. He also speaks about feelings and trust levels. One of the many highlights: Be happy now, while declaring what you want for the next moments Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 14

15 The Interview with RON G HOLLAND I was approached by Peter J. Brown, who markets some of Ron s products and services, with the question if I would consider Ron for my seminar. I had never heard of Ron Holland, so I was a bit reluctant, but I also believe that once you have committed to your dream, the right people will cross your path. So I asked Peter if he could send me some of Ron s material. I have to say, Ron and Peter were very quick and generous about this. I immediately received two tape sets and later on two more followed. I was immediately taken with the material I heard, even if some of it was over 20 years old. It actually had me take action in certain areas it discussed. At that point in time I had been looking for a closing speaker for the seminar. Someone who could sum up the major points that had been addressed, come up with some of his own and really motivate and inspire people. The more I listened to those tapes, the more I got convinced that Ron G Holland was it. So I told Peter and everything was arranged. Ron proceeded to call me and that was a very nice phone call indeed. A very nice way to get introduced to this very successful and creative man and he subtly gave me some advice as well in a very non-obtrusive way. We went on to meet in London where we spoke for over an hour and Ron told me some of his plans for the seminar and gave me some details about his new book. And boy is that going to be a big one! I can t wait for it to come out! In the interview he told us about his background, about his trials and tribulations and how he overcame those. He proceeded to tell us what the main messages have been of his books and tapes up till now. Silence, Stillness and Solitude stopping the internal dialogue The Power of NOT thinking How successful people think in pictures AND words How to Create Million Dollar Ideas and turn them into Cash! (The subtitle of his new book) Ron also gave us his Top Five Keys to guarantee success, and they have to do with setting highly defined goals, thinking those goals through in pictures, altering your state of consciousness when meditating, stopping the internal dialogue and tweaking your vision in your daily visualization. He explained all of those with excellent examples. Then he answered some of our questions about visualization and taking action. He also tells a very funny story about manifesting his first Rolls Royce. Another very interesting thing is where he explains that belief is not as important as feeding the right programs into your Bio-Computer (your brain). This was another great interview. Great fun to do as well! Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 15

16 The Interview with Dr. RHOBERTA SHALER Rhoberta approached me because she thought she could make a valuable contribution to the seminar. She gave me several websites to check out and I did. To be honest, I didn t quite see the connection at first. Rhoberta is an expert in communication and conflict management and other people skills, but I failed to see at first how that would tie into the seminar. I had a better look at her websites she has many attended a teleseminar she did, and surely enough I started to see the connection between creating your own reality with your mind, your thoughts and beliefs on the one hand and communication and conflict management on the other. Apart from this very practical side of teaching people skills for better communication, Rhoberta also has a lot of experience in more spiritual matters. I still didn t know how to put her into the program, so for a while I did nothing. Then, in a flash of inspiration I decided to add an extra day to the seminar for 100 entrepreneurs, executives and other people wanting to learn about applying what they had heard during the seminar in leadership and in business. Suddenly it all made sense and there was the perfect spot for Rhoberta to contribute! In the interview Rhoberta shares some of her background. Then she proceeds to explain five ways to manage conflict, and though some of them may seem ineffective at first, they all have their place and value. Then she talks a bit about the value of knowing your core values and what to do when either you or someone you come into contact with gets really angry. See if you can answer the question she asked Andrew and me correctly She explains how giving conflict a name is the key to it all. After hearing this recording you will already have a lot more skills and tools to use whenever conflict arises at work, in your home or anywhere else! Rhoberta also explains some of how you can teach other people how to treat you! How about this one: If you love your neighbor as you love yourself, is your neighbor getting a good deal? Find out how big companies can increase their productivity with up to 40%. As you can see Rhoberta can and has talked about a wide variety of things. And she all does this in a soft-spoken, yet clear voice. One very sophisticated lady Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 16

17 The Interview with ANDREW McCOMBE Andrew initially approached me to do a joint venture to help promote his book Activate Your Life. I was so impressed by this book that I wanted to know more about Andrew and this resulted in me asking him to be a presenter at the 2007 THINK! Seminar. In the interview Andrew shares a bit about his background as a professional athlete, sports scientist, personal trainer and coach, and he explains how he became interested in the workings of the mind. EASE is an important concept to Andrew. In working with clients Andrew discovered that at the root of any disease or Dis-EASE as Andrew sometimes refers to it they experienced, there was always dissatisfaction about some aspects of their life. He also found that dealing with the underlying issue could actually remove the disease. Andrew also has a very interesting definition of disease, and he gives 5 Steps to remove disease. Andrew has incorporated a lot of systems in his philosophy, which makes for an attractive step-by-step approach. These systems can be applied to all areas of your life. Since his book is called Activate Your Life I asked him how you can do just that, activating your life. Andrew goes into quite some detail about that as well. Andrew also shares his view on leadership. This was a very informative interview. What really stuck with me was Andrew s point that the body is a barometer for all areas of your life. What I should also mention, obviously, is that Andrew s favorite word is obviously Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 17

18 Making a difference on a global scale A lot if not all of the people we have interviewed, are making a difference on a global scale. And they do it in a way that has led me to believe that when you combine your greatest passions and link them to a need that s out there, things can get moving really fast. That s nothing new, mind you, but it s great to see how that works. For example: Dr. Alexandra Gayek shared how she always wanted to be a part of a global network and now she has founded one, around The Science of Being Well by Wallace D. Wattles. Dr. John Hagelin is traveling the world to discuss public policy and the effects of group meditation. Wait until you hear what he has to share about world peace! Dr. Rhoberta Shaler will initiate a world wide spiritual summit in When I look at the seminar I am organizing now, it has already attracted attention from people all over the world. People from all continents already know about it. Part of the proceeds will be used to keep hundreds, if not thousands, of children alive in Africa. All these global initiatives, and those of the other speakers, have their ripple effects as well. My point, if you know what you want, YOU can have an impact on a global scale as well. That s an inspiring thought, isn t it? It s good to dream BIG. It inspires you. Listen what Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler has to say about that in her interview. Let me know how you have positively influenced the world. I would like to know! Okay, enough of that. Let s get to some FUN stuff! Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 18

19 Fun Stuff After listening to the interviews time and again, you really start noticing some fun stuff. Apart from answering most of your important Questions about Life, you can also find the answers to the following intriguing questions What was David doing lying down on a carpet in Australia that changed his life forever? Who was Ron warning to stop telling him rubbish? Why did Ron s neighbor think he was nuts? How did cow snot inspire Fred to great success? (sorry about that one folks ) What happens when Fred has a change of ears? Where is your brain? Are you sure??? Dr. Jill gives the answer. Did you know you can actually hear Andrew blush when Rhoberta and he start talking at the same time again and again? Why do the words aspiring for perfection make Alexandra burst out in laughter? Do you have to speak Cartoon to understand what Rhoberta means when she says, HN NJUH NJUH NJUH NJUH? Just having a bit of fun there. Wait until you hear those recordings! Okay, what is your next step? Let s find out! Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 19

20 Your next step Okay, you ve read the introduction to the interviews. What should you do now? Step 1. Go to and listen to the samples of the interviews that have been made available there. Step 2. Listen to that inner voice, that little nudge from the Universe and take some Inspired Action! Get Lucky / M.C. Luyk. All Rights Reserved 20