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1 Pdupcfs!2-!3129!.!Efdfncfs!32-!3129! Sfjlj!Ifbmjoh!Dfoufs;! :9! LOCATIONS Reiki Healing Center Myra Reichel Most classes, events, and sessions are held at Good Karma Yoga and Barre, 55 State Road, 2 nd Floor, PA Please park in lots in rear of building on Overhill Road and come in door facing State Road. YOGA, BARRE, & Tai Chi Chih CLASSES: Schedule at or text Deb Santan Some events, sessions, and classes are already scheduled or can be scheduled by appointment at Heartspace at Seven Stones or at the Fellowship or at Rose Tree or Vitamin Shoppe in, PA or at Hidden River or Community Education Center or Private Offices in Philadelphia, PA or in Warwick, NY or other locations so please call to RSVP to verify location and to schedule by appointment. REIKI MINI SESSIONS FREE Mind Body Spirit Health Fair to be held on Saturday, October 6 from Noon to 5PM at the Vitamin Shoppe at 1058 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA Location is handicapped accessible. FREE 4 th Mondays Community Reiki Held on 10/22/18, 11/26/18 (NONE IN DECEMBER) from 1 to 3PM at the Fellowship, 302 South Jackson St., PA Location is handicapped accessible. At 2:30PM the handicapped parking opens up to all. ALL ARE WELCOME: COMMUNITY REIKI/REIKI SHARES and KRIYA YOGA 1st Thursdays Daytime Reiki Share and Community Reiki at Heart Space 205 West Baker Street,, PA 19063: The first Thursday of every month on 11/1/18, 12/6/18 from 12:30 to 2:30 pm, led by Joan Nikelsky. The fee is on a sliding scale of $10 20, payable at the site (call for special rate for unemployed). Please bring a check or exact change. Dress comfortably. Sessions will be on a massage table or a reclining chair. RSVPs are appreciated, which will help us with setting up and timing sessions. Contact Joan Nikelsky at or Private Reiki and/or chakra balancing sessions of one half hour or one hour can also be arranged before or after the Reiki Share. Contact Joan for sliding scale information and available times. reiki share community reiki heart space/ 2nd Saturday Community Reiki and Reiki Share 10/13/18, 11/10/18, 12/8/18 from 1 to 3PM at GOOD KARMA YOGA AND BARRE 55 State Rd. 2nd floor,, PA 19063, park in either rear lot on Overhill Road, enter door on State Rd. Donation Donations appreciated. This event is followed by: KRIYA YOGA: 2 nd Saturdays, from 3 5PM usually once per month, October 13, November 10, December 8 at Good Karma Yoga and Barre. Donations appreciated. Please RSVP to confirm Frank Lock cell phone: Magnified Healing Celebration Ceremony Brought to Rev. Gisele King and Rev. Kathryn Anderson from Lady Master Kwan Yin Come participate in this standing, moving, spoken meditation for healing for yourself and to offer distance healing for your family,

2 friends, and Mother Earth. Light Love Joy Peace We are the Celebration. PM Saturday, December 8, PM Please RSVP Community Education Center (CEC), 3500 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA See and Magnified Healing page on Call for more information or to RSVP Khadijah or Myra Bring your friends and family! $15 per person REIKI HEALING CENTER CALENDAR OF EVENTS, CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, COMMUNITY REIKI/SHARES Community Reiki & Reiki Shares, Tai Chi and Kryia Yoga written in bold type in Calendar below class descriptions are open to everyone; love offering or donation appreciated. Classes on dates where date _/_/_ is in bold have students signed up as of Oct 5 th and you can join their class. Dates in regular type you can schedule any class on those dates starting 3 days before when dates are released is no one has signed up for scheduled class. Magnified Healing Celebration Ceremony, Tai Chi, and other classes in regular type have fees. Sessions with Myra Reichel can be scheduled between 9AM 7PM by appointment while classes are not being held. Workshops and classes are offered on the hours between 9AM 7PM daily either scheduled dates or by appointment. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday October 7 th 8 th Columbus Day 10/11/18 Not available 10/12/18 Not available Magnified Holiday Healing Phase 1 1st day October 14 th Not Magnified Healing 2 nd day 10/15/18 Tai Chi 7 8PM Borough Hall with Cheryl Macklin $55 for 10 classes prorated started Sept 10, /9/18 take either 2, 4, or 6 hours Part a or b 10/16/18 10/10/18 11:30AM $3 B. Hall classes or sessions 10/17/18 11:30AM $3 10/18/18 1 st class 9AM 3PM 10/19/18 split 9 11:30AM & 2:30 6PM NO Tai Chi 1PM not available 10/13/18 2 nd Saturday Monthly Community Reiki & Reiki Share 1 3PM Kryia Yoga /20/18 10AM 4PM 2

