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1 RAINBOW SERPENT FESTIVAL 2018 MUSIC SET TIMES FRIDAY MARKET SUNSET/MAIN PLAYGROUND CHILL VILLAGE OPENING in the Lotus Temple OPENING BLESSING Chill Stage OPENING Market Stage = Dancefloor Phutureprimitive Cleanup Time SUNSET OPEN Cello Joe Sleep D Kodiak Kid Dub Princess Band Aslan Kids Table JPOD Staunch Alaya Sounds Hello Tut Tut Bec Grenfell JPS Sikander Ok Sure Mononoid The Senegambian Kryptik Jazz Band Mickey Space & Sacred Summit The Space Cadets 23:15 Azrin Dylan Griffin 8 Foot Felix OttO-Q 01:30 01:45 02:30 02:45 03:00 03:15 03:30 05:00 05:15 05:30 05:45 06:15 06:30 09:15 11:30 11:45 23:15 SATURDAY MARKET SUNSET/MAIN PLAYGROUND CHILL OttO-Q Everblast Father Funk Edu Imbernon Ganga Giri GLO Braincell Megapixel Treavor Moontribe Eeemus Laurie Powis (LOZ) COOKie Doppel Marcotix Tara Brooks Third Son Boog$ Thankyou City (LIVE) Thomas Schumacher Charles Oliver Willaris. K Bloody Mary Qualé Wilson Lola Heart Moarice Alyne Jan Müller Matter Sheff Riktam & Bansi SUNSET CLOSE Moontricks Culture Jam presents The Rainbow Hotel Culture Jam presents The Rainbow Hotel OPENING CEREMONY Main Stage MAIN OPEN Desert Dwellers Opiuo Vitalic Live OGOPOGO Papa Django Wax Tailor Aaron Smiles Empath MOONTIDE ZOG Azrin Simon Murphy Cello Joe Liquid Bellydance Laura Entwined DJ Kundalini DJ Krusty Lunar Red Horizon NALA HÄANA

2 SUNDAY MARKET SUNSET/MAIN PLAYGROUND CHILL Vitalic Live The Ghetto Tech Allstars Thomas Schumacher 01:30 Microtrauma Captain Hook 01:45 02:30 02:45 03:00 03:15 03:30 Alex Stein X-Dream 05:00 Orpheyo Dragon 05:15 G.M.S. 05:30 05:45 Chiara Kickdrum 06:15 06:30 OZZY MAXVEGAS Earthling MoodMachine 09:15 ROCKY Tilbor amháin Relativ 11:30 11:45 Spacey Space Interpulse Brian Fantana Atmos Switchbox MAIN CLOSE SUNSET OPEN Gabriel Ananda Mojo Filter Patrice Bäumel Michael Mayer Loopus In Fabula Wasabi Sugar MilkMan The Cactus Channel The Ghetto Tech Allstars Mortisville & Friends The 4'20' Sound DJ Hijack Echo Drama Mama Wonkita Mista Savona Chant Down Sound Dreadsquad Ed Solo Benny Page Stickybuds 23:15 Petar Dundov (Live) Jewelz Kudos The Oddness Robodop Snei dela Moontribe Skwid Magic Feeling Christian Dimarco U-Khan Dave Juric JonnyMac J-Slyde Albrecht La'Brooy DJ Hightower Jai Watson Algorithm Ranjit Nijjer Stockholm Syndrome Tahl 01:30 01:45 02:30 02:45 03:00 03:15 03:30 05:00 05:15 05:30 05:45 06:15 06:30 09:15 11:30 11:45 MONDAY MARKET SUNSET/MAIN PLAYGROUND CHILL Petar Dundov (Live) Jewelz Kudos Tahl Shlømo & AWB pres EYSSENAH Shlømo B2B AWB Claire Morgan Mike Callander Acid Safari Thad Lester GMJ Miss Melera Robert Babicz Solee Quivver Blu e)md Pspiralife Chromatone Pakman Psy-Fenn Dysphemic The Librarian Z.I.V dela Moontribe Hugo & Treats FarfetchD Ketatonic Chamberlain CLOSE CLOSE Combat Wombat Angus Green & Jamima Jonez JFB CLOSING CEREMONY CHILL STAGE Kali Z Unknown Reality Paul Kearney d-rektional Steve Law The Hoffman Experience JPOD The Phantom Sun Desert Dwellers SYMBOLICO Bayawaka

3 RAINBOW SERPENT FESTIVAL 2018 VILLAGE PROGRAM COCOON Temple Opening & Discussion of the Elements Setting Intentions with Lydia and Crew VILLAGE OPENING in the Lotus Temple Gather, Ground & Connect OPENING BLESSING Chill Stage OPENING Market Stage The Role of Art as a Driver for Social Change Featuring: Emma-lee Luther (RSF Arts Director), Alex Sanson (Metaform) Artist In Residence, Yidiki Earth Leopard Printcess Krazy Koala Jasper Killick (Toggles) Installation Meet your Creating Space Meditation Our gorgeous poetess will Puppet show Artist & Jaye Irving (Barefoot Rainbow Tribe for Joy & Dimensional host an open mic, workshop, and comedy