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1 V...J l'l1)'ll _.'... J..", G1 FT " 10 els., THE WORLD'S NEW THOUGHT JOURNAL JULY, 1911 A Journal Affirmation HENRY HARRISON BROWN, Editor Nerve us with incessant affirmatives. Don't bark against bad, but chant beauties good.-emerso N. SOUL CULTURE ART OF LIVING PSYCHOMETRY INSPIRATION SPIRITUAL HEALING MENTAL SCIENCE SUGGESTION Published by HENRY HARRISON BROWN, Glenwood, California. SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS DI911izedbyGoogie

2 SantaCruzMountains UOMES = RESORTS = ORCUARDS AND VINEYARDS. I am a Santa Cruz Mountain Property Specialist. If you desire to buy or sell any l, eir improved or unimproved, if it is located in Santa Cruz Mountains; you will find it worth your while to communicate with me. Write for my lists maps. No trouble to answer questions. JOHN DUBUIS SANTA CRUZ - - CALIFORNIA BRANCH OFFICE, GLENWOOD, CALIF. Digitized bycoogle -...

3 I Harris01J Broum 7 THE INSPIRATION OF A FRIEND He is res;,t:ts Love breath life IS AlIID WlIAT IS NOT DW THOUGHT are under are colltiilua.lly new movement ever has to it who take its name for so re are those mselves barnacles to a battleto this ors that cannot an but must have a life. It is a natural result. The scientific is not hard to Were not dem for se palrasites til" would not be forthcomi The can all marine submarine sites may to attach to it, be not least hindered. Now that travail-bliss baptised us to Eternal Youth. HENRY HARRISON BROWN. 28, with this thous methods ten thclus:md ways thous ways consciousthis will be

4 86 -Edith M. Thomas Soul was ever Truth for anor; neir was human soul en over anor. The New Divin each Human Soul. has no ausave that which comes as We believe that to each or movements are not New but Truth which needs at old It been moment. We refuse to be any from time for to or any conduct mselves \Ve leave behind all supremacy external over Soul. We ers. is old "'rin\rl""l with centuries. Its name have to old : now it control We not "Leader. is to to nothless vibration than this Soul!t- ad. But as shibboleth will not allow shalt not. Its tenets are Of(!la(:ed his a "Thus saith!" be it a rule' book teacher. The based some form tvr':!nnv_ method claims to be is AM; [ so much as a for I will circumstances ThclUgtlt, but old thollg-ht mas,quer skin cannot Some ear will to be New down a rule or a limitation any form ass's ear. It is not but are chosen." one to claim dis,penslalt1cm is not old rc lib- tell us that that we are limitahons. The or are controlled now aw'akening- Human incarrlations, or to fact that each establish rules Most or eat, "Belove(:I, now (l1etetlc or hvicyipnir " said one old time. He fact. It has taken two this truth into All who refact will live who do not will live :all lirrlitations. to ":l'idual chooses rite sulllel:t to New into each Human Human Soul from one which finds all comes vine jnrleritalrlce

5 -Emerson will neir allow from anor in soul will not allow individual to think what will do in any time but true believer in to meet every moment, will arrange for any but w trust soul to care for future when it shall become as it trusts soul to care Now Babes in faith are who tell what to to wear, how to ba; you must must or mitst do are be who you that you must submit to ceremonies, who have to; who ise in a short time to an who have books lore to ex- ; who will teach how to deso can win anyone to your. who teach to USe your power; Hindoo etc. press has some ac'col1nt someone been one se Sql.1ca.lS lice. Dem will seek imoossible' when common sense possesses is used' know what is claims are convatnoi,res will mass ex\;eilent... "''' literature is no excuse for one deluded. A few dollars deto this literature would save much loss in dollars much NOW has little to waste victims Personal "Hindoo an,edls." many or workers All we can say is: Let all such per'sorls sealone. for protection literature. any process save to attain "n;lr;t",,1 "Heaven is not at a bound. All any teacher can do for you is to you with a desire to let that you are unfold such teachers we know must have no secret but love. When come to your free. is no mttst in You work not from ne,cessity. you love to do. eat what as ter am Divine! am linlitless! You will not n er who limitations You eliminate from all books that fetter in that deal in Prind- Y011 will leave to weak all crutches canes called rules wdl walk without staves, in alone. You are n You have found IN YOUR