3 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday October 21 st Reiki Master can do 1 st class RMP b 10/22/18 Ethics 2 or 4 hrs. 10/23/18 Ethics 2 or 4 or 6 hours. 10/24/18 No Tai Chi 10/25/18 10/26/18 Shinpiden c Reiki Master a 9AM 1pm & 2PM 4PM Shinpiden b 2, 4, or 6 hours Karuna Reiki 12:30 to Part a or b Tai Chi 1 2 6:30PM 1 5 Fellowship Community Reiki 1 3PM Fellowship Tai Chi 7 8PM Borough Hall $5 10/27/18 Reiki II Reiki Master can do as 2 nd class October 28 th or Reiki I 12:30 6:30PM November 4 th Magnified Healing 3 rd Phase 1 st class of 2 full 8 hour days 11/3 & 11/4 10/29/18 or Reiki II or RMP a 10AM 4PM or Noon 6PM Tai Chi 7 8PM Borough Hall $5 11/5/18 Magnified Healing 3 rd Phase 2 nd class of 2 full 8 hour days 9AM 5PM 11/3 & 11/4 Tai Chi 7 8PM $5 Bough Hall 10/30/18 Karuna Reiki 1 5 RMP b Shinpiden b Noon 6PM 11/6/18 10/31/18 Shinpiden c or d or Reiki Master b 11/7/18 November 1 st Karuna Reiki /8/18 a/b 11/2/18 Shinpiden d Reiki Master b 9AM 1pm & 2PM 4PM Fellowship 11/9/18 Fellowship 11/3/18 Weaving Talk South Jersey Not until 3PM 11/10/18 Reiki Master a Shinpiden c scheduled (Karuna Reiki 9:30AM 6PM may be canceled) November 11 th Reiki Master a Shinpiden c 9AM 3PM 12:30 6:30PM 11/12/18 Veterans Day NO Tai Chi 11/13/18 Noon 6PM 11/14/18 11/15/18 Ethics 2 hours 9 11AM Shinpiden d 11AM 5PM Ethics 4 hours 5 9PM 11/16/18 Ethics 2 4 hrs Fellowship 11/17/18 RMP Shinpiden 3

4 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday November 18 th 22 nd THANKSGIVING 11/24/18 November 25 th b 12:30 6:30PM December 2 Magnified Healing 1 st Phase 2 nd day December 9 th Karuna Reiki 1 5PM 11/19/18 RMP b Shinpiden b 9AM 3PM &/OR Shinpiden d 11AM 5PM Tai Chi 7 8PM $5 Borough 11/26/18 Shinpiden c Tai Chi 7 8PM Borough $5 (Myra teach) 12/3/18 12/10/18 Shinpiden d 11/20/18 Noon 6PM 11/27/18 sessions and/or classes 12/4/18 a/b 12/11/18 11/21/18 11/28/18 12/5/18 a/b 12/12/18 a/b 11/29/18 a/b 12/6/18 a/b 12/13/18 9AM 3PM Karuna Reiki 1 5PM 11/23/18 9AM 1PM & 2 4PM 11/30/18 a/b Fellowship 12/7/18 Ethics Fellowship Celebration Workshop 2 6PM & 4 hrs 12/8 TBA 12/14/18 9AM 1PM & 2 4PM Fellowship sessions and/or classes December 1 st Magnified Healing 1 st Phase 2 days 12/8/18 Magnified Healing Celebration Ceremony $15 1 3PM RSVP CEC Phila. PA Celebration Workshop continues prep and clean up at Ceremony in Phila. 12/15/18 4

5 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday December 16 th 12:30 6:30PM 12/17/18 12/18/18 or 12/19/18 Possible Tai Chi makeup day. 12/20/18 9AM 3PM 12/21/18 RMP b Shinpiden b Fellowship 12/22/18 1/6/19 Not Happy Holidays REIKI HEALING CENTER IS ON FACEBOOK Please Like: MYRA REICHEL/REIKI HEALING CENTER Reiki/Magnified Healing PRACTITIONERS: PRIVATE SESSIONS & CLASSES Khadijah "Renee" G. Morgan, Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher, trained through the Reiki Healing Center of is also a Licensed Social Worker and trained Couples and Family Therapist offering private individual and family therapy sessions in her main office located in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. Khadijah affectionately states she heals "from the inside out" using Usui Reiki and healing crystals to facilitate an overall sense of healing and well being for the client. Khadijah is a Certified Medium that gives her the ability to deliver psychic communications to her clients from the other side of the veil during her Reiki sessions. She acknowledges and honors her Native American shamanic roots that stimulate her to use smudging and clearing mantra's to connect with Gaia and the higher self. Khadijah teaches all levels of Usui Reiki and is a 3 rd Phase Magnified Healing. Her classes are held in the greater Delaware Valley region, but she is based in Philadelphia. C Reiki Master Khadijah Renee s work is especially helpful to those suffering from depression and the loss of loved ones whether its via death, or divorce/separation. She first addresses re focusing on the love of self and then works to move outwards because without developing or healing our true love of self, we can't effectively love others. A person centered therapist. Khadijah feels the healthy individual can create healthy relationships across all sectors of life. She combines talk therapies with holistic healing modalities such as Reiki, Crystal Healing and Magnified Healing energies. A session with Khadijah is a wholesome experience that fosters individual selfdevelopment. She has two offices near each other; one is more conducive to the practice of Reiki. She doesn't believe in long term therapy. Her goal is to foster immediate healing so that you feel better, and more able to handle life's challenges. Contact her for individual, group and family sessions at: , website Reiki Sessions with Joan Nikelsky, , offers one hour Usui Reiki sessions for a sliding scale fee ($45 75) based on income. Also, Reiki can be combined with chakra balancing, a technique that uses energy drawn up from the earth to clear the energy field around the body and balance the chakras. Joan offers a flexible schedule for appointments, call to arrange. See Community Reiki and Reiki Shares section on website. Reiki, Magnified Healing Phase 1 Sessions, Distance Sessions, and Card Readings with Linda Minton call for details and appointments at Linda offers affordable distance or Community 5

6 Reiki Mini Sessions, Magnified Healing Phase 1 in person or remote sessions, and/or Dolphin or Fairy or I Ching Card Reading in person or over the phone. Special discounts given to Veterans like herself and her family members. Acupuncture sessions, Reiki sessions, Reiki classes, and shares with Eloise Prescott, Acupuncturist, Reiki Master Teacher contact Eloise works out of Hidden River in Manayunk section of Philadelphia, PA and does some home visits for homebound by appointment. New clients check Groupon. Nataki Bhatti is a Reiki Master, a Karuna Reiki, 1 st Phase Master Teacher of Magnified Healing, a 3 rd Phase "Light Worker", and Marriage & Death Rite Officiate currently based in the NEPA, North East Pennsylvania. She offers a variety of individual and group services. Nataki is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in community art management, teaching, program development and workshop facilitation. Commission her for living sacred art attuned with energy promoting spiritual transformation and healing. She is available for "Energy Clinics" where she uses a performative art style to educate and demonstrate the creative power of energy healing. call Myra Reichel, Reiki/ Karuna Reiki / Magnified Healing Phase 1 and/or Phase 3 Sessions and Classes, plus Gurdjieff Meetings call or Sessions by appointment: Lowincome, veterans, disabled call for info on discounts. Half hour Session is $50 (4 paid in advance is $180), full hour session is $80, hour (4 paid in advance is $280) and hour a half session is $115 (3 paid in advance is $300). Three twenty minute Distance/Remote Healing sessions are $60. Both sessions and classes are held by appointment at Good Karma Yoga and Barre or for an additional fee at your location. Class Descriptions for Reiki, Karuna Reiki,, Ethics, Magnified Healing Workshops with Myra Reichel are listed in this newsletter after Private Sessions information in Class Description section & Calendar or go to go to Class Descriptions on Continuing education for nurses, massage therapists and bodyworkers go to Continuing Education Nurses, Bodyworkers, and Massage Therapists Qigong and Tai Chi class on Mondays from 7 8PM at for is $50 for 10 classes for residents, otherwise $55. NO class Columbus or Veterans Day. Held at the Community Center between Monroe and Jackson Sts enter from 4 th St. Go in door to left of Police Station. Myra Reichel assists with class. Call Cheryl Macklin Qigong and Tai Chi class on Wednesdays held from 10:30 11:15AM from October 3 rd until December 12 th (No class on October 24 th ) $3 per class open to everyone. between Monroe and Jackson Streets, enter from 4 th St. The class is held in community Center in building to left. Myra Reichel Qigong and Tai Chi class on Fridays ongoing 1 1:45PM open to all. Donations appreciated not required. Fellowship, 302 South Jackson St,, PA Myra Reichel Gurdjieff Meeting If you are interested in applying Gurdjieff s teachings as presented by his direct student Mr. W.A. Nyland You will need to read first and last of All and Everything Beelzebub s Tales to His Grandson by G.I. Gurdjieff before attending meetings which are 1 ½ hours with first 6

7 meeting free then $10. Please call with questions and/or to schedule an appointment before attending meetings Myra Reichel Classes and Workshops with Myra Reichel Please call to check dates you wish are available. Classes held at Good Karma Yoga and Barre unless noted otherwise. Pay deposit with Venmo or to Request mailing address to send $100/or third of class cost deposit check. PREREQUISITES: Reiki I Shoden,,,, Ethics, Magnified Healing have no prior class prerequisites. The other classes and workshops require a certificate from a lower level. COST: Reiki I Shoden, Reiki II Okuden, Reiki Master, Reiki Master nd are each 12 hour classes for $300 each. The 2 nd half of those classes are called Courses are 6 hours for $150. are $200. or Ethics are $50 per 2 hour segment. The Shinpiden Reiki Master is 24 hour classes for$600, Karuna Reiki classes are $350 per 8 hour class, Magnified Healing 2 day 16 hour workshops Phase 1 is $333 and Phase 3 is $400 and 10 hour Phase 2 is $111. (Payment plans and partial scholarships are available for Veterans, Disabled, and low income Call for info). LOCATION: Classes held at Good Karma Yoga 55 State Road,, PA unless listed otherwise. Classes may be held at your location for an additional fee. TIME: Most classes meet twice for 6 hours. Some classes meet shorter or longer see list below. If no time listed start and end time for class may not yet be set and can be flexible so call to arrange DATES: Are listed in calendar form below. Note on days that Ethics which may be just a 2 hour class or Tai Chi which is a 1 hour class or a Gurdjieff meeting or days with no classes scheduled the days may be open for you to schedule a class by appointment. If a different class is scheduled on the date you need you can schedule the class you want by appointment starting 3 days before date. Note dates may change as classes fill up or cancel. RESERVE YOUR SPACE IN CLASS: $100 deposit to to or call and obtain mailing address for check to confirm class. If you would like further information or like to help choose dates for future classes or workshops please or call with your suggestions. Class times if no students scheduled may be released 3 days before scheduled time if no students signed up so that other classes may be scheduled by appointment so please register early or call to check class is still scheduled Myra CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: go to Class Descriptions or see below Descriptions Classes before calendar listing possible dates remember you can always schedule a class by appointment if scheduled classes do not run. SECONDARY COURSES: Courses with a lower case b after the title of each level e.g. Reiki I b(6ceu),, or RMPb or Karuna Reiki 1b(4 CEU) can be taken alone if you already have the corresponding certificate for that level and are looking to learn the Japanese Reiki Techniques or practice sessions, receive reiju blessing, and for additional info. Add $15 for workbook if needed. has a variety of sub classes can be taken in any order for various lengths of time. CONTINUING EDUCATION: Continuing education for nurses (CNE), massage therapists and bodyworkers (CEU) go to Continuing Education Nurses, Bodyworkers, and Massage Therapists and see below in class descriptions. 7

8 CONTACT TEACHER: Myra Reichel or Descriptions Classes and Workshops Ethics Classes Ethics Fire Drill for s is a 2 hour Ethical Principles and Boundaries (2CEU) $50. Ethics Fire Drill for s 4 hours Principles, Boundaries, Dual Relationships (4CEU) $100. Ethics of Dealing with Sexuality Issues for Hands on and Hands off s for discussion of Ethical Principles, Boundaries, and Sex, Touch and Intimacy for 4 hours (4CEU) $100 Ethics classes held at scheduled times on the calendar or by appointment. Please note: Students must obtain copy of the book Ethics of Touch by Ben Benjamin and Cherie Sohnen Moe from bookstore or library or from Myra for $25 each (2 copies currently available). Various additional topics are available please call to discuss possibilities approval must be sought from NCBTMB before class to receive CEU. and sub courses a and b or b and a (12 CEU) the two classes to learn the basics of setting up a holistic practice and receive for self care and practice giving sessions to develop skills. Course may be taken as 2 six hour classes in either order a then b or b then a for $300 per 12 hours of class. You can also take class a or class b as a Course (6CEU) for $150 for 6 hours of class, or part of a class or part of b class as (4CEU) for $100 for 4 consecutive hours of an a or b class, or as (2CEU) $50 for 2 consecutive hours of a or b class. Please discuss your needs with teacher prior to class so appropriate topics are chosen. Myra Reichel Reiki Classes (first classes underlined) Reiki I Shoden (12 CEU) (10CNE) learn to do Reiki for yourself and others, Reiki II Okuden (10 CNE) learn three Reiki symbols, their chants, and jumon, Reiki Master learn the Reiki Master Symbol with its chants and jumon. Each class has two 6 hour meetings so there will be a lower case a for the first class or a lower case b for the second class after the title. First time students for Reiki I or Reiki II you must take a class then take b class. 12 hours of class includes workbook and certificate. Pick 1 first class and 1 second class for 2 6 hour classes or pick 2 a classes followed by 2 b classes for four 3 hour classes. 1 st class a October 16 plus 2 nd class b October 20 or b October 25 or b October 28. First class is either a November 7 or a November 13, with 2 nd class either b November 14, orb November 18, or b November 20. First class is either a December 3 or a December 9, or December 14 with second class either b December 15, or b December 16, or b December 20. Or use any 1 st class (or combo) with any 2 nd class (or combo) that comes after it or pick your days by appointment $300 for 12 hours. Reiki I Shoden Course (6 CEU) You must have already have a Reiki 1 certificate any lineage. Pick 1 date for 6 hour class or 2 dates for two 3 hour classes: October 20, or October 25, or October 28, or November 14, or November 18, or November 20, or December 15, or December 16, or December 20. $15 extra if workbook if needed. $150 for 6 hours. Reiki II Okuden 12 hours (10 CNE) You must have a Reiki 1 Certificate or higher from any lineage to take this course. Learn 3 Reiki II Symbols, their chants and jumon, plus Japanese Reiki Techniques. Pick from list: 1 date 8

9 class either a October 17 or a October 18 plus b October 27 or, a October 17 or a October 18 plus b October 29, a November 6 plus b November 25, a December 11 plus b December 18 or by appointment $300 Reiki II Okuden Course: You must have a Reiki II or higher Certificate any lineage to take this course. Learn Japanese Reiki Techniques, Chants, and Jumon. Review 3 Reiki II Symbols. 6 hours pick 1 date October 27, October 29, November 25, December 18 $15 extra if workbook is needed. $150. Reiki Master (RMP) 12 hours classes can be taken a then b or b then a Pick 1 date this group 1 date October 18, October 27, October 29, November 25, December 18 and 1 date this group b class: October 21, October 30 maybe November 19 or by appointment. Receive 2 workbooks and certificate $300 Shinpiden Reiki Master Learn Japanese Reiki Techniques including meditations, breathing exercises, etc as well as, Reiki II Okuden chants and jumon, Reiki Master Symbol with its chants and jumon, and how to perform reiju and attunements to be able to teach Reiki to others and work as a professional Shinpiden Reiki Master. Class is taken a, b, c, d or b, a, c, d in lower case since 4 classes are needed to complete this level. Nurses taking this level receive (22 CNE) for the 24 hours of classes. Pick total of 4 dates Pick 1 date b class b October 21,b October 30 maybe, b November 19, pick 1 date a class a October 27, a October 29, a November 6, a November 25, a December 18. Pick 2 dates for c & d classes in order c then d starting after the a&b classes or if you already have a Reiki Master Certificate this lineage: a October 26, a October 31, a November 2, a November 10, a November 11, b November 15, b November 19, b November 26, b December 10 or by appointment. Myra Receive 4 workbooks and Certificate for $600. Reiki Master Shinpiden Certificate for those who completed the 2 six hour Reiki Master classes for this lineage can just take Shinpiden c & d in order to complete. Pick 2 dates: a October 26, a October 31, a November 2, a November 10, a November 11, b November 15, b November 19, b November 26, b December 10 or by appointment. Note some classes may be scheduled already for a or b class call to confirm Receive 2 workbooks and certificate $300. Underlined are first class dates pick one first and one last date. Karuna Reiki Karuna Reiki 1 a is an 8 hour class (8CEU) prerequisite is completion of Reiki Master /Reiki Master/ Reiki III any lineage at least 6 months prior to class you must show your certificate and verify you have been working with the Reiki Master Symbol includes workbook and certificate for $350. Karuna Reiki 1 Course b is for those who already have a Karuna Reiki 1 or higher Certificate. Bring your Karuna Reiki workbook to this 4 hours long class (4CEU) that starts half way through the 8 hour class if there are new students or same time or earlier on day of class if no new students or can be scheduled independently by appointment 4 hours $150. Karuna Reiki 2 can be scheduled by appointment if you already have you Karuna Reiki 1 certificate. Workbook and Certificate included 8 hour class for $300. Karuna Reiki 2 Course b is for those with Karuna Reiki 1 or higher who want to go over information and trade sessions. Please bring your Workbook and Certificate to class. Class can be scheduled during time set aside for Karuna classes or by appointment $100. 9

10 Karuna Reiki Master can be scheduled if you have Reiki Master/Shinpiden/Reiki IV Certificate for minimum of six months and have been taught how to attune others and have attuned and taught any lineage Reiki to others. Class includes workbook and certificate. The 8 hour class is $300. Karuna Reiki Master entire course by appointment: prerequisite Reiki Master or ny lineage and have already taught students includes workbook and official certificate. The 24 hours of classes is $900. Karuna Reiki Master please call Myra to discuss trades or review of materials. Magnified Healing Workshops Magnified Healing for First Phase an interest and study of spiritual matters, names of God, and Lady Master Kwan Yin is helpful before taking this class brought by Kwan Yin to Rev. Gisele King and Rev. Kathryn Anderson which is two full 8 hour days includes workbook, certificate, CD of daily practice, Flower essence, and I AM card. $333 Magnified Healing Celebration Workshop requires First Phase Certificate even on day Celebration Workshop starts. Completion gives permission to hold Celebration Ceremonies and to receive workbook, and certificate includes participation in the half day workshop, set up for Celebration Ceremony, participation I n Celebration Ceremony, and clean up after Celebration Ceremony. This level not required to be in Ceremony. $111 Magnified Healing for Third Phase required completion of First Phase 4 months prior, deposit and an interview with teacher at least 2 weeks prior to insure workbook and certificate are available for class, and a minimum of 11 continuous days of First Phase Practice prior to class. $400 If you wish to teach Third Phase then you will need to take an additional workshop either in in the Summer of 2019 if we meet the minimum number or higher of students needed or in Florida or elsewhere with Rev. Gisele King. Workshop requires 6 months practice of Third Phase, additional requirements, 11 continuous days daily practice before workshop, and an additional fee. Call Myra Reichel REIKI HEALING CENTER IS ON FACEBOOK Please Like: MYRA REICHEL