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2 NOW IN OUR 16 TH YEAR YOUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER FROM 141ST ISSUE APRIL 2019 The Lantern of Light Burgess Hill Spiritual Centre, Ad-Astra Beacon of Light Hassocks Spiritual Centre, Divine Service Malcolm Putland s & Lesleigh s Public Engagements, Brightlands Sacred Space Healing Centre, Ceremonies, Events, Workshops and Fayres. Our newsletters have proved to be very popular; we thank you for your feedback. We would still like to ask you for your comments and if you feel we can add any other relevant information. We will continue to keep you up-to-date with the events that have happened in the previous month, what is happening at the various venues that we operate and where you can see Malcolm and Lesleigh demonstrating for this month.

3 So, what is happening at the venues? Burgess Hill, The Lantern of Light Spiritual Centre April WE HAVE NEW MEDIUMS VISITING THE CENTRE AGAIN THIS YEAR. THIS MONTH WE HAVE; CLAIRVOYANT EVENING MOST SATURDAY S AT CYPRUS HALL, CYPRUS ROAD BURGESS HILL, RH15 8DX AT 7.30PM APRIL 6TH MELANIE BOND We welcome Melanie back to the centre, with her amazing link with spirit. Her family have been working for many generations for spirit, her father regulary served the centre, David Nason and her grandmother was the famous medium Jessie Nason, who was the first medium to be on TV. An evening not to be missed. All are welcome. 13TH CARRIANNE ROBINS We welcome Carrie back to the centre. Last time Carrie was well received and was please to be asked back. So let us give her a warm return welcome back to the lantern. All are welcome to share in the evening. 20TH PETULA STOWELL We always have a fantastic time with Petula in her unique way of working with spirit. All are welcome to share in the experience. Petula is one of our readers at our fayre on 12 th May. All are welcome to share in the evening. 27TH BARBARA ALMOND The one and only Barbara Almond is back with us. We always have such an amazing evening. Usually a small tumble stone of crystal is given to the person receiving a message. One very special evening with spirit. All are welcome

4 FREE PARKING *****FACEBOOK: BURGESS HILL SPIRITUAL-CENTRE***** DEMONSTRATORS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE; THE WEBSITE IS UPDATED WITH ANY CHANGES IF THEY OCCUR. Ad-Astra Beacon of Light Spiritual Centre April Meditation Circle Hassocks: THE GREEN ROOM, ADASTRA HALL, 31 KEYMER RD, HASSOCKS, WEST SUSSEX, BN6 8QH SUNDAY 28 TH APRIL WITH LESLEIGH SUNRISE LAKOTA & GUIDES Before the services experience a gentle morning meditation, the doors will 10.00am and close at 10.10am for an early morning meditation, the doors will open at 10.30am for the divine service, if anyone wishes to join us please be there prompt as the doors will be close to enable that quiet time for meditation. All are welcome to this. These meditations are amazing; they are guided by spirit through Lesleigh in a very warm loving space, created just for this quiet time. Even some mediums get there early to sit in the power before their service. Awesome. THE GREEN ROOM, ADASTRA HALL, 31 KEYMER RD, HASSOCKS, WEST SUSSEX, BN6 8QH SUNDAY 28 TH 11.00am KEELEY WILLIS This is the first time for Keeley at the centre; let us give her a warm Beacon welcome. Keeley will be guiding us through a beautiful service, full of Love, philosophy & messages. Please come along and join us - A beautiful morning in the company of spirit. All are welcome *****FACEBOOK: HASSOCKS SPIRITUAL-CENTRE***** Malcolm s & Lesleigh s Diary of Services, Demonstration & Workshops for April