6 stream imlpecled 88 hold ir incense Him who is my to ETElLIlAL PRESDCE will not leave you -John. I am one with eternal I am one with Infinite En.erg;y I am one I am one I am one with lnfinllte I am one with Divine I am one with all se se are who is ever is me. am never alone for is with I am never alone for Love is with me. I am never for where I am, God is He is my my comforter. I am for I am with my comforter. I for I am with mv comforter. I for I am with my comforter. I for with me E:MERSOR. desire held in returnto Massachusetts was to visit scenes associated with son. I waited until winter was over for that purpose. Then I was colonial childhood homes. above it was Concord that was in mind. I ardates so New beautiful month I could Boston friends that claimed most DO:,l:Olll, I am ever with health. flows into am with all for Love Truth ever with than air 11al Presence to Nearer than are to my life is Eternal Presence my Nearer than desire Eternal Presence to The hills are filled He whom Soul loveth waters are full I love is in m. The trees are to my m.

7 -Lut,..,io Mott. I with face in tears OTllltitlUI.. for that poem. It stirred me when I his later made know m,'seu--i\j'lj\.n. After my address I took electric cars to Be1dfclrd. a town full historic re "Minute men" battle at re once stclpp1ed over fines was most beautiful country that business It gan to rain. remained to I reached Concord I at old "Tavern" where soldiers ate morn battle boasted rout would Yankees on here in a barrel morrow. st soap service soldiers. that silver communion hidden to it from The Concord ha<; an old residence near Ernelrson Home converted it into museum ancient Here is all furniture Thoreau in his cabin at Walden. had more utensils than I ex))ected see. But furniture fice a modern mental than Ut"U"". after we not it is with else is if se use externals is to consciousness Brainsto think. In a room in this house F"n",,.,,n,, user} to come when desired absolute to write. I sat in a chair it is said he used. near did I come to' him. But conditions were upon me, that I was on leavone who takes crulm]jag:ne. I was on Pentecost-Hfi11ed " Some that inspir:lticm its way into every maga- for diat is a later I revisited W. my ceredentials to Dr. was most received. He talked to me shc)wl::d me his far's He.. Most written indexed. Four most volumes are alreaclv two more will be He thinks re will ten was a rare to hanto words as but from his is it was It to visitors save upon orders Dr. erson. order he gave to me I trod hallowed floor' sat in his chair at books made sacred his love. I felt his presence received a consecration from on hs never He no includes this this animates all he wrote. Here I shall be a a clearer a wiser a more a better man for to his home Honow" I uncovered before white buiildin2: with its streaks rosy it world. cut some from oak that shadowed grove for remembrance I m in emblem NOW is Hereafter His tomb is also united with oak this for was in same realm he it lives-both are immortal. I attended a H,",'_H. 1_ Diold to

8 no that so ten One inc:idellt worth for Her in she was in olel she met Enler:50n on train on her way to N. Y., been held up to her an dalrkrles:s. In conversation with felt it her to with him on his ideas power extent smiled The is a m. most we have in (''''lif...,...,,;''' season summer, we come into one winter. is a which to one who has to love is as rich as are tints best artists. New Year's round to New Years we have a after our sununer first October as is white winter in New Etlglan,d. admit in IN EMERSON'S STUDY turns to move infinite Love! HENRY HARRISON BROWN. CC:1cord, Mass., June 1, 191 L inclosed hills among m. tasteless" in mate, for every for Coast is unlike,rlglano in its beauas it unlike in its We have "'V''''''' Ull,,,,,.,,, to that cease to look extremes who do look for finer harmoniies. am not but to

9 I IWlee149' it IP'OWI. -Itdia W /11,.4 Howe WING8 A worm, one summer day, A worm that dream'd mid Was known to stop upon its way And say "I wish that I had Then all worms that Laughed long loud-poor!- And cried, "Put all such dreams away; You're but a ne'er have And one grave worm more wise than all, (Doctor Worm Sh()()k wise head "I call This talk rank heresy. But still dreamer dreamed his dreams, When c'er he looked at things He crept more fast, said, "It seeml I'll fly like that when I have " One day he chill His body with But still, e'er death Said. "Maybe this will numb, stings; was come, me To-day 1 saw on fire, This occult dreamer dust, And as it circled in air There came to me this trust every dream fond desire, These strange for better Arc not in vain: sometime, somewhere, These dreams ours will end in wings. Victor in New UNCLE TOM'S CABIN WAS WRITTEN FROM THE SUB CONSCIOUS. The first BANKERS OPPOSE POSTAL BANK way. Record-Herald.