Sustainable Design) Bamboo Michele Peppler Joana Joy Healing blackboard space throughout the Flipbook People Designer. Rainbow Arts & Elisha Vandera shining hours. Enter the mystery. Culture Foundation (15:10 - ) and Xantaya After this time expect a Traditional Games continuous line up of threshold Kate Booth: Gunditjmara Becoming Australians artists, improvisations, dream Afro-Latin Gunnai. Games Aboriginal machines, live visuals and in the Exponential Age Contemporary & people played before Andrew Despi sonic magic. You are welcome Folk Forum Modern Dance colonisation to merge, drink tea, enter our Opening Circle Class home and enjoy the Temporary Erin Young Kathleen Gonzalez Galactic Autonomous Zone that is Liminal Ethno-danceology Cultural Dance Consciousness Caravan. Art Jannawi Dance Clan - Deniz Askan Aboriginal dance from Sydney Feather Flower making Aunty Marilyne - Dja Dja Wurrung. Make beautiful feather flowers from native bird feathers Damper, Teas & Yarns By the fire pit Creatrix Face Painting Magic Mountain Have a cuppa, some damper Kids Dance Bushwriting & Hosted by Galaxystone, & meet the mob! Poetry Cloudbeard Sacred Mother Hula Hoop Your Leo Lazarus and the Rebel Alliance Healing Masculinity Reconnection Butt Off! Liyarn Ngarn Eamon Armstrong & Aisha Jakszewicz Jane Fondle Suri - Nyikina WA Clapstick Making Ian Mackenzie A Yawuru saying meaning Cyril Campbell - Noonucal Ruffy 'coming together of the spirit' Stradbroke Island Breakdance Resources provided. Evolve Gallery & 'understanding of your Limited to 25 ppl instinctual knowledge' Fairy Sprout Water of Life: Time Cacao Ceremony Opening Reception at Standing Rock Hawaiian Shamanic Healing Tribe with Join us for the gallery opening The Nylon Zoo Sioux Camp Healing, Breath & Christian DiMarco & Featuring live performance and special treats. Ben Rhodd Lakota Movement King Suhrou Plus a meet & greet with the artists. Queering The Doof Teachings 'Iolani Grace The BYO cup - Teneille Tenfingerz Heart Alchemist What Do You Do With a Didgeridoo? Sean Ryan Kuku Ngungkal Yoga Soundscapes Dina Smirnova & Mike Hafner Bliss Bath Kate Levi Ayahuasca (52min) & Huachuma (45min) Films by Mitch Schultz (USA) Film Screening + Q&A FRIDAY Kriyavidya - Liminal Nidra A moment taken before an adventure Karrung Larr DJ Set Cyril Campbell - Noonucal Bunjil Wuktjurra stage Animals of The Magical Mountains

4 Kriyavidya - Liminal Nidra Karrung Larr DJ Set Modern Tribe The Depths Yoga Soundscapes The Hammock Ayahuasca (52min) of Human Connection Bliss Bath & Huachuma Culture Jams Temple SmallPhox - Al Jeffery with IRAMEGIA Kate Levi (45min) Films by Bring guitars, yidaki Nowave and Strange inspired Sound Healing Mitch Schultz (USA) (didgeridoo), voice or any classics on cassette and vinyl FlowDance instrument Journey Evelyn Switajewski Live Music: Australian Indigenous Featuring: & Benjamin Contemporary Songs Shamanic Drone Langmead Jessie Lloyd Mission Songs Rarecurve - with Christian The Sunshine Project. Vocal quartet with Deline Live glitchy soundscapes and Dimarco Makers Briscoe, Emma Donovan & Jessica rhymes of heart and flesh Music Therapy with Temple Guardians Hitchcock Julia Williams Holding Space (2015 USA 1hr 41min) Film begins at 22:10 FRIDAY Crumhorn - Deliciously 23:15 Rainbow Poetry Open Jam processed granules of wind 23:15 Fleassy Malay Mother Tongue folded into a curious melody from Poetry another place SATURDAY The Word: Rise of Crumhorn Rainbow Poetry Open Jam the Slam Poets Fleassy Malay Mother Tongue (2016 AUS) Poetry Temple Guardians Holding Space Pedestrian Planet - Iranian modular dream revolt and the rose garden of mystery 01:30 Massage & Healing Space 01:30 01:45 01:45 Opening Hours Dungeon Master A much-loved oasis offering the perfect getaway during your 02:30 (aka SubprimaL) - time at the festival to relax and unwind. Come and be pampered 02:30 02:45 Live dark forest atmospheres by the healing touch of trained massage therapists and healers, 02:45 03:00 in a basement with dice helping you to treat your mind, body and soul in a relaxing break 03:00 03:15 from the rest of the party. 03:15 03:30 Threshold Film: All sessions are FREE! But please be sure to sign up early as 03:30 Drawing Cloudbeard spaces do fill up quickly. Restraint 9 - Swirling (Matthew Barney durational Friday: ) Love, tea, occult-scapes Saturday: - and - ambergris and and zencore Sunday: - and - metamorphosis 05:00 Monday: - (by donation) 05:00 05:15 Therapies offered: Relaxation Thai Reiki Swedish 05:15 05:30 Deep Tissue Reflexology Shiatsu and more! 05:30 05:45 Please remember to BYO towel or sarong! 05:45 06:15 06:15 06:30 Kriyavidya 06:30 Liminal stillness, revolving sound and the birth of the sun Yoga Rhythms Raw Start the Day DJ R.I.A with Song Song Circle with Lydia Cloudbeard and Hosts - Women's Space Gong Fu Cha - Appreciating the The School Qi Gong Song golden liquids of the sun of Shamanic Tai Chi Meditation Womencraft Gavin Shri Amneaon James Wilkins Women Only

5 SATURDAY Qi Gong Song Awakening Vitality Women s Space Tai Chi Meditation Tools for Transforming the Mind, The School Gavin Shri Amneaon James Wilkins The Nylon Zoo 09:15 Body and Spirit of Shamanic Cloudbeard and Hosts - Creatrix 09:15 Dr. Jai Watson (B.HSc. TCM) Womencraft Gong Fu Cha - Appreciating the Face Women Only Your Body is the Animals of golden liquids of the sun painting Yoga Beats Project Earth: Healing The Magical Pablo Gascon the Earth Through Smoking Ceremony Mountains Healing Women's the Body Aunty Marilyne - Dja Dja The Nest Wounds Travers Wright Wurrung. Get smoked by A Beginner's Guide to Rainbow s A Safe Space traditional smoking ceremony Safe Space and Its Services Women Only plants & clear away negative Mel Pearson energy Invite the Faeries One Spirit Shamanic Yoga to Play African Flow Trauma Release magikal Drumming and Levi Banner Heather Leighton kids craft Dance Safe Mates Bystander Intervention Kate Pern & Emily Roseman The Liminal Caravan welcomes one and all Enjoy the Temporary Autonomous Zone Didjeridoo Healing Brent Watkins, Noonga/ Gunnai Kurnai & Mitch Boney, Gamilaraay - Sound Vibration Healing for the spirit, mind & body Bringing Gardens to Festivals Lucy Legan Iridology Chelsea Dyer 11:30 TRASH:FASH:FEST 11:30 11:45 Up Cycle your CHILL STAGE Ruffy 11:45 Festival Get Up! Mana Wahine Breakdance Eco Warriors with Clown Alchemy Maori Women's Circle 11:30 - PANEL: Regenerative Solutions Cadia Belante Ella Ellington Quantum Self Debbie Steer, Annie Tihema & Liquid Bellydance Poi Making for a Better World Healing Edith Taiawa. Mana Wahine Laura Entwined Electric Bikes as Featuring: Peter McCoy, Awesome, Eco-Urban Lucy Legan, André Soares, Organic Sculpture Eliza Kendall means Integrity, strength & Transport Annaliese Hordern & Erin Young Art Therapy grace of women. A supportive Rev-Bikes Tribe MC The Perma Pixie Amanda Scott & Wild Origami women's talking circle & Jacqui Grace Dreamcatcher Didgeridoo Sound shared meal BYO plate. Making Healing All women welcome Mandala Discovery The Dream Tent Eshua Bolton Women & Technology in Music The Sounds of Ancient Acacia: Growing HÄANA Sacred Geometry Soundscapes Flip Book Australia s Sacred Ancient Scales for Lucia Swift and Damper, Tea and Yarns People Trees Your Own Rituals Kylie Bayens Have a cuppa, some damper Fairy Sprout Communacacian and Healing Capture the & meet the mob! Tyson Ayers Sound Wild Woman Essence of your Leopard Printcess - Where Have All Cave Project BindiKat RSF in a Necklace Our gorgeous poetess will the Radicals Gone Yarra Ecoss: Kula Buziuk host an open mic, workshop, An examination of the psychedelic blackboard space throughout Music is FUN! The Importance Full Super Blue sociopolitical terrain Moon Eclipse of Community the shining hours. Enter the David Nickles Connectedness Extraordinary Soundbath Ritual Creative Activation mystery. The Papalia Twins Relationships Bollywood Dance Healing and Mandala Banner Making Emma Power The Anjali Sengupta Tabby Dougall Drawing After this time expect a Awaken School Stephanie Rose Sea Shepherd and continuous line up of threshold Lala the Clown Freeman artists, improvisations, dream Life on the Ships machines, live visuals and Haans Siver Steve Irwin Ship Manager 5Rhythms - sonic magic. You are welcome Krazy Koala Hypnotheric to merge, drink tea, enter our Shamanic Ecology: Stars, Earth and Puppet Show Soundscape home, and enjoy the Temporary Re-Wilding the Wilderness In- Journey Autonomous Zone that is Karrung Larr Mob Feminine Between Kylie and Eliza Kings of Comedy Liminal Caravan. Preparations for Opening Hoop Sparx Hoop Plants in Permaculture Nymh Harper Rivka Comedy Showcase Ceremony at Main Stage Making and Hooping Krazy Koala Annaliese Hordern Featuring: Clown Show Hosted by Galaxystone, Khaled Khalafalla, Cloudbeard and the Group Advanced Grounding Eve Ellenbogen, Animals of Rebel Alliance It Is, It Does, It Will... Energy Healing Meditation & Joseph Green, Marc The Magical Trance Dance & A dialogue about humanity s link Dr. Jai Watson Earth Beats Oszhka & Simon Mountains Breath Journey to consciousness, evolution and (B.HSc. TCM) Sabina Vitacca and Hughes 'Iolani Grace mythology Eshua Bolton The Heart Alchemist Mitch Schultz Mr WOW

6 SATURDAY OPENING CEREMONY Main Stage Animation Jam 21:05-22:05 AñA Wojak - with Guests: Culture Jams Spiders of the Apocalypse and Bring guitars, yidaki Elemental Cloudbeard - Embodying the (didgeridoo), voice or any (2012 USA threshold instrument 1hr 32min) Live Music: Three stories are Matt Devitt Duo Gumbaynggirr interwoven with Man from Coffs Harbour. beautiful skill. 23:15 Indigenous singer-songwriter Connected by an 23:15 obvious passion; educating and inspiring the viewer Crumhorn - Deliciously to remain vigilant processed granules of wind and supportive of folded into a curious melody from the three elements another place on which life depends - 23:32 light, colour and sound SUNDAY Crumhorn light, colour and James Scott - Temple Guardians sound Bass, body and smoke Holding Space 23:40-01:40 01:30 HHAARRPP - 01:30 01:45 Durational live looping, 01:45 beautiful swirling vocal quadrophonic mayhem, guitar kicking dervish night jasmine 02:30 gravel 02:30 02:45 02:45 03:00 03:00 03:15 03:15 03:30 Threshold 03:30 Film: The Colour of Pomegranates (Sergei Pedestrian Parajanov Planet - Iranian 1969) modular dream Dreamlike revolt and the classic rose garden of depicting mystery the life of 18th-century Armenian poet and musician Sayat-Nova

7 SUNDAY 05:00 05:00 05:15 05:15 05:30 05:30 05:45 05:45 06:15 06:15 06:30 Kriyavidya - 06:30 Liminal stillness, revolving sound and the birth of the sun Rise and Shine Yoga Energy Flow Yoga & Meditation Eveline & Nicole Rache Moore and DJ Sohm Women's Space Awareness Through Harp Sound The School Movement Meditation of Shamanic Cloudbeard and Hosts - Simon Slieker Liana Pearl Womencraft Gong Fu Cha - Appreciating 09:15 Women Only the golden liquids of the sun Amazing Creations 09:15 The Metaphysics of Manifesting Mask Making Emma Power The Awaken School Aikido Prana Buzz Greg Giannis & Claire Heland and Gerry D'Agostino Amir Tatai Smoking Ceremony Healing Racquel Kerr - Dja Dja Women's Wounds - Wurrung. Get smoked by Animals of A Safe Space traditional smoking ceremony The Magical Women Only plants & clear away negative Mountains Amazing Creations energy Cape and Tail Making PANEL: First Nations Elders Spiritual Unity, Collective Connection Consciousness Exploring the Through Creativity: and Sustainable Futures The Joy of Flight: World Flute Experimental: 11:30 Facepainting Traditional Games Acro Yoga Meditation Vern Hardie The Liminal Caravan welcomes Music is Fun! Permaculture 11:30 Irene Ais Luke McCarthy one and all - Enjoy the Temporary Autonomous Zone Featuring: Aunty Marilyne Nicholls (Aboriginal Elder), Whaea Irene Winter (Maori Elder NZ) & Karrung Larr Elders. MC Racelle 'Laloya' Kooy Secwepemc, St atl imc Mantra Meditation Circle Anjali Sengupta & Kate Booth: Gunditjmara Gunnai. Games Aboriginal people played before colonisation Gardens Tour Annaliese Hordern & The Perma Pixie (Taj Scicluna) 11:45 Tanya Menon 11:45 This is What's Wrong With Redemption 80's Dance Sacred Voice One Spirit Festivals for Jenny Valentish Jane Fondle Healing Circle Poi Making African Transition Jessica Nabb Crystal Macrame Drumming and André Soares Dutchie's Delights Dance Drugs in Australia Going Around The Twist Presentations with Q&A The Science of Featuring: Prof Fiona Measham Pleasure The Art of Warby 2 Walhalla - (TheLoopUK), Dr David Caldicott Euphemia Russell Facilitating Circles Mandala Discovery Cohesive Action for Yoke Conscious (ACTINOS), Monica Barratt (I Wish You Knew) for Collective Feather Flower Making the Forest Dance (NDARC), Martin Williams (PRISM), Healing Mudjai - Gumbaynggirr La La the Clown Chelsea McNab Sanna Wittner & Nick Kent (SSDP Melb Uni) The 8th Vibration Materials provided. Philosophia Limited to 25 ppl DISCUSSION PANEL Featuring: Monica Barratt, Prof Fiona Measham, Dr David Caldicott, Steph Tzanetis (DanceWize), Martin Williams & Nick Kent. MC Nick Wallis Medical Mythbusters Daniel Aronov Chorus Line as an Avante-Showgirl Empowering Empaths Tomara Way Air Dry Pottery Put Your Heart Into It with Laura Issell Leopard Printcess Hosted by Galaxystone, Cloudbeard and the Rebel Alliance - NZ Maori Poi Te Hononga O Nga Iwi Learn how to use traditional Wild Origami Poi Flipbook People Plant Science 101 Tom Forrest Yidaki (Didgeridoo)

8 COCOON Chorus Line as an Empowering Empaths Tomara Way SUNDAY Occupying the Avante-Showgirl Intuitive Art for Space of Your Bring your didgeridoo: learn Meet Traditional Custodians; A Spore Whose Time Has Come: Miss Friby Wellbeing new sounds & history of the learn about their Country, Flipbook People Plant Science 101 Calling in the World Ethno-Mycology Through The Ages Kari Hall Tom Forrest Racelle Laloya Yigi Yigi culture & heritage: behold Peter McCoy Kooy Secwepemc, artefacts of our ancestors St atl imc (Canada) Care, Connection & Communication 'Iolani Grace Shamanic Breathwork Levi Banner Innerdance Healings and Awakenings Rebecca March and Anne Ohoy Mermaid Weaving Aly de Groot Leopard Printcess - Our gorgoeous poetess will host an open mic, workshop, blackboard space throughout the shining hours. Enter the mystery. The Heart Alchemist Boomerang Throwing After this time expect a Weaving Jidah Clarke - Djap Wurrung Medicinal Gardening: The continuous line up of threshold Aunty Marilyne - & Andrew Murray Clarke - Dja Coalescence of Permaculture and artists, improvisations, dream Dja Dja Wurrung. Magic Dja Wurrung/Gunditjmara. Herbalism machines, live visuals and Making baskets and mats Mountains Kids DEEPSØNØS Learn to throw & catch a The Perma Pixie (Taj Scicluna) Full Spectrum sonic magic. You are welcome using traditional techniques boomerang Hoop Sparx Dance Sound Meditation to merge, drink tea, enter our Open to all - children to be home, and enjoy the Temporary accompanied by adults Meet at the fire pit and walk to Hoop making open area workshop and hooping HÄANA Autonomous Zone that is workshop Liminal Caravan. The Nylon Zoo Positive Creations Visionary Graffiti Art Presentation Chris Dyer Creative Visioning Journey Izzy Ivy Galactic Consciousnes Deniz Akan Kings of Comedy Comedy Showcase Featuring: Khaled Khalafalla Eve Ellenbogen Joseph Green Marc Oszhka & Simon Hughes Hosted by Galaxystone, Cloudbeard and the Rebel Alliance - Yidaki (Didgeridoo) Sean Ryan - Kuku Ngunkal Teachings of the Feminine Mystique - Grandmother Moon. Racelle 'Laloya' Kooy (Laloya) from the Samahquam First Nation with strong ties to Stswecem c Xgat tem (British Columbia) Canada Aboriginal Culture and Heritage Talk Bonnie Chew - Wadawurrung Dance Brent Watkins - Gunnai/ Noonga & Mitch Boney - Gamilaraay Culture Evolves Dance our evolving Aboriginal culture with traditional style & hiphop fusion 3 Song Women Jessie Lloyd, Emma Donovan & Deline Briscoe - 3 Indigenous women share cultural heritage through song. Bunjil Wuktjurra Stage Invite the Faeries to Play Magikal Kids Craft YogaRhythms: 5 Elements Dance Activation DJ R.I.A Dindal - Traditional Murri Style Earth Cooking Jon Jon Ryan - Kukul Ngunkal Authentic (QLD). Bring your plate with you Connection and have a feed with us! Karrung Larr Film Screening Miroslav Petrovic Bliss Bath Vegetarian available DJ Set Amplify Her Kate Levi Jaiden Kerr - Music The Rise of the Feminine A young Dja Dja Wurrung man, Kriyavidya - Liminal Nidra Ian Mackenzie he's got the vibes With Q & A Dancing Freedom: A moment taken before an Bunjil Wuktjurra Stage Featuring HÄANA Embodied Alchemy adventure Astrology Basics & Beyond Lydia & DJ Rola Levi Banner Tarkine in Motion (2015 AUS 55min) Using art to Yidiki Earth capture, celebrate AñA Wojak and Cloudbeard - Meditation & and protect some Trance stillness and movement Music of the Dimensional of the planet's Spheres: Healing most magnificent How Festival Innovation Will Astronomical Xantaya wilderness Change the World Tunings for Healing Joel de Ross and Transformation Ian Mackenzie's Tyson Ayers - Sound Shorts (CAN 30min) Cave Project 2:05-22:35 Crumhorn - deliciously processed granules of wind folded into a curious melody from A Simpler another place Way: Crisis as 23:15 Opportunity 23:15 Temple Guardians (2016 AUS 1 hr Positive Creations Holding Space 18min) An Australian A documentary about visionary community explores skateboard artist Chris Dyer James Scott a simpler way to live Bass, body and smoke in response to global crises Bella the Bookworm Storytelling

9 MONDAY Positive Creations The Bard of Avon James Scott Collection Bass, body and smoke (UK 1600s) Temple Guardians 12:05-13:05 Holding Space The Diva Collection HHAARRPP - Durational live 01:30 Bring Tissues! looping, beautiful swirling vocal 01:30 01:45 01:10-02:20 quadrophonic mayhem, guitar 01:45 kicking dervish night jasmine gravel 02:30 02:30 02:45 02:45 03:00 Threshold 03:00 03:15 Film: The 03:15 03:30 Invasion of 03:30 Thunderbolt Pagoda (Ira Cohen 1968) Improvised - hazy classic collaborations of opiated mud fractal. The 05:00 Holy Mountain 05:00 (Alejandro 05:15 Jodorowsky 05: ) 05:30 05:30 05:45 05:45 06:15 06:15 06:30 06:30 Sacred Movement Agni Hotra Morning & Sound Journey Meditation Renee Willner & Tania Kaye Dan Atkins Innerdance Hatha & Healings and Harp Yoga Awakenings Carmela, Cecilia & Rebecca March and Jasmine Anne Ohoy 09:15 09:15 Nurture Your Dancing Legs Jo Stewart - Garden Smoking Ceremony Opening the of Yoga Why Creative Industries Need Women's Circle Rick Kerr & Damien Saunders Chakras Through Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Kellie Curtis Dja Dja Wurrung Vocal Toning Joel de Ross Eva Michelle Get smoked by traditional smoking ceremony plants & clear away negative energy African Sensual Dance Australian Dance Damper Tea and Yarns Nehanda Gratitude Circle Psychedelic Jannawi Dance Clan - NSW Come have a cuppa, some 11:30 What Really Happens When People Folk Forum with the Temple Society & Learn contemporary Aboriginal damper and meet the mob! 11:30 11:45 Microdose? Closing Circle Crew Students for dance from Sydney By the fire pit 11:45 Vince Polito Erin Young Sensible Drug Hatha Groove Policy

10 MONDAY Folk Forum Australian Closing Circle Erin Young Psychedelic Society & Policy Students for Sensible Drug Hatha Groove Interactive PANEL: How Festivals Create Mickey Space & Session & Activist Communities DJ Brain Featuring: Ian Mackenzie, David Hosted by Nick Nickles, Al Jeffery, Samantha Hope, Wallis, Melissa Lydia Marolda, Tenfingerz Warner, Dean MC Eamon Armstrong Wright, Ash Blackwell and Nick Kent Juggle Jam! Richard Clement Liyarn Ngarn PANEL: & The Juggle Jam Suri - Nyikina WA VISIONARY ART Culture Evolving Crew A Yawuru saying meaning Featuring: Morgan Mandala, 'coming together of the spirit' & 'understanding of your instinctual knowledge' Randal Roberts, Luke Brown, Stephanie Freeman, Melissa Shemanna, Katia Honour, Chris Dyer. MC Lucinda Light Damper Tea and Yarns Come have a cuppa, some damper and meet the mob! By the fire pit Community Painting of the Tree of Life Cultural Heritage Talk on Ngardi Amethyst - Yuin/Monero Culture and Country A group community painting Racquel Kerr - will be sold to raise money for Dja Dja Wurrung. Meet elders travel to Rainbow next Traditional Custodians; learn year. Come and add a leaf to about their Country, culture & the community tree heritage: behold artefacts of our ancestors Boomerang Throwing Jidah Clarke - Djap Wurrung & Andrew Murray Clarke - Dja Dja Wurrung/Gunditjmara Learn to throw & catch a boomerang Meet at the fire pit CLOSING CEREMONY CHILL STAGE

11 RAINBOW SERPENT FESTIVAL 2018 FIASCO PERFORMER PROGRAM Hoop Dogg + Hoop Army Tipsie Gypsies POETS Feat. Justine McInerney, Fleassy Malay, Scotty Wings & Timothy Christopher Ryan 23:15 The Sirens MEGA Ω MEGA 0:00 0:15 0:30 0:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:15 FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY Max Freak FIASCO Takeover Hip hop Yoga w/ Mattriks Hayley Hoopla FIASCO Flow Jam Valkyries Feat. Eclectica, Entwined Bellydance, Antaresia Trival, Honey Bea & Elaria The Promotion Feat. Miss Friby & dancers, Mitchell Pitch, Brothers Swag, Banana Jolie, Timothy Christopher Ryan, HannahBoomLector, Casa Danka, Kat Mrow, Al Niyat Bellydance & Alex Gellman Into The Deep Feat. Uncomfortable Beats Performances by: The Prince of Poi, Mitchell Pitch, Kora Waru, Billy Tempest, Av Dongle, Benji Hoopelf, Harrison + 1, Meraki Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls w/ Chloe Gunnbelievable & Gab AtomicElf Ruckus Slam Kaleidoscopic Summer Feat. Uncomfortable Beats Luminosity A Century of Fire Whimzical Shabang! The Flavour Between Silence & Space Feat. Wonqi Rose Performances by: Gypsy Skydancer, Shaunna Patrene, Kindredd, Elle Indika & Inner Colour, The Aviator, Violet Royale