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1 Reiki Healing Schedule Examples Two Day Reiki First Degree Day One 10.00am Breathing Meditation with music - Start Self-Healing on the Heart and Solar Plexus 10.15am Select an Angel Card - Impressions - colour etc. (Place Angel Cards at altar area for course duration, review at end of course) This introduction is optional and is in accordance with your own beliefs am Practical information, any questions from manual. Explain about receiving 3 Reiki Attunements and prepare student for the Attunement; remove jewellery etc am Explain Western and Japanese Self-Healing with their 5 Hand positions. Begin self healing. Practice self healing hand positions and start practice (Student then receives their First Reiki Attunement) 1 21 Day Journal - Aura Scanning with Energy sensing (Practice on each other) 1.00pm Lunch & Walk Laughing Buddha or Similar to bring us back to inner focus 2.40pm Explain the Chakras and how Reiki is used for Physical, Emotional and Mental Healing. (Brings all back to balance) Reiki Well-Being exercise - Instructions for 5 hand positions Form circle on floor on blankets or chairs and begin self healing

2 (Student then receives their Second Attunement) 3.30pm 4.00pm Demonstrate Full Reiki Treatment on a chair 8 Positions 4.15pm Exchange practice 25 min Reiki treatment on a chair After practice session listen to students experience 5.25pm Reiki Circle to close 5.30pm Finish

3 Two Day Reiki First Degree Day Two 10.00am Meditation Self empowerment 10.15am Feedback any impressions, experiences, insights 10.30am Self Healing - students choice of method Student then receives their third initiation Attunement 11.30am Explain how the Chakras relate to the Reiki Healing hand positions in all treatments. Couch Demonstration - Aura Scanning and how to treat the client face down 5 hand positions 12.15pm Students exchange practice on each other, face down treatment (allow 2 min for each hand position) One to one 3 min feedback 1.00pm Lunch & Walk Demonstrate on treatment couch how to give a treatment to another person laying face up (10 hand positions) 2.45pm Students exchange practice on each other, face up treatment (allow 3 min for each hand position) 3 min feedback of students experience 3.50pm 4.20pm Putting it all together (This exercise is to prove knowledge of hand position healing sequence, not a Reiki treatment exercise). Students practice full sequence on each other. Starting on a chair, onto the couch to treat the back and then turning over to treat the front of the body. 3 min feedback of students experience

4 5.00pm The Uses of Reiki Healing: People, Animals, Plants and Objects, Questions and Answers 5.25pm Reiki Circle - Meditation on I am Love to close 5.30pm Finish

5 Two Day Reiki Second Degree Day One 10.00am Reiki Circle and Angel card 10.30am Sound & Vibration Nadabrahma Meditation 10.50am Difference between Western and Japanese use of Symbols Key Teaching point: Chanting the mantras will invoke them allowing you to become one with the energy Reminder of Aura Scanning and Self Scanning Student practice self aura scanning with self healing Student receives Second Degree Reiki Attunements 11.30am Cho-Ku-Rei Physical - Best use hands on body Use to open, close and grounding Drawing symbol and Chanting mantra energy 1 Student exchange treatment Aura scanning with Cho-Ku-Rei 1.00pm Lunch and Walk Ayurveda Different stress tolerances for 3 personality types Learn Patience and Tolerance Non Judgemental Mind Love and Acceptance of Self and Others 2.50pm Sei-Hei-Ki Best use hands off body Emotional intelligence - The Heart Chakra Drawing symbol and Chanting mantra energy 3.20pm Student exchange treatment Chakra Balancing with Sei-Hei-Ki 4.00pm

6 4.30pm Student exchange treatment All chakras Chakra Balancing with Sei-Hei-Ki and Cho-Ku-Rei 5.20pm Reiki Circle to close 5.30pm Finish of day 1

7 Two Day Reiki Second Degree Day Two 10.00am Reiki Circle and Loving Kindness Meditation on Unity 10.30am Day 1 and last night feedback Impressions and experiences 10.50am Radiating Beauty from Loving Kindness Oneness of Life 11.00am Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Mind and Distant Healing Drawing symbol and Chanting mantra energy 11.30am Intention How Reiki will follow your intention Beaming Hands, Eyes, Heart and Breath Student exchange treatment in same room Beaming with Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen 12.25pm Manifesting your desires The creation of life s ambitions Explain how to heal the inner child with Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Distant Healing with Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Healing the Inner Child Student exchange treatment in different locations 1.00pm Lunch Introduce The practice of Respect self and client, all of life The Practice of Gratitude relief from dissatisfaction Student exchange treatments Putting it all together 40 min professional treatment 4.00pm 4.30pm Feedback with any Questions and Answers Running a Professional Practice

8 5.00pm Combination Meditation; Reiki, Breathing and Self-empowerment visualisation - I am Love 5.20pm Reiki Circle to close 5.30pm Finish

9 Two Day Reiki Master Teacher Day One - Reiki Master Attunement 10.00am Reiki Circle and Welcome 10.30am Chanting The Lotus Sutra Mantra for Master s Wisdom 11.00am Draw The Masters Symbol and become familiar with it 11.30am Sound and Vibration Chanting The Reiki Master s Mantra Dai-Ko-Myo - Reiki Master - Feedback of experience 1 Lunch Combination Meditation; Breathing with Reiki Self-empowerment visualisation I am Love 2.45pm Reiki Master Attunements 3.30pm 4.00pm Questions and Answers - Discussion 4.30pm Reiki Circle and Loving kindness Meditation on Unity 5.00pm Finish Day Two - Reiki Master Teacher The complete day will be learning and practicing how to attune others to the three Reiki Healing Degrees.