11 -Emersolll 93 STILL Olf THE WIlIG. exthat remained until many friends were those class" in who invited her acances one afternoon to meet to me. The result was a fine became very much interested earnel;tly find me to return. Emerson has been We in him to me' to words for to return course. Mr. main with Alliance till but re is a call for turn to Chicago. found me in Piu&- fields were 10 were lonesome to me. made many warm 11 It:UU:O, audience invited me to for a in J look forward to that return. informed friends in New York I woufd in a 1 was notice that arl:angelments made for afternoon each those Conse- I a fine class at rooms which Mrs. l\1rs. Van dlsposa' vf

12 94 introduction to New.. N. I have never notes titles lessons tures I will here N. Y.. CI.linrovanlce I am not hlllbnl I am aidljidi Pitt"tlllrlY steamtbo:at ride ov- >.JVUUI,'. found me in Bos where Dr, A. M. is in was very much with tone in which was character Such was to be from one has so well demonstrated her an ways. in so What is now this movement is a similar workers who cut out all notions Absolute corne cal life. It is this do work in Here Now. -Archil L. Blaei, lecture. my into a ident, count Work for outcast a movement Iibthougilt will be produc1tive for above au he Hance self is an attraction an inspir'abon. Wedlne!;da,v eve, 24. I Center at an old Califomia located in DrlJfolUnld inte\'- "';::"",.,,1.,," in Bos- A ture I it those who remembered my is more beautian'llwher'e in tlte U. S. I At a I leased a Whalon I in rest. for season He took me in his miles into H. where I u;;ed to be a with tlte or three horne. mor me with same hills streams fields where I llsed to loiter rest after a lecture tour. Nature cares for witen :Man lets Iter alone. And away ant in re not ruthless that 1\lan 111 How much sentiment has to do with memory old scenes was to my mind wlten I

13 MiJnut:e a mad. -",ntlne Bachelor went to look for an old lmark in Bo!>ton Common. Dr. Holmes in "The Autocrat Breakfast Table" tells " Path" with on I used way lieve as I its many CU!ltorns, schools that prclcee,d vation world. above those are n to ONE GOD presence through creation's eludes tions. Path" stood a illustrious in my neir do or host made America bodies lie are not "A chosen corps y're on, In nobler fields than ours, Those bright battalions still fulfill The scheme heavenly powers. And brave thoughts float down to us The echo that far Like sound distant picket gulls sev,erirlg I felt Clnt! So And greets God And mark that light shall come at morrow with lark. -A. F. GallI/on.

14 -R- hitlie, OFFICI 0' NOW GLENWOOD.. CALIFORNIA BIWIICB Omea SA. CAJ..u>. Vol. 8 JULY 1911 No. 7 HENRY HARRISON BROWN, Editor ture. It AU SUBSCRIPTION RAns....$1.00 per year 10 cents His season in East mo!lt in every his thanks friends who in various citto make it so. And we to announce that sulhsc:riii has increased coneditor.' He will continue his letters write his editorials as in into de- tention vote himself still more to we will make it New M()veme:nt. will Mr. Brown believes in this form is "The that was to come Remember: Mr. Brown can be addresseir at this fice or Care 3 for next few months. While In Detroit pure lives. his into "A Future Dem those who need such as comes psy'chi,c phenomena will find be assiireo ),[r. Brown's absence Sam will edit care l\ow business. California.


16 DO darklllel. Best 1.t 2nd SERIES REPRESENTATIVE MEN CONDUCT OF LI NATURE ENGLISH TRAITS POEMS 35c PER VOLUME I recommend se little ir can you same art lear for 75c. in :line red cloth volumes I in fine I will any book for that you want. is. Books. Give me a GLENWOOD, CALIFORNIA.