6 For further information please contact us. Tel: Malcolm with his mediumistic readings, Lesleigh with Spirit Art plus information around the person or her visionary soul art with information about your soul s journey Please ring Tel: to book an appointment for a private reading They are registered Spiritual Healers, Etheric Weaver practioners and Reiki Masters and are available for home consultations. We are available to visit on request, to private addresses, care homes, hospitals and hospices. WE ARE ALSO AVAILABLE TO CONDUCT ALL CEREMONIES NAMING CEREMONIES/ CHRISTENINGS, FUNERALS, INTERMENTS OF ASHES, WEDDINGS, SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE BLESSINGS, RENEWAL OF VOWS & HOUSE BLESSINGS Sacred Space Healing Centre Burgess Hill EVERY SATURDAY THERE ARE REGISTERED SPIRITUAL HEALERS ON HAND TO CHANNEL HEALING ENERGIES TO THOSE IN NEED OF A TOP UP HEALING. IT IS OFFERED ON A DONATION BASIS. Don t forget you only need to ask and one of our qualified healers will assist you. Brightlands Sacred Space Healing Centre We now have a healing clinic in Worthing, Where we can offer different complimentary therapies Please join us on our Facebook page *****NEW BRIGHTLANDS HEALING SANCTUARY NEW*****

7 BRIGHTLANDS 19, UPLANDS AVENUE, WORTHING, BN13 3AA For a longer session using a couch with either Spiritual healing or Reiki is available on a donation basis. METATRON MAT HEALING ***PYRAMID ENERGY HEALING, & ETHERIC WEAVER ENERGY HEALING*** An energy exchange is required for this, speak to Lesleigh or Malcolm. HEALING CAN ARRANGED EITHER IN WORTHING OR IN YOUR OWN HOME. If you wish to become a REGISTERED SPIRITUAL HEALER Please see the information on development in this newsletter, or contact Malcolm on TEL: Self-Development Groups THESE GROUPS ARE BRINGING FORWARD BEAUTIFUL LINKS, As a teaching centre Malcolm & Lesleigh, hold several groups for your personal development. Why not see if we can help you develop or find your spiritual gifts. Listed below are the various groups THEY ARE HELD AT THE SANCTUARY BRIGHTLANDS 19, UPLANDS AVENUE, WORTHING, WEST SUSSEX, BN13 3AA DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE/GROUP E This is a circle at 7.30pm and is held on alternate Mondays DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE/GROUP WORTHING This circle is at 7.30pm and is held on alternate Tuesdays HEALER TRAINING CIRCLE/GROUP DAYTIME Alternate Wednesday 1pm PHILOSOPHY & HIGHER-LEVEL DEVELOPMENT GROUP (BY REQUEST Alternate Thursday s at 10.30am A chance to allow philosophy to be delivered by your guides at a very high level, bringing forward the spoken words from spirit, inspired writing from

8 spirit. Understanding the depth of prayer and your link with your higherlevel guides. This group is by request and limited numbers ask about availability HEALER TRAINING CIRCLE/GROUP This circle is at 7.30pm on most Thursdays see Calendar below MEDITATION GROUP (THE GREEN ROOM ADASTRA HALL HASSOCKS Last Sunday of the Amazing results are being experienced at the groups, the groups are really moving forward. It is so wonderful to be part people s journeys, exploring all avenues of spirit, finding your spiritual pathway. APRIL S M T W T F S Psychic*Spiritual*Holistic*Fayres HASSOCKS PSYCHIC HOLISTIC & SPIRITUAL FAYRE ADASTRA HALL KEYMER ROAD, HASSOCKS, BN6 8QH SUNDAY 12 TH MAY 10AM TILL 5PM FREE ENTRANCE FREE TALKS AND DEMONSTRATIONS ALL DAY **********IF ANYONE CAN GIVE MALCOLM SOME HELP IN THE KITCHEN******** IT WOULD BE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED WITH WASHING UP, SERVING ETC

9 ********LANTERN MEMORY BOOK******** If you have a memory or memories, please forward it to Lesleigh If they are not recorded, they are lost forever. Lesleigh is putting together for our anniversary, experiences that have happened at the lantern over those years and there have been many. It would be lovely if you could Lesleigh your experience of the lantern. Your name will not be printed if you do not want it to be. We do not know how many people have been helped and put on their pathway, but we know for quite a few it has been life changing Forth Coming Workshop, Fayres & Events HASSOCKS PSYCHIC HOLISTIC & SPIRITUAL FAYRE ADASTRA HALL KEYMER ROAD, HASSOCKS, BN6 8QH SUNDAY 12 TH MAY AM TILL 5PM FREE ENTRANCE FREE TALKS AND DEMONSTRATIONS ALL DAY Private Readings IF YOU WOULD LIKE A PRIVATE ONE TO ONE READING OR ON SKYPE MALCOLM OR LESLEIGH ARE AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE READINGS IN THEIR SANCTUARY AT WORTHING IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT MALCOLM ON TEL:

10 SO, WHAT HAPPENED AT? The Lantern of Light, Burgess Hill Reflections on March CYPRUS HALL, CYPRUS ROAD, BURGESS HILL, RH15 8DX We saw a very high standard of mediumship at The Lantern with MARCH 2ND LESLEY HOUBÉ It was great see lesley back at the centre, the energy she bring with her is amazing, lesley always seems to deliver a message to eveyone in the congregation, just eneough to prove that our loved ones are close by our side. Lesley spoke about her development and how at the age of 15 was given a message from Doris stokes about being on Platform. Lesley gave one lady that she should be a teacher, yes I am said the lady, we had tears with a few, laughter with others, spirit saying to one lady that you love to sing, but not sure about the voice though, which brought a lot of laughter to the receiver of the message. It was the 20 th anniversary of the passing of Dusty Springfied so Lesleigh was playing Dusty s songs to raise the vibrations, which Lesley loved when she arrived. Thank you Lesley for your work tonight. 9TH MATT & KIRSTY GROGAN Matt & Kirsty were new to our centre, and delivered one amazing evening. There was such great energy in the hall, and such positive energy and great evidence to those there to witness the communication of spirit. They spoke about Self-care when being spiritual, a message to everyone there. Matt went to a new lady, her friend was with her and helped her wth the information. It is not easy when you haven t received a message before. Lesleigh loved one of their comments missing teeth like a crossword. One gentleman received a message which caused a lot of laughter with his quick wit in replying. One lady whose mother had just recently passed received the most beautiful message from her, wonderful evidence the lady had only passed 4 days earlier. We look forward to seeing Matt and Kirsty visiting again. Thank you both for your work tonight. 16TH DEBBIE DEAN 4 lads were debating on whether to come in and they did Lesleigh said that they looked like a boy band, they found that extremly funny, but you

11 could see them later really enjoying the evening. This could only happen when Debbie was working, but while singing Reach out and Touch somebody s hand, Debbie felt the persons hand removed from hers, reason being their trousers had, had an accident, but they rose to the occasion which caused great laughter. Debbie wrote on her fcebook page that she can never not listen to the song again with out bursting into laughter. This certainly raised the vibrations. Debbie did some amazing drawings. Debbie has travelled extensivly in sharing her gift of spiriit. One beaufiful evening. Thank you Debbie for your work tonight. 23RD ANDY WHEELER Andy was blown away by the energy in the hall and commented what a wonderful centre you have here. It is amazing! Lesleigh was playing songs of the 50/60 s to build the energy and Andy commented that he heard Climb every mountain and gave a few words on the words of the song, a message for all. Andy gave some great evidence. It was lovely to see peoples smiley faces. One man received a beautiful message, which such accurate information that it blew us all away, as he was confirming that Andy was giving him. One ladies dog came through with so much love for her that you could feel the emotion in the hall, so beautiful, even giving a dogs name to another lady who was connected to the person receiving the main message. Powerful evening. Thank you Andy for your work tonight. We look forward to seeing you again. 30TH MARLENE WOOLGAR It is always a pleasure to have Marlene back at the centre, with her uplifting demonstration of spirit comunication. We had our own version of the voice and everyone was in fine voice as we all sung Angels to raise the energy. Marlene shared her experience of angels whe she was asked to join Tony Stockwell in an Angel day, not knowing weither she had enough knowledge at the time about Angels, but then all these angel related things kept happening, like her next door neighbour saying something that was related and then an old neighbour who lived in the same house ringing and saying the same thing again, twice an acknowledgement of angels them the final

12 one when she was asked to cover a service due to a cancellation and someone giving her a cd that they had got for the visiting medium, not expecting Marlene, but gave it to her anyway, Title yes you ve guessed it Protected by Angels. So Marlene went along and did the workshop. Just love the syncronicity of spirit. Then spirit said to Marlene Shut up and get on with it. It is always good to know from experiences how spirit/angels encourage us to work. Marlene did some beautiful messages, Lesleigh s mum joined in with one of them bless her. A beautiful evening of spirit communication. Thank you Marlene for your work tonight *JOIN US ON FACEBOOK**** ****BURGESS HILL SPIRITUAL CENTRE**** Ad-Astra Beacon of Light Spiritual Centre Meditation Group Hassocks: Reflections on March SUNDAY 31 ST MARCH WITH LESLEIGH SUNRISE LAKOTA & GUIDES Before the services experience a gentle morning meditation, the doors will 10.00am and close at 10.10am for an early morning meditation, the doors will open at 10.30am for the divine service, if anyone wishes to join us please be there prompt as the doors will be close to enable that quiet time for meditation. All are welcome to this. These meditations are amazing; they are guided by spirit through Lesleigh in a very warm loving space, created just for this quiet time. Even some mediums get there early to sit in the power before their service. Awesome. How powerful are these meditations? the Journey is channelled by Lesleigh s guide and those seeking the peace and serenity is never disappointed Lesleigh read the words In Beauty May I Walk

13 The exact words that Michael was talking about later in the service Wow what an amazing journey the people there went on, the peace and serenity in the room was amazing, just by playing a different piece of music brought in the love and tranquillity. You could see the depth that people had gone too. It is beautiful to find that peace and love within yourself. Ad-Astra Beacon of Light Spiritual Centre Divine Service Hassocks: Reflections on March THE GREEN ROOM, ADASTRA HALL, 31 KEYMER RD, HASSOCKS, WEST SUSSEX, BN6 8QH SUNDAY 31 ST MARCH MICHAEL What a wonderful amazing morning in the company of spirit with our medium Michael Redwin. Yet again his guide was listening in to Lesleigh s guided meditation, as it had the same theme, and the same words, In Beauty may I walk, the title of the words that lesleigh shared for the meditation, even the hymns that were put on a playlist 2 weeks ago, were so apt, the synchronicity is always mind blowing. Michael acknowledged the fact of our pioneers of spiritualism that went through so much to share their gift of spirit. The history of Spiritualism is very interesting, if anyone would like to understand more, please then contact Lesleigh or Malcolm.

14 The words Michael was saying was so spiritual that it made the total essence of the morning so powerful. His address was so inspiring that you didn t want Michael to finish. The words were so meaningful to all. Michael mentioned that his family thought that he was a bit strange in his beliefs, but now keep asking him questions, as they have years later having situations that Michael could explain, never shut the door on someone if they do not like what you understand to be true. One day you will be the person they call upon. Michael then linked a few with messages from Loved ones proving beyond doubt that life is eternal. Our experience on this earth plane is a test of faith and trust. That they control with fear, which are such true words. One lady who was new to the centre received a beautiful inspiring message. Wonderful message of upliftment, inspiring words from spirit, one beautiful morning. The number of names in our absent healing book was amazing. Absent healing is very powerful, remember if someone/pet is in need place their names in the absent healing book or contact lesleigh or Malcolm to place a name in the book. The Mother s Day table was well appreciated, with a lot of people saying that they had forgotten, it is not often that Mother s Day falls on the last Sunday of the month. But we honoured all mothers, even lesleigh received gifts for Mother s Day and texts of Love from those at the lantern, as lesleigh does tend to mother people. Our Mother s day mothers display JOIN US ON *****FACEBOOK: HASSOCKS SPIRITUAL-CENTRE*****

15 Malcolm s & Lesleigh s Diary: Reflections on March EVENING OF MEDIUMSHIP & SPIRIT ART MONDAY 4 TH BARNHAM SPIRITUAL CENTRE, THE BARNHAM COMMUNITY HALL MURRELL'S FIELD YAPTON ROAD BARNHAM WEST SUSSEX PO22 0AY We thought that we were late as in the dark, windy weather and down the country lanes, we found ourselves having to ask in a local pub where the community centre was, so many times we have been here, but at night all seems different. What a great welcome, the centre was filling up with a wonderful buzz from those there. A great introduction from Darren then straight in to the demonstration, Lesleigh explained how she worked and then Malcolm, both of us have a most unusual way of working, Malcolm was busy giving his messages with a lot of humour, spirit never want us to go home unhappy. Some of the off the wall information given was amazing with people disbelieving what was being said, Malcolm gave a new gentleman a beautiful message whom had felt dragged along by spirit, he was lucky to receive a drawing as well. One lady was difficult to accept a message, but Malcolm got there in the end, Lesleigh did 3 drawings and had an opportunity to work again with them with more information. The gentleman, whom Malcolm had worked with was blown away with Malcolm s message and then when Lesleigh worked with him, giving things in Spanish like the ladies name that the Spaniards call her totally convinced him of the continuation of life. He was certainly meant to be there that evening. One drawing was not accepted during the dem, but Lesleigh asked if someone wanted to speak to her afterwards, they could, one lady did, and all the information was correct, why she never spoke up one will never know, but all messages and drawings from lesleigh and Malcolm were acknowledged proving Life after death. Thank you spirit for using us tonight. DEMONSTRATION OF MEDIUMSHIP & SPIRIT ART WEDNESDAY 6 TH CRAWLEY SPIRITUALIST CHURCH, CAPEL LANE, GOSSOPS GREEN CRAWLEY WEST SUSSEX RH11 8HL

16 Another rainy windy evening, who is going to come out in this weather, but they did and just after we started the demonstration, 7 people arrived, nearly a coach load. We had a very uplifting song to raise the energy and then ready to work. Lesleigh explained how she works as there were a few new people in the audience. Malcolm also explained as both have very unusual ways of working with spirit. Message were given of upliftment and drawing were connected with those in the congregation. Thank you spirit for using us tonight. DIVINE SERVICE WITH MALCOLM PUTLAND THURSDAY 7 TH SEAFORD INDEPENDENT SPIRITUALIST CHURCH, 3, WARWICK ROAD, SEAFORD, EAST SUSSEX BN25 1RS What a great audience as usual. A short simple reading with lots of thought-provoking information, which as usual Malcolm followed with his address which then became more reflective of those present. One new lady arrived at the centre and spirit obviously seeked her out to provide a message. One of the congregation who received a message was a regular that Malcolm recognised, but didn't know she didn't answer up at first to the first bit of information, but we got there and her Mother can through with love guidance and advice. the other messages were received with love and guidance. Malcolm read this beautiful poem and did an address on it The Mountain If the mountains too big today Then climb a hill instead. If the morning brings you sadness It s okay to stay in bed. If the day ahead weighs heavy And your plans feel like a curse, There s no shame in rearranging, Don t make yourself feel worse. If a shower stings like needles And a bath feels like you ll drown,

17 If you haven t washed your hair for days Don t throw away your crown. A day is not a lifetime A rest is not defeat, Don t think of it as failure, Just a quiet, kind retreat. It s okay to take a moment From an anxious, fractures mind, The world will not stop turning While you get realigned. The mountain will still be there When you want to try again, You can climb it in your own time, Just love yourself till then. --Laura Ding-Edwards DIVINE SERVICE WITH SPIRIT ART SUNDAY 10 TH CHICHESTER CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH, 39 BASIN ROAD, CHICHESTER, WEST SUSSEX PO19 2PY Healing thoughts were Send out to their president Pat Peacock who was unwell, in all the years of serving this church it was the very first time that Pat wasn t there. A beautiful gathering and an interesting reading, which was from an old book 1953, (that makes us old now then), and it was channelled work that was read at the Christian church in Brighton. Where was this then as nothing has ever been mentioned about a Christian church in that area, so Lesleigh put forward the task of finding out to the church as they are a Christian Spiritualist Church, but Lesleigh herself found out the information. It used to be in Edward Street further down the road from the National Spiritualist Church in that road. A beautiful address was given by Malcolm s inspirers that was totally awesome it could have gone on as it was so interesting. Message finding their loved ones and drawings finding their new homes. A beautiful evening in the company of spirit.

18 SERVICE WITH SPIRIT ART SUNDAY 17 TH MARCH BROTHERHOOD GATE SPIRITUALIST CHURCH. 21C ST. JAMES'S STREET BRIGHTON EAST SUSSEX BN2 1RF. One very special church as Malcolm and Lesleigh did their platform training there with the one and only Betty Horne, now guiding people from the spirit world. As Lesleigh s mum was with them and cannot make the stairs we asked like before we use the sanctuary. A beautiful gathering, with no scattered energy in which to work. In a large long room, people always tend to sit at the back and dotted here and there, so the energy is fragmented. So altogether created a beautiful space in which spirit worked. Messages of hope and upliftment was being brought forward and drawings from the world of spirit. One man whom received a message from Malcolm was blown away with the evidence that he was being given, by shouting it from the roof tops yes, oh yes that is so correct. He was a visitor from London and really enjoyed the service. Lesleigh gave one lady a drawing from the platform and very challenging message after the service as it was personal. One very interesting evening. Thank you Spirit. SERVICE WITH SPIRIT ART SUNDAY 24 TH CORINTHIANS CHURCH & HEALING ASSOCIATION PRIMROSE HALL. 15A LONDON ROAD, HAILSHAM EAST SUSSEX BN27 1EB What a beautiful day for a drive through the countryside. It is always lovely to be back at Hailsham and seeing its founder s portrait on the wall, Rev Ron Jones was always at our Divine services, Bless you Ron now in the world of light. It was interesting that Lesleigh asked him to be there and when Malcolm was working, he felt his presence with him. Not a lot of visitors today, but those there went away with a true feeling of spirit with them. Lesleigh s reading of the two wolves really resonated with one lady and the address that followed was very powerful that you could see people sit up and listen. Malcolm s guide

19 really does now how to hit the mark. New uplifting songs were being sung which was raising the energy as next Lesleigh & Malcolm linked with spirit. Malcolm bringing forward his messages and Lesleigh did a couple of drawings, which were accepted so joyfully by those whom could take the information. One gentleman said after that he also could take the information, (why don t they speak up) so Lesleigh ed him a copy of the drawing. A beautiful morning in the company of spirit. Then off to do some healing. The country side was blaze of beautiful colours. Take time to allow the seasons to nurture your soul. Thank you spirit for being with us today Events, Fayres &Workshop Reviews LIBRARY BOOKS We purchased a lot of books over the years and some have been donated. Still I have about 40 which are still overdue, can you please check your bookshelves, and please allow them to find their way back to the centre; we are going back years on these. We know who has hired them; we would just like them back. Many thanks in advance PHILOSOPHY FROM OUR STUDENTS HERE AND IN NEW ZEALAND THE POWER OF INTENTION My friends, I am with you again after what you may consider to be a long recess. I am very pleased to be back with you to help and inspire, to direct and increase your knowledge. You will recall from earlier lessons that instruction has been given on the power of positive thought. Well, it must be said from the off that the power of intention is sort of a cousin to the power of positive thought. They originate from the same place and are associated with one another. Now, as has been said on many occasions previously, everything is vibration and so it is that the power of intention is yet one more of these. Whilst you may wonder what relevance this is,

20 I am sure that all will become clearer as we progress here. Previously you have been told that in order to achieve what you have set out to reach or obtain you must have a positive thought. Without you being told I m sure that you will have realised this. This positive thought, once generated, is formed as the vibration referred to before. It is this vibration that generates, propagates and materialises what you have been thinking about. However, before the positive thought there must be something else and this is the intention, i.e. the wish that brings the positive thought vibration into existence. Without the intention, further thought cannot be formed and therefore without the intention the positive thought doesn t occur. You will therefore understand that in fact the intention is more powerful than the subsequent positive thought, despite of course the power of positive thought being the ultimate link in the chain towards manifestation. Yes, everything is connected and a break between the segments will prevent the vibration which starts with the intention from progressing to achieve its final goal. It is therefore important from the outset to securely generate your intention before passing on to the positive thought. The important word here is secure. You must know precisely what you are proposing otherwise the subsequent positive thought and the final result of this will not be achieved. To put this in terms that you will understand easily, supposing you wanted a new car. Within your price bracket there may be dozens of different types of car that may be available to. You wouldn t walk into a dealership and say to the salesman that you required a car without first considering what suits you best. You would give thought as to how many doors you need, the design, the colour, the engine size etc, etc, etc. Only then, once you have gathered together a list of your priorities will you then know what your requirements are and be very specific when advising the salesman e.g. a four-door, red car with automatic transmission and of a particular make. By doing this exercise your intended vibration will have been generated and your subsequent positive thought vibration will simply slip into place, as will the next step of manifestation of what you require.

21 The power of intention is not a difficult concept to grasp but you will be surprised, if not shocked, that the majority of you are not aware as to how the system functions. It is for this reason that in your civilisation the poor (and I do not refer specifically to lack of money) remain in a state paucity and the rich (and again I do not refer specifically to riches in the monetary sense) will always achieve abundance. Here now ends the current lesson. May the love and light generated within the spiritual realms be spread on all those who dwell on Mother Earth. Channelled by JD (UK) LIFE ON THE OTHER SIDE The Picture Painted, Of Light and Love Surrounds those On The Other Side AS WE BELIEVE Warmth radiates, Pain vanishes, Memories forgotten. Past indiscretions deleted. Reprogramming commences OR SO WE THINK But how does one, Really know this to be true.. To prove Life On The Other Side, Indeed does exist Or, does one, Rely on Faith, Hope, or Holy Visions, Or, even the Teachings of the Prophets, Handed down the Generations. FOR IT IS SO

22 The Human Mind can Falter, Play tricks of Illusion and Grandeur. Influencing the Soul, Of a Life, Greener, Warmer, Healthier, Happier. A promise of Life Ever After. A life, to Demolish Human Hurt, Struggle and Torture, OUR HUMAN LIFE ON EARTH Some, would Argue... The Choice is not ours to make. For ones Journey has begun, And, shall continue...uninterrupted, Until... One s Life Purpose Is Fulfilled. SO HOW THEN, TO PROCEED As we are Told, We must Believe, The Choice is not Ours.. We cannot Steer the Rudder of Life, in Directions we Choose. For it is our Soul, Our Manna That leads us along our True Path, Towards our Journeys End. So then, to End Ones Journey We Must Be Invited... TO THE OTHER SIDE. We Wait, We Pray, We Live, We Struggle, We Love, We Loose, We Pray More.. We Trust, that the Lessons of Today, Will reveal themselves As Hope for Tomorrow. AND WE PRAY.

23 We Pray, when we are Invited, When our Invitation, To The Other Side, Presents Itself, That, we will be met with Joy and Ecstasy AS WE STAND... And Present our self, As The Human Chrysalis Shedding our Human Skin, And finally Emerging... AS OUR SOULS BUTTERFLY... READY TO FLY TO THE OTHER SIDE XXX CHANNELLED BY TK (NEW ZEALAND) Our New Website


25 Crystal Angel Shop GIFT TOKENS FOR PRIVATE READINGS & HEALING ARE AVAILABLE ***********WE HAVE A LARGE SELECTION OF CRYSTAL AVAILABLE*********** NEW STOCK HAS JUST ARRIVED, AMAZING CRYSTALS WAITING TO FIND THEIR NEW HOMES We now are stockists of the ETHERIC WEAVERS which are wonderful healing tools, I know some of you have already seen them, but they are wonderful tools and are very powerful with rare earth magnets, double quartz terminators, and geometric shapes. Malcolm and Lesleigh are now Etheric Weaver practioners of these amazing tools having purchased the complete set. We have now purchased for of the etheric weaver pendants for you to wear continually receiving the healing energies. The Crystal Angel shop helps support the centres. Thank you for supporting the crystal angel shop, we are always searching out new products and hand selected crystals. We have a lot of showrooms that we visit so if there is a stone or crystal that you desire, let us know and we will try and source it for you. We now have a large selection of crystals ranging from 50p to 450 something to suit everyone s budget. Whether you are searching for a centre piece for a healing room/lounge or a journeying stone I m sure you will find what you require. We cannot bring all the stones that we have, but are happy to give people a private viewing if there is something that you are looking for. We have a large selection of bracelets, pendants and necklaces, we are always searching out new items for you to look at and feel the energy. We are always happy to put items away for people as crystals choose you and sometimes you do not have the money with you, always let us know, or if you are searching for a stone, we will do our best to find it for you. Thank you for supporting the shop, it helps to keep the ever-growing costs down. It has been commented that our prices are very reasonable. We do try and keep the prices to a level that suits everyone. You will find a selection of Angel Ornaments, Oracle Cards, and Hand Selected Crystals and other items to tempt you. I m sure you will find something there to suit your requirements

26 ETHERIC WEAVERS WHAT ARE THEY I HEAR YOU SAY? We stock and sell these wonderful Etheric Weavers are healing tools they are made by the Buddhist monks in Sedona USA. They are very powerful and shift the energy from around the Etheric body, releasing energy and eliminating pain. In some instances, the person has no more problems. They can be used on others, yourself, a picture of someone, their name, names in a healing book, animals, food, fluids; they can assist in your meditation. They are shaped quartz with 2 rare earth magnets either side wrapped in copper. They are an investment. We look forward to demonstrating them at the centres for you. WEAVERS TO WEAR NOW IN STOCK Wear your weaver to obtain maxamin benefit from these beautiful healing tools

27 INTUITIVE HORSE RETREATS This is a very exciting new venture from our dear friend Emma Colyer who runs Intuitive Horse, they are now doing Powerful way of learning, through horses. We are offering 3-day intensive retreats, suitable for anyone wishing to gain more emotional awareness and insight develop their intuition, gain a deeper connection with self and work through any issues presenting themselves in your life. Be prepared for something quite different and powerful as the horses guides you through a journey of self-discovery like no other. Allow the horses to be your guides and teachers. Please visit our website- for more information. No experience with horses is necessary. This sound wonderful you will have a fantastic time NEW COGHURST FARM, IVYHOUSE LANE, ORE, HASTINGS, TN35 4NP PHONE NUMBERS ADVERTISE JANET BAIRD D. Iridol. D.Th. D BFRP Introducing Janet Baird, Janet is one of our healing students and a helper to the Lantern of Light, but Janet is also an Iridologist, which is studying the eye for health issues, a Nutritionist and the works with the wonderful Bach Flower Remedies. You can have a chat to Janet by ringing her on Tel: for an appointment JANET S NEW BOOK IS OUT MERCURY IN RETROGRADE Mercury in Retrograde focuses on Janet Baird s personal experience with dystonia. This book covers various aspects of her life, from diagnosis to discovering the reason behind the cause of the condition. From her own research and experience, Janet has found the cause of her dystonia and has found that she is now 95% cured. She shares this information in the hope that she will be able to help others.

28 THROUGH A MAZE BLINDFOLD My Experience of Interstitial Cystitis Janet has just had a book the first of 3 published about her journey with Interstitial Cystitis. What an amazing, thought provoking book. Janet has well researched this subject and how mercury from our fillings can cause us many problems, a book that I couldn t put down. Good luck Janet with the sale of your book only 9.95 Available from Janet direct, at the Lantern on Saturdays, and online A GIFT FROM THE ELEMENTALS YVETTE C ABID NEW BOOK Yvette was at East Grinstead Spiritualist Church one Sunday morning and received a drawing from Lesleigh. In her own words she tells the story.

29 If you re hungry when in Brighton, why not check out WILD CHERRY QUEENS PARK ROAD, BRIGHTON, BN2 0GJ. The food is homemade, the flavours are incredible. The food gives you so much energy. You will be returning time after time. You will not be disappointed. Tel: HOLISTIC SERVICES LEGAL ADVICE Lesleigh friend s wife has offered her services on a spiritual basic for people wanting to make their wills etc. If you wish to speak to someone that would understand your spiritual requirements, please give her a ring. She lives in Burgess Hill.

30 REFLEXOLOGY If in need of Reflexology our dear friend from the centre has just qualified as a reflexologist, give her a call and have a chat, say where you saw her info. It is like walking on air. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our newsletter, if you have any comments please feel free to drop us an . If you have a friend who you feel would like to receive our newsletter, please let us know with their address and we will include them. If you do not wish to receive the newsletters please let us know and we will take you off the mailing list. Thank you for your continued support with the different events and centres that we run, for without you we would not be there, remember they are your centres. May you all feel spirits love and grow in the knowledge that they are only a whisper away. We always love to hear from you with your comments. Love, light and Angel blessings Lesleigh and Malcolm OUR WEBSITES & Demonstrators are subject to change; the website is updated with any changes if they occur. WRITTEN AND PRINTED BY LESLEIGH TEL: