Angelic Consciousness for Inspired Action and Accelerated Manifestation Part II

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1 Angelic Consciousness for Inspired Action and Accelerated Manifestation Part II By Anita Briggs, DCEd, MSc, DAc. In Part I of Angelic Consciousness was discussed how angels are entirely filled with the higher spiritual beings in their inner life and their outer life of expression is instant manifestation of what they are holding in their inner being. We discussed how this mode of being completely devoted and surrendered to Spirit retaining nothing of personal self, will or ambition seeds strong impulses of divine Will that enables instant manifestation in outer life. Furthermore, angelic consciousness is strongly focused either inwardly in surrender or outwardly in manifestation, as their entire being dwells within Reality and is impelled by divine Will only. In Part I, a simple exercise was given to generate stronger focus in life and move out of weak states of creation where the mind is left to wander, as it will. In Part II, we focus on changing the manner in which we typically think about problems or challenges in life, which keeps us in the small mind when we can just as easily move into a state of far greater consciousness by surrendering to Spirit and allowing oneself to become spirit-filled as the angels do. Most of us have been programmed to move out of pure heart-centered consciousness and into the mind in the course of life. We have all put far too much emphasis on the supremacy of the thinking mind, when in fact it has little wisdom and is the least powerful and youngest of our faculties. While it is true that thought is creative, not all thought is equal in strength, and thoughts of the ego mind are far less powerful that are thoughts emanating from our conscious being, for example. It is the source of the thought that determines its power. Our lack of understanding of the serving role of the mind is what keeps us utilizing this weak faculty as master at all times, rather than moving directly into the far more powerful faculty of Conscious Being. Our higher dimensional Self knows infinitely more than does our small mind, how to direct our life towards manifestations of joy and fulfilment. And so it stands to reason that we are well served by filling our consciousness with this higher state of being each time we face a challenge or problem in life. And we achieve this by consciously surrendering ourselves to Spirit. We find is hard to surrender, partly because we ve not been taught to do this and also because it is not instinctual we are here to become conscious as individuated expression of the Creator and we have an innate impulse toward distinction from other. Surrender may feel unnatural with this impulse, which has kept us in separation for far Copyright 2008 Anita L. Briggs All Rights Reserved 1

2 too long. However, the more conscious and awake we are, the more it is possible and right to move into states of merging completely with Spirit once again. Most people have been taught that they must figure out and think about solutions to life s challenges with the rational mind and by analyzing conditions, making assumptions based on experience or past events, etc. This utilizes the small mind, which is limited by distorted perceptions of the past and tends to produce much of the same circumstances that are already present. Moreover it is the mind that created our problems in the first place, and real solutions are only possible from a higher level than that which produced the problem. Many people who study the brain will tell you that the flashes of insight and inspiration that lead to breakthrough solutions occur in the deeper brainwave states of meditation. As well, we are told to sleep on a problem in order to get an inspired solution in the morning. I remember often in my university days getting elegant solutions to difficult mathematical problems first thing in the morning. We are misguided into believing that our rational mind is powerful, when in fact, the only true power lies in Consciousness or Conscious Being. You don t have to wait for the early morning hours in order to tap into consciousness that has the transcendent solutions, as you can reach these states of being by practicing angelic consciousness with clear intention. Whenever you are working on a problem or challenge in your life, try the following exercise, below. To make the process more clear, I will use an example of facing some difficulty with your child and feeling unable to provide meaningful guidance without resorting to control. 1- Attune to the problem and identify what seems weak or missing in you that is preventing a clear or easier solution. You may want to put this into words. For example, I am lacking in authority with my child and realize that my sense of conscience is largely dictated by shoulds... which does not work with my child, nor do I want to impose external shoulds. 2- State your intention around this problem very clearly (e.g. I wish to support and guide my child through this situation in a manner that supports and awakens true conscience and healthy choices that supports his or her highest good. I am willing to engage new capacities and grow in conscious awareness and true conscience myself in order to do this. I am open and willing to being the change I seek for my child. ) 3- Now surrender the problem to your Higher Power (Prime Creator or your Higher Self). Surrender is a process where you give up all your concern, worry, or anything that impedes a sense of divine peace and faith that all is already resolved. It is not always an easy step and cannot be faked. But any difficulty in surrendering will reveal to you where you are holding on to the lower self, the need to be right, the desire for vindication or validation, etc. Once you identify this, it s Copyright 2008 Anita L. Briggs All Rights Reserved 2

3 much easier to let go. In surrender you must release all attachment to negativity of any kind, all worry, uncertainty or doubt, as well as all attachment to outcome. Remember, the angels are instant manifestors because of the power of complete surrender they retain nothing personal and give themselves up completely to Higher Powers. Move to the next step only when you feel you ve surrendered the entire problem or challenge. 4- Practice the Presence 1 as a means to enter into a state of complete peace and contentment. Feel yourself as your Higher Self, with access to divine insight, wisdom and inspiration. Don t focus on the issue at hand at all, but rather immerse in divine Presence in full faith that the Higher Powers know your intentions and are able to magnetically convey insights and impulses toward resolution. Let yourself feel wonderfully supported in life and open to divine will and guidance. Remain in this state for as long as you desire. 5- Now attune to the situation once again, with inner joy, knowing that you are becoming the change you wish to see in your life or in those around you. You should feel clearly shifted, though you may not be able to verbalize just how. Feel the energies you felt lacking in step 1, and imagine engaging these in life to an increasing degree. 6- Repeat the above exercise a few times during the day or week, in order to deepen the change in consciousness and accelerate change in outer reality. The entire exercise can be done in a matter of minutes once you become proficient at it. Often just doing this exercise once will change your relationship to the situation and how you feel about it. And as you radiate deeper love and knowing, and become the change that you seek, others around you will quickly respond in some manner. You will also find that your behaviors around the situation have greater freedom and are less prone to being reactive. But if you are back in reaction, then simply repeat the exercise, as some important aspect that may be keeping you stuck is coming up for conscious understanding and clearing. By surrendering to being spirit-filled while holding clear intention, you attract precise support from spirit realms for your current situation. As you learn to open up your whole being, you will receive the impulses that will translate into new perceptions and behaviors that are more aligned with your Higher Power. And you will accelerate the manifestation by being more completely aligned with divine will and in harmony with your intentions with your whole being. As you witness wonderful transformations through this exercise, your faith in the power of your inner being will also increase, to the point that you will never feel without options in life, even if those options are not at all clear to you yet. Copyright 2008 Anita L. Briggs All Rights Reserved 3

4 The following vibrationally encoded images will support you with the exercise. The first image, Release, Surrender, Allow and Accept, will help you surrender more deeply. You may use it while doing step 3 of the exercise, and at various times during the day whenever you find yourself in worry, overwhelm, or negativity about the problem or challenge you are working on. The second image, I AM one with, will support you to deeply embody a state of balance between the yin state of surrender and the yang state of acting on impulses, from the zero point the point of power within your innermost core. It is recommended that you use it after you ve completed the exercise. Copyright 2008 Anita L. Briggs All Rights Reserved 4

5 Vibrationally Encoded Image: Release, Surrender, Allow and Accept Copyright 2008 Anita L. Briggs All Rights Reserved 5

6 Vibrationally Encoded Image: I AM one with the Active/Father/Yang, Passive/Mother/Yin and the Neutral/Holy Spirit/Zero Point Principles of Creation. Copyright 2008 Anita L. Briggs All Rights Reserved 6

7 1 Practicing the Presence was described in a series of 3 articles. If you have not received them, you may sign up to the Inner Mastery Tools list at Copyright 2008 Anita L. Briggs All Rights Reserved 7