17 THREE lliiles FRO. where California'. flneat combination Comfort II found. HOKE CALIFOR:NIA Climate, Scenery, Beauty, Flora non-contagious. WRITE FOR INFORMATION AND RATES AT ONCE SAM EXTON FOULDS, Manager, SANTA CRUZ MTS., CALIF. DETIlJGS Ilf sa FRAliCISCO BAY CITIES. AJ!ID Health is Your Birthrigtlt.. For Experien,ced Tnlinc:d Nur- COIIl1(c,rtable RQ()ms sacramento-hom OF TRUTH Street. MillS Christine Frazer I Unity Truth Centtlr-.,W:rilrll1t, YOU WILL 610Y BEADIlfG A IlAGAZD!IE OF ASPIRATIOB " Cliff Medical SurDi'rlU Patients. Ocean SANTA CRUZ, CALI :KAB.Y labe liajily REG. BRITISH GRADUATE NUR8E QUEST Lafayette, Colorado SOCIETY is seeking services a good business manager at once, with financial connections to take interest in a growitllg pul)lishil1lg business. A rare for right man. Good home. Good Life Dr. J. F. President, THE NEWLIFE PUBLICATION SOCll!!:TY 65 Central Park West, New Yvrk.

18 Dry Goods Ladies t Garmets 7w,''ow'' wear WBp, oantaj1j Hle0te4 au equitabl1 priced, co to The Seaside Store SABTA Cll.UZ, CALII'. c. E. DRAPER Groceries Hardware Hay,Feed Grain GLENWOOD, SANTA CRUZ CO., CALIF. Williamson & Garrett (Inoorporated) Grocers TELEPHOn JlAIlI' 8IIVU 10,12, 14, 18 PaciAo Ave., Santa Cr1LI, OIL KISS LEONA B. CHAPPELL Bealer Teacher J(entaJ Soienoe Treatments by Correspondence. Office Phone. Red 31 Address: Glenwood; CalifornIa. FREE A valuable SELF-Healing Leuon now seiling for 50 cents will be sent FREE to all who enclose a two-cent stamp for postage. Address, EDWARD E. GORE (Fo...rIT Editor "Oce.1t TntIl SotIt.") Box 'T'T. Floritla Residence Phone,. John 132 F. H. Parker REAL ESTATE 146 PACIFIC AVE., SANTA CRUZ, CAL. Insurance, Houses Rented, Collections Made. City Country Property, In Tracts on Terms.. Digitized bycoogle

19 The CROWN SANTA MOUNTAINS On P. R. 60 Miles to San Francisco 15 Miles to SEMPERVIRENS PA,RJC_ 15 Miles to SANTA CRUZ. COTT'AGfES CAMP LOTS RENT AND FOR SALE Address: SANTA CRUZ I Address: F. A. HIHN FOR SALE IN Santa ON SUNNY SIDE OF BAY ON LINE SOUTHERN PACIFIC R. Summer Climate Climate Unexcelled AT VERY OF SURF. EVERY VIEW OF BAY. AND SALT WATER J:SA"j.".t1lti Tent Places Business. Prices Reasonable. Half Rates in Winter. SANTA CRUZ

20 " Not Hypnotism but Suggestion Harrison Brown; pp., 66; edition; paper, 25c. In this book Law is furr Grant Wallace, in which he wrote twice referred to it as a book, recommending it editorials this city, very valuable little textbook Concentration-The Road to Success Harrison Brown. pp., 60; paper, 25c. Soul Culon book. without 128 pages, bound covers, 50 cents. is Mr. Brown's latest tished in is its 2d edition. It grew out lines work. thus prostudent letter in have been for 30 years answered until out se answers for this masses, this as It grew. to in answer to Dem. Self Healing Through Suggestion latest book; 25c. The what book Dollars Want Me! The New Road to Harrison Brown, pp., 24; IOC. It exwhat attitude to hold that will draw Dollar. It wiil enable you to rise above labor. A booklet. given could easily editor writes' rea Iize.' Truth, Lon "This new law has power such as few How to Control Fate Through Suggestion Harrison Brown; pp., 62 ed'ltlcm; paper, 25c. In Part I it deals with Science, in Part II with Place Power Ella Wheeler \Vilcm, in Hearst news papers is worth many dollars to will live philosophy." Man's Greatest Discovery erfu!. " OR